The Last Command – Consuelo’s Fate, Chapter 7

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By HistBuff Mary confusedly relives her gang-rape in the church while she’s used again by the Mexicans and a padre. Then she and her sisters are raped by slaves.

General Santa Anna wasn’t happy with his change in plans, for it weakened his authority, but he watched the third slave kneeling behind Consuelo and raping her like an African champion breeder, with her fascinatingly wide butt always bouncing against his impossibly dark frame. He enjoyed watching this.

He looked at the unthinkable scene, and looked at the two other slaves who had relieved themselves inside the noble señorita, whom they knew and whom she knew. Both shared the General’s enjoyment, albeit for very different reasons.

Santa Anna felt it was worth it. Consuelo was worth it indeed.

He sternly ordered the cock-happy bugle boy to put his uniform back together and play the gathering call.

“But not before I’ve done this!” General Santa Anna said as he pulled out his pistol and pointed it at Consuelo’s head of dishevelled hair.

“This little tramp needs to be punished for mingling with negroes! Esteban,” he told the bugle boy, “wait until I nod before calling the men. I must do this first!”

Consuelo was terrified. Esteban the bugle boy thought for a second that the General was to summarily execute her! He was on the verge of jumping on the General and grabbing his forearm to lower his fate-loaded weapon.

But then he relaxed as he noticed that the wood-framed pistol was un-cocked. The General simply wanted to scare the noble señorita and further humiliate her.

“Now, Miss Consuelo de Quesada, you suck this! You suck or else I’ll burn the lights out of your head!”

In a scene out of some terrible dream, Consuelo, terrified, tears rolling down her cum-crusted face, was kneeling and leaning against the General. The naked señorita opened her mouth and began to suck the end of the barrel that the General presently introduced.

Consuelo sucked on and closed her eyes, feeling the steel barrel against her tongue. She sucked it and cried, keeping her eyes shut not to see how those men around her were laughing and smiling at the sight of her debasement. She heard them all right as her head bobbed back and forth at the end of that long pistol.

Seeing this was especially pleasing for Aaron and the other slaves.

After a while of enjoying the sight of her sealed lips around the spit-polished barrel, General Santa Anna nodded at Esteban, and the bugle boy blew loudly into his well-trained instrument.

As the bugle struck his notes and was also heard by the circling vultures in the sky, the not-so-disciplined Mexicans took notice, but some men were still finishing their business inside the women.

Esteban renewed the bugle call, blowing even louder, and the entire place fell still and silent, except for the circling crows. It was time to honour the dead.

They waited the General’s orders. Most were sad that the happy break was coming to an end, yet they were grateful to their commander for the bonus.

Those who had raped inside the church had been happy to be raping some Yankee outside so they could watch the free-moving play of their tits or the sensual display of their buttocks under the bright sun.

Many soldiers had simply watched while snuffing tobacco or smoking a pipe and drinking aguardiente while their more involved mates took their pleasure. Some eventually joined in and partook after watching and seeing how beautiful some of the daughters really were.

There were two girls who looked very much alike, clearly twin sisters, one of them with slightly darker hair, and both sisters spent the entire time on their back, naked after Sergeants and junior officers had enjoyed the pleasure of forcibly undressing the  young maidens.

Rose-Anne found Mary’s hand shortly after she was pressed down on the dusty ground. She didn’t have to see her to know she was holding her twin’s hand. It brought her comfort as a young Captain made himself home on top of her and told her in English he was happy to try the second twin sister.

That officer raped her while others held her more or less spread-eagled on the dry ground. He called her a “tejana rosa” the entire time he took her, on his way to an intense relief. Mary cried as she recognized his voice and clenched her sister’s hand.

Mary was herself being raped by a handsome Lieutenant. She  received the rhythmic thrusts while also clenching her jaw with silent tears rolling down her pristine face as the young officer learned to know her in depth.

That Captain had been the first man inside her when they first caught and gang-raped her in the church’s nave, right under the nose of that statue of the Holy Virgin.

Soon, the young Lieutenant growled and enjoyed his exploding relief inside Mary, who also couldn’t help but hear the sickening relief of that vile Captain inside Rose-Anne. She also heard Ann! Ann was screaming and squealing with pain as she was also gang-raped nearby.

Sounds of tearing fabric told her they were still destroying her fine mint-green dress, the one she usually wore on Sunday. Would the General be enough of a gentleman to give her a new one?

As another young Lieutenant, this one in the cavalry, pushed himself inside her, Mary decided she’d ask the General to supply a new dress to every girl under the age of sixteen years old. Was she being fair to the rest of the womenfolk?

