The Mirror

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"What am I doing?" she asked herself as she opened the door to her apartment. Thu walked in, flipped on the light switch, and Jevon followed. She looked down at the carpet and saw his massive shadow – he was a large black man and she was a little intimidated, but the tequila shots she had earlier bolstered her self confidence enough to invite him over.
"Nice place you have," he said, as he looked around her studio apartment. Above the loveseat and next to the bed were two framed pictures. Jevon walked over to them and examined them, twisting his face a little as he did so.
"They're pictures of Hawaii. I love the water," she explained. He found them a little strange – they were just pictures of water – no beach, no boats, no people – nothing but azure seawater.
She didn't notice his facial expressions as she had her back to him as he helped her take off her coat. He towered over her and peered down her white blouse into her modest cleavage but she didn't appear to notice.
"Thanks," she said. "You want something to drink?"
"Whatever you got," he replied.
"I brought you water," she said handing him a glass. "You're probably thirsty. I don't know about you but I had a lot to drink. I haven't been tipsy in a while – my last boyfriend almost never drank."
He took the glass from her, and brought it to his lips. He drank down half the glass and then set it down on the coffee table.
"What did you do then?" he asked.
She just smiled at him then turned away blushing red.
"I'll give you the grand tour" she said, holding her arms out. "Living room, kitchen, and over there's my bedroom. Ha… it's all the same room."
"It's a decent layout for a studio," he answered, not really knowing what to say.
"Well, the rent is cheap and I'm petite," Thu said, smiling at him.
Jevon grabbed her by the waist and brought her close to him. "Uh huh."
She was taken somewhat aback, and it took a few seconds to register her thoughts – damn tequila. Jevon slowly slid his hands around her waist and then moved them down to her ass, seemingly exploring all five feet of her at once.
Thu turned around to face him, and stood on her tip toes to kiss him. Jevon took her face in his hands and kissed her back. Thu then bit his lip and slid her tongue into his mouth, surprising him.
"I've never seen this part of you," he said.
"I'm a little tipsy and -" she cut herself off.
"And what?" he asked.
"And nothing…" she giggled and thought to herself, I'm horny when I'm drunk.
They continued kissing, and Thu caught herself looking at the full length mirror next to the mattress on the ground. It was odd – she never pictured herself with a black guy but here she was, making out with a black guy who was twice her size. It was strangely exciting.
She ignored the thoughts in her head and tried to concentrate on the present, while Jevon was moving his hands up from her waist and under her blouse.
He pushed his hands up her chest, lifting her bra over her small breasts, then bent over to kiss them.
Thu watched him in alarm, then thought "Fuck it", and tilted her head back, enjoying the feeling.
She looked him in the eyes, smiled, and stuck her left hand into his pants, feeling his growing erection in her fingers. I hope he isn't too big, she thought.
But after a few strokes of her hand, his dick seemed to explode in size in her hand. "Wow," she thought to herself. "It's true what they say about black guys."
She let go of his erection and lay down on her bed. Jevon kneeled down next to her and fumbled with the clasp of her skirt. Unable to undo it, he just lifted it up over her stomach to expose the black lace thong she had underneath.
"Nice thong," he said.
"Thanks, it was a gift from my ex," she blushed as Jevon bent over and placed his face over her crotch. She felt his breath on her most intimate parts and instinctively lifted her butt off the ground as he peeled it off her thighs. Jevon looked at her smooth, shaven pussy and wondered why he hadn't found Asian women so attractive until recently.
He took off his belt, and unzipped his pants. His cock was reaching over the elastic of his boxer briefs and so he pulled it down past his balls, completely exposing himself to her.
"Wow," she said, looking at him. "That's… impressive." She kept staring at him as he took off his pant legs one at a time. His dick was only half erect but still it dropped to mid thigh and the girth seemed to be bigger than her forearm. The foreskin was rolled back, exposing the burgundy head.
Jevon just smiled and stepped out of his clothes that lay in a heap on the floor. Then he walked over to the bed and lay on top of her, letting his dick flop down on her, covering half the length of her belly.
Thu reached down and felt his cock with her hand. It swelled and hardened, and she could feel the inner throbbing. She reached further down, caressing the shaft, feeling the weight of it and the veins that rose to the surface. Thu brought her hand up, licked her thumb, then brought it back down and watched as she toyed with the cleft of his dick.
