The Nest is Empty!

tagGroup SexThe Nest is Empty!

Disclaimer-this is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of the characters to actual people is purely coincidental. Yes, group sex can lead to STD's and we should always practice safe sex, but this is fiction, not reality. This story includes group sex with male on male bisexual activity and wife sharing. If any of those things offend you, please keep looking for a story on another topic that suits your interests.
"Mmmhh," Sarah moaned softly as I nuzzled my way down her neck. I could spend hours just kissing and caressing her body. Today, for the first time in years, we had all the time in the world to explore each other.
As soon as we pulled in the garage after the eighty-five mile trip from depositing our twins, Dylan and Joanie, for their first year at State, our hands were all over each other. We practically raced each other into the house and to our bedroom.
Sarah and I are soulmates, we love making love, and we adore each other's bodies, but it's been hard to find adequate time together over the years. When the twins were younger, we lived in a tiny house. After we moved into our McMansion when the kiddos were in high school, we made sure that our house (and the pool) became the center of the twins' social life. It was a great way to keep tabs on them, discourage unsavory friendships, and generally enjoy our family life. But with work, weeknight responsibilities, and having teenagers around all weekend, we rarely had quality time to get naked together. Often our lovemaking revolved around hushed sessions and quickies. It was all pretty vanilla, but still worked for us.
We also didn't have a traditional courtship. I met Sarah and her second husband Don when I was still married to my first wife Janine. Sarah was a widow when she met Don; her first husband Elliot was killed by a drunk driver.
Don was a widower with baby twins. Another asshole drunk driver killed his first wife, Elaine, when they were making their way home from the hospital a couple of days after the babies were born. Sarah was friends with Elaine's sister. She met Don at the funeral and they bonded in the aftermath. Soon they fell in love and got married when the twins were only seventeen months old.
My late wife Janine and I met Sarah and Don shortly after the wedding and we became fast friends. At the twins' second birthday party, which I couldn't attend, Janine drove Don to the store to get more ice. This time a sober trucker T-boned them, Don probably ran a red light. They were both killed.
Sarah and I comforted each other over our respective tragedies and married within three months. We never had the chance to have that early courtship "fuck like rabbits" phase in our relationship. But we loved each other and each other's bodies. We also loved the young twins, adopted them, and raised them as our own.
Now, for the first time, in our empty nest, we could savor each other properly in the way that we both craved.
Perhaps it was because of the unusual start to our relationship that our lovemaking always veered toward the tender side of things. I really couldn't say that we ever "fucked." We made soft, sweet love whenever we could during our years together, but I'd always wanted more. I suspected that Sarah felt the same way.
Knowing I had all the time in the world I kissed and licked her beautiful neck, then worked my way back up to her sweet lips. Her breath smelled like cinnamon candy. As she opened her mouth to me, our tongues met and our kisses became warm and passionate. Soon I was at her chest kissing her sensitive little nubs-she was really flat chested. I lapped and nibbled at them as they puffed and hardened. Then I worked my way down to her nicely trimmed triangle. Eating pussy was something I loved and Sarah enjoyed immensely; however, the space and time constraints on our marriage made cunnilingus a rare treat. We were both determined to enjoy our good fortune today. I kissed and licked her inner thighs before my tongue wanderer over to her inviting outer lips. They were wet from her excitement. I inhaled her lovely scent and began lapping up her juices as she moaned with expectation. My tongue found it's way to her inner lips and I tasted her heavenly secretions. As I probed her inner lips, I snaked my tongue into her slit imbibing of her intoxicated flavor. I inserted a finger as she sighed excitedly. Adding a second I slowly began finger fucking her as her moans got louder. I moved my tongue up and began circling her clit as she writhed in expectation. When I could tell that she was so worked up that she probably couldn't take more teasing I brushed my tongue over her love button and was soon attacking it with the fervor of a religious zealot. After several minutes of licking her clit and fingering her her warm, wet tunnel, Sarah exploded in what we both hoped would be the first of thousands of empty nest orgasms.
After she came I smooched my way back up to Sarah's lips and we kissed deeply for several minutes as I ground my hard cock against her toned thighs.
