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Kyle groaned as he roughly fucked Krista's lubed ass while as fisted Cassidy's pussy. Both girls cried out loudly, Kyle hammering the tight asshole even harder before he came, shooting gallons of his scalding seed into her. He left them to recover them from their powerful orgasms as he headed downstairs.
Topaz was getting fucked by J.T as her face was buried in Jessica's pussy. Jessica's face was filled with bliss as she watched her husband thrust vigorously into Topaz's beautiful ass. She kissed both of them and all of them continued at it, grunting with every thrust and lick.
Kyle laughed and shoved his cock down Jessica's throat and began to fuck back and forth. He squeezed her tits and heard as she came furiously into Topaz's mouth. At the moment, Emily staggered into the house, her black dress covered in white cum splotches.
"Hey honey," Kyle said, "How was the bar last night?"
Emily smiled and poured herself a martini. "It was great! I got hit on by one guy and we went into the alley and I sucked him off before a bunch of his buddies came out and raped me until this morning. I woke up this morning covered in cum and my dress was across the street."
"Across the street?!" Jessica exclaimed, licking the jizz Kyle had just fired onto her face.
"Yup," Emily replied, "I made some old men very happy who were playing checkers in front of that kosher sandwich shop."
Kyle grinned and stretched, kissing Emily before walking into the kitchen to find Victoria sucking off Ethan as he ate breakfast. Kyle grabbed a beer and shoved his prick up Victoria's ass. She groaned around Ethan's cock but kept sucking as Kyle thrusted into her.
She then screamed as he fucked her into orgasm, Ethan playing with her hair and her tits as his nuts began to churn and he unleashed his seed down her throat. After his son left out, Kyle sat and had Victoria mount his dick in reverse cowgirl.
She then let out a groan as his dick filled her and she began to bounce as they kissed, Kyle fondling her tits and ass. He played with her clit and made her cum twice more before she worked her magic and made him shoot his load into her womb.
As she dismounted, she held his precious cream inside and he fucked again up her ass on top of the counter. Emily came in, smoking a cigarette and took a swig of Kyle's beer as she watched him fuck her mother.
After gushing another hot load into Victoria, Kyle had her suck him clean as Emily kissed him as well. He fondled and sucked Emily's tits as he fucked Victoria's throat, turned on greatly in the midst of the two sexy sluts.
He then gripped Victoria's head and shot his third load down her throat, giving her every drop as it overflowed her mouth and oozed down her chin. She and Emily kissed and fondled one another as Kyle watched.
"Thanks for the snack Kyle," Victoria said with a sexy chuckle.
"Thick and filling," Emily agreed, sucking her mother's tits.
Hours later, after a hot steamy fuck with Kyle in their bedroom, Emily walked over the window and saw a moving van across the street. A shiny silver convertible was beside it, a handsome middle-aged man directing the movers.
Emily smiled and bit her lip, wondering how big his dick was. He wore a tight fitting sport shirt, showing off his abs and muscular arms along with khaki shorts. She saw the door of the house open and smiled.
"Come look darling," she said to Kyle, "You'd better not miss this."
Kyle walked over, seeing the man's wife rush out happily, looking over their new home. She wore a pink belly shirt, showing off her bouncing 38J tits. His cock got hard just looking at her. He then squeezed Emily's tits and she giggled, grinding her ass against his cock.
"Like what you see sweetie?" she asked.
He nodded, pinching her nipples. She sighed in pleasure and rocked against his dick. "Glad I called you over, huh?"
"Yep," he replied, slapping her ass.
They grinded against one another right in front of the window, Emily's hands against the wall as they watched their new neighbors, Kyle now rubbing the head of his cock against his wife's wet cunt.
"Fuck me baby," she pleaded, "Good god, just give it to me hard!"
Kyle eased the head of his weapon into the outer lips of her warm pussy and she raised her hips to take it in deeper. Kyle slowly started driving to meet his horny wife's thrusts as he said,
"You want him fucking you like this?" Kyle growled in a low voice.
"Fuck yeah," she moaned as she began squeezing her cunt, making Kyle groan. "You want her pussy treating you big juicy cock like that?"
"Oh fuck…" he groaned, "oh yeah…"
He began fucking her faster, slapping her ass as he began pounding her faster, driving his big cock deep inside her warm wet pussy. Emily moaned and flexed her cunt muscles the way Kyle loved. They kept their eyes on their new neighbors, Emily watching the husband and Kyle, the wife.
It was too much and Kyle shortly blew his wad as Emily knew he would. As she felt his cum flooding her wet cunt she came as well, moaning like a banshee. Her tits pressed against the window as Kyle sawed into her, cumming as if he would never stop.