Jevon closed his eyes, the stimulation almost overwhelming his willpower to take it slow since it was his first time with her. He brought his hand down to her abdomen, brushed past her hand, then let his fingers glide over her mons. They found her clitoris and started to gently pinch it between this thumb and forefinger. With his other hand, he grabbed his dick and moved it to her entrance but she stopped him.
"I want you," she said, "but…"
"But what?" he asked as he looked into her eyes.
"Just enjoy the moment," he said softly.
He positioned the tip of his cock at her pussy and using his hand as a guide, made circles against her entrance. Initially, he had to overwhelm the friction but after a half dozen circles, he could feel and see her wetness glisten in the light.
"That feels so good," Thu said and she closed her eyes.
Jevon took this as a sign to continue and took his cock in his hand and put the tip against her pussy.
Thu opened her eyes, and looked at his face.
"Okay. Take it easy," she implored.
He grasped his cock in his hand and pushed the head in.
"Omigod," Thu gasped, and reached down to pull his dick out but he grabbed her wrist.
It was a tight fit. Thu took short, shallow breaths as she tried to force herself to relax. It was painful but it also felt good. She looked over at the mirror at the side of the bed and saw their bodies intermingled and it aroused her. She started to relax and prepared to let more of him in.
Jevon watched her struggle at first and then start to relax. A wave of pleasure went through his cock to the rest of his body as he knew she was accommodating his girth. He pushed his dick in further, little by little, until he reached rock bottom, but the base of his dick was still outside her. Jevon left his dick in her, letting her get used to his size.
"Omigod, omigod…" Thu uttered through clenched teeth as she thrashed her head from side to side. "I feel like I'm being split in half."
Jevon smiled at the compliment and then pulled himself halfway out, paused, then penetrated her fully again. He repeated this, pulling his dick out a little more each time, until only the head remained in her at the end stroke.
"Your dick feels huge in me," Thu confessed. Jevon just smiled and kept slowly pulling out and pumping into her.
"Wait… fuck!" she said as Jevon thrust into her fully. "Let me try something."
She sat up halfway and looked down at the big dick penetrating her. She looked in the mirror to view herself at a different angle. God, his dick looked huge going into her. Thu wiggled out from underneath him and got onto her feet.
"Get on your back. I'm going to ride you," she commanded.
Jevon rolled over to his back and Thu straddled his pelvis with her feet flat on the floor on either side of him. She grabbed his dick with her left hand so it was straight up and lowered herself onto it. Jevon tried to bring his pelvis up but she kept her right hand on his stomach to stop him.
"Look," she motioned for Jevon to look in the mirror.
Jevon strained his neck and watched as Thu lowered herself onto the tip of his dick, letting him impale her. She gripped him at the base of his cock, and let herself come down on her hand. She's a little kinky, he thought.
"Omigod that feels so good," she moaned.
Thu began to rock her pelvis up and down on him until she finally let go of his dick and brought both arms behind her, supporting her upper body on his ankles. She felt in control now, being able to control the penetration, and so she began to push herself down on him, harder and deeper, evidence by the ever shallower breathing.
"God I love being fucked," she confessed to him, then stopped and giggled. "Omigod. I've never said anything like that before. Guess I'm still a little drunk."
She met Jevon's eyes and smiled coyly without saying another word.
"Keep talking doc," he said, "I like it." He cupped one of his breasts with his hand and pinched the brown nipple.
"I like having your big dick in my pussy," Thu whispered in his ear. "I'm so wet for you."
She sat on top of him and brushed her hair from her face. As she did, she looked at herself in the mirror. She was Vietnamese and very fair-skinned – the contrast of his black body on hers was stark. Especially as she focused on his huge black cock pumping into her pussy. She kept her eyes on the mirror as she began rocking her pelvis harder and harder.
"Fuck me… Fuck me…" she began moaning. "Your cock… I love it… I've never been with a black guy before… it feels great. I want it hard."
Thu thrashed around, bucking wildly on him, as Jevon clamped his hands on her shoulders to prevent her from slipping off.