She heard Mrs. O’Hara’s wail and turned her head to her left while she was herself rocked under this second Lieutenant.

Mary saw a gross-looking Sergeant, his face blackened by a dark beard and gunpowder. The stout man was grinning and letting frothing slobber flow down onto Mrs. O’Hara’s face as he grossly raped her, pressing her under him and looking into her turned-away face; he licked her neck and cheek as if there was honey there, looking at her fiercely as if to ask whether she was enjoying being gang-fucked by the likes of him.

Mary had all sorts of strange thoughts as she tried to spare her energy under the joy-exploding Lieutenant. She already knew it would be the Sergeants on top of her, then the Corporals, then the rabble… Just being raped by the rank-and-file was a fatal blow to her sense of pride as the daughter of a Captain.

Her father was dead. There was no doubt left in her mind about this. She already felt he was gone when they were raping her in the church.

Mary no longer knew where she was. Was she under the bright sun or indoors and raped under the Holy Virgin’s statue?

As she kept looking up at the Holy Virgin for comfort, she was hoping to find tears of sadness on the dead marble face.

She found nothing.

The nave was filled with cries of dying virtues—including her own—and the jeering from those banditos in uniform, so many of them!

Mary would always relive the unspeakable humiliation of her first undressing… the awful smile of that nightmarishly handsome Captain as he used a knife to cut the front of her dress while the others restrained her wrists, where she clenched her hands into little fists as she begged them to please stop this, as others were lifting her skirt and petticoat and catcalling her as they complimented her on the beauty of her patch of cunt hair.

“A lovely triangle of shadow for our beautiful rose of Texas! I love it!” one said, his words ringing forever in her soul as the handsome Captain filled her ears with the sharp “tshshrrrrRRRIIIPPP!”

After tearing her dress, his knife between his teeth, he took his blade again and swiftly cut the front lacing of her corset. Mary was sobbing and crying.

Through the veil of her tears, she could swear she saw tears on the marble face of the Holy Virgin as that Captain, having already put back his knife in its sheath, grabbed the front of her ruined corset and let out a wild roar of delight as he tore what was left of the lacing.

Mary screamed, “Nooooooo, pleeeeeeeeze nooo—oooooooo!!!” as the loud “TshshrrrrRrriiiiipp” was heard again and she felt the air directly on her perky tits.

She died, her virtue died along with her modesty as all those burning male gazes devoured the secrets of her virgin tits, seen only by herself and Meg her sister when they had their secret kissing sessions.

“You have quite a wonderful pair of Yankee-white titties, young señorita! It’s a shame you always keep it covered, but we’re here to fix that!” the Captain said with his nightmarishly warm voice.

Mary wished she didn’t know Spanish as all those men around her told her how they were going to fuck the virginity out of her and make her a woman.

As she was raped by the Sergeants under the sun, she kept re-living the confused memory of how that Captain kept ripping at her garments, how they all teamed up to pull and tear her dress and her petticoat away from her soon naked body.

They even cut the laces of her shoes and pulled them crudely off her feet along with those silky socks their late mother had given her as a gift for her twelfth birthday two years before.

“You won’t be needing this, little señorita!”

“Such a lovely pair of legs she has! So white and pretty!”

“Ooh, those feet!”

Then, the Captain and the others forced her to bend over a praying bench, and right there under the statue of the Holy Virgin, that pig of a Captain took her virginity from behind.

His hands on her waist… The searing pain inside her as he broke her in… Mary will never forget.

“We’ll do her by order of ranks!” the Captain had announced as he pulled out of her cum-drenched pussy.

From the junior officer to the rank-and-file, they all followed their Captain. They kept calling her a wonderful rose of Texas with compliments on the pristine whiteness of her skin as they bounced her buttocks against their raging lust. One by one, they hammered her and enjoy her shocking nakedness in church.

She remembered each of them. Each had his unique way of pounding her and holding her soon-to-be-sore waist or hips. Each with his own distinct grossness of voice as he uttered, growled, groaned or grunted his final explosion of bliss or simply enjoyed it in some inarticulate near silence.

They all emptied themselves without forgetting to tell her that her father and the rest of the garrison were all dead. They filled her up with their filth and left her with a sense of void and despair.

Mary wanted to die. Only the Holy Virgin was there to remind her it was a mortal sin to take one’s own life.

