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tagIncest/TabooThe Nephew Sleeps Over

I lived in Chicago for the last 25 years since I moved from India at the age of 18 to study. I was now a high powered attorney at one of the biggest law firms in Chicago.
I had come over to study and never had the intention of staying but after I finished studying I got a job and then one year passed and then another.
I was now 43 and settled into my life and I could not imagine changing it for anyone. I dated a lot when I was younger and I always had a high sex drive but I was now resorting to masturbation as I found myself too busy to date anyone.
It was a late night at the office and I was working on preparing a deposition. I was dedicated to the job and it was why I had so many corporate clients. My phone had been buzzing for the last hour but I tried to ignore it as I finalized the preparations.
I was leaving the office when I saw my phone light up again. I checked my phone and my brother from India had called me over 20 times. I had to call him back.
"Geeta, where were you? I have been calling you so many times." He said.
"Sanjay, why did you call so many times? I was in the office. What is so urgent?" I asked a little annoyed.
"I am sorry. I thought it was so late and you would have left by now. I just called to remind you that Shekhar will be arriving tomorrow." He said. Then it all came back to Geeta, she had promised her brother that she would ensure her nephew had settled into University in Chicago.
I had a distant relationship with my family and I had not seen them in many years but I felt a need to help out when my brother reached out to me. I had not seen my nephew since he was a young boy. He was now 18 and similar to me when I was taking a big step in my life when I was his age.
I had a terrible night's sleep as I felt my body burn up. I had been getting hot flashes recently and feared I was approaching menopause. I had seen my doctor recently as I was so worried. My parents had pressured me for years to get married and I always felt a sense of rebellion in defying them. I had a few relationships but the timing was never right with my job and they fizzled out.
My biological clock was literally ticking and giving me blaring signals but as usual work took over and even tomorrow I had an important presentation.
The next morning I was up bright and early as usual. I had a busy day ahead of me. The day was filled with depositions and in the evening I had to pick up my nephew.
The depositions overran and I was late getting to the airport. The flight had landed 3 hours earlier but I finally made it to the airport.
She recognized him immediately as he looked similar to her brother at that age. He was slightly overweight and looked nerdy.
She walked up to him and he was still looking at his phone.
"Hello Shekhar. It is your aunty Geeta. Sorry about the wait." I said introducing myself.
"Oh Aunty. I thought you had forgotten me." He said and I was little hurt to think he felt abandoned.
"I would never forget my oldest nephew. Come here and give me a hug." I said thinking it would help create a bond.
I opened my arms and he came in to give a hug. It was a warm hug and I felt something immediately a warm nurturing bond. In that moment I realized how much I missed family. As the hug went on I felt something bulging against my thigh. I tried to ignore it but whatever it was, it was persistent.
I finally broke off the hug and we headed to his campus. We were late and they told us he would have to come back in the morning to register. This immediately caused an inconvenience for me as I did not have a spare bed. The spare bedroom had been turned into a walk-in closet. I thought for a moment to take him to a hotel but then I could imagine what my brother would say.
I drove back to my apartment building and he followed me carrying his suitcase. There was something about him that made her giggle and she wondered if it was his first time out on his own.
It was late in the evening and my mind was working out sleeping arrangements. I would have to give him the sofa but it was an Italian designer sofa and well it was more for aesthetics than any comfort but it was my only option.
I had a large queen size bed and I thought back to India when we had family weddings and several of us would share a bed. He also seemed harmless and he was my nephew after all.
"Shekhar, will you be able to sleep on the sofa?" I asked wanting to offer the sofa first.
"Aunty, do you have a spare bed?" He asked as he pressed his hand against the sofa trying to feel the softness. My family was upper class in India and they had their comforts.
"No. But you can sleep in my bed tonight. It is only one night and you will have your dorm room tomorrow." I said trying to rationalize it.
"But where will you sleep Aunty?" He asked curiously.
"I will have to sleep in the bed also. I am too old to sleep on the sofa." I said trying to make a joke of it.
I often slept naked as I had episodes of hot flashes but tonight I wore a t shirt and pajamas. I was feeling hot before even getting in bed.
