The Love Of My Life Pt 1

We flopped down onto the couch in Alex’s room with a sigh of relief. Both exhausted after a long night at the bar catching up with everyone after my return back to London. We’d had quite a few drinks throughout the evening and were definitely feeling it. I looked over at Alex sitting on the couch next to me. I scanned her up and down, taking in her petite body. She had always been stunning to me. Blessed with perfect 34D breasts and a shapely little bum on such a small frame. Something about her tonight was too much for me to handle. Years of unrequited love and lust was manifesting itself and I felt myself being overcome with an animalistic desire for her. I could feel my dick beginning to stir within my pants. I wanted her so badly. I decided to through caution to the wind and go in for a kiss. Surprisingly, she reciprocated. We were soon all over each other. I felt her soft tongue in my mouth while I groped her breasts for the first time. They were firm and warm, her nipples hard through her top. We made out furiously and passionately for a long time. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe she had always known how I felt about her but for a reason beyond my comprehension she was completely into it. I pulled away and we stared into each others eyes. “I want you so badly Alex. I always have and always will. I missed you so badly when I was in America and I thought about you every day. You are the most special person that I have ever known. I know that I have told you this before and that you didn’t feel the same about me then. I am sorry for bringing it up again now after so long but I still feel the same about you. I will leave now if you want me to.” She looked at me through those beautiful brown eyes and gave me the cutest little smile that I have ever seen. “I know you do Daniel. You were there for me like no one has ever been. Back when we were in school you were the only reason that I made it through all the shit that happened to me. I know that back then the way that I treated you was unfair. I knew how you felt about me but I needed you too much to cut you free. I know what I said then but I want you now. I can’t believe that I am about to admit this and trust me I know how shallow it is going to sound but you used to be really, uhm, on the heavy side and I just didn’t think of you in that way. But now, I can’t take my eyes off of you. The way that you have transformed yourself is incredible. You really are gorgeous. Daniel I want you to fuck me.” With that Alex got up and took me by the hand. “Follow me to my bedroom, Dan. My roommates will be getting back sometime soon.” With that she led me away.

We made our way to her bedroom. She sat down on the edge of the bed looking at me. I was not sure what to do next. “Undress me,” she said with a naughty smile, pulling me out of my trance. I approached her and took her by the hands, pulling her to her feet. She turned around so that I was facing the zipper on her dress. I took grasp of it with shaking hands and zipped it down in one motion. She slid the straps off of her shoulders and let the dress fall to the floor. She turned to face me and I took her almost naked form in. Everything about her was breathtaking. Her taught stomach and shapely thighs. Her soft shoulders and perfect alabaster skin. Every inch of her was perfect. As I panned downwards I couldn’t help but stare at her panties. An unbelievably sexy black lace pair that were just transparent enough to give me a glimpse of what awaited me. She caught my eye and we both laughed. There was no awkwardness left in the air, this felt right. “Are you ready Dan?” With that she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, sliding it off one shoulder at a time and dropping it onto the bed behind her. Before my eyes was the most beautiful pair of breasts that I had ever seen. Ample in size and flawless in shape. They had the perkiness of youth, while still looking soft and milky. “My God Alex, your boobs are absolutely amazing. You can’t possibly understand how incredible they are. I am speechless” She laughed and looked down bashfully, “I have always felt so awkward about them. I always thought that they looked too big for my body you know. I am glad that you like them though.” I continued to stare, completely entranced by them. “I can’t take my eyes off of them Alex. They are perfect. Can I feel them?” I asked timidly. Despite the fact that she was literally undressing in front of me I still was battling to compute in my head how this was all possible. “Of course Daniel,” she laughed, “You will be doing a lot more than that soon.” So I stepped toward her and took a breast in each hand, massaging them gently. There really is no way to fully give words to the feeling and the texture of a pair of young natural breasts. The softness of their skin on my hands; the milky texture, the coolness – It was everything that I ever imagined it would be. I kept working them firmly but sensually, feeling her nipples beginning to harden against my palms. She was moaning as I fondled her chest. “Ahhhh Daniel that feels so good.” I had this overwhelming desire to put my mouth over one of them. I wasn’t sure if that was something she would be in to but they just looked too good and I decided to just go for it. I leaned in and placed my lips over her