Then had come the herding of all women outside of the church where she was reunited with Meg and Rose-Anne. Between the three of them, they looked like the three goddesses of Fate who had been captured and gang-raped for hours by a pack of death-defiant men.

Eve-nude, humiliated.

Where was Ann?

They found her outdoors, just as naked as a dead soul when the soldiers herded them to the latrines.

Then, they had led them to bathtubs and forced them to wash in front of the entire regiment!

And then, this…

More forced sex. Didn’t they have enough in the church? They were sinning simply by their excess in rapes.

Mary marvelled at the iron toughness of her small body. Five feet tall only, perhaps a half-inch more, but so much toughness in her! She had no idea she could endure so much pain and debasement.

She pressed Rose-Anne’s hand inside hers, comforting her as well as she could in her restrained position as yet another soldier relieved himself on top of her, calling her once more a Texas rose and thanking her in Spanish. Gracias!

What for? She was given no choice. There was nothing to thank her for. Nothing left of the girl she used to be.

“Let’s go, padre!” men shouted as the outdoor orgy of rapes went on under the sun, under the circling crows.

Mary saw the dark robe of that man just as he tossed it over his head and she saw he had been naked under it. This told her he had partaken in the first rapes.

“This one is a bit older than the shepherd girl I had in the sacristy,” the padre said as he laid himself down on top of Mary.

Moving in a way that told the Irish Catholic girl he had done this before, the padre penetrated her without warning and began to grunt against her face as he banged her, his elbows supporting his weight as he intensified his efforts, grinning at her and visibly loving the way she felt.

Mary felt her tears rolling down her silent face as she was rocked under that padre. She felt his swollen erection inside her, felt how heavy he was on top of her, felt how her pussy was stretched and used.

He was a man of God. More of a man. A true sinner under the sun.

Mary prayed God and asked Him to forgive him. She asked Him to forgive her in advance if she ever had the chance of killing that padre. She couldn’t stand the way he was raping her religion.


The balding padre got up and left her crushed under the sun with the biblical load he just dumped inside her.


Then, other men came.

Mary screamed in absolute terror as she realized this was getting even worse! The men who were now grabbing and caressing her legs were slaves! Black slaves! And she knew them by face.

“Maurice, nooo… please, Maurice, you know I’m a nice girl…”

The slaves were no longer humble and subservient. They were grinning like brigands. They were naked with their freakish cocks pointing straight at her!

“Nooooo! Don’t! Don’T!” she begged in vain as they pinned her down on the ground and easily forced her weary legs apart.

Worse, she heard Rose-Anne’s shrieking and saw she was also being assaulted by slaves whose face she knew… Hector, Cupid and Caesar were about to rape Rose-Anne!

“Don’t you want us inside you, Milady?”

“All white girls secretly want us! Ha! Ha! Ha! Time to rough them up a little!”

“Naaooooo! Naaaoooooo! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Please stop this stop this no I’m a good girl I never harmed you, noooo—AAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA aaaa naaOOOOOOO!!!”

Seeing and hearing Rose-Anne being forced by negroes was even worse than being herself dealt the same bitter dish by Fate.

Worse. Maurice and the other slave followed Mary’s gaze and forced her to watch as Caesar, the shorter one, held Rose-Anne’s shoulders down on the ground while Hector waited  for his turn and Cupid was already kneeling and holding Rose-Anne’s panicked ankles with an iron grip that had been strengthened by years of hard labour.

They made Mary watch as her twin sister was forced to surrender the opening of her legs and Cupid’s heavy body found its warm nest between her slender legs.

Mary had been left slightly shorter than Rose-Anne by a long bout of fever during their thirteenth year, while Rose-Anne enjoyed a growth spurt unhindered by illness. She had always seen Rose-Anne like some sort of a bigger sister, especially since she had once heard her in father’s room. She had always kept it a secret and masturbated on it.

Seeing Rose-Anne defiled by black slaves was too much for Mary!

Rose-Anne shrieked in a deafening voice against the sky, crying out the loss of her honour against the heavens as Cupid fiercely groaned and sank his large cock inside the Irish girl.

And they forced Mary to watch! In a sickening scene that felt all too real, Mary watched Cupid’s impressively muscled buttocks that looked like slabs of mud-brown flesh that shimmered with sweat under the sun as Cupid repeatedly sank deep inside Rose-Anne, causing her to shriek repeatedly as she kept bobbing her head and shaking it in a gesture of refusal while Caesar kept asking her if she was enjoying being fucked by the slaves.

Cupid’s growl of relief was sickening!