As I tried to get to sleep I was feeling hot as usual and really uncomfortable in my clothes. I looked over at Shekhar and he was sound asleep.
Something that caught my attention and my mind was distracted. There was a large tent in Shekhar's pajamas. I looked over at him and he was sound asleep. I moved my hand across his eyes but there was no movement or reaction.
I got under the blanket to have a closer look as I could not believe he would be so hard while asleep. It had been some time since I last saw such an erection and this seemed to add to my curiosity.
I found it difficult to reconcile the erection with my nephew. He was such a sweet harmless boy but this erection was something more dangerous and I felt the danger between my legs as I was already moist at the thought of it.
I was in an almost trance like state as I gently pulled his pajamas down. I was careful not to wake him and I kept glancing at him to ensure there was no movement. My brother would kill me if he knew what I was doing.
His boxers were soaked in precum and it only caused me to bite my lip. I needed to see more and nothing was going to stop me in that moment.
I slowly and gently pulled down his boxers before I began to lick the precum off the tip of his cock. I did not know how much I missed it until this moment.
I felt so depraved taking advantage of my nephew while he slept but in that moment I was possessed by a hunger that needed satisfying.
I began to lick around his head and along his shaft. I was so hungry for his cum. I began to suck on his balls until they popped in my mouth.
I loved every part of this cock and began to deep throat his cock. I was no longer checking if he was asleep as I began to deep throat him further and further.
I began to gently massage and squeeze his balls. I fucked my throat on his cock as he lay there. I felt like a complete wanton slut behaving in such a way with my nephew but I desperately needed his cum. My body hungered for it. I began to finger myself harder and faster as I pushed my own orgasm along.
I then felt spurt after spurt hit the back of my throat as he came and my own orgasm followed. I bit my hand to contain my moans as I felt a shuddering orgasm after such a long time.
I looked up and Shekhar did not seem to have been disturbed by my lustful actions as I had a strong guilty feeling after having taken advantage of this sweet boy.
My body was a lot more relaxed after my climax and I was able to sleep a lot easier despite my feelings of guilt. The next morning Shekhar seemed no different and left for University as planned.
I was distracted all day at work as I thought about him. This was unlike me as I was always focused at work but I felt different today.
In the evening I called Shekhar as I wondered what he was doing. I was sat on my lounge chair as I spoke to him.
"Hello, Aunty Geeta?" He sounded a little surprised to hear from me.
"Yes. Don't sound so surprised. I wanted to see how you were doing?" I asked as I began to trail the outside of my negligee over my breasts with my fingers.
"Yes. It is good. I have registered for classes and I now have my room. Thank you for letting me stay with you last night." He was such a polite boy.
I had pulled down my negligee under my breasts as I began to play with my nipples and cup my breasts. I had to bite my lip to stop the moans escaping my lips. I didn't know why I was feeling so horny all of a sudden.
"Oh that is good. You know you are welcome at your aunties at any time." I said while keeping my composure.
I had to put the phone down quickly as my need to masturbate began to increase. After we stopped talking I had two fingers in my pussy and the other hand was pinching my nipples as I brought myself to another orgasm. The same guilt returned as I thought about what I had done. This was my nephew and I had to do better for him.
The next few days I tried to ignore my horny feelings but they seemed to return even stronger. It was Friday and I was working late at the office. I had thrown myself into work as I tried to control my libido.
It was late into the evening when I received a call from Shekhar. I was a little surprised but also pleased to hear from him.
I was alone in the office as most of my colleagues had left as it was so late on a Friday. I never usually took personal calls at work but I was worried about how Shekhar was settling in and wondered if it was something important.
"Hello Shekhar. Is everything ok?" I asked.
"Everything is good. I really like it here. I just wanted to thank you again for being so nice to me." He said and I thought he was such a sweet boy.
I subconsciously unbuttoned my blouse and slipped a hand to cup my breast. "I am your aunty. I will always be here to help you. You can always call me." I said as I tried so hard to contain my moans.