I loved kissing her supple, freckled skin, my hands roaming through her soft neck-length grayish blond hair. When I looked into her beautiful green eyes, I could see her expectation. I held her gaze as I pushed my cock head slowly into her inviting, love canal. She was so wet. I almost swooned as her warm, juicy glove engulfed my needy member. Soon we were making love passionately, but as fate would have it, my cock started to go limp as it had been doing all too often in the last few months. The mid fifties really suck. Unwilling to stop, I turned my attention to the fantasy that lately had been fueling my occasional morning jerk off sessions in the shower. I imagined our hunky neighbor Ben plowing Sarah with his big cock. I don't know where the notion came from, but the idea of watching a well-built, virile guy like Ben fuck Sarah really turned me on. My cock returned to life as I imagined myself as Ben fucking my beautiful wife.
As I pumped in and out of Sarah with my newly aroused pole, I picked up my pace, fucking her harder and harder than I ever had before. She responded with a flood of warmth and wetness. I don't know what possessed me, but I grabbed her roughly and flipped her over and started plowing her doggie style. As I rutted with her, she began to moan softly, but then her cries of "yess, yess," got louder and louder as I (Ben) plunged into her pussy for all it was worth. Soon she was screaming at the top of her lungs, begging me fuck her harder. Hearing her say "fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder" over and over again only enhanced my fantasy of it being Ben's cock, not mine, fucking my hot wife. I felt her orgasm building and as it crashed into her I unleashed my pent up seed filling her with what seemed like a pint of my cum.
I dismounted and we both collapsed on the bed. Sarah nuzzled up against me and said "oh wow! That was wonderful. I hope I didn't turn you off with my dirty talk."
"Not at all, hun, it was sexy. I loved it. I never knew you could be so vocal, it was a big turn on" I replied.
Sarah smiled. "Good" she said, "I like vocalizing, but never felt comfortable with the kids a few doors down. But you, Mark, you were so strong and powerful, lusty, it's really like the first time we ever 'fucked' if you know what I mean."
"I do," I chuckled sheepishly. "We always make love, tenderly and quietly, and I love that Sarah, but sometimes, I don't know . . ."
"You want a little naughtiness." Sarah replied, completing my sentence and punctuating it with a wicked little grin.
"Exactly," I responded. "I mean, I grew up in the era of Penthouse Forum, you know, sometimes you want to get a little dirty."
"Or a lot?" Sarah smiled and winked at me.
I smiled back, "yeah, I guess so."
Over the course of the next few weeks, we continued to explore what our new-found freedom could do for our sex lives. We fucked on the sofa, the kitchen table, and outside next to the pool.
One night while we were in a sixty-nine position I let my tongue stray to her cute little ass crack which led her to moan loudly. I took her moans to heart and licked up and down her sweet crevasse and let my tongue tease her tight little hole. To my utter shock and delight, she moaned "oh yes, there, I want it there fuck me there." I was happy to oblige especially since I'd never tried anal before. In response, I stuck a finger in her wet pussy and slowly inserted it into her tense little rosebud. I fingered her for a few minutes more, getting a second digit inside and opening her a bit. When I thought she was ready, I probed her hot, wet pussy with my (Ben's) hard cock, her pussy was so wet it was practically drooling as was the precum leaking from my tip, I realized we probably wouldn't need any lube-good thing-I didn't have any. Within seconds I was plowing my wife's hot, mature ass. Her moans of pleasure soon became loud and completely unintelligible. I reached around her and began rubbing her clit and soon I felt her climaxing and squirting all over my hand. I filled her tight little ass with a ton of cum. I pulled out as Sarah was still moaning and she shocked me by turning around quickly and taking my cock into her mouth to clean up our cum and her ass juice. It was so dirty. Never in my life would I have believed that my sweet, demur wife and devoted stepmother would even dream of going ass to mouth, but there she was, sucking my dirty cock, fingering herself to another orgasm, and moaning like an animal.
We collapsed on the bed lazily fondling each other. Finally, I said "wow! that was so great!"
Sarah leaned across my chest and kissed me. "Thank you," she said, I love it back there, it's been so long. I've always wanted you to do me in the ass, but we've never really had an opportunity."
I was a little taken aback by the way she so casually said "do me in the ass." Sarah was usually so reserved in her conversation. She rarely cursed, and when she did it was usually a "damn" or a "hell." When she started saying "fuck me!" during our sessions I was totally surprised, but she really only used that word during sex. Her comment about loving it also intrigued me.
