The Mistake

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Simon was sitting in one of the rooms at the training school for the blind, his cousin was out training with a new guide dog, Simon was sat near the window with his cousins white cane beside him, Simon hated visiting the training school there was no telly to watch or books that were not in braile to read, from the window Simon could see his cousin walking around the grounds with a guide dog, Simon was about to get up when the door opened and one of the volunteers who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what he was, poked her head round the door Simon knew the girl was a mouthy girl and that her name was July, after looking at Simon July pulled her head back, Simon heard her say ” there is just a blind boy in here I will be ok ” then July walked into the room and said ” I am July one of the volunteers I just got to get stuff ” then started to unbutton her blouse, Simon thought she thinks I am blind this could be fun ” Simon watched as July unbuttoned her blouse fully and took it off, then reached behind her back and after a minute her bra fell forward revealing her boobs, Simon watched in awe as July took her bra right off, then after unclipping her skirt and letting drop to the floor stepped out of it and slid her panties down and off, July started to pick her clothes up and fold them as Simon sat watching her admiring her body as he did, Simon was looking straight at July’s smooth hairless love tube and her ample boobs wishing that he could go and have fun with them, July pulled a pair jeans from her bag along with a tee shirt, to Simon’s dismay July put the tee shirt and jeans on and not long after left the room, After a few minutes Simon was about to get up when the door opened and Sara walked in, Simon knew Sara she was in his class at school and July’s sister, Simon knew they hated each other, Sara smiled and said ” did my sister change while you were here ” Simon nodded his head and said ” she thought I was blind and stripped naked I saw everything ” Sara laughed and said ” cool that will teach the bitch “

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