The Massage Parlour

Chin was a Chinese girl who was living in London, she had earned the nickname of chin because she was often rubbing her chin, her parents ran a massage parlour where chin would some times help out, it was late one afternoon when chin was in the massage parlour when Steve who at sixteen years of age was two years older that chin was walked into the parlour, chin smiled when she saw Steve, she had a secret crush on Steve, she thought that he was hot and often watched him as he played football admiring his muscular figure, Steve was a well known in the small town where they lived. Steve asked if he could have a full body massage and paid a deposit, chin smiled at Steve and said ” I will be doing it f you do not mind ” Steve looked at chin and told her that she would be fine and followed her to the massage room where he started to undress,chin got the oils ready then watched Steve as he undressed thinking I am going to be rubing his body soon how lucky am I, Steve was stood with his back to chin when he took his boxers off and stood naked, chin looked at Steve’s bum thinking nice then when Steve turned round and faced her chin’s eyes went wide when she saw Steve’s seven inch dick hanging down, Steve walked over to the table and lay face down on it, chin walked over and started to massage Steve’s back feeling her heart race as she did, when she started on Steve’s legs Steve said ” a fully body massage means every where, chin moved up Steve’s legs and started to massage his bum, thinking I am so lucky, once she was finished Steve rolled over onto his back, Chin stared in disbelieve as she saw that Steve had a full nine inch erection, Steve looked at chin and said ” it is your fault that I have got a hard on so no complaining ” chin thought I am not, chin started to massage Steve’s chest as she did she saw Steve’s dick twitch a couple of times when she went to Steve’s legs he said ” I told you every where, Chin looked at Steve who said ” do not forget my cock ” chin looked at Steve who added ” you made me get a hard on you can wank me off ” chin could feel her heart beating fast as she took Steve’s dick in her hand and started to slowly jerk it not believing her luck, Steve said yeah that is it you give me a good wank ” chin carried on jerking Steve and after a couple of minutes when Steve squirted his cum in four spurts chin thought nice. After twenty minutes Steve left as he did he said ” you give a good wank. A week later Steve was back and asked for chin, Chin stood in the massage room watching as Steve undressed and once he was naked he stood facing chin, chin watched as Steve’s dick grew to a full erection, when Steve asked her if she wore anything under her gown chin told him no, Steve said cool take it off ” chin did and stood naked, Steve nice tits that you got there walked over and started to rub them, chin knew she should stop him but never, Steve lay chin on the table with her legs over hanging the end and when he slid his dick into chins tight virgin love tube she cried out, Steve started thrusting in and out of chins love tube making her groan as he did then after five minutes Steve felt chin cum then ten minutes later felt her cum a second time not long after he pulled his dick from chins love tube and squirted his cum over her body. Later chin was laying in her own bed thinking about Steve hoping to massage him again.

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