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tagIncest/TabooThe Mother/Son Book Club Pt. 01

It started at a brightly lit cafe in the afternoon. Three friends, all married mothers, were having a conversation over coffee, as they did every Wednesday. This time, however, things were far different. A great deal had happened to all of them recently, and finally, last week, they had shared this with each other. Although their stories were all very different, the similar outcomes had led them to believe that this sort of thing was much more common than they would have guessed before, especially in their small town.
This week, Raquel had suggested that they share their stories with others.
"So, wait, how would this work? Hypothetically, I mean." Gina, a curvy, olive-skinned-brunette dressed in tight jeans and a loose sweater, asked. "Would it just be the three of us and our sons?"
Raquel, a conservatively-dressed blonde, allowed herself a small, subtle smile. She knew her friends well. They'd been best friends since high school, always pushing each other a little farther, a little harder. They'd had some wild adventures together in college, but somehow they had become married, bored, and horny. Not to mention ignored, neglected, and it some cases betrayed.
"Well, Gina," Raquel answered. "Hypothetically, we'd start, yes. We'd write the first three parts of the book together. Each one of us would write a chapter with our sons. Then, when we had enough to share and entice, we'd expand our circle. Lord knows there are enough desperately horny mothers in this town to fill at least a city bus, much less my living room."
The third member of the group leaned forward and spoke. Linda was an athletic redhead who seemed to constantly wear yoga pants or leggings, today alongside a tight tank top. Linda usually followed her friends' lead, but this time, she couldn't hold her peace any more.
"God, I don't know if I could share this, guys. Its so personal. I've never felt this loved in my life…and certainly not this well fucked, but to tell other people…"
Raquel's eyes widened at Linda's admission. Gina smiled widely.
"No one is forcing you to tell, but I bet you and Bleys would like to hear our stories as well, right?" Gina said, obviously all in now that she realized that she would get to hear more details about the forbidden relationships of all the others. "So, I trust you both and your boys, of course. We all know more or less everything about each other. But we're going to invite other friends, right? Maybe even women who we don't know, and their sons! How do we know they won't talk?"
Linda answered this time.
"What if we demanded proof? We're going to have them show up together, right? And then tell their stories. So, we make them provide something like a picture or an audio or video recording that's very incriminating. Something we'd all have access to."
"Oooh," Gina said, "I like that!"
"I do too," Raquel nodded in agreement. "And we can always allow a mother and son to express their love in front of the group if they would prefer. We can still record it for posterity."
"And it would be hot as fuck," Linda said. "We could assemble the media and stories in some kind of archive so that everyone could see them any time after they're presented. I could make the website and make sure it's nice and secure."
"Then it's settled," Raquel said with a smug smile. "Every week a mother will share her story alongside her son. You each know what you have to do at home. Give me a list of any women you'd like you invite, especially those that you think have already done something. If we run into anyone on the verge, we can give them a little push and send them down the…correct path. I'll host the first meeting. I'm confident that this will be so very, very enjoyable for all of us."
* * *
Three weeks after their conversation at the cafe was the first meeting of the Auburn Hills Mother/Son Reading and Discussion Club. Raquel joked that the name was so long because anyone who might be suspicious would probably fall asleep by the time they finished reading it. It was exactly the sort of thing that education-conscious suburban helicopter moms might come up with to keep their sons on the right track.
Never mind that the track now included a stop in their mother's beds.
Gina, Linda, and Raquel were prepared for the small crowd of mothers and sons that had shown up, looking nervous and milling about, eating the provided snacks and sharing suspicious glances. They each had their own stories ready to tell, and proof would, of course be provided. But all of them knew each other, if not as friends or acquaintances, then at least on sight. It was a small town. There was a lot of fear of exposure, as was natural. It was for this reason, that the three "Founding Mothers", as they called themselves, had decided to share one of their stories at the inaugural meeting, to break the ice.
Linda would go first…
* * *
Book 1 – Sleeping Beauty – Linda and Bleys
"No. You can sleep it off at your useless friend's house."
Bleys sat on the couch and pretended not to hear the contempt in his father's voice. He wanted to speak up, to tell him that he shouldn't talk to her that way, but he knew from experience that wouldn't end well. Meanwhile, his father continued to bark into the phone.
