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***** Author's note: This is a continuation of The Lynches series, but there's enough context provided for this story to stand on its own. All characters are over 18. Enjoy! *****
Fridays had become Make Your Own Pizza night in the Lynch household since the pandemic first hit, and this start to the weekend was no different. Michelle and her parents stood around the center island in their kitchen, smoothing out their dough and choosing the appropriate toppings. Michelle's Spotify playlist was playing on the kitchen computer and the tight-knit family unit was enjoying each other's company, along with a large bottle of Malbec.
Her father, John, was working on his meat-lovers special. He had already spread out his pepperoni and sprinkled on a copious amount of hot Italian sausage when he reached for the bowl of bacon bits at the same time as Michelle.
"I thought you were worried about your love handles," Michelle joked, then blushed beet red, looking nervously between her mother and father. While she had been intimate with each individually, and they all knew about it, it was something they never really talked about outside of the bedroom.
Her mother gave her a stern look. Sarah Lynch was an attorney and she knew that if word got out about their family activities, it would not only spread through their small town like wildfire, it would ruin her career.
"Sorry, mom," Michelle said meekly and went back to arranging the chicken chunks on her chicken-bacon-ranch pizza.
"It's okay, honey," her mother said, then took a swig of her wine. "I just didn't want you shaming your father into using some of my veggies."
Sarah Lynch worked endlessly on maintaining her figure. She was 60 years old and still turned heads when she went out. An inch shorter than Michelle, she would often be mistaken for her daughter, even though her breasts were noticeably larger. For Sarah, her specialty was always organic veggies on gluten-free dough with low-fat cheese.
"After you, Mitchie," said her father while handing her the bowl of bacon bits, "just leave me enough for a full heart attack."
Michelle and her mother both laughed at John while watching him smother his pizza in mounds of mozzarella cheese. Friday's were his cheat night. Otherwise, John watched what he ate and worked out regularly. He was two years younger than his wife and also got his fair share of looks at the lake during the summer.
They each slid their pizzas into the preheated oven and took their wine to the living room to wait for them to bake. John sat in 'his chair' and Michelle and her mom sat on the couch.
Sarah cleared her throat and said, "You both remember that Aunt Naomi is coming to visit next weekend, right?"
Naomi was Sarah's best friend from college, who now lived on the West Coast. Sarah and Naomi would get together two or three times every year, either visiting each other's homes or meeting somewhere halfway. It had been over a year since the two had seen each other, mainly due to the pandemic.
She became known as Aunt Naomi when Michelle was a kid and Naomi still lived back East. She gave the best gifts and Michelle loved her as much as her real aunts and uncles. Aunt Naomi was a petite woman too, with a headful of auburn ringlets that spiraled down to the swell of her ass. The only thing larger than the D-cup breasts she carried on her small frame was her infectious laugh. Michelle was looking forward to seeing Aunt Naomi as much as her mother was. Or so she thought.
"I trust you two will behave while she's here," Sarah added as the arbiter of keeping the family secret well hidden.
"Oh, we're behaving this trip, are we," John muttered sarcastically under his breath, using a rhetorical 'we.' Sarah shot him another stern look indicating that he did not want to go there.
"Since I'm the only one not yet vaccinated," Michelle responded, unaware of the non-verbal communication between her parents, "I'll be socially distancing my ass off." After a short pause, she added, "After I give Aunt Naomi a big-ass hug, of course."
The timer on the oven called them all back into the kitchen where they sliced up their pizzas and set them out on the table. More wine was poured and they had a normal Friday night dinner, talking about their weekend plans, and enjoying their delicious creations.
Since they all cooked, they all helped clean up. Michelle and her father were busy rinsing the dishes and loading the dishwasher while her mother wrapped up the leftovers and put them away.
"Mitchie, honey," Sarah said nonchalantly, using the pet name John gave her as a child, "why don't you join us in the big bed tonight."
John and Michelle both snapped their heads around to look at Sarah, who had her back turned as she rearranged the items in the fridge. They then looked at each other, and John shrugged his shoulders, indicating this was news to him as well.
"Unless you'd rather not," her mother added in the same even tone as if she was asking what they'd like for dessert.
