The Lancaster Men Pt. 02

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tagIncest/TabooThe Lancaster Men Pt. 02

All characters are over the age of 18. These are consenting adults. This story has gay incest between a father and his son. I hope you enjoy!
Trent was trying to find purchase in the shower, but it was hard to find his grip on the wet tiled wall, especially with his father pounding into him the way he was.
"Good God the feel of your ass!" Steven bellowed as he rammed his thick ten inch fatherly dick up his 19 year old son's back door. He gave it a smack, the sound bouncing off the shower walls, "You like this?"
"Yes sir," Trent closed his eyes, each inward thrust sent him to the tips of his toes, "please Dad don't stop! Destroy my pussy!"
Steven groaned, he loved when his son begged, "You're a nasty bitch you know that. Your hole is gripping me quite nicely!" He reached around and pinched Trent's foreskin, tugging on it until it swallowed up his head and made it disappear.
Trent looked down, legs trembling as he watched his dad play with the loose jacket of skin around his cock. He bit his lip and moaned; some of his precum was working its way past his father's fingers. He spread his legs a bit more and bent down further, opening up his asshole wider.
His father loved the new angle and he pounded into it full force. Over and over again he dug into his son's sweet spot, listening as his boy gasped and feeling as his passage squeezed and milked his massive fuck rod. He began to spank his son's round cheeks and was pleased when he heard Trent whimper in delight.
"I'm coming boy! Suck it all out, clench that cunt of yours and milk me!" Steven shoved in and held his place as he began to pump stream after scorching stream of juice up his son's ass, "Fuck yeah…you hungry bitch…take it all," he panted out.
Trent's smaller cock started to erupt, splashing his cum onto the wall in front of him and coating his father's fingers. He was trembling, but he was able to stay upright. He let out a sigh, "Oh that was great…"
"Yes," Steven was panting hard. God he loved to plow into his son without mercy. His son was such a sweet and eager fuck. He rubbed his hands over Trent's back, "Stay here, I got you some new clothes. I want you to wear them today."
Trent nodded, "Okay," he stood upright and turned around just as his father left the shower so he could use the cascading water to wash out his still gaping entrance. He couldn't help but push two fingers inside and get them coated with his father's cum. He was careful that the water didn't wash it away as he brought his fingers to his lips and sucked off the warm liquid. Just then he heard the door open and his father spoke to him through the shower door and told him his clothes were on top of the toilet seat.
After a little longer time of enjoying the warm water Trent finally stepped out of the shower. He grabbed the thick towel from the bar and was in the middle of drying his hair when he caught a glimpse of the clothing his father had brought him. His mouth dropped open in shock, but not disgust. His father was turning out to be kinkier by the moment!
Steven was in the kitchen looking through the fridge when he heard his son coming down the stairs. He smirked and slammed the door just as his boy rounded the corner. He looked perfect. He was shirtless showing off his slim, but toned hairless chest. His pink nipples were hard, practically daring Steven to reach out and pluck at them. His legs, however, were covered by a cute plaid school girl's skirt. It just barely covered his ass.
Steven licked his lips, "Lift your skirt son."
Trent obeyed and he blushed as he showed off tiny red satin panties. The tip of his cock peeked out from the edge of his waistband and his sac was falling out of the sides by his thighs. The longer he stood there, showing off his body the more blood rushed to his cock until it was twitching in the panties with delight.
"Looks great, just like I knew it would!"
"I never would have guessed you to be such a perv Dad," Trent chuckled as he dropped his skirt.
"Only in my dreams, your mother was fairly…vanilla," Steven shrugged, "so most of my fantasies were in my mind. Or, on the rare occasions we were apart I'd watch porn."
Trent smirked, "The more I know about you the more I'm being spoiled. You've ruined me for all other guys!"
"Good!" Steven said with a big smile. Though he knew this couldn't last forever (he fully expected his son to meet someone and fall in love) he still planned on indulging for as long as he could.
"Could I maybe have a shirt Dad?" Trent lifted a brow.
Steven just laughed then proceeded to pull the pancake mix from the cupboard.
Neither one of them had anything planned for the day so they watched movies and snacked on the couch. Every once in a while Steven would stroke Trent's leg or play with his nipples, but he never moved beyond that. Trent had a steady hard on for most of the day, wishing his father would bend him over the arm of the sofa and rail into him hard. He tried snuggling closer and rubbing his father's groin, but nothing but a few moans happened before Steven moved his son's hand away. By nightfall Trent was so sexually frustrated that he could barely take any more of his dad's teasing touches.
