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The Magician
So this was a different story for me. Inspired by a scene I saw that I saw potential in, but sadly I haven't been able to find anyone really using the concept. However I put it in this category to cover my bases. All characters are eighteen years or older. There isn't any actual incest in this, but relatives are in the same room during sex, so I thought this was the way to go.
The doorbell rang and Alyxia (Alyx to most people) called out as she came down the stairs.
"Who is it dad?" Ken glanced back as he approached the door.
"Silver and Amaya." She reached him just before he reached the door.
"Cool. So Amaya and I will hang out while you guys jam?" He shook his head.
"It's a surprise." Before she could continue he opened the door to reveal Silver and his daughter Amaya. The girls hugged and they guys shook hands and grasped each other's arms in a pseudo hug. When they finished Alyx turned to her dad.
"So what's the surprise?" Amaya chimed in as well.
"Yeah dad, you kept me in suspense the entire ride over. Give." He grinned as Ken led the way to the living room.
"A little magic show. Trust me you won't be disappointed." He directed the girls to sit on the couch and reached into his pocket and frowned when his hand came out empty. However he soon brightened up.
"Alyx could you get me a deck of cards. I forgot I didn't want to bring one so you could be sure I wasn't cheating." She shrugged and went to her room to get a deck of cards. Amaya sighed, trying not to smile at her father's absentmindedness. Both fathers' were amazing, although she rarely told them so. At eighteen she was still enough of a teenager to deny the coolness of any parent.
Truth be told however they were the least lame fathers she knew. Despite being in their forties they were both amazing looking, her dad with a hint of silver in his hair (natural not an attempt to match his name) darker skin tone and Ken after years of blond streaks in his hair now had pure blond hair with crimson tips and both had pierced ears. She didn't particularly go for older guys as she had just turned eighteen, but she couldn't deny they were both silver foxes that would be the wet dream of many women.
They were both rock stars to boot. Not super famous, sadly they were influenced by The Doors and Black Sabbath and started in the mid-nineties. They never hit it big, but they still went on tour and made enough money to live comfortably while keeping their own limited hours in more conventional fields. Soon Alyx returned with the deck of cards and handed them to Silver.
"Thank you. Now I know you've probably seen this trick a hundred times before but give this a chance." They shrugged, but nodded their assent. He frowned in concentration as he held out the spread deck at arm's length to Alyx, who picked a card.
"Now, show the card to Amaya, but don't let me see it." They both looked at the card for a short time and looked up at him. He held out the deck again, careful to ensure that it was at the limits of his reach, but within hers. She slipped the card back in the deck and he passed it to Ken. "Now would you shuffle that completely and then hand it back to me?" Ken shuffled it several times before he was satisfied and returned it to Silver. Silver fanned out the cards so that the girls could see it. "Do you see your card?" Alyx's mouth dropped open and her eyes widened.
"No, but I put it back." Silver frowned and looked thoughtful for a moment. He brightened up after a moment.
"Stand up." She did and he pointed to her roughly around the waist. "Feel anything weird?" She started to shake her head when suddenly she stopped. She carefully reached under her short skirt and after a moment pulled out the card, her eyes wide.
"How did you do that, you were nowhere near me?" He grinned and held out his hands to the sides.
"Magic. Want to see it again?" Both girls nodded eagerly. With the cards shuffled once more Silver held them out to Amaya. She quickly pulled out a card, which she showed to Alyx before returning it to the deck and once again Ken shuffled it. Silver fanned out the cards and Amaya shook her head.
"It's not there." He nodded and took on a look of complete concentration before pointing to her chest. Amaya frowned a moment before attempting to subtly check her bra, where she found her card. "Really dad, in my bra?" He shrugged as he accepted it back into the deck.
"Okay, now we're going to change it up a bit. This time you're both going to pick a card." They rolled their eyes, but both readily took a card and as before returned them to the deck after studying them. This time he didn't bother having them check the deck for their cards, but handed them to Ken. Silver concentrated hard and slowly raised his hands. The girls squirmed a bit and both moaned briefly as suddenly the cards rose out of their panties, rubbing them on the way out. Alyx's card rose past the waistband of her skirt, while Amaya's caused her dress to briefly rise exposing her panties. Both girls glanced at each other before turning back to him, eyes wide in astonishment and making sounds of amazement. Silver continued.