"Ummm, no mom…I mean yes…I mean I'd love to," Michelle responded nervously. She could feel her nipples hardening at the thought, and looked down and saw the invitation was having the same effect on her father's cock.
"OK then, your father and I are heading upstairs now," Sarah continued, "come and join us when you're ready."
Michelle watched her parents leave the kitchen and she was too dumbfounded to speak. Did I just hear what I think I heard, she thought to herself, still standing at the sink. Did my mother just nonchalantly invite me to have a threesome with my father? While she had played with both her mom and her dad separately, they never had played together before. And given the earlier "behave" speech, the invitation seemed very incongruent.
Up in the master bedroom, John stood by the bed, only slightly less dumbfounded than his daughter. "What was that all about," he asked his wife, who was busy in the en suite.
Sarah walked out of the bathroom and stood on her tiptoes to kiss John. She reached down and rubbed his growing erection as she opened her mouth to accept his tongue. The two made out like teenagers for a while before Sarah broke the kiss to answer. "You've been so patient and understanding of my relationship with Naomi over the years," she said as she pushed her thumbs through the belt loops at his hips." And I know how much you've always wanted to join me and her," Sarah added in between tender pecks on his lips, "but Naomi is just not interested in cock. Anyhow, I had an idea that this might be a great way of thanking you for being so understanding, and maybe keep you and Mitchie out of each other's pants while Naomi is here."
John was equally speechless and just stood and accepted his wife's kisses and flawless reasoning.
Sarah patted the front of his pants again and said, "Now go get ready for bed, and be careful that this thing doesn't go off prematurely, you don't want to disappoint your women."
Meanwhile, Michelle somehow made her way up to her bedroom, although she had no recollection of leaving the kitchen. She opened her pajama drawer but stood there staring at the contents. What does one wear for a threesome with her parents? Do I wear my everyday flannel set? Or should I wear one of my Victoria's Secret sets? Do I wear my robe? Or just go in there naked? The individual episodes with her father, and then her mother, seemed to flow so naturally, but this was something entirely different.
The next thing she knew, Michelle was standing outside her parent's bedroom door, trying to work up the courage to knock. She looked down as saw that she was wearing her pink and white Victoria Secret teddy with a matching pair of high-cut pink satin panties. She used her upper arms to squeeze her tits together, emphasizing her cleavage, and took a deep breath.
"Come in," came her mother's sweet voice from the other side of the door, although Michelle could not swear whether she knocked or not. She exhaled the breath she realized she'd been holding and turned the knob to enter their room.
Her parents were both sitting up in bed with the covers pulled to their waist. Her mother had on a conservative flannel top and her father was bare-chested. Michelle felt subconscious at being in such a sexy outfit and worried that she may have misinterpreted the invitation.
"You look good, honey." Her father's words snapped her out of her internal monologue.
"Good enough to eat," added her mother with a giggle as she held up the comforter and patted the empty spot between them.
The memory of her mother's talented tongue between her legs was all the encouragement Michelle needed and she climbed into the bed between her parents. "This is so weird," she joked, as she pulled the covers up to her neck and giggled nervously.
"Just relax, honey," her mother whispered as she stroked Michelle's hair, "we both love your father and we're going to give him something he's only dreamt about."
Michelle looked over at her father who was grinning like the Cheshire cat, and she felt herself relax. Her mother's caresses continued down her back while her father leaned in to kiss her. Michelle recalled her first time with her father, and how worried she was about hurting her mother, but that all felt ridiculous now that she was in their bed between them.
Sarah cupped her daughter's breasts from behind and began rolling her nipples between her fingers. This caused Michelle's pussy to flood and she was sure she was leaving a wet spot on her parent's Egyptian cotton sheets.
John broke off his kiss with Michelle and leaned over her to kiss Sarah. Her mother's fingers continued playing a concerto on her aching nipples and she felt her father's hand snake into the front of her panties. She spread her legs wider to give him better access to her core and felt his middle finger strumming her throbbing clit.
Michelle felt her mother's hand on her chin pulling her head back toward her. She felt Sarah's lips on her own before she realized her parents had stopped kissing. Women kiss so differently than men, and her mother's lips coupled with her father's fingers were driving her closer to her first orgasm. She gasped when her father's fingers left her pussy but purred when they were replaced by her mother's.