"What about some pizza for supper?" Steven asked already taking out his cell phone.
"Sounds good," Trent replied with a pout. He didn't understand why his father would dress him up in sexy panties and a tiny skirt if he wasn't going to play with him. He didn't even hear what his father ordered, but he did hear him request a specific driver. By the time Trent decided to listen he just heard his father say thank you. Trent questioned him, "You order from them enough you have a favorite driver?"
Steven shrugged, "Yeah I guess so…"
Trent felt a tug of curiosity and almost asked about it, but decided he really didn't care about the answer.
After a while his father was rubbing his leg again. Trent sort of pursed his lips, upset his father had taken to teasing him again but aroused all the same. His cock jumped under his skirt, making it tent a little.
Steven looked down at his hand and watched it creep up his son's skirt. Finally, after all these hours of edging he cupped Trent's balls and heard his son gasp. He squeezed gently and his son moaned. He started to rub in circles and he smirked when his boy started to rock his hips and moan louder. He leaned over and licked a nipple, the pink bud hardened immediately. He bit it gently and tugged on it as he pushed Trent's panties down just enough so more of his penis was free. He began to stroke him slowly, not wanting him to get too close to the edge too quickly.
Trent had his head back, his eyes closed and he was finally enjoying himself. His father's skilled fingers would pull on his foreskin, rub the tip and flick the underside until he was moaning and whispering 'please please' over and over again. He lost track of time, lost in the pleasure that had been building all day. Suddenly, the spell was broken when the doorbell rang. He jumped a bit and his eyes flew open.
"Go get it," Steven said as he stood, the tips of his fingers were shiny with Trent's precum, "I'll get us some sodas."
"Uh…" Trent stood on shaky legs, "Dad…dude," his cock was pushing out the skirt quite lewdly and there was a wet spot on the plaid.
"Don't 'dude' me," Steven chuckled then gave his son a stern look, "Go open the door. Now," the command was clear and even though he could tell his son was embarrassed the deep tone of his voice had the desired effect of turning him on more.
Trent nodded and shuffled over to the door, his face hot and red. He dropped his head as he opened the door, too embarrassed to look up.
"Good evening! You…ordered…uh…" the man's voice dropped to a low whisper, "Trent…is that you?"
Trent's head snapped up and his eyes grew wide. In front of him stood his childhood friend Callen. They kept in touch semi regularly, but they had both went to different colleges so they hadn't seen each other besides the pictures they posted on Facebook.
"What the hell Trent?" Callen didn't sound angry, in fact it seemed as though he was checking his friend out. Without really thinking about it he stepped into the house and placed the large pizza on the console table by the door, "Damn man…I knew you were pretty but…wow."
Trent was mortified that even in the middle of this revelation that his cock had only decided to get harder. He was leaking precum again and some of it was starting to drip past the skirt. It took him a moment to find his voice, "What? P-pretty?" He couldn't seem to get his mind working, "What?"
"Sorry man…I just," Callen reached forward and lifted the skirt. When Trent reached forward to move his hand away Callen caught it with his other hand and held it. He whistled when he saw the uncut cock weeping all along the folds of skin, "yeah, just so fuckin' pretty."
Trent was confused, shocked and aroused from the embarrassment; he wasn't sure what to do. Callen placed his index finger right over the wet slit and smirked when Trent's hips twitched.
"We got into a conversation once," Steven was suddenly walking into the room. Both young men jumped at his deep voice, both jerked away from each other as if burned. Steven just smiled, "I could tell in the tone of Callen's voice that he was attracted to you. I asked him outright, what did you say Callen?"
Callen looked horrified, but when he didn't answer right away and he saw the expression on Steven's face change from amused to expectant he quickly said, "I said…I wasn't gay but I would 'totally fuck your son. He's pretty'."
Trent looked up at Callen, having been friends for so long he had only ever seen Callen with women, and he had never said anything that made it sound like he might be willing to experiment with men. This new revelation excited Trent because Callen was a handsome man. Callen was over six feet tall with long blonde hair that he wore in a loose ponytail, he imagined when it was free it lay at the middle of his back. He had beautiful green eyes and a slightly crooked smile that just made him look more attractive. He was toned, like a swimmer and right now he was wearing the red tee shirt of Carlo's Pizzeria and black jeans that were getting a little tight around the groin. Trent was shocked by his admission.