"Okay, one last card trick, I promise." The girls nodded approval, but both were pretending not the check the time. He held up the queen of hearts. "Now I want you both to examine this card carefully, make sure there's no funny business with it." The girls passed the card back and forth, examining it carefully for several moments before Alyx handed it back to him.
"It's the card from my deck, so what?" Silver grinned.
"Only this." The tapped the card and it suddenly became the ace of spades. "Ken, confirm that you hold all the cards." Ken held up the deck confirming that Silver hadn't merely performed some sleight of hand. Once again the girls examined the card, shaking their heads. What neither appeared aware of was that the moment the card changed they had both moaned softly and had briefly touched themselves. Alyx handed the card to her dad, who put them away and turned back to Silver.
"No more card tricks?" He nodded. "But you still have more?" Again he nodded.
"Yep, for this one please stand up ladies." The two rose and he stepped back to ensure they were out of arm's reach. He focused hard on them for several moments and just when they starting to get a bit uncomfortable his hands began to rise. It took them a moment to realize that Alyx's skirt and Amaya's dress were starting to rise in unison. They both struggled to push the rebellious garments down as their panties were exposed, but it was as if the cloth had become like steel. They both looked at him in alarm, but before they could speak, he suddenly dropped his hands. They were momentarily thrown off balance as the resistance suddenly faded. He rushed up to them and held out an arm each.
"Are you two okay?" They momentarily glanced at each other as he released their arms. Both smiled reassuringly and responded at the same time.
"Yeah." He brightened.
"Okay, ready to continue?" They both nodded without hesitation. "Good. Okay this trick is going to be a little bigger and require some equipment from the car." Amaya looked questioningly at him, but didn't speak. Silver and Ken headed out to the car and soon returned with two seemingly translucent boxes, one green and one blue. The boxes were about three feet high and about one foot on a side. Silver put the green box down in front of himself and Ken did the same with the blue one. "For this next trick I need you to get in these boxes. Alyx in the blue one and Amaya in the green one." Amaya gave him a sideways glance.
"Are you serious dad?" He shrugged.
"My tricks have been good so far right?" She slowly nodded. "So we keep going?" They nodded and he opened the doors on the side of each box. The girls climbed inside and he closed the doors behind them.
"Abracadabra, alakazam." Ken twitched an eyebrow at this, but didn't say anything. Silver tapped on the boxes.
"Are you two alright?" Both responded immediately.
"Good. Now Ken if you would." Both grasped the tops of the boxes in front of them, then they gave a slight twist and lifted the boxes up. This revealed the girls sitting on bases that the boxes had been attached to. Both were sitting with their knees against their chests, blinking as it was revealed the boxes weren't as transparent as they appeared. Alyx looked to her left and Amaya looked to her right before turning to face one another gasping. Alyx was the first to speak as she pointed in Amaya's direction.
"Wait, I was in that box." She looked up at Silver to confirm she had been in the green box when he removed it from its base. Amaya spoke next.
"Dad, what going on? I went into that box, now I'm here." His grin was broader than ever.
"Magic. I swapped you around through teleportation. Now, how about another trick?" Amaya stared hard at him for a moment before turning to Alyx, who shrugged.
"You have to admit it's been pretty cool so far?" Amaya nodded and let out a slow breath noticeably relaxing.
"Yeah, you're right, sorry dad. This has been fun. A little weird at times, but fun. What next?" He brightened up.
"All right. Sit properly on those bases as we put the boxes back on." They complied and at a signal to Ken they put the boxes back on the bases with the girls inside. "Abracadabra, alakazam." Ken leaned over to speak softly to Silver.
"Is it necessary to say such corny words?" Silver struggled not to laugh.
"It's important to say something and it's traditional to use those words." Ken shrugged and returned to his position by the blue box. "Ladies, are you okay in there?" They responded together.
"Yeah." He tapped the boxes again.
"You feel any different?" They hesitated momentarily before responding.
"No." He shrugged.
"Okay. Here we go." He nodded to Ken and they once again lifted the boxes off. The girls looked around, and almost immediately cried out in shock as they moved to cover themselves for they realized that they were naked, apart from their shoes and Alyx's glasses.
