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By Jor-el 18 year old woman meets 22 year old man and passion, desire, and lust are released

My name is Thanex and I had just moved into my new apartment building. Over the next few days I quietly moved my belongings to my new apartment and unpacking and unpacking still avoiding the neighbors. Not to say the neighbors weren’t looking, I guess what women wouldn’t. I am not a bad looking guy, at 6’4 230 lb of muscle I was well put together.

Three days later I had just arrived home from work and was about to hop in the shower when there was a knock at the door. I went and answered the door. Standing there is a young lady holding a backpack and looking distraught.

Thanex “Yes young lady, how can i help you?”
She says “I got locked out of my apartment and my mother won;t be off work until after 9 pm may i wait in your apartment.”
Thanex “Sure my name is Thanex, what is your name?”
She says “you can call me Dixie?”
Thanex “How old are you Dixie/”
Dixie “18 how old are you?”
Thanex “22, Make yourself comfortable i was just about to take a shower.”

I leave Dixie sitting in my living room as I head to the bathroom. Dixie’s eyes follow me the whole way to the bathroom. Five minutes into my shower I sense a presence in the bathroom that joins me in the shower. I quickly rinse my eyes and turn to fine Dixie naked standing behind me.

Thanex “What are you doing in here?”
Dixie “I am taking a shower… because I wanted to.”

As my eyes begin to wander over this naked young lady standing around me my body begins to react and my cock begins to grow, a fact that is not lost on Dixie at all as she looks down and smiles. Dixie runs her finger over my chest and abdomen before pushing me against the wall and grabbing my hardening cock. Finally my lust and desire won as I picked Dixie up and pressed her against the opposite wall and kissed her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me. I carried her to my bedroom and threw her on my bed.

I climbed on the bed next to her and began to make out with her as we allowed our hands to roam over each other’s body. Her lust filled moans filled the air as I began to kiss her neck and shoulders. She scratches at my back like a cat in heat. I work my way down her body to her breast teasing her nipples with my tongue. My hand travels betweens her legs as I begin to tease her clit. Dixie begins to struggle for breath as her first orgasm hits. I move down her body kissing down her abdomen to her dripping wet pussy. I look Dixie in the eye one final time before burying my face between her legs and begin to eat her out. Dixie’s moans become louder as she grabs my head pulling closer to her pussy. I am now devouring her pussy as i begin to finger fuck her pussy finding her g-spot and rubbing it as i continue to eat her pussy. Soon her body begins to shake as another orgasm builds inside her. I double my efforts sending her over the edge to her second orgasm.

I move up her body and drive my cock into her pussy. The penetration alone sends her into another orgasm. I pause for a moment to allow her body to get used to my cock inside her pussy. After a few seconds Dixie looks up at me and nods and I continue to thrust into her. I fuck her pussy for a good 15 minutes before rolling her over on top of me allowing her to control the speed. Dixie begins to ride me with unbridled restraint full of lust and desire. Dixie is soon having her third orgasm, causing her pussy to clamp around my cock milking it with every movementI soon start to feel myself getting closer to my own climax. I throw dixie off me and have her get on all fours and begin to fuck her doggy style push deep into her pussy the head of my cock pressing against her cervix with ever thrust i feel her muscle begin to tighten around my cock as her fourth orgasm hits driving me over the edge as i fill her fertile womb with my seed.

We both collapse onto my bed completely out of breath and feeling light headed. I pull Dixie in for a post sexual embrace and begin to kiss her. We cuddle up next to each other and Dixie lays her head on my chest and falls asleep. I watch her for a few minutes before falling asleep as well.

Several hours later I am awoken by Dixie giving me a blowjob. I am amazed with how talented she is with her mouth. She has hardly no gag reflexes as she deepthroats my cock. She is doing an amazing job and before long I feel my balls tighten and before I can utter a word I begin to fill her mouth and throat with cum which she swallows everything. I then move between her legs and return the favor, and begin to eat her out driving her to one final orgasm of the night.

After the blowjob I look over at the clock on the nightstand and see that it reads 8:45 pm.

Thanex “Dixie we have to get dressed, your mom will be home soon and you will be able to get into the apartment.:
Dixie “i lied to you Thanex I was never locked out i just wanted to get close to you,”

I am in shock as I finally realize this was a setup the whole time. Dixie begins to kiss me and I kiss her soon we are passionately kissing each other. Soon Dixie gets up and grabs her clothes except for her panties which she throws at me to keep. Before getting dressed and leaving my apartment.

I never really saw Dixie again for 2 months until she showed up at my door holding a pregnancy test. Telling me I was going to be a father.

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By Jor-el #Pregnancy #Teen