They were well aware of each other's fantasies. As he continued to fill her cunt with cum Emily climaxed a second time in a groan that the new neighbors might have heard. As they regained their focus, only the father was still outside, the movers finished and gone.
"I bet you'd love to invite him over and fuck him silly," Kyle said.
Emily nodded and licked her lips, seeing the bulge in the man's shorts. Kyle's dick pressed against her pussy again, not entering, just throbbing against the wet heat of her snatch. They watched until he went inside, the two fucking to more explosive orgasms in the shower.
Afterward, Kyle took a long nap. When he awoke, Emily was coming back in the room, wearing a loose fitting T-shirt and shorts which showed off her sexy curves.
"Where have you been?" Kyle asked.
"Just to welcome our new neighbors." Emily said innocently, "they invited us over for dinner at 6:00 tomorrow night."
Kyle nodded, walking over to her and squeezing her breasts. "I guess he got a good view of these?"
She giggled, Kyle pawing at them as he yanked off her shirt. Soon, she was on all fours, Kyle ruthlessly fucking her ass, filling her load after load for the entire night.
As luck would have it, Kyle and Emily were completely alone the next night. Victoria and Marie were both scheduled in a new porn film as were most of the kids while the rest of Kyle's sluts had been pimped out for the evening.
Emily was wearing a sexy black and white skirt along with tall black heels. The dress showed off much of her beautiful bust, stopping just short of her hard nipples. Kyle wore a sport jacket and slacks, his eyes glued to his beautiful wife, eager to strip her and ravage her for hours.
"Ready to make another claim, baby?" Emily asked as she seductively sauntered over to him as he sat on the edge of the bed watching her get dressed. She straddled him sexily and he inhaled her arousing scent.
"Yup," Kyle replied with a grin, he and his slutty wife kissing as he groped her ass. Nevertheless, they headed to the neighbors' house and Quinn, the wife answered the door.
"Hello there!" she said happily, hugging Emily tightly. She then hugged Kyle, her scent turning him on. Jeremy Parker, her husband then came downstairs. Seeing Emily, his cock got rock hard. He hugged her and she could feel his hot erection against her pussy.
With it being such a lovely night, the group headed out to the pool and ate outside, chatting and telling about themselves. After they were finished, Quinn suggested that they swim in the pool. Kyle and Emily agreed and stripped to their underwear, Kyle's bulge clearly evident in his boxers and Emily's tits almost spilling from her yellow lingerie.
Kyle saw Quinn staring deeply at his cock as she made her way over with a cold beer, running it across the cups of her lime green bra, getting her nipples hard. Handing it to Kyle she said, "We were afraid we wouldn't make any friends after we moved from California. You two are the friendliest people we've met so far."
Kyle took a sip of his beer and smiled. "Well we try to be friendly to all as much as we can."
He looked over near the pool where Emily was drinking wine and chatting with Jeremy. Even from his position, he could see Emily's tits were hard as rocks and Jeremy's travelled to them time after time.
Jeremy's cock was so hard meanwhile that it was nearly sticking from his waistband. Emily gave it a meaningful glance and licked her lips, Jeremy turning beet red. Quinn brushed against Kyle, her bikini clad ass rubbing against his bulge.
Seeing Kyle's reaction, she giggled. "Don't worry Kyle. You're allowed to touch."
He grinned and gave it a firm squeeze, Quinn moaning softly as he tore off her bikini bottom, revealing her wet pussy and beautiful ass. She wiggled it for him and he lowered his boxers, shoving his dick up her cunt.
Emily saw this and smiled, Jeremy unaware from his vantage point. She then rubbed his bulge, hearing him groan in pleasure as she lowered his trunks, his hard yet comparatively small dick popping out. In an instant, she was on her knees, Jeremy's cock down her throat.
It only took about two minutes for her to coax out his load, her beautiful eyes turning him on even more. He then pulled out and stroked his cock rapidly, shooting ropes of cum all over her face. Kyle then let out a groan, Quinn now licking the head of his cock.
Jeremy heard him and turned around, somewhat surprised to see his wife on her knees, gagging on Kyle's huge cock. All she could think of was how much bigger it was than Jeremy. Kyle groaned, her mouth felt amazing.
"That's it slut," Kyle moaned, "suck me good."
Quinn slurped up his pole and smiled. "You only want me to suck…?"
She stood and removed her top, straddling Kyle's dick. She then sank out and screamed as it broke inside. "It's so fucking huge!"
She began to ride aggressively while Kyle sucked her bouncing tits, fucking upwards into her. Emily now was in a doggy position while Jeremy fucked her ass at a slow and steady pace while they watched Kyle and Quinn go at it, Kyle now fingering her asshole.
