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The announcement that the office was closing due Covid concerns came around mid-morning. Bernard was not the least bit disappointed. He knew Rose was working from home and it would be exciting for a little love in the afternoon, particularly since they didn't do anything last night. Even though the kids would be there, they were old enough to understand what went on behind closed doors between their parents.
He was surprised that the house was so quiet when he entered, although he expected Eric and Kelly were locked in their rooms as they usually were. "Rose, I'm home," he called out, breaking the silence.
* * *
Rose quickly patted the bed covers back into some semblance of order and then returned to the bathroom, entered the shower, turned it on and shivered from the cold water until it warmed up. She needed to wash off the remnants of all the sex she'd had since the last shower.
By that time, Bernard entered the bathroom.
Rose had been expecting him to appear and was prepared to feign surprise. "Hey, babe, what are you doing home?"
"Office closed due to Covid."
"Oh, wow. I'll be out in a sec."
"Okay." He considered offering to join her, but she turned off the spray before he could. But he stood there watching.
Rose smiled. "You're just going to stand there?"
"I never get tired of seeing you naked."
She grabbed her towel. After drying off, she stepped out and over to her husband. She kissed him firmly on the lips. "I was just about to go to the grocery. Anything special you'd like for dinner?"
"Whatever you were going to fix is fine."
"Pork chops."
"Sounds good." He reached out and tweaked her nipple.
Rose giggled. "Save that for later." She dressed quickly, then the two headed for the kitchen, only to find 19 year-old Kelly and 18 year-old Eric eating lunch.
"Dad, what are you doing home?"
"I live here," Bernard quipped.
Bernard gave the reason.
"Anybody need anything from the grocery?" Rose asked.
"No," Kelly responded.
Staring at his stepmother, which did not escape his father's notice, Eric said, "I need some things. Can I come with you?"
She shrugged. "I guess."
Kissing her husband, Rose said, "Be back shortly." A minute later, they were gone.
"Well, that's interesting," Bernard commented.
"That Eric would want to go to the grocery with your mother. He's never wanted to do that. In fact, I don't think he even likes her. But I've seen the way he looks at her. Is something going on? Should I be worried?"
Kelly frowned. "Worried? What do you mean?"
"Your mom said that you and Eric were suddenly getting along," Bernard revealed. "Does that go for her, too?"
"Eric and I . . . worked it out yesterday," she explained. "I guess I was able to convince him to work it out with her also." But she did also think it was odd for Eric to go with her mother even after all they did today. Was he hoping for a handjob or blowjob in the car?
"Well, then, I guess that's good," Bernard commented. "Thank you for making that effort."
Kelly saw him checking her out as he said that. So, she did the same. Was that a bulge in his crotch? "It's time we all get along."
"I agree. Well, I think I'm going to go shower."
There was something odd about that conversation, Kelly thought. But she wasn't sure what. Almost as if Bernard suspected something was going on between her mother and his son. Why would he?
But she suddenly became curious about something else. Her mother had made a point of noting that Eric was bigger than his father. Was that true or just to boost Eric's ego? Bernard was in the shower. Perfect opportunity for a peek.
Walking down the hall, she could hear the shower running. The master bedroom door was ajar. Interesting. Easing in, likewise the bathroom door was ajar. An invitation?
Her first thought when she glanced in was that her mom might need glasses because what she saw hanging between Bernard's legs was something she'd love to have shoved between her legs. From this distance, there was no discernable difference between him and his son. So, it was an exaggeration.
* * *
"Well, this is unusual having you come to the grocery with me," Rose remarked as they rode. "Is there a purpose? You want a handjob or a blowjob?"
"No, uh, well, I wouldn't turn either down," he added with a grin. "I really do need things from the grocery. Deodorant, things like that. Just thought it would be easier to pick them out myself." He looked down then back at her. "I also wanted to apologize for being so difficult for so long."
"Well, you have been, but I accept your apology. So, all it took was a few good fucks, huh?" Now, Eric was embarrassed. "Uh, well, uh—"
"I'm just messing with you. I get that it was a big change in your life having me come in, and with a daughter."
"It was. But there was no reason for me to be like that."
"Well hopefully, that's all behind us."
"It is." Then Eric nervously asked. "So, how is this going to work with the three of us?"