"I don't care. You wanted to go out and have fun with the girls, you can find your own damn way home. It's disgusting the way you all want to act like you're still at college," his father added. It was enough to give Bleys the courage to speak up.
"I can get her, Dad. I don't mind," Bleys said. His voice was soft, but there was a confidence to it that surprised him. The truth was that his mother, Linda, worked hard at her job, stayed fit, and still managed to make dinner and take care of the house. While his father made more money, he hadn't contributed to the family in any other way for years.
Bleys didn't know what had happened between his parents. He could remember, many years ago, his father taking him fishing, being attentive to his mother, and the family being happy. For the last few years, he'd come home late from work regularly and simply checked out when he was home. His "home office" had basically become where he lived. Worse, at least to Bleys, was that he was cruel to Linda.
Bleys couldn't imagine being cruel to that woman. Even were she not his mother, she was kind and smart and beautiful. He sighed, knowing where that train of thought led from long experience.
Bleys' father looked at him sternly before speaking again into the phone.
"Our son is coming to get you at the restaurant. Just wait there," he said, before hanging up. With that he gave his son a nod, a combination of dismissal and acknowledgement, before returning to his tablet, ignoring his presence.
Bleys took that as a blessing as he expected to be yelled at at least a little bit for going against his father. He ran upstairs, grabbed the keys to his car and his jacket and was out the door and in his own beat-up truck before he wondered why his mother hadn't just asked one of her friends to drive her home. He knew Gina and Raquel and was friends with their sons, and knew that either of them would have offered.
The drive to the local chain restaurant only took him about five minutes – there was little traffic on a weeknight. He was not surprised to see Gina waiting with his mother on a bench outside. It was the sort of thoughtful thing that they would do for one another, ensuring that neither was alone at night.
When Bleys pulled up, he saw Linda standing, slowly. She wobbled a bit on her heels and he hopped out of the truck to help his mother. He walked around quickly and she took his arm, gratefully.
Bleys noticed a few things all at once. The first was that his mother was drunk. He'd never seen her like this, so that took him a bit aback. The second was that her mascara, which had been expertly applied as always, was running slightly, as though she'd been crying. The third was that she was fucking hot.
Bleys knew the latter fact, of course. He'd tried to ignore it, but tonight, that was pretty much impossible. He hadn't seen her get ready before going out. Linda wore a very short green dress which tightly gripped her athletic body, showing off her toned thighs, tight ass, and gorgeous breasts. Her short red hair was arranged to frame her face, which itself was made up almost perfectly with special attention paid to the red of her lips. She wore nothing on her legs, but they required no adornment. Black high-heels completed the image.
Gina, her friend, was short and curvy, with long black hair and the olive skin of her Italian ancestry. She wore a form fitting black dress that night and while Bleys certainly thought she was hot as well, all of his attention was reserved for his mother.
"Hey, Bleys," Gina said.
"Hi, Mrs. Harrington," Bleys answered with a smile, helping his mother into his truck. Linda said nothing, but smiled at her son appreciatively as he closed the door.
Bleys was about to walk around to the other side when he realized that Gina had grabbed his arm, gently.
"Bleys…look, your mom has been a bit emotional tonight. I wouldn't say anything but I know that she was really hoping that your dad would come pick her up. Normally she would have asked me to drive her home, but tonight…she really wanted some attention from her husband."
"Oh," Bleys said, unsure how to answer.
"I know that things at home haven't been great for her, or you. She doesn't gossip but I've known for her a long time. I know when she's holding something back," Gina said, before pausing. She stayed silent for a long time as if mulling something over, before speaking again. "I think it would be very good for her, and for you, if you told her how sexy she looks tonight, and maybe paid her some attention. She might pass out when she gets home but if she doesn't, maybe you could hang out with her a little while. She needs her man to care for her, and tonight, at least, that's you."
Gina smiled, kissed Bleys on the cheek (as she always did with her friends), and walked off, leaving him a bit dazed. He knew that his mother's friend wouldn't lie to him or intentionally mislead him, but was it really a good idea to tell his own mother that she was sexy, even if it was so obviously true.