He sank as deep as he could and sounded like, “AAAAAAAAHHNNN GGGGGGDDJJJ NOT POSSIBLE!” as he dumped what felt like an enormous load of pent-up lust. Years of secret lust was released at once.

Rose-Anne’s tough little body shivered with shame as she took that sludge of filth. Mary shivered along with her as she witnessed this in horror.

Cupid remained panting on top of her.

Exhaling and further polluting her face with his breath, he said, “Cupid always dreamed of doing this to you, Milady, especially when Milady was giving orders to Cupid.”

Then, Cupid reluctantly got back up and helped Caesar in turning Rose-Anne around, and Mary realised in horror that they meant to put her on all fours and have her from behind like breeding stallions.

“We can tell them to get it done quick if you do as you’re told, Milady,” Maurice told her.

“Start by taking this inside your mouth!” Maurice added.

Mary felt something fleshy and hard that smacked the side of her head, near her eye. She looked and saw she was face to head with Maurice’s mud-brown erection!

“Put it in your mouth, Milady! And if I feel your teeth, the soldiers will roast you alive! A big and strong slave like me is worth more to Mexicans than a cheap tramp like you!”

Mary was petrified.

Sensing her fear, Maurice pushed the tip of his cock against her closed lips. Mary slightly opened her mouth and Maurice went all in!

A short distance away, Uncle Sam was bucking Ann from behind. He was holding her wrists and using her straightened arms like some sort of reins for added leverage as he blissfully bounced and bumped against Ann’s juvenile booty. Ann’s stampeding hair was marking the unbridled pace of her slave-rape.

“At last! At last! I’m fucking little Miss Ann! Aaaaahhh! God! Aaaaaahhh God and Lord and heavens and it… Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it rains with Life! aAaAaaaaaa hhhh God!” Uncle Sam uttered as he liberated his swimmers inside little Ann, his mud-brown lap pressed against the blinding paleness of her bum.

With her mouth filled with Maurice’s cock, Mary saw the horror! Her lovely little sister Ann, so small and delicate, white as a lily under that sun, was getting stuffed by that old slave! And off to her right, it was Rose-Anne’s butt that Caesar kept banging as he mounted her like a happy black stallion, with her dark hair highlighting how pure-white she was—a true Milady for the slaves to enjoy in this collapse of her world.

“Now, Milady! Suck!” Maurice ordered Mary.

Mary began to slide her sealed lips along Maurice’s long and juicy cock. Her lips felt the veins as she remembered Maurice feeding the horses and keeping the stables clean for the white folks.

“Aahh… Milady’s a good slave girl!” Maurice said as he caressed Mary’s raven hair as she kept pleasuring him.

She hated his taste! Yet she took a preposterous pride a she realized Maurice had good taste in women, for he had chosen her!

“Put it in your hand!” Maurice commanded.

“Come on, Maurice! We don’t have all day!” the other slave said.

Mary seized the opportunity to negotiate her escape from that horribly rancid taste…

She grabbed the base of his cock as she was ordered to, and pulled it out of her mouth and made an offer that fit in with a fantasy she had…

“Maurice, would you like to lie down on your back and I’ll be on top of you?” she blurted out, surprising herself by the sound of her own words.

Maurice thought about it for a second or two, then he said, “All right, but you’ll ride me with your butt facing me. I wanna see Milady’s white butt as I relieve myself!”

Quickly, Maurice was on his back with his cock as straight as an African obelisk. The other slave, Nero for the masters, Quamana by his own private name, kindly helped Mary as she filled her end of the bargain by straddling Maurice, facing away from him.

She was glad to be exempted of taking his sludge inside her mouth. He was all too happy to enjoy a full-blown view of Milady’s forbidden butt as she lowered herself on top of him and he held the base of his cock to meet her with that dark lance of his.

Mary lowered herself and felt the fat sting of his impaling dagger inside her. She winced in pain; her pussy was beyond sore!

She began to gently bounce herself up and down and felt Maurice’s commanding hold around her waist as he began to grunt. The swelling of his erection inside her spoke volumes about how much he was enjoying this.

From where she bounced on top of him, Mary saw how Caesar was savagely bucking Rose-Marie from behind, her head looking down on the ground and nodding in what looked like an acknowledgement of her sexual slavery. Caesar relieved himself, then quickly stood back up and let Hector take his spot.

From her up-and-down moving field of vision, Mary noticed how big Hector was. A mighty specimen of African manhood. Rose-Anne squealed as he skewered her cunt with his big brown thing.