"Hey, where are our clothes?" Amaya turned to Silver.
"Yeah dad, what gives?" Silver held out his hands reassuringly.
"Calm down ladies. Now I have one more trick for you. Shall we continue?" The two girls stared at each other for several moments before they nodded and Amaya turned back to Silver.
"Okay dad, one more trick, but then we want our clothes back." He nodded.
"Wonderful, but first back in the boxes." They shrugged, but quickly nodded. Ken and Silver carefully placed the boxes back on the bases. Once the boxes were back in place Silver nodded to Ken. They quickly undressed as Silver said the corny magic phrase. They were only about half hard, but when Silver spoke the phrase they both sprang instantly to fully erection.
"Better than Viagra." Ken muttered at this and Silver struggled to suppress a laugh as neither had ever used Viagra.
"Ready ladies?" There was a moment's hesitation, presumably as the girl's processed what he had said. However they soon responded.
"Yeah." Together they lifted the boxes off the bases. Both gasped when they saw that the erection of the other's father was in their face.
"What the hell?" Amaya was too stunned to speak right away. Silver responded with a light easy tone.
"Care to do some magic?" Alyx looked up at him, but soon found her eyes drifting down to his erection. He was hardly porn star big, but in her limited experience it was the biggest she had seen by a good margin. "So, how about it?" She grinned.
"Okay." Amaya gasped, but Ken saw her lick her lips. Alyx grasped Silver's dick and slowly spread her lips and he pushed forward, largely allowing her to control the pace. Amaya hesitated, but soon licked a hand and began stroking Ken's cock. Ken moaned as he looked down at her small hands moving slowly up the shaft. Alyx found some difficulty in moving past the head of Silver's cock. When she attempted to move further she began to choke and pulled back as she was seeing spots.
She took a moment to catch her breath and decided to switch tactics. She stuck out her tongue and licked up one side of his shaft, then the other. He moaned softly as she thoroughly wetted his cock with her tongue. When he was thoroughly coated she tried once again to take him further in her mouth before gagging. This time when she pulled off she glanced over to Amaya who was also learning to take a larger cock in her mouth. Silver stopped Alyx from putting her mouth back on him. She looked up at him, eyes wide in concern.
"I know I said I was done, but I have one more trick to show you. Up on the couch, I want to show you how magic my tongue is." Alyx grinned and she stood to walk over to the couch. Alyx lay down on her back with her legs spread. Amaya soon joined her. Silver and Ken kneeled between their legs and lowered their heads to begin licking. Alyx moaned loudly as soon as Silver's tongue touched her pussy lips. Alyx glanced over to Amaya, who was also moaning under the ministrations of Ken's tongue. Alyx reached out to take Amaya's hand. The other girl briefly looked her way as their fathers' gradually intensified their oral efforts. Their moaning became louder as the tongues began to penetrate them.
Alyx turned to kiss Amaya and the other girl readily accepted her tongue in her mouth. Tongues in their pussies and mouths, and holding each other's hands, the two girls began to squirm and shake violently as they moaned into each other's mouths. First Silver then Ken made the shift to sucking on the clit of the girl in front of them. The moaning intensified and Alyx gripped harder on Silver's head with her other hand. Silver added thrusting two fingers into her pussy and she let go of Amaya's hand and broke the kiss and her moaning now signaled her orgasm. She tensed up for several moments before collapsing. Amaya's orgasm hit several moments later and both lay on the couch breathing hard.
Alyx slowly opened her eyes to see Silver standing in front of her, cock still hard and ready for action. She nodded eagerly, not speaking. Silver lined up his cock with her pussy and slowly pushed forward finding no resistance. Ken followed suit, both girls moaning loudly as they were fully penetrated. Silver soon found himself all the way inside and leaned into kiss Alyx. She readily accepted the kiss and his questing tongue. After several moments he broke the kiss and he began thrusting as if the two were trying to outdo each other. Alyx circled Silver with her legs attempting to pull him in deeper. In contrast Amaya lay on the couch starting to thrash about, although Ken held her to prevent her thrashes from becoming too violent.