She suddenly arched her back, opened her mouth, and uttered, "Fuck me hard… Omigod… just like that… fuck me… harder! Harder!" Thu licked the fingers of her left hand and then brought them to her pussy and began rubbing circles over her clit. Then without warning, she bucked violently, again and again, so hard that for a second, he thought she might rip his dick off.
Jevon bucked, ramming his dick into her as deep as it would go.
"Holy shit!" Thu's eyes went wide – she grimaced at the pain – tried to breathe but couldn't – extended her left arm and clenched at the air – and then… collapsed like a rag doll onto his chest. He could feel the sweat dripping off her face and onto him but he didn't mind. She was hyperventilating and even after her orgasm, couldn't catch her breath.
"Omigod that was hella good," Thu managed between breaths. "Did you…?"
"No," he admitted.
"Do you want me to finish you off?" she asked.
"In my mouth or…" she let the answer linger.
"Sure, if it's ok," he interrupted.
Thu slowly got up and turned around so her face was at his dick. She was still breathing hard and so began stroking his length with her hand, pausing at the top of his dick to play with the cleft.
When finally she was able to get her breathing under control, she bent over and licked his cleft, eliciting a low moan from Jevon. Thu smiled and opened her mouth wide and tried to take his head in. She gagged a little as the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat, but tried valiantly to take in more of him. She felt Jevon's hands on the back of her head encouraging her. Thu forced back tears as she gulped another inch of his dick.
But no more. Thu suddenly sat up, choking and gasping and coughing.
"I'm…sorry," she sputtered. She could barely manage the words. "Too big… too big…"
She coughed for another minute while he massaged her back with his hands.
Finally, she could talk. "I'm really sorry, I thought I could handle it. Is it ok if I just finish you off with my hand or what would you like?"
"Well…" he said, lifting himself up and resting on his elbows. "I've always wanted to try anal," he admitted.
"You never did that?"
"No. My wife was never into it. I was just curious about it and since you asked…"
"Well…" she had done it before. Her last boyfriend had roughly fucked her in the ass when he thought they were breaking up, and she still could taste her own ass when he took his dick out of her ass and put it in her mouth.
But she wanted to impress Jevon. Plus she liked the idea that she would be his first.
"Ok," she said and smiled.
Thu got down on all fours as Jevon got up from a reclining position and knelt behind her. He grabbed his dick with his hand and started jerking himself to harden his erection. It was still wet from Thu's pussy. He took his hand away and began to rub her asshole with the wet tip of his index finger and then slowly inserted it in her ass.
"You've done this before?" he asked, surprised she didn't object.
"Well, yeah, my ex liked it," she answered.
With his left hand, he positioned his dick just under the index finger.
"You good?" he asked.
"Yeah, I think I'm ready," she said half-heartedly.
Jevon looked at himself in the mirror as he slowly put the head of his cock into Thu's ass.
"Ugh!" Thu clenched up a little but forced herself to relax, letting him in. She looked to the side and in the mirror saw a reflection of herself and Jevon behind her, putting his black dick into her white ass. It was like watching a porno but she wasn't disgusted by it, and was even impressed by herself taking such a big cock. If only my friends could see me now, she thought.
He started gently sliding his cock into her, enjoying her tightness, watching her face in the mirror to see if he was hurting her. But Thu buried her face in her hands and took it in stride, letting Jevon control the penetration.
Ok, I've done it, but not my bag, he thought to himself and grabbed the base of his cock as he pulled it out, and then suddenly shoved it in her pussy.
"Oh shit!" Thu yelped, as she reared her head up to look behind her.
Her surprise turned him on and he began to violently thrust in to her. He grabbed her by the hips and thrust his pelvis forward as he pulled her towards him, fully penetrating her with each stroke. The pleasure built up in his body, wave upon wave, until it reached a peak, held… held… then suddenly released, causing his dick to spasm, pumping cum into her, over and over. Even after he thought it was over, his dick reflexively, spurted cum into Thu's pussy. He climaxed harder than he had ever done before.
Jvon was spent and rolled onto his back breathing hard, and Thu snuggled up on top of him, putting one leg over his trunk.
"Good for you?" she said as she kissed him.
"Yeah," he admitted. "I've always wanted to try that. Thanks."
"You're welcome," she said as she tucked her head under his chin.
After a minute, Jevon felt a warm wetness on his trunk.
"I think I'm leaking out," she said. "You filled me up."

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