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By the title you probably already know its business related, my family and a regular well-respected customer want to bring their businesses closer together and plan a marriage between my older brother and the daughter of the client. None of my affair as my brother had accepted the arrangement. But it became my affair when my died in a car accident, 2 months before the wedding. My family not wanting to lose the chance of a lifetime as they called it, offered me as a replacement for my brother and before I was even asked. Like with royal families they always had an heir and a spare, I hadn’t even thought about marriage and thought I might be able to find my own way separate from the family business. My brother’s death put that to an end, I do have a younger brother. But he was only 14 at the time, at 25 I was to marry a woman 20 I’ve never seen. My brother had once or twice, but I was at university and missed seeing her. Being a good son, I accepted mt fate and I finally got to see my future wife’s face when her veil was lifted during the wedding. I was stunned she was gorgeous and had been raised in a sheltered home and home schooled. That was 15 years ago, and we now have 5 children and are very happy together.

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