"So you and Don used too,,,." I started to ask, but Sarah cut me off.
"No not Don, we barely had time for sex when the twins were young" She replied.
"Oh so your first husband, Elliot then?" I nodded as I asked.
Sarah sighed and shook her head "No, not Elliot." she replied as she sat up. She had a worried look on her face. "I guess I've never really had a chance to tell you this, and I'm feeling pretty guilty right now."
I felt like my head was going to explode. Had Sarah cheated on me? How often? My brain was racing with all sorts of scenarios.
Sarah continued "Elliot used to like to watch me with other guys. He'd bring home strangers or we go out to bars by the airport and pick up businessmen."
"I see, you were swingers" I said nodding my head trying to comprehend what my wife just told me.
"No," Sarah replied, "not really swingers, I mean we weren't 'in the lifestyle' as they say. Elliot liked me to be his 'hotwife;' it's a term used for married women who's husbands like to watch them enjoy and please other men. Elliot used to get turned on by seeing how I captivated other men's attention and how I responded to their enjoyment. After I finished with them, he would eat my cum-filled vagina then 'reclaim' me with a hard fucking, but he left my ass to the other men. I'm so sorry I never told you this, there never seemed to be an appropriate time."
I guess my jaw had actually dropped when she was telling me her story. Sarah asked me if I was okay and if I thought she was a slut. When I recovered I told her that I was fine, but that I had some questions.
"Fire away honey, just please don't abandon me now" Sarah pleaded with her beautiful green eyes looking as if the tears were about to burst forth.
I took her into my arms and hugged her tightly and whispered "Sarah, I love you unconditionally, nothing you could ever tell me could drive me away from you."
But I still had questions. "So," I asked "you would pick up another man and go to a hotel or something and you would make love with them?"
"I would fuck them" Sarah said emphasizing the word "fuck." "It was pure fucking, just lust, no emotional attachment."
"How many men?" I asked wondering what the grand total was.
"The most at one time was four" Sarah explained, "I especially loved having all of my holes filled. I did it with three guys several times, but four was the most I could handle. After Elliot finished with me, I could barely walk for several days." She chuckled naughtily after she finished the sentence.
"Holy shit!" I thought to myself, I had just wanted to know how many other guys she slept with and she was telling me that she had gang bangs. My head was spinning out of control. So was my cock. Just thinking about Sarah blowing a stranger while two others filled her pussy and ass with their big cocks had me harder than even my strongest Ben fantasy had ever made me.
Sarah noticed my arousal. How could she not. She let her hand drift down to my naked crotch and began gently teasing my balls with her long nails.
"I think you like the idea" she said softly with a sly smile.
"Um, well I have something to confess myself." Sarah looked at me thoughtfully. "I've actually been fantasizing about seeing you with another man, in fact, I've even thought about it while we were making, er, fucking. It gets me really excited."
"Do you have any one specific man in mind or do you just think of me with other random guys?"
I swallowed, "well actually, I've been thinking about you and Ben O'Connor."
"Yuck!" Sarah feigned a gag. "That hyper masculine tool is so into himself. He's been hitting on me for ages. I think he's disgusting. But if you want to watch me…"
"Of course not!" I replied. "I would never want you to be with someone that you didn't want to be with. Ben's just been popping into my mind."
"Would you like to watch me with someone else?" she asked.
"Well, yes and no" I answered hesitantly.
"Yes and no?" Sarah looked at me questioningly.
"Well, I've read some stories on this site called "Literotica" about 'wife sharing' that I find extremely exciting. I've been thinking about how hot it would be to share you with Ben, but I'm pretty sure I could do it with someone else that you approved of."
Whew! I spit it out. I could tell that I was blushing, confessing these thoughts. "The idea of you accepting multiple cocks, cutting loose, enjoying yourself…it really gets me excited but I would want to be, um, in on the action."
Sarah looked at me seriously for what seemed like an eternity. Then she smiled lovingly. I would do anything for you, Mark, you're the love of my life. She held me close and kissed me deeply. Then we made love tenderly and sweetly for the next two hours.