I picked up my pen and began to press it against my clit. I could not control my arousal whenever I spoke to him or was around him.
I moved my hand between my legs and pressed the pen against my panty covered pussy as I searched for my clit.
"You are so kind aunty. You were always my favorite. You would always take me shops." He said and she remembered spoiling him as he was her first nephew.
"I fondly remember those days too. Those days were fun. You were so small. Hmm." She involuntarily let out a moan as she pressed the pen against her clit.
"Aunty, are you ok?" Asked Shekhar.
"I am fine. I am just tired as I am still at the office. I need to finish up and will call you another time." I said as I straightened up and tried to gather my senses.
I went home that night and made a decision that I would not behave like this again. The next week passed as usual. It was Friday night and I had not heard from Shekhar.
I was sat on my bed watching some late night talk show as I looked over at my phone hoping for a call but there was none. I decided to call Shekhar as it was late. I was in bed in just my underwear as I called Shekhar. I asked him about his week and how he was finding the city. I found it really sweet connecting with him and it always filled me with a warm fuzzy feeling.
"Are you meeting your friends this weekend?" I asked wondering about his plans.
"No. I have not made any friends yet. They are so different." He said and I immediately felt sorry for him.
I had to control my sexual feelings and be the aunty he needed as he seemed so alone. He had no friends and I wanted to help him.
"Why don't I take you out like the old days?" I asked but feeling nervous as he was not a child anymore.
We agreed to meet up the next morning. He told me that some of the people in college made fun of him because his dress sense was not trendy. I was always aware of what made a boy look good and bought some outfits for him. He was initially a little shy shopping with me but he soon got over it and I saw him grow a little with confidence.
There was a display of Calvin Klein boxers and I asked him if he wanted a pair. He became shy all of a sudden. I put them in the basket as I told him he never needed to be shy around me.
We went out to eat and by the time we had finished it was late. I invited him over to my apartment as it was getting late and I did not like the idea of driving across town this late. Shekhar readily agreed.
I felt a lot more in control that night as we slept together. I always felt hot wearing so many clothes as I usually slept in my underwear but I wanted a real bond with my nephew.
That night we both slept without incident and it helped me feel better about myself that I was able to simply be a caring aunt for Shekhar. I was tempted at times when I brushed against hard cock but I knew I had to do better.
As I woke in the morning, Shekhar was still asleep and I found myself adoringly looking at him. It was a few minutes before I went to the shower.
It had been a hot night and I had drenched my clothes with sweat. It was one of the reasons I slept naked. I loved feeling the silk sheets against my naked skin and I wondered if Shekhar slept naked. I could not believe how horny my thoughts were. I tried to shake the thoughts as I had a cold shower.
I felt my body cool down as the cold water ran over me. I kept reminding myself that I had to be a good aunt.
After my shower I got dressed in the bathroom and went to make breakfast for Shekhar. I had not heard him get up and I was reminded of how lazy young boys were. I walked towards the bedroom ready to shout at him for being lazy.
I had left the door slightly ajar as I went to the shower in the morning. I lost my train of thought as I was taken by the sight before me. Shekhar was stood over my drawers and he was stroking his hard naked cock with one of my panties. I had my hand over my mouth as I could not believe what I was seeing. My own nephew was defiling my underwear in the most depraved way but I was unable to look away. I found it more than fascinating, in that moment I was obsessed with what he was going to happen next. I wanted to see his cum over my panties.
His hand was like a piston as it fucked my panties. I could not help but touch myself as I watched him. My hand was between my legs as I rubbed myself and my other hand pinched my nipples. I bit my lips as to contain my moans and not give myself away.
I had never seen anything so perverted and it was driving me crazy and then I saw it. Load after load of cum going straight into my panties. My knees buckled as I came hard from seeing this.
I quickly made my way back to the kitchen so that Shekhar did not discover me.
He came out of the bedroom a few minutes later and said he was taking a shower. I was now beginning to see him in a different light, I never thought he would be excited by an old maid like me but after what I saw him do to my panties, my mind began to wonder.