Rose chuckled. "Well, it's not an obligation. We do it when we can. And if it gets to be a problem, or out of hand, we stop. Although, you and Kelly might have more opportunities than the three of us. I still have to go to work. And it sounds like your dad will be home for a while, so you might not have any chances at all. None of us might until this damned virus is gone."
"Are you sure you're okay doing this behind dad's back?" Eric wanted to know.
"It's just sex, Eric," Rose stated firmly. "Nothing will come of it. It doesn't change how I feel about your dad, and it's not going to. Remember that." Then to lighten it up, she grinned. "Think of it as a mother just spending quality time with her children."
* * *
It was an odd afternoon. Even more so than Eric going with Rose to the grocery. He didn't hang out in his bedroom like he usually did. He sat in the living room where he could clearly see Rose sitting at the dining table working.
Of course, she was dressed in a short skirt and was showing off a fair amount of thigh. Even Kelly thought she looked hot. Eric was like a lovesick puppy.
And then, Bernard wasn't far away with his eye on both his son and his wife as though waiting for Eric to make a move. He was like the guard dog.
It was all too weird for Kelly, so she retreated to her room until called for dinner. Meal conversation was the same as usual, but maybe with a little more bemoaning about the virus situation. Bernard indicated that he did not know how long he would be stuck home. To which Kelly and Eric exchanged imperceptible looks of annoyance. But Rose must have seen them because she made a motherly comment about everyone just having to make the most of it.
The family settled in to watch a new movie together that was sexually oriented with some nudity that had the men trying to adjust their cocks. When it was over, Rose excused herself to her bedroom.
Kelly got up and followed. "I need to ask you something, mom."
When they were in her room, she asked, "What's up?"
"I thought you should know that Bernard expressed concern over Eric going with you to the grocery." She described the conversation.
"Well, that explains why he made a comment to me."
"Was he mad?"
"No, he disguised it as just curious, but I saw through it." She shrugged. "I mean it was unusual."
"What did Eric want? A blowjob?"
"Actually, he apologized for the way he's behaved."
"Wow! And all it took was a couple of good fucks!"
"That's almost exactly what I said."
They both laughed.
"Oh, I guess I should also tell you that Bernard took a shower while you were gone and—"
"You peeked on him."
"He saw me?"
Rose chuckled. "No, you're just predictable."
"Well, there's nothing wrong with the size if his dick," Kelly declared.
"I never said there was."
"You made it sound like Eric was so much bigger."
"But I didn't say Bernard was small."
"That's the impression you gave. I'd love to see Bernard hard because I don't think that Eric is that much bigger."
"You're right," Rose conceded. "He's not. The big difference is Bernard knows how to use his. He deserves a good fuck tonight. I deserve a good fuck tonight."
"Wish I could see that!"
"Watching you and Eric was exciting, and he had no experience, so if Bernard is as good as you say, watching the two of you would something to see."
Rose thought about that for a second. "Yes, I guess it would."
"So, what do you say?"
At that moment, Bernard entered and observed mother and daughter sitting on the bed. "Am I interrupting something?"
"No. Just girl talk," Rose told him.
He pointed to the bathroom. "I just want to get ready for bed."
"Go ahead."
He entered the bathroom and closed the door.
"You're serious?" Rose questioned.
"Yes. You said you wanted to teach us. What better way to learn than to watch two pros?"
Rose shook her head in stupefaction. "I don't think Bernard would agree to you sitting on the edge of the bed observing us."
"Of course, not." Kelly scanned the bedroom. "I would hide on your side of the bed, and once you engage him and keep him occupied, I'll crawl around the bed into the bathroom and watch from there."
"I can't believe I'm going to agree to this. Be very quiet. If he catches you, we're both in trouble."
A moment later, Bernard called from the bathroom, "Is Kelly still there?"
"No, she's gone," Rose responded.
Kelly quickly slid off the bed onto the floor. Watching under the bed, she saw Bernard emerge from the bathroom and step over to the bed. From what she could see, he had nothing on his legs which suggested he was naked. She started to crawl around the foot of the bed but had to scramble back rapidly.
"Better close the bedroom door," Bernard said, getting out of bed and doing just that.
Kelly rolled into a fetal position to make herself small as he returned to the bed. She breathed her relief once she heard the slats and springs creak.