Her mother pulled away from their kiss as her father offered his fingers to her, still wet with Michelle's juices. Sarah eagerly licked the sweet nectar off her husband's digits and was soon joined by her daughter savoring her taste.
"I think he'd like us to lick something else," Sarah whispered as she withdrew her hand from her daughter's cunt. Michelle felt her mother grab the hem of her teddy and lifted her arms so she could pull it up and over her head. She turned and unbuttoned Sarah's pajama top, slipping it off of her shoulders, so both women were now topless.
Michelle climbed over her father as he scooted toward the center of the bed. She felt his hard cock rub against her leg, smearing precum on her inner thigh and realized he had been buck naked this whole time. She resisted the urge to impale herself on that tempting totem pole and settled in next to him, encircling his erection with her left hand.
As her mother kissed her way down her father's hairy chest and stomach, Michelle rubbed her thumb around the head of his throbbing cock. She held his cock out and watched her mother envelop the shiny head between her ruby red lips. Michelle stroked the root of his cock while her mother bobbed on the upper half. Sarah coughed as his cockhead nudged the back of her throat and she pulled off, leaving a string of spit attached from her lower lip to the tip of his manhood.
Michelle took this as an invitation to showcase her oral skills. She lowered her head and licked the string of saliva off the tip of his cock before taking him deeply into her mouth. Neither woman could deep throat, but they more than made up for it with enthusiasm. Michelle swirled her tongue around the underside of his cock as she bobbed her head, taking as much of him into her mouth as she could. Her mother held her hair and whispered encouragement as she watched the look of pure bliss on her husband's face.
The two Lynch women alternated sucking John's cock, sneaking kisses as they passed the phallus between them. Michelle lowered her head and sucked her father's balls into her mouth as her mother continued the blowjob. The moans of pleasure and mumbled words from the head of the bed let them know that their efforts were being thoroughly appreciated.
John lowered the covers to watch the two most important women in his life pleasure his manhood. Sarah took his cock out of his mouth to ask, "As good as you had imagined?"
"A thousand times better," was his breathy reply.
Michelle and Sarah both pursed their lips on the sides of his cock, dragging their lips up and down his shaft, pausing to kiss each time they reached the tip. The pace of John's breathing made it evident he wasn't going to last much longer, so Michelle reached down and rubbed the pad of her middle finger over his anus.
The first volley of cum caught them by surprise and painted the left side of Sarah's face. Michelle quickly put her mouth over the head before the next spasm and caught the warm load on her tongue. She closed her lips around her father's cock and jerked the shaft, as more of his salty goodness filled her mouth.
When she felt the throbbing subside, she let his cock slip from her mouth but kept her lips closed tightly to retain his cum. She grabbed her mother's head and leaned forward for a deep kiss, passing her husband's load into her mouth as their tongues dueled through the slimy mess. Michelle then licked her mom from her jawline to her ear, cleaning up the remnants from the first errant shot. The two women kissed again, sharing the tasty cream between them until each of them swallowed their fair share.
"I can die a happy man now," exclaimed John from above them.
"Don't die just yet," said Sarah, as she kissed her husband's softening cock, "we've got a lot more planned for this guy."
"Well he and I are going to need a little break," replied John as he got up to go to the bathroom, "but I'm sure you two can figure out something to do to pass the time."
"Thank you so much, mom," Michelle gushed, "you were freaking amazing."
"Well, I've had a little more practice with him than you have, dear," joked her mother.
"I'm just so grateful that you don't hate me for sleeping with him."
"Your father and I have a very…umm…understanding relationship. He supports me and I support him. And we both love you more than you can ever understand."
"I think I'm kinda getting that idea," Michelle replied, as she snuggled next to her mother and kissed her. The two women continued to kiss and fondle each other. Breasts and nipples were caressed, pinched, pulled, and squeezed. Michelle's hand wandered down her mother's soft belly and between her legs, where she discovered a welcome lack of panties. Sarah pushed herself onto her daughter's exploring fingers as Michelle returned the same pleasure that her mother had given her earlier.