left nipple while continuing to massage the other breast. I felt her tense up for a second but I kept suckling and massaging and I could feel her relax almost instantly. “Wow Dan, you’re quite kinky arn’t you. I have never had someone suck on my nipple before but it feels amazing.” In response I started working the nipple and surrounding areola area with my tongue. She tasted sweet and smelt like shea butter. I got lost in the licking and the sucking. I was incredibly turned on, I had never had such a rock hard erection in my life. My dick felt like it was going to explode. “I think we should get things started Alex, I want your perfect body now,” I said looking up from her breasts, which were now dripping with my saliva. “I think you are right Daniel, I am unbelievably horny right now. I can feel that my panties are already soaked. I am so turned on.” I looked down at her crotch and I could see what she meant. There were trickles of juice running down her inner thighs. I could faintly smell her pussies rich aroma in the air and it sent my brain into a primal tailspin. Before I could even think about what I was doing I knelt down and slipped my index finger under her panties and right into her warm pussy canal. “OHHHH DANIEL, that feels amazing!” She moaned. I moved it around slowly inside of her tight vagina. She was incredibly wet. I could feel the soft, wet walls of her canal tightening around my finger as I slowly fingered her. “Alex, your pussy is incredibly tight. It is a good thing you get so wet or I would have a hard time getting inside of you.” She did not respond so I looked up and saw that she was rubbing her beautiful breasts sensually with both eyes closed. “What a sight,” I thought to myself. I slid my finger all the way out of her unbelievably tight pussy. It was dripping with her juices. I put it to my lips and licked it clean, Alex’s eyes widening in amazement as I did so. “Alex your juices taste incredible. Your pussy is so clean and well looked after. Everything smells so good,” I said as I got up off of the ground. She looked at me and a naughty smile spread across her face. “Let me taste,” she said, as she pulled me in for a passionate tongue kiss. I could feel her tongue once again invading my mouth, working it’s way around – tasting her most intimate self. “I do taste good, don’t I?” She said as she withdrew from the lingering kiss. “Simply incredible Alex,” I exclaimed in disbelief.

Her eyes caught the massive erection pushing against the inside of my pants. Her eyes widened as she took it in. “Wow!,” Alex giggled. “I think that I need to take care of that for you, Dan. Take your clothes off and lie down on my bed.” I really liked the sound of that so I wasted no time in quickly stripping down to the nude and lying spread eagle on her duvet. My cock pointed straight up towards the ceiling and was completely engorged. Alex stood at the foot of the bed staring at it in amazement. “Wow Daniel. Your penis looks as hard as rock. That is amazing. By the way I think you have a beautiful dick. Perfect length and girth for my pussy. Also I see you are not circumcised. I truthfully have never seen an uncut cock in person. I know that I am going to have fun playing with that foreskin.” With that Alex mounted the bed and crawled seductively towards me. She straddled me and started slowly grinding against my thighs and lower ballsack with her soaking wet panties. “Are you ready, Dan? I think I am going to go all the way with this blowjob. Is that OK?” “Until I cum you mean?” I asked with some hesitation. “Do you not want to have sex anymore?” She let out the cutest laugh and gave me a silly smile. “That cock is going in my pussy tonight, I assure you Daniel. Hopefully also a few other places as well. Wha” “Wait what do you mean?” I interjected. “I mean my asshole Dan. I like anal sex just as much as vaginal sex and if you feel comfortable with it, I would really like you to put it in there later on?” I was grinning from ear to ear before she had finished talking. “Oh Alex. I would love nothing more than to stick my cock right into your tight little bum. I think my cock just got a little bit harder, and I honestly did not think that was possible. I really enjoy anal sex as well.” “Ok well that is definitely happening then,” she giggled. “Ok as I was saying before you interupted me. I am going to take you to completion now. Looking at your dick I do not think you will last very long, you are far too aroused. After that you can recover a bit and we can get some serious fucking going. How does that sound, Daniel?” “Ok I like the sound of that. Oh and by the way. You are a lot more kinkier than I realised. I love it Alex.” I said with a look of amazement. “The night is just getting started. Oh and when you are about to cum, tap me on the shoulder.” “Ok no problem Alex, will do.” I said looking slightly dejected. I had hoped that she would take my cum inside of her mouth and perhaps even swallow it. “Dan,” she said with a sexy smirk on her face. “I just want to be ready. I intend to swallow every bit of cum that comes out of the end of your penis. I only rarely do this but I think you deserve the special treatment. I really do love you Dan. You are the most special person I have ever known.” I was floored by that and all I could do was give her a warm smile. “Ok Dan, are you ready?”