"What a day," Bernard bemoaned. "Damned coronavirus."
Rose snuggled closer. "Aw, is my honey stressed out?" she asked in her best bedroom voice. "Do you need a good fuck?"
"Mmmm. Always."
When Kelly heard the sounds of kissing, she did the army crawl quickly to the bathroom. She stood just in time to see Bernard remove her mother's top and start sucking her nipples. He flicked the tip of his tongue gently against the flat part of the nipple and then ran it around her areola. Kelly's nipples got hard just watching. Meanwhile, she saw her mother had moved the covers down to expose Bernard's hard cock. When Rose's fist closed around the shaft and there were still a couple of inches or so exposed, she knew the size difference with Eric was negligible. Kelly quickly determined that Eric's looked bigger because he was trimmer than his dad, so it seemed like there was more dick.
Next Rose went down on her husband's cock, coating it with saliva before taking it all the way down her throat.
"Mmmm!" Bernard moaned. "Yes."
Damn, her mother gave a good blowjob. She didn't just slide her mouth up and down his rod, she massaged it with her tongue, swirling it around the head, licking his peehole, teasing the soft skin beneath the head. And of course, giving his balls attention by sucking both into her mouth and letting them soak in her saliva as she gently moved them around her cheeks. While Rose was doing all of this, she was rotating around to a sixty-nine position, and when in place, Bernard eagerly devoured her pussy. Unfortunately, Kelly couldn't see that from her perch.
Just after a couple of minutes watching, Kelly was so horny, she thought she would explode. Naturally, her hand found its way inside her pants, and when she looked back at her parents, she caught her mother glance at her and grin. Kelly returned a look of desperation. But by then, Rose was making every imaginable sound of pleasure that one could—and then some. Apparently, Bernard was that good because between the vocal accompaniment and the look of pure passion on her mother's face, there was no question the woman had met her match. Kelly had not seen such response from Rose with Eric.
Kelly knew that somehow she had to have Bernard.
Watching her mother return to sucking her stepfather, Kelly couldn't help but be drawn to the shiny, saliva-coated phallus that stood straight and long from Rose's fist. Kelly slowly, almost involuntarily drifted nearer the bed.
When Rose glimpsed her daughter's approach, she was at first, alarmed, but knowing Kelly was a chip off the old block, she couldn't blame the girl. After all, Rose hadn't been able to resist Eric. Then the mother's kinky side kicked in and thoughts of the exciting threesome they'd had with Eric occurred to her and she realized that it had been good even despite his inexperience. But Kelly had prowess of her own, and a ménage à trois with Bernard would be incredible.
But then, Kelly apparently suddenly realized what she was doing and halted, a fearful look on her face. But her mother smiled and summoned her over with her forefinger. Rose swallowed her husband's cock, and then aimed it slightly at her daughter. Kelly got the message, approached the bed, and instantly bent over to take as much of Bernard's dick into her mouth as she could. It would take a few bobs before she could attempt a deep-throat.
Bernard was so enjoying eating his wife's pussy that it did not register that two mouths were taking turns sucking him. He'd even moved on to tonguing her sweet anus.
For Kelly, it was a thrill to suck Bernard's cock, but there was nothing different about it from fellating Eric.
Then her mother stopped her and offered an expression like she'd had an idea. Rose turned around and mounted her husband cowgirl. Kelly moved around to the foot of the bed to watch. She could see that her mother wasn't just bouncing up and down. Her hip motion suggested that she was working his dick into every part of her vagina, sliding back and forth, and rotating around. The woman really knew how to fuck.
Kelly was out-of-her-mind horny. She dropped to the floor on the side of the bed to remove her clothes. She jammed three fingers into her pussy and did what she could.
"Damn, you're good," Bernard grunted.
"Right back to you," Rose said.
This was serious fucking, and Kelly could only imagine how good it was.
But Rose realized it was time for the moment of truth. She let Bernard's dick slip out and eased forward on his abdomen. She then did a come-on gesture to Kelly on the floor and reached between her legs to push his cock back. The young girl knew this was her opportunity, so she quickly climbed on behind her mother took the rod and guided it in her own pussy.
Rose had dangled her tits in her husband's face to distract him, but there was no disguising the younger girl's tighter pussy.