"Oh my god, right there," her mother said as she grabbed Michelle's wrist and started to hump her hand. Michelle latched onto her mother's left nipple and suckled it like a baby while she fingered her. Sarah reached for her daughter's crotch and found the soaked gusset of her pink panties. "How the hell do you still have these on?"
Sarah scooted down between Michelle's legs and tugged at the waistband of the panties. Michelle lifted her butt to allow her mother to make her naked. As soon as they were off, Sarah looked at the tangled matted mess and said, "Oh honey, you've got to tame this jungle, you look like a 70's porn star."
"Maybe you and dad can shave me later," she giggled and watched her mother lower her face to her sex. "There's that tongue I love so much," Michelle purred, as Sarah pierced her daughter's vagina with her talented appendage. Michelle leaned back and basked in the sensations emanating from her core, but started to feel guilty. She reached down and grabbed her mother's hip and pulled her up toward her face.
The two women engaged in a frantic 69, with Sarah kneeling over her daughter's face. When John came back into the room, it sounded like a pack of puppies in a peanut butter factory, with the slurping and lapping at saturated labia. He said nothing, just leaned on the bathroom door jamb, slowly stroking his cock back to life, watching his womenfolk pleasuring each other orally.
"Yes, yes, yes…I'm gonna cummmm," Mitchie moaned into her mother's cunt. Sarah grabbed Michelle's thighs and redoubled her efforts on her clit, as she felt the young girl shiver and shudder beneath her.
Michelle had a hard time keeping her hips still as the orgasm washed over her. She lost her focus on her mother's clit and gave into the primordial sensations overtaking her. When she came back down to Earth, she opened her eyes and looked between her mother's legs at her father smiling down upon her.
"That was even more beautiful to watch than when I make you cum," he said, still stroking his now fully hard cock.
Sarah lifted her head, her face slick with Michelle's juices, and said, "In case you haven't noticed, I'm the only one who hasn't cum yet!"
"At your service, my lady," said John in a fake British accent, as he lifted her hips and slid his cock into her warm and welcoming pussy. Mitchie laid back and watched her father's cock sawing in and out of her mother's pussy. She reached up and circled Sarah's clit as John pounded her from behind.
Sarah let out a groan as John pulled her head back by her hair, and she started fucking herself back upon his battering cock. Michelle was startled when she heard her father's hand smack down on her mother's ass. She had never seen her father raise his hand to her mother before, but in this context, her mother was obviously enjoying it.
The rhythm of the fucking, moaning, and spanking above her continued to increase and her mother's juices began to drip on her face. John was going at a jackhammer's pace and Sarah was clearly loving it. Sarah let out a plaintive wail and Michelle surmised that her father must have slipped a finger into her ass. A few strokes later her mother began swearing a blue streak as the precipitation above turned into a deluge. Michelle opened her mouth and caught droplets of her mother's cum as her father brought her to an earth-shattering orgasm.
John pulled out and Sarah collapsed on her side, both of her hands cupping her pussy through clenched thighs, the aftershocks of her orgasm still wracking her body. His still-hard cock drooped slightly, right above Michelle's face. She craned her neck and took her father's cock into her mouth, tasting the sweetness of her mother's pussy on it.
"Your turn, little girl," her father said in a commanding yet compassionate voice.
Michelle scrambled up to her hands and knees and looked back at her father over her shoulder. "I've been a bad girl, daddy," she said in a little girl voice and saw his cock twitch in response.
"Yes you have been, Mitchie," her father responded, and before she knew it her ass was burning from the swat that came out of nowhere. She let out a yelp that turned into a moan as her father plunged himself deep inside her. He grabbed her hips and started to fuck her hard, with Michelle pushing back on him, taking him deeper with every thrust. Another slap and another yelp, and the burning of her ass stoked the fire that had started in her pussy. The burning sensation moved to her scalp as her father grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head back toward him, still fucking her like there was no tomorrow.
Sarah had returned to the living world and had propped herself back up at the head of the bed. Her legs hung open and she lazily stroked her pussy while she watched her daughter getting fucked hard by her husband. "Don't hurt her, John," Sarah implored, as she saw her daughter wince in pain at each new swat on her burning ass.

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