She took a hold of my shaft and carefully drew my foreskin back, exposing the head. It was swollen to capacity and the head had an almost purple hue to it. She leaned her face a few centimeters over the tip of my cock and dripped a ball of saliva right onto the head, and quickly began massaging it in with both of her soft, delicate hands. She repeated that process a number of times until my cock was properly lubricated with her saliva. She then started slowly pumping my foreskin back and forth. She would pull it all the way up until it completely covered the the head and then push it all the way back down again. She did this very slowly as not to set me off to quickly. “Damn Alex, I love the fact that you are literally busy masturbating me using your own spit. 18 Year old me would never believe this.” She chuckled to herself and kept stroking my hard dick slowly. “How is this feeling, Dan? I am just getting things warmed up.” “Incredible Alex. Incredible.” She smiled warmly at me. “I think it is time Dan.” With that she fully retracted my foreskin and took my cock into her mouth. The immediate sensation of her warm, wet mouth over my incredibly sensitive cock was so overwhelming that I moaned loudly in response. She slid her mouth down my cock as far as she could take and then bobbed lightly and slid back up until just the head was left inside of her mouth. She repeated this sensual bobbing action, sliding all the way down and up again and again. Each time she would try and take me just that little bit deeper inside of her. I could feel the spit dripping down my shaft and soaking my balls. She noticed this too and began gently massaging my scrotum. The combination of sensations made my toes curl in pleasure. “Oh my god Alex, this is incredible,” I moaned in a shakey voice. She looked up from my cock without stopping her slow bobbing. We locked eyes and I felt overwhelmed with love for this girl. She took her available hand and slid it into her soaking panties. When she withdrew it again I could see her pussy juices dripping from her fingers. She moved her hand towards my face, pushing her soaking fingers between my lips and into my mouth. I loved the way she tasted. In response I moved my right hand under her bobbing head and into her crotch. I slid my hand between her panties, guiding my index finger into her soaking vagina. I started slowly fingering her again. I moved my thumb up over her clitoris and began stimulating that with a circular motion. I could feel her clit hardening under my thumb as her pussy gripped my finger tightly. Alex was gushing juices from her pussy by this stage. It had even begun to run down my arm and drip off of my elbow. For the first time since she took me into her mouth she pulled back completely and sat up a bit. She was spluttering for air and had gooey saliva running down her chin but she looked like she was in Heaven. “How are you liking this so far Dan?” She asked while continuing to stroke my soaked cock back and forth. “Jesus Alex this is incredible. I have never experience anything like this. I don’t know if I can last much longer.” “I think you have to cum for me baby, we have other things we need to get to.” She said with a cockdrunk smile. “Keep working my pussy Dan, slowly though. I want to build towards an incredible orgasm. You will be shocked when you see the amount of juices I can squirt out of my pussy when I cum.” With that she moved back down towards my cock and began furiously licking and sucking me into pure ecstacy. I could feel her tongue working my glans while she stroked the shaft with her hands. She was working my cock so hard I was sure that anyone else in the house would hear the immense slurping and slapping sounds. I didn’t give a fuck, this was incredible . Looking down at her beautiful face pleasuring my cock with all she had started to send me towards the edge. “Fuck yes Alex, that feels so good keep going.” I moaned. Alex kept working it with her warm and wet mouth and I could feel a pressure rising in my balls. On and on she went, devouring my cock and loving it at the same time. I was seconds away from an explosive orgasm now. I tapped her on the shoulder like she said to. She took her mouth off my cock immediately, and looked me straight in the eyes with precum and saliva dripping from her chin. “Give me all of your cum Daniel, I want it all.” She quickly took my cock back inside of her warm and wet mouth and began pumping and sucking even more furiously until I could feel my dick begin to spasm. My load was ready and I held on against the orgasm for as long as I could until I could no more. I let go and I felt jet after jet of thick warm cum shooting up from my balls and right into her hungry mouth. It seemed like an endless supply of cum, more than I had ever ejaculated. The orgasm rocking through my body as I unloaded into her mouth was the most powerful that I had ever experienced. “FUUUUCCCKKK!” I screamed in pleasure, “This is too much!” My whole body was shaking but she kept going, pumping and sucking through the orgasm until every last drop of cum had been milked from me. She swallowed it immediately, not losing a drop of my seed. I almost blacked out from sheer pleasure. I lay still and let the pleasure waves roll over my body. Alex unstradled me and lay beside me, caressing my chest gently. “Alex that was the best experience I have ever had,” I told her while staring lovingly into her eyes. “You are blowjob artist. I do not have words. I do however promise to make you cum just as hard. Are you ready?” Her eyes had lit up and a smile beamed across her face. “I am ready to cum for you Daniel. I am so wet already.” I used my thumb to wipe a blob of my cum from her chin, as I drew it away she intercepted my hand and guided it back to her mouth where she licked it clean. Goddamn I love this girl.