"What the fuck?" Bernard tried to sit up, but Rose had his shoulders pinned down.
"Just enjoy it," Rose commanded.
"But, but—"
"Tell me it doesn't feel good?"
"It feels great! But—"
"It's what Kelly and I both want. Please just indulge us and enjoy yourself."
It really did feel great, Bernard thought. And he'd be lying if he said he hadn't kept an eye on his stepdaughter and even wondered if she had her mother's sexual tastes and eagerness. Apparently, she did. And now, he was getting to fuck her. And it really was spectacular. He knew she wouldn't be as good as his wife—and he didn't want her to be. But it was a treat to have his cock buried inside a different pussy. A tight, young pussy.
"Okay?" Rose asked.
"Okay," Bernard agreed, trying not to sound too eager.
Rose then eased off him, leaving him all to Kelly. Kelly bent over to let Bernard suck her nipples. Rose played with her daughter's ass and her husband's dick as he slid it in and out. And when it slipped out, mother was there to lick her daughter's pussy and ass, as well as clean all the secretions off her husband's cock.
Bernard had known that his wife was close to being a nympho, but as long as he was the recipient of her desire, he was happy to indulge her. He knew also that she had done a few threesomes before they'd gotten together, and it had always been in the back of his mind that her intense sexual desires would one day drive her to want to do a threesome with him and . . . someone. His dilemma had always been would he do it? And if so, who would be the third wheel? Of course, he'd always selfishly thought that if she wanted to bring in another woman, he would agree, but not another man.
Now, he had to wonder, was his stepdaughter the perfect solution?
But when his wife turned Kelly around to reverse cowgirl and reinserted his cock into her tight pussy, and locked lips with her before licking her clit and his dick as he fucked her, Bernard had to wonder if Rose was responding to the moment, or had the two done other things?
However, those thoughts became secondary because it was too incredible to have his dick in a pussy while a mouth sucked his balls. No wonder people had threesomes. And the fact that it was Kelly instead of some woman he didn't know made it all the more enjoyable.
Kelly was having similar thoughts in that it was thrilling having someone play with her while a cock fucked her. She hoped her mother could teach these things to Eric. Also, as horny as she was, all this attention brought on the beginnings of an orgasm. It built quickly, her nerves tingling until her muscles tightened and she came hard. "Ahhhh!" Kelly shouted.
To which her mother promptly silenced her with a kiss. "Don't want to awaken Eric."
"Sorry," Kelly said, rolling over.
Rose went back to sucking her husband's dick.
"That was great!" Kelly exclaimed in a loud whisper. "I want more!" She stretched out and spread her legs."
With a questioning look to his wife, Bernard said, "Like mother, like daughter. You sure you're okay with this?"
Nodding, Rose responded, "Don't tell me you're not enjoying this."
"No, I am."
"Then knock yourself out."
Bernard positioned himself to fuck Kelly missionary, and when he drove his cock in, she knew she was going to receive the full benefit of his expertise. He started with slow, even thrusts gradually increasing to moderate. Occasionally, he would pull out and rub the length of his shaft inside her labia and against her clit.
"Mmmm," she moaned.
"I'm feeling left out," Rose said lightheartedly.
"Then come here," Kelly offered. She gestured for her mother to straddle her face, and once in position, she licked Rose's pussy. Remembering how the woman had done her orally, Kelly tried to reciprocate. Her mother's moans suggested she was succeeding.
After a minute, Bernard tugged his wife to a doggy position beside Kelly, and alternated fucking both females. At one point, Kelly's eyes widened when she saw her stepdad wet his finger and slide it into her mother's anus.
"Oooh!" Rose uttered with a grin. "Mmmm."
When Bernard returned to fucking Kelly, it didn't take long before the build-up of another climax started.
"I'm going to come," Kelly whimpered.
Rose again planted her lips on Kelly's to help muffle any orgasmic sounds the girl might make, but Kelly was mindful of that and stifled her own sounds. When she finished, she instantly grabbed Bernard's cock and mouthed it.
"I want to taste all of this," she explained. But she sucked him so good, and the excitement of the threesome had him filling her mouth with hot, gooey sperm. It was quite a load, and she couldn't contain it all.
But Rose was there to lick it from her lips, and she kissed her daughter so the two could swap cum. Kelly's eyes were wide with excitement.

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