Bleys got in his truck, started it, and was still a bit distracted as he pulled out of the parking lot, so he was surprised to feel his mother's light touch on his leg.
"Thank you for coming," she said, softly.
"Of course, mom. I'm not going to leave you out here," Bleys said, before adding: "You look um…incredibly sexy, by the way."
If Bleys had any worries about offending his mother, her answering smile and giggle pushed them aside. He'd never heard his mother laugh like that before. It was flirtatious and…cute? Why hadn't he ever thought of her that way as well? It was perfectly obvious. She was sexy, desirable, kind, smart, and…adorable. At that moment, more than anything else, he wanted to let her know, but instead, he reached across the seat to hold her hand.
Bleys misjudged the distance, or perhaps Linda shifted a bit, because instead of her hand he felt her thigh. Warm, bare, and smooth, it was obvious that she had shaved tonight. He made a noise in his throat, somewhere between shock and desire, and withdrew his hand quickly, but his mother said nothing. He did not dare look at her, being afraid of what he would see in her eyes.
Before long, they were home again. Bleys helped his mother get out of the car. She held his arm tightly as they approached the door, and he couldn't help but notice how good her body felt pressed into his. Her breast felt firm against his arm, and he bet it would feel amazing in his palm. He wondered what sorts of noises his mother made when she was aroused, and if she enjoyed being fondled like that. He was disgusted at himself for these thoughts, as always, but he couldn't ever stop them.
Bleys' father was already halfway upstairs when they came inside. He barked out a few words over his shoulder as he looked at Linda, his face a mask of disgust.
"She can sleep downstairs, in the guest room. I don't want any drunks in my room," he said.
Bleys had had enough. He was about to ask his father where he got off acting like this, but then his mothers hand was on his forearm. He looked at Linda, and she simply shook her head. Bleys sighed. She was right. It wasn't worth the fight. He turned around to hear his father slamming their bedroom door.
Linda sighed.
"Do you mind, um, helping me get set up in the guest room? At least it has its own bathroom and I don't have to worry about your father throwing barbs at me all night."
Bleys helped his mother get to the room. It was simple, a small bedroom with a queen sized bed, a dresser, nightstand, and television and not much else. It did have its own attached shower and bathroom, however. She sat on the side of the bed and he knelt in front of her. Knowing that her heels were the main thing she was having trouble with in her tipsy state, he removed one, and then the other. He made the mistake of looking up, then.
Linda had parted her legs slightly, making it easier for him to take her shoes off. She was leaning back on her palms and looking over his head, and not paying attention to the fact that her dress was so short that it was impossible for Bleys not to notice her panties. They were sheer green lace and went perfectly with the dress. They covered everything but hid nothing. His mothers pussy was a bit swollen, perhaps even excited, and she had a full, if neatly trimmed, bush of darker red hair that matched his own. Bleys felt his face grow hot as he grew hard immediately. He wondered what she would smell like. What she would taste like.
"Bleys," his mothers voice said softly. He looked up, started and ashamed, but he only saw the same love in his mother's eyes that he always did. That, and maybe a slight hint of amusement.
"Yeah, sorry," he said. He made no effort to justify his behavior.
"Would you mind getting me a glass of water? I think I can make it to the bathroom all right. I'll just sleep in my underwear tonight."
Bleys nodded and stood quickly. Turning to leave, he heard a soft gasp from his mother, and he knew, with guilty certainty, that she had seen his hard on. It was pretty noticeable in the jeans he was wearing. He acted like he had heard nothing and left to get his mother water.
When Bleys arrived back in the guest room, the bathroom door was closed and he could hear the water running. He set the glass down and debated leaving. He felt like it was the right thing to do. He'd picked his mother up, after all, and ensured that she got home. But then…Gina had suggested that he spend some time with her, give her some attention.
As bleys closed the door to the guest bedroom instead of walking out of it he thought, what could it hurt? And maybe, if he was lucky, he could get another peek at his mother's body. He was aware that he was becoming obsessed with it. Watching her do her yoga in the afternoons was a guilty pleasure of his, but really, what was wrong with it, if she didn't mind? She'd caught him looking after all, and didn't seem to be upset. Maybe the attention of a younger man made her feel sexier?