"Callen…I," he started, but then lost his train of thought when his father interrupted him.
"Well, don't stop on my account," Steven took a seat in the armchair by the door, "I got him all ready for you. He's so tensed he's gonna come if you just kiss the tip of his cock."
Callen's eyes grew wider, if that was possible, "Mr. Lancaster…you and Trent…I mean…"
"Yes," Steven looked positively wicked, "every day."
Trent let out a whine, afraid Callen would freak out and run away. So he was surprised when Callen stepped up to him again, shut the front door, locked it then lifted his skirt again.
"This, every day? You get to have this," he gripped Trent's cock and was pleased when his friend shuddered in delight, "whenever you want?"
"I just had it this morning."
"Fuck," Callen started to stroke it, "I've never played with an uncut one before."
"I thought…" Trent was starting to pant, "you weren't gay."
"I'm not," Callen grinned up at him, "but I've played with a few cocks."
Trent didn't think any of that made sense but seeing as he was just this shy of coming he wasn't about to debate it now. He shivered when Callen flicked the underside with the tip of his thumb. He looked over at this father and bit his bottom lip when he saw his dad rubbing the front of his lounge pants. Steven was hard and he was smirking at the two young men in front of him.
Callen was still rubbing Trent's dick, his breathing picking up the longer he pleasured his friend. He looked up at him, "I want to…" he suddenly looked confused, like he wasn't sure why he was feeling such arousal by this, "Uh…" he was faltering.
Trent saw the slight fear in Callen's eyes, the guy really was fighting his arousal, he was scared he was liking this just a little too much. Trent, being the good friend he was, whispered, "I like that…please," he lowered his head and bit his lip playfully. He waited until Callen was looking at him before he continued, "can I…" he decided that maybe if he seemed confused too it would help Callen feel more at ease, "can I touch you too?"
Callen wrapped his hand completely around Trent's cock and squeezed, "Fuck," he breathed as his other hand reached up and touched his friend's lips, "your mouth…I bet you suck dick like a pro."
"He does," Steven stood up and walked over slowly, "Trent, show him…show him how good you are," he reached out and ran his fingers through his son's hair, "show him how eager you are."
Trent smirked and, never taking his eyes off of Callen's face, lowered himself to his knees. Callen looked down, then back at Steven, then back at Trent. He was exceptionally aroused, but still also unsure of engaging in a threesome. An incestuous threesome at that.
Trent didn't tease, he quickly undid Callen's pants, the best way to get Callen to stop worrying was to take his mind off of the unorthodox situation. The best way to do that was to blow him so good he'd pass out from the orgasm.
Callen was cut, longer than his father but not as thick. It was a deep pink blush and the veins stood out along the sides. His balls were hanging low and looked a little small, but in no way did it take away from his sexiness. Trent leaned forward and sucked the tip between his lips and laved the slit with his tongue. Callen shivered, but didn't pull away. He watched as Trent closed his eyes and continued to suck on him. Trent spread his legs; his own cock was twitching with arousal and leaking precum onto the carpet. Steven watched his son pleasure the other boy and he smirked in approval. He touched his son's head and pushed him deeper onto Callen's cock.
Callen gasped, "Fuck, Trent…"
"You can," Steven said, "go ahead…take him…he loves it."
Callen looked over at Steven and when he saw him smile at him sweetly and nod he gripped the back of Trent's head and thrust his hips. He heard his friend gag and he almost came right then. He pulled out a bit and whispered, "Get ready for it, stay loose for me," then he pushed in again, deeper this time and Trent let out a groan before he gagged again.
Steven knelt down and watched up close as Callen ruthlessly used his son's throat. He leaned in and whispered into Trent's ear, his lips brushing the shell, "He's using you like the horny cum dump you are. You look like such a whore boy. God I can hear you choking, it's so sexy," he kissed his cheek as he reached out and fondled the tip of his son's dripping dick.
Callen was so into it now that he closed his eyes and thrust faster and faster, his head back with his mouth agape. He was digging his fingers into Trent's black hair and using it for leverage as he fucked his face. Trent had tears running down his cheeks, but between the brutal skull fucking and his father playing with his foreskin he was on the verge of climaxing.
