The Maneater | straight story from Happy Eaten man

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I was recently divorced and moved as I wasn’t the favor of the month with ex or children. I was okay financially and moved to just outside of a country town. That way I wouldn’t have to bother with my family’s disfavor and could restart my life, 51 and no plans to marry again. The town had just about everything I thought I could want. Most important nobody I knew or knew me, anyway I like to read books and so would go to the library. I was going on average once a week and get what I wanted and then return them and get some more. I didn’t engage in the local gossiping, but I had started drinking with a couple of older men after visiting the library across the street. It became a sort of ritual after being to the library. While drinking with these men I was told the local librarian was a maneater. She was in her late fifties and wasn’t bad looking not slim not overweight either. I said she hadn’t made a move on me, they said she only tries it on with single men. As I said before I wasn’t interested in relationships and had kept wearing my wedding ring even those I was divorced. I also hadn’t said I was divorced, and so the librarian probably thought I was married. I didn’t tell my drinking buddies I was divorced, after getting back to my home I thought it was probably a story and she was as they thought. Then a few weeks later, I was a bit bored and in need of some excitement. I was on my way to the library and after parking my car I took off my wedding ring and put it in my pocket. I got my books and had my drink as was usual and nothing had happened with the librarian. On getting home I put my ring in my desk drawer and didn’t think any more about it. The next visit to the librarian, one my drink bubbies asked why I wasn’t wearing my ring and I said I’m divorced. That was all that happened and after getting my books and having usual drinks I went home. But it was like it was written in the sky for everyone to see, everyone in town now knew I was divorced. The next visit to the library, the librarian talked to me a bit more than usual, nothing about getting together, just about books I had selected. The next visit to the library my drinking bubbies were away, and the library wasn’t as normal only me and the librarian. Some big away game for local side and everybody had gone to see it. Even the bar across the street was closed, anyway the librarian got flirty with me and when I realized she was coming on to me, I responded in kind. I got home after my visit to the library and had made a date with the librarian to have dinner together at my place. She would bring the dinner with her, I done a quick tidy up and waited. She arrived just after 630 and we had the meal and things soon started to heat up. She stayed the night and really drained my balls; it became a regular thing for us to meet up and fuck at my house. Being out of town a bit gave us a bit of privacy, her always parking behind my house out of sight of the road. She is still a regular in my bed, no talk of marriage as it just for mutual satisfaction. She likes sex and I also enjoy sex especially with her. She is a very willing sex partner and doesn’t just lay there.

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