Bleys was still standing there when the door opened and his mother walked out of the bathroom. Her dress was over one arm and she set it on the dresser. She wore nothing but her underwear, and was seemingly completely unaware that both bra and panties were nearly transparent. Bleys was stunned. All he could do was watch. Fortunately, Linda didn't seem to mind. She smiled at him, a little sadly, then sat down on the bed again and had a long sip of water.
"I'm pretty sure your father is having an affair, Bleys," Linda said.
"What? I…I mean…why would he ever cheat on you? I mean, I believe you, I just…it makes no sense. If anything, you're out of his league."
Bleys hadn't thought about the words at all, but had just let them flow. He had been so shocked at the idea that anyone would cheat on his gorgeous perfect mother that it was as though all his internal filters had just shut off.
"Thank you for saying so. I just…I was hoping tonight that he'd see me go out, dressed like this, and maybe be attracted to me again. Or maybe he'd be turned on by me being a bit drunk and flirty. I don't know. I was trying to be exciting. It was stupid."
"It's not stupid, mom. He should appreciate you. Honestly? I don't know if I would have been okay with you going out like that. I mean…um…I shouldn't have said that I…"
"What do you mean?" Linda said, a bit sharply, looking up at her son. He was uncomfortably aware of how easily he could make out her nipples against her pale skin under the sheer fabric of the bra.
"I guess I mean that if you were my girlfriend, I would want to be out with you if you dressed like that. I'd want everyone to know you were with me, and I'd want to be sure that you came home with me. Maybe I'm just too jealous, but I'd want you to dress like that only for me. Wow, that's messed up. I'm sorry. I shouldn't…"
Linda smiled widely, and for a moment, Bleys thought she might cry.
"No! No, that's…that's really very sweet, Bleys. I mean…I don't know, I've always liked a little possessiveness in my men. I guess I'm the same way, too. When you get dressed up to go out on dates, I sometimes get a little bit upset. I feel like those girls you see are stealing my boy."
For a moment, both of them simply stared at each other, eyes meeting, neither looking away. Then, as if realizing she'd crossed a line, Linda looked aside first. She reached out and touched her son's thigh, and Bleys was aware of how close she was to his cock. He breathed in deeply, but Linda moved the covers aside and got under them, before adjusting them so only a sheet covered her. She lay on her back, and her body was now outlined in relief, and that made her even sexier to her son, as if she was a present, waiting to be unwrapped.
"Would you do me a favor, Bleys?" She asked, softly.
"Of course, mom. What do you want?"
Linda's eyes shot up to his.
"You don't have to. You can say no."
"Mom, it's fine. What do you want?"
"Will you stay with me? Until I fall asleep?"
"Sure, mom."
"W-will you hold me? Just…for a little while. It would really make me feel better to feel close to you right now."
Bleys took a deep breath, but nodded. As she rolled over, facing away from him, he took off his shoes. He thought about getting into the bed like that, but he knew that wouldn't be what she wanted. Maybe it was the things Gina had said earlier, maybe it was his own desire; somehow he knew as a man, he would have insulted her. She needed a considerate man tonight, and the warmth of skin contact, not another unfeeling jerk like his father. He removed his jeans, and finally his shirt. Then he turned off the light and slid behind his mother. He debated for a moment, and then decided to put his arm over her waist, onto her belly. That instinct again. It was smooth and fluttered under his touch. She wasted no time, pushing back into his body, and he grew hard immediately. Bleys waited for her to say something, shout at him, or even just pull away, but she didn't. If anything, she pushed a little more against him.
"Don't worry," she said. "Even if you end up falling asleep here, your father will leave early and will never check on me. He'll never know."
"Okay, mom."
"Don't be ashamed of anything. I know how a young man's body works. I know that you might…um…need some release. It's natural. And, of course, I asked you to hold me, so I can't really complain if your hands wander…well…anywhere. So don't worry about anything you do, even while I'm asleep. ," Linda said. Then, without another word, she closed her eyes. Soon, her breathing became very slow and regular, and Bleys realized that she was fast asleep.

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