Steven stood again and said, "Come on Callen, shoot that sperm down my son's throat. Make him eat it!"
Callen shuddered and obeyed, he let out a strangled sound as his orgasm hit and he began to spurt strongly straight down Trent's throat. Trent gagged and choked and had to pull away to breathe and the rest of Callen's mess landed on his face and into his still open mouth.
Callen's legs gave way and he sank to the floor panting. He looked over at Trent, who was licking the cum off his lips, and said, "Damn man, you're a natural. A real cockslut."
Trent blushed then looked up at his dad with his glistening face. Steven smirked down at him then he looked over at Callen, "You came so much Callen…look at it, all over Trent's face. What does he look like to you?"
Callen reached out and pushed two fingers into Trent's mouth and wasn't surprised when he started sucking on them, "He looks wasted, like some cheap corner whore."
Trent trembled at the language. He really did have a thing for dirty talk.
Callen suddenly removed his fingers, "I…uh…I gotta go," he stood and looked over at Steven, "I'm still on the clock and all…"
"Oh, yes!" Steven laughed, "Here," he rushed to the coffee table to get his wallet and gave Callen his tip, "I'll order from you again, don't worry," he winked at him but the message was clear: don't call me, I'll call you.
Callen nodded his understanding and after looking down at Trent one last time he tucked himself away and left the house.
Trent stood up, his still hard cock jutting out from under the skirt, lifting it. The edge was wet with his precum and it swayed as his dick bobbed as he walked over to the pizza. He took some napkins and wiped his face. He turned back to his father, "You think he's going to tell anyone?"
"Probably, but they won't believe him," Steven's eyes looked over his son's body, settling at the throbbing dick. The foreskin was shiny with precum and he licked his lips, "Come here boy."
Trent walked over to his father and when he reached him Steven spun him around so he was facing the door. Steven dropped to the ground and without preamble began to lick and nibble at his son's asshole. Trent moaned, trembling with pent up arousal.
"Is your throat sore?" Steven asked.
"A little," Trent whispered, "he went deeper than I was ready for."
"You should always be ready for cock," Steven gave a long lick up the entire length of Trent's crack, "you love it so much I'm surprised you don't walk around on all fours."
Trent moaned as his dad started to flick the tip of his tongue over his opening, "Don't make me sound like a bitch in heat," he panted.
Steven spanked a butt cheek then spit on his hole and pushed his index finger inside, "You are though son, you wake me up almost every morning with your mouth wrapped around my dick. You beg me to fuck your boycunt every night. You weren't even embarrassed when Callen was here!"
"I was too!" Trent protested as he was brought up to his tip toes by his father's fingering.
"Were you?" Steven smirked, "You were hard the whole time. Is that a thing with you then? You like being humiliated?"
"No…I…I don't know…maybe," Trent spread his legs and bent a bit at the waist. His father understood his silent plea and he pushed in a second finger. Trent moaned then said, "it was easier because he was nervous too."
"Do you want to play with him again?"
"I want to, yes."
"Liked sucking his cock that much huh?"
"AH!" Trent cried out when Steven crooked his fingers, "I-I- oh God I-I want to watch him."
"Do what?" Steven pulled his fingers out but held the hole open so he could spear his tongue inside.
"I want…I want to see him suck you…" Trent's chest was heaving.
Steven pulled away and smacked his lips as he stood, "Really? Well I want to watch him ram you with that long ass dick of his," He lined up and pressed into his son slowly.
"Oh…yesssss…" Trent closed his eyes, "finally," he breathed.
Steven's lip curled as pleasure radiated through his body. He pushed in all the way in one slow steady thrust. Once fully seated he took a deep breath and said, "He'd hurt you I think, he's so long he wouldn't be able to do this," he rolled his hips, "balls to balls."
Trent whined, "Move…please…I need it."
Steven pulled out half way, "So eager, my little slutty boy," he pushed in and was pleased to hear Trent gasp, "I've been holding off all day too you know. Don't be such a selfish bitch."
Trent ignored him, "Fuck me dad! Fuck me fast!" He was begging and he didn't care.
"No," Steven commanded, "ask me correctly."
"Please! Dad!" Trent looked over his shoulder, "Ram your thick dick up my wide open pussy! Split me in half! Fuck me until I can taste it!"

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