Soon their moaning reached a crescendo and Silver made one last thrust and Alyx collapsed onto the couch. Moments later Amaya's moans practically became a scream and she squeezed her eyes shut. Silver and Ken slowly eased out and stood to give the girls time to recover. They didn't have long to wait as the two slowly sat up. Alyx noticed that neither had cum yet. She leaned forward to grab Silver's cock. She gave it a few strokes before taking him in her mouth. She managed to take him about halfway so she stroked the rest of him while she experimented with swirling her tongue.
Amaya stared wide-eyed at Alyx for a several moments before turning her attention back to Ken. Trying to imitate Alyx she opened her mouth wide to take his cock in her mouth. It was slow going, but bit by bit she managed to get past the head. At one point she suddenly pulled off spluttering, however she was soon eagerly taking more of him in her mouth. Ultimately she was unable to take all of him, but a quick glance told her she was further than Alyx. Both girls expected to keep going until cum started shooting down their throats, however Silver had other plans. He gently pushed her off of him.
"Not yet. There's one final thing I want to do." She nodded, but looked uncertain. He smiled reassuringly and held out a hand. She readily accepted, although she stood slowly and a bit unsteadily. He led her around behind the couch and gently bent her over it. He once again lined up his cock with her pussy and slowly worked the head between her lips. She gasped softly. Once the head was in, he gripped her rear and slowly pushed forward. She moaned loudly as he bottomed out. He hesitated briefly before slowly pulling back until only the head was inside. He slowly pushed back in until he was all the way in, then he pulled back, soon working up a rhythm as she struggled to remain on her feet. She soon gave up trying to keep her head erect.
Ken looked up and gently tapped Amaya, who stopped and looked up at him. Ken pointed to Alyx and Silver. Amaya looked wide-eyed for a moment before turning back to Ken and nodded, grinning eagerly. She stood up and turned around, Amaya climbed onto the couch and kneeling bent over the back of it. Alyx and Amaya leaned to kiss one another while clasping each other's hands. Ken moved into position behind Amaya and was soon thrusting away at speed. The girls moaned into each other's mouths as Silver tightened his grip on Alyx's rear and Ken took to gently pulling on Amaya's nipples. The girls continued to moan and squirm in their respective lover's grip. They struggled to maintain their kiss as the hard cocks continued to fill them completely before pulling out again. The pressure around their cocks increasing, Ken and Silver redoubled their efforts to maintain their fast pace.
However soon thrusting became difficult as both girls suddenly broke their kiss and they both orgasmed. They collapsed and Silver gently lowered Alyx to her knees. Ken soon followed suit and both began swiftly jerking their cocks until with a groan they came on the face of the girl in front of them. Alyx wiped some into her mouth and moaned happily. The girls were gently placed back on the couch while their fathers sat on nearby chairs. When her breath returned Alyx spoke.
"Maybe the next time you guys come over you could do another show." Silver grinned.
"Sounds good, although what should I do next time? Only professionals with multiple shows should repeat themselves." Suddenly Ken spoke.
"Anal?" His mouth snapped shut as soon as he spoke and he even started to blush a bit. Both girls' eyes went wide and Alyx spoke hesitantly.
"I don't know about that." Amaya shook her head shaking slightly. Silver held up his hands reassuringly.
"Don't worry about, I'll come up with something good." A quick tap on the boxes saw their clothes tumbling out. The girls gathered up their clothes and went up to Alyx's room to dress and hang out, while their fathers did the same in the living room. Once dressed the two of them sat on the couch, unspeaking for several moments before Silver checked the time.
"Well, I guess we should take off. Saturday for our jam session?" Ken nodded.
"Yeah, sounds good. Just us?" Silver nodded.
"Ted's youngest has a soccer game and Shayna has a board meeting in Atlanta." Ken shook his head.
"Seems like we only see them on tour these days." Silver shrugged. They called the girls and Silver left with Amaya.
On Saturday Silver and Ken were jamming away, a familiar favorite from when they were releasing albums regularly. At the end of the song they both sat heavily after over an hour. Ken produced two water bottles and they sat sipping, simply reveling in the adrenaline rush they got from making music, whether live in front of thousands of people or just for themselves. Finally it was Ken who spoke.
"Should I feel bad that the sex was amazing and I think about doing it again it again?" Silver slowly took another sip before turning to Ken, a grin on his face.
"I know what you mean. It was pretty sweet." Ken exhaled in obvious relief.

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