After his shower I went to the bathroom and I found my panties at the top of the basket. His hot cum was still all sticky and gooey on the panties. He landed straight on the crotch and it made me think it could not have been his first time doing it. Maybe he took a pair the last time he was here. I began to lick his hot wet cum off my panties as I imagined sucking his cock.
I began to finger myself again as I thought about my pervert nephew. It made me so horny and I hoped this orgasm would take the edge off.
I came again as I held on to the wall for support. I rejoined Shekhar and we had an enjoyable morning.
In the afternoon Shekhar began to make plans to go back to his dorm.
"You know I was thinking we could watch that old movie. You remember it was your favorite." It was an old Bollywood action movie that he watched numerous times as a young boy with me.
"Ok. I will go back in the morning," he said. I was pleased as I did not want to part with him just yet.
We were watching the movie and I forgot how violent this movie was and there were some scenes with the heroine in wet clothes and for Bollywood this was risqué but we were both enjoying it.
"Aunty, can I ask you a question?" Asked Shekhar taking me by surprise.
"Yes, of course." I said.
"Why are you not married?" Asked Shekhar. I was a little offended but I did not want to upset him.
"Why did you ask?" I asked in a slightly tense tone.
"I am sorry if I upset you. I didn't mean to. It is just Papa always says you will never get married. I just wanted to understand and no one tells me anything. I mean, you are so beautiful. I see so many ugly women married." He tried to explain. It made me laugh at his observation.
"I will marry someone one day. But why don't you tell me, does my hot stud nephew have a girlfriend?" I asked changing the topic and teasing him.
"Aunty I am not hot and no stud. Girls don't even look at me." He said a little downhearted.
"Come here," I said as I put my arms out in a hug motion.
He buried his face straight into my chest. I had large breasts and his face seemed to cushion in them perfectly.
"You are such a good boy. My little stud." I said as I played with his hair. I felt him nip at my breasts with his lips but I didn't stop him. From time to time I even pressed him against them.
I could feel his erection against my leg as he pressed it against my leg. I rubbed my leg up and down against it but I tried to be subtle.
I was wearing a dress with pantyhose and Shekhar was wearing jeans. It made me think we needed to be in something more comfortable.
"Shall we dress in something more comfortable?" I asked as I pulled him off.
He wore his pajamas and I wondered what I should wear. I thought for a moment I should wear my pajamas but then a thought occurred to me. I had seen what he did in the morning. I wore an oversized shirt that I wore loosely and only a pair of red panties. The shirt was long enough to come to my thighs but I would definitely be flashing him. I had left enough buttons open to give him a sight of cleavage.
I came out of the room and his mouth was almost wide open. "Shekhar, are you ok?" I asked liking the effect my choices had on him.
"You just look so hot…sorry aunty. I did not mean that. Please ignore me." I giggled a little at his reaction.
"Don't worry. You can always be honest with me."
We both sat on the couch and got comfortable and I put on another old movie we used to watch.
"So Shekhar, is your girlfriend hot?" I asked in a teasing manner.
"Aunty, don't tease me. I don't have a girlfriend." He said with a little pouty face. I held out my arms and he buried his face in my breasts again.
"You are a hot little stud and you will find a girlfriend soon," I told him as I tried to reassure him.
He was rubbing his face against my breasts and then I felt him nip at them again. I could feel him through the thin material of the shirt. I didn't complain at this more intimate touching.
A few minutes later as the movie progressed I noticed him become bolder as he kissed my breasts. I ran my fingers through his hair as I felt this and this was the encouragement he needed.
His kisses continued through the short. They were soft little kisses and I enjoyed the sensation as I focused my attention on the screen.
I ran my fingers through his hair and rolled it around a finger as I felt these wonderful sensations. He had found my nipples as I could sense they were getting stiff and poking through my shirt as he began to circle them with his tongue.
His hands had now moved to my breasts and began to squeeze them. He was becoming bolder than I ever expected and there was no denying the sexual intent. I could feel his hard erect against my leg as he began to hump my leg.
"Such a good boy, Shekhar." I whispered into his ear as he continued to hump my leg.

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