“Ok Alex lay down on your back. I am going to make you cum.” I instructed. “I can’t wait, do anything you want to me Dan.” She said as she moved into position with her back against the headboard. I noticed that she was still wearing her panties, which at this stage were soaked through with her sweet pussy juice. “Let’s get these off of you,” I said as slowly started peeling them off. She raised her hips to allow me to slide them off with ease. I got my first clear look at her beautiful pussy. It looked tight and soft. She had almost no pubic hair save for a small landing strip above her slit. Her pussy lips were flushed red with arousal, and I could see her juices leaking out from within. It was the most beautiful pussy that I had ever seen. My cock was already rock hard again and semen was still leaking out from my tip. I ran my finger along her slit and she quivered in pleasure. “Oh Dan, my pussy is so ready for this,” She moaned in pleasure. I decided to waste no time and I leaned in, planting my lips right onto that perfect pussy. I began licking and sucking her most intimate areas. I used my tongue on her clit and then forced it through her pussy flaps and inside of her. I lapped up her juices like a thirsty dog until they were dripping from my chin. I moved my tongue back up to her clit and began swirling around it with immense gusto. This gave me the room I needed to slip two fingers right into her tight pussy. I was fingering her sensually, burrying my fingers all the way to the knuckles and then slowly sliding them out to the nail and then deep down inside of her again. I began pumping them in and out of her with increasing speeds while I kept on licking and sucking her clitoris. “OHHHH OHHH DANIEL, THIS FEELS AMAZING. DON’T STOP,” she moaned loudly. I had no intention of stopping. I sped up my licking and fingering speeds and as I did so I could feel the soft walls of her vaginal canal tightening on my fingers. I was amazed at the amount of pressure that her pussy could clench with, I knew that I would enjoy my dick inside of her pussy later on. I kept powering on and by this stage pussy juice was flowing so freely from inside of her that it had soaked the duvet. A filthy thought came to my mind and I decided to go for it. Without stopping the fingering I took hold of her left thigh with my free hand and slid her down the bed towards me. This angled her crotch more vertically. This gave me full access to her anus. It was a beautiful little knot. It was pink and tight, I gave it a smell and it smelt salty but amazing, exactly what I was hoping for. I moved my tongue down there and started circling her bumhole, occasionally forcing just a small tip through her sphinter. “Daniel OHMYGOD that feels incredible, don’t stop I am close to cumming now.” I decided that I was going to go for it now. I kept up the rhythmic finger fucking of her pussy as I forced my tongue deep inside of her anus. It tasted clean and felt warm and tight. I could feel my fingers moving inside of her pussy against my tongue through her pussy wall. The lining of her anus felt ribbed against my tongue as I worked it in and out of her. I kept going at this pace until I felt more tension around my fingers than ever before, and her pussy began to tremble. “IM GOING TO CUUUUMMM DANIELL!!” She screamed as her back arched upwards and her pussy exploded in orgasm. Her whole body was shaking violently and she was now squirting juices all over my face. Her toes were curling and her eyes were rolling back at this point but I kept pumping and sucking her and she kept squirting and screaming in pleasure. She rode the orgasm for over a minute, squirting and shaking the whole time. “Stop stop stop!! I can’t!! It’s toooo much!!” I took this as the cue as slowly drew my fingers out of her pussy and my tongue out of her anus. My face was completely soaked at this point and I was hornier than ever. She lay quivering on the bed with her pussy still leaking for close to five minutes as I lay next to her stroking her breasts. “Wow Daniel, I feel weak. That was the best orgasm of my life. How did you do that?” she said, breaking the silence. “That’s nothing Alex, I think it’s time to put my cock inside all of your holes. What do you think of that?” “I like that Idea Daniel. I can see you are ready again,” she said looking down at my cock which was fully engorged again. “I have a few things for us to play with, let me grab them.” She said reaching over to her nightstand. She pulled out a wooden box and placed it between us on the bed. “Oooo fun,” I thought to myself as I pondered it’s contents.