Next morning I woke up feeling like I'd just come out of a dream, but the sight in our bed brought me crashing back to reality. Sarah was laying next to me, still naked, fucking herself with an extremely realistic looking dildo. When she saw me transfixed, she asked me "is this what you want baby? Do you want to see a big, strange dick fucking your whore of a wife?" Then she moved the dildo and took it all the way into her mouth and down her throat. She pulled it out and asked "do you want your sweet little wifey to be a slut and deep throat a stranger's big cock? Have him cum all over my face and tits and on my slutty tongue?"
My raging erection answered her question. I climbed on top of her and plunged my hard cock deep into her dripping pussy. Watching her suck on the dildo, thinking it was some random stranger that she was blowing really got me going. I fucked her furiously. As I was railing her, she pulled the dildo out of her mouth for a moment. I don't know what prompted me to act, but I took the "stranger's cock" into my mouth and started sucking on it. Soon, I exploded into Sarah's cunt. Thinking back to what she told me about Elliot, I kissed my way down to her used, oozing pussy and cleaned up all of my cum from her creamy pie. Sarah had two orgasms while I ate her out. I must admit, it tasted pretty good.
We were both spent after that emotional night and the morning's fuck fest. Luckily, it was Saturday and I didn't have to work. Sarah had taken an early retirement package last year so she could spend more of their senior year with the kids, so work wasn't a problem for her. I still did my normal 7:30 to 7 days at the office, but when the kids started high school, I stopped working weekends to attend their swim meets on Saturdays and have family time on Sundays. I had my own business, so I could afford the down time as long as I hustled during the week.
Sarah and I took a nice long shower which included a very soapy and tender love making session.
After showering we moseyed down to the kitchen. Sarah made coffee while I toasted two croissants, scrambled a couple of eggs, and fried up some Canadian bacon. It was a beautiful day, so we munched on our breakfast sammies on the back deck.
We ate in silence. Finally, Sarah asked me the important question on both of our minds-"what now?"
"I really don't know honey," I answered honestly. "Obviously, the idea of sharing you excites me. How do you feel about it?"
Sarah swallowed deeply before answering. "Mark, whatever you decide is fine with me. I love you and you are absolutely all I need. But with Elliot, I discovered this 'inner slut' way down deep inside me. It gives me a different type of sexual fulfillment unlike lovemaking. To be honest, I miss it. No. I crave it. That's why I bought that dildo last year so I could masturbate and fantasize about being a whore. Just hearing you say that you're open to the idea makes me wet. I wouldn't trade our sweet lovemaking for anything in the world. And the fact that we're fucking like a couple of twenty somethings is extremely exciting. It can be all that I need. But," and she looked at me with a lascivious smile, "the idea that you may open to sharing me as your slut wife, to fuck and suck strange guys and take multiple cocks has my inner whore in a hot tizzy."
We went inside and fucked like animals for the rest of the weekend. Sarah brought the dildo into the bedroom and we fucked and fantasized that it was another guy's cock. At one point she brought it in for sloppy seconds after I came inside of her. When she pulled it out after her orgasm I licked and sucked it clean and then ate her creampie again. I began to love the taste of cum.
My work week sucked.
Ted, my assistant, fucked up an estimate on a job and the client was pissed. To cut a few corners, I had to be on the job site for a couple of days and had to work late into the evenings to answer the calls and emails I neglected while onsite. By the weekend, I was exhausted. Friday night we had a light dinner and turned in early. Sarah knew the stress I'd been under and relaxed me with a long, lingering blow job.
We got up early Saturday morning for our monthly tennis match against our friends the Stewarts and joined them for brunch at the club. When we got home, we made sweet love, then napped until around six.
When we got up we both decided that we didn't feel like going out. I scrounged around the cupboard and found a nice, expensive can of Spanish sardines and used them as the centerpiece of a cheese and charcuterie tray-we always keep good cheeses, salami, and cured ham around. I opened an expensive red and we leisurely enjoyed our feast on the deck.
It started to get chilly, so we went into the den and I poured us both a nice snifter of Pere Ferrand ambre.
While we were sipping our cognac on the couch I told Sarah "honey, thanks for being so understanding this week. I really wanted to fire Ted. I appreciate you talking me down from that and putting up with so many late nights."

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