The King’s Chamber – Part 2 | domination story from Stinkbomb

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Sylvia understood that she was a shameful woman, while being called a ‘harlot’ aroused her as Darrel and Leroy dressed before leading her into the alley behind the club.

‘I’m an indecent flasher, aren’t I?’ she referred to wearing nothing but shoes and a bra.

‘The world’s oldest profession is indecent. Besides, your tits are obscenely huge!’ Darrel chuckled.

‘Yeah, they are!’ Sylvia giggled as Leroy nodded toward a cute, white boy coming down the alley.

‘I’m Aaron,’ he said,

‘I’m Leroy; this is my wife, Sylvia and Darrel, her pimp,’ the husband answered.

‘Her pimp?’ Aaron asked.

‘That’s right. Are you at least 18?’ Darrel inquired.

‘Twenty,’ Aaron responded.

‘Your name’s Biblical,’ Leroy remarked.

‘Yeah, and I have a large rod,’ Aaron replied before he lowered his jeans to expose his 11-inched shaft.

Amazed, Sylvia was about to begin nursing it when he told her, ‘You’re a beautiful.’

‘Thanks!’ she gushed.

‘You’re welcome,’ he answered, then: – ‘How much am I supposed to pay her?’

Darrel slid the $50-bill out of her vag and explained, ‘If you defile her, this is yours to keep.’

‘Humble her!’ Leroy advised Aaron as the latter pushed her to her knees and hurled his spear into her gullet.

‘Suck my cock, bitch!’ he gruffly commanded her

Nevertheless, Sylvia complied until he unplugged her mouth and sprayed semen into her hair.

‘Her shampoo costs her 50 bucks!’ he crowed.

‘This is cheaper,’ Leroy said while he and Darrel dropped their trousers and pissed into her ass.

‘You ain’t beautiful! You’re a disgusting pervert!’ Aaron yelled.

‘Yes, I am!’ Sylvia moaned as she masturbated to an orgasm.

However, Aaron disappeared from her life, unfortunately, since she wished he was her son.

Now, that’s perverted!