Ann was lying down on her side, naked and dominated by naked slaves who smiled down on her while showing her their deflated cocks covered with her own juices. Uncle Sam was the patriarch who told her not to cry, that she was a very good girl and made them happy, all of them. God bless her!

Quamana waited impatiently as Maurice seemed to be taking his time. He indeed didn’t want to lose Mary’s butt from his sight anytime too soon.

He kept running his avid hands all over her hips, her legs all the way down to her dainty feet, which he greatly enjoyed to touch, before coming back to her impossibly white buttocks that kept raising and crashing down on him, with her butt crack of shadow at the base and separation of her ass that looked all the wider as her waistline was just as slim as her fourteen years of age. Maurice was in heaven. At last, he was fucking a young milady!

Quamana looked at the Mexican General. He was having Consuelo kneeling at his feet with Aaron and other slaves nearby among grinning soldiers and officers, some of whom wore the cavalry’s cuirass and red uniform.

General Santa Anna had his pistol out. It was un-cocked, but the end of its barrel disappeared inside Consuelo’s mouth. What? Yes, he had seen right. The General was making Consuelo suck his pistol. A bugle boy stood by, ready to blow into his instrument.

Quamana realized there wasn’t much time left. He had to do something right now or he’d lose the opportunity to shoot his hot bliss inside Milady. Hector presently bumped Rose-Anne’s bum against him in insane fury as he screamed his relief and filled up the white girl. Lucky him!

Maurice kept bouncing Mary on his lap and gave no sign of finishing. Quamana had a raging erection. And very little time left.

He took the quickest route to his pleasure, and reluctantly left Mary’s proximity. Quamana rushed at Rose-Anne.

He tossed Hector aside, or rather Simba by his private name between slaves.

“Sorry, Simba! I have very little time left!” Quamana said as he quickly knelt behind Rose-Anne and urgently sank his granite-hard erection inside her, enjoying her squeal as she felt him.

“Now, Milady! Now! Let Quamana give you the jungle ride! Ohh, Milady already loves Quamana. I know! I feel it! Today’s your lucky day, Miss Fortune!”

Quamana began to rape Rose-Anne as furiously as he could, holding nothing back with his gaze getting lost in the sunlit geography of her butt, which he was so used to imagine whenever he observed her from a hiding place and he had the good fortune to see her lean over, so her girly shapes were to be seen and guessed through her dress.

Now he had the surreal, the crude and forbidden sight of her bum as he banged her out of control. The feeling was incredible! No more social distance! No more colour line! Just the line of shadow at the base of her buns where he kept bumping that pale bum against him, holding nothing back as he loved her tight white pussy!

“Aaaahhhhh! Yes! I’m fucking a white gal! A white gal!” the slave screamed at the heavens before he decided to conclude with his own special touch.

He quickly pulled out of her and pushed her down, where she fell with a gentle thud on her hip. He rushed at her and before she knew what was happening, he laid himself down between her legs and forcefully penetrated her.

He began to rape her anew, this time on top of her, and he covered Rose-Anne’s horrified face with his slobber as he licked her delicate skin and met her dishevelled hair as she looked away and kept bitterly sobbing and wailing. The rape happened to be just near the cannon on which an entire platoon had steamrolled Consuelo.

The silky brush of her inner thighs against his flanks was a sweet music for his slave’s body. Quamana passed his edge and realized with disbelief that he was about to ejaculate inside a white maiden.

He accelerated his pace into a demented frenzy and felt the upcoming surge!

“Aaaaahhhhh! This is it this is it yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yessss! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, the white lass I’m inside herRRRRRRRRHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!”

The loud bugle announced the summons of troops as Quamana blissfully relieved himself inside Rose-Anne, flooding the broken-in maiden with an epic load from dark Africa.

Just as he heard the bugle, the long-lasting Maurice was finally vanquished by the all-powerful banging of Mary’s peachy butt curves on him.

Holding her waist, he bounced her in absolute madness and got lost in the bouncing as the smat-smat-smat sounds got mixed with the brass notes from the bugle call.

Maurice’s hard cock exploded inside Mary and left him for dead as he erupted with an all-mighty relief…


Mary as received all of his homage, while her head kept mindlessly bobbing along with the up-and-down motions as her bright body made a powerful statement, her tits swollen and pushed out of her raised chest as she rode the slave, whose hands were now tenderly caressing her hips—God meant men and women to copulate no matter their skin colour.

The bugle renewed the loud call. The inner fort fell still and silent, except for the circling crows. It was time to honour the dead.


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