The Massage

Steve was a sixteen year old violent thug who was well feared by the people who lived near him, people stayed clear of him because they were scared that if they upset him they would get badly hurt, Mr Khan owned a health spa near to where Steve lived and one night he was getting a lot of trouble from two youths who were calling him racist names and throwing stuff around, Steve was passing the spa saw the trouble and went in, once inside Steve very quickly dealt with the trouble making youths and sent the packing, Mr Khan thanked Steve and offered him a free massage which Steve accepted and after twenty minutes was laying on a table wearing just a towel while Anjana who was in his class at school massaged him rubbing oils into his body as she did, Steve found it was very relaxing and asked Anjana if she wanted him to remove the towel and when Anjana had told him yes Steve got up and removed the towel, Anjana was very surprised to see that Steve wore nothing under the towel and looked at his naked body admiring his seven inch hairy dick, Steve lay back on the table and Anjana resumed massaging as she worked down his back Steve was starting to breathe heavy, Anjana gently massaged the tip of Steve’s naked bum and after getting no rejection moved down and started to massage the whole of his bum and after a few minutes when she had complete Steve’s legs she said ” do you want to turn over” after a short pause said ” I can wait if you want” Steve said ” no problems” and turned over onto his back, when Anjana saw that Steve had a nine inch erection she thought cool and started massaging his chest thinking a naked thug with a fat erection, Anjana slowly worked down Steve’s chest an stomach stopping when she got to his pubic hair, Steve said ” carry on” Anjana squirted oil over Steve’s dick then started to rub it in loving the feeling of the white boys dick under her hands when she moved her hands to Steve’s legs he said ” are you not going to get rid of the stiffness” Anjana smiled and returned to Steve’s dick rubbing it when she did then after a couple of minutes took it in her hand and started to slowly jerk it, Steve started to breathe very heavy and after ten minutes groaned as he squirted his cum in four long spurts, after a few minutes Anjana got a cloth and wiped Steve’s cum off his body, After half a hour Steve was talking to Mr Khan who offered him a job as a bouncer which Steve accepted, the following night after Mr Khan had left and the doors were locked Steve was checking the place when he saw Anjana in just a gown and when Anjana offered him another massage Steve said ” I can think of something better than being wanked off” walked over to the Bengali girl and pulled the tie cords on her gown open and slid the gown off her then started to massage her naked ample boobs before laying the naked girl onto one of the tables, Anjana lay watching Steve as he stripped naked and smiled at the sight of his erect dick. once naked Steve started to lick and suck Anjana’s erect nipples then got between her parted legs as he slid his dick into Anjana’s love tube she gave out a deep groan, Steve started to thrust in and out of Anjana’s tight love tube pushing his dick in as deep as he could with each in ward thrust, after five minutes Anjana gave a deep groan of pleasure as she climaxed and ten minutes later climaxed a second time, Steve carried on thrusting in and out of Anjan’s love tube and just after she climaxed fir the third time Steve pulled his dick out of Anjana’s love tube and squirted his cum over her body some of which landed on her face, after a few minutes Steve gave Anjana a cloth to clean up, that night Anjana was laying in her bed still hardly able to believe what had happened and hoping it would happen again, Steve was at home thinking that is a good job I got there with nice benefits attached wonder if her sister will give a massage.

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