After a few minutes, Jeremy was really fucking Emily hard. Her huge tits were clearly flopping back and forth as he slammed into her from behind, slapping her ass while he kept thrusting harder and harder.
"Holy fuck!" Emily howled. "YES!!!"
The pounding kept up for a couple more minutes. Then, Emily's knees seemed to buckle as a seemingly powerful orgasm washed over her. Shortly afterwards, Jeremy pulled back and started thrusting his cock furiously. Kyle knew he was shooting a load of goo into Emily's ass. Sure enough, he pulled back and his cum was oozing down her thighs.
"On all fours slut," Kyle ordered, "I'm about to take that sexy ass."
She smiled and got into position without the slightest hesitation. Spitting on his wife's ass, Jeremy jacked off and watched as Kyle ravaged his wife, gripping her hair tightly in his fist as he pounded her.
"God yes!" Quinn begged, "DESTROY MY ASS!!"
Emily fingered herself as she again sucked Jeremy off, beginning to ride Jeremy on one the pool chairs as he sucked her tits and smacked her ass. Kyle kept at it, the sound of impact between he and Quinn heard for miles. Her tits swayed harder and harder with each of his divine thrusts, Quinn screaming louder and louder.
"FUCKK!" she screamed, cumming hard on Kyle's dick.
"Mmmmmm…that's it." he cooed, picking up speed with the lube of her pussy juice.
Kyle began pumping slowly at first and then began to gradually increase his pace. He was grabbing on to her hips and started ramming harder. Her tits began swinging back and forth at the ferocity of the blonde man's thrusts. Emily shoved two fingers up her own cunt as she watched the action unfolding before her she also jacked off Jeremy. It took all her reserve to keep from leaving him and joining in on the fun.
"I'm getting close baby." Kyle grunted, his balls beginning to tighten.
"Oh, me too! Oh, God baby!" Red said.
Kyle held on tight to his woman's hips and held steady as he growled to the finish unleashing a torrent of cum inside his bitch's cunt. A minute later she screeched as her body was overcome by her own orgasm. Kyle grunted loudly and kept cumming, stuffing her pussy with a ocean of hot, potent seed.
He then stood and Quinn resorted to sucking his cock clean, collecting the last puddles of his endless supply of sperm. Quinn pulled back and looked at Emily, who was watching them as she slowly rubbed her pussy. Quinn made her way over to her and got on top of her, both of them kissing, passionately at first and then lewdly as they played with each other's tits.
The guys sat back ready to enjoy the sexy show of these two gorgeous ladies having at each other. Quinn positioned Emily on the edge of the couch and pushed her back as she dropped her experienced mouth to Emily's wet cunt. Emily groaned in delight as Quinn's tongue washed over her outer labia… her rigid clit… and then darted between her pussy lips into her cunt itself.
As Emily was getting pleasured, Jeremy reached over to stroke off Kyle, rubbing his dick while playing with his nuts. Kyle moaned softly as Jeremy sucked the head of his dick into his mouth and began to suck him hard. Soon enough, Kyle was buried up his ass, fucking him savagely to the sight of Emily and Quinn fingering each other as they sucked each other's tits.
Jeremy screamed, Kyle gripping his scalp as the huge dick slammed into his asshole. Quinn made her way over and kissed her husband. "His cock feels amazing doesn't it?"
Jeremy could only nod, Kyle slapping his ass with each violent thrust. Soon he could take no more, watching Emily sucking Quinn's clit and with Kyle pounding his ass, Jeremy yelled out and let his cum burst out, splattering the couch and the pavement.
The tight ass soon became to much for Kyle as he pulled far out and slammed back in, gushing huge amounts of thick cum into Jeremy's sore ass, his cum leaking out over Jeremy's balls and down his shaft. He then sat and Jeremy got between his legs, sucking softly on his dick.
Then Quinn slowly sucked each side of her labia. Emily couldn't be still. To maintain contact Quinn slipped one finger up Emily's tight asshole and another into her cunt. Now as Emily jumped and hunched, Quinn held tight and stayed with her. Emily started to experience one climax after the other and soon lay wrung out… limp on the couch… her legs spread wide over Quinn's shoulders.
Quinn raised up and smiled at Emily sliding up until their lips met in a tender kiss. It wasn't long until Quinn sighed, screamed and came violently, squirting into Emily's mouth as Kyle and Jeremy jacked off, shooting their cum onto the two sluts.
Later Jeremy had left the room to use the bathroom and when he returned, Quinn was astride Kyle's hard cock. Jeremy smiled and
walked up behind Emily as his cock grew to full size again. Quinn saw where he was heading and tossed him a tube of KY. Bob applied it liberally to Quinn's ass and his cock.
As the two of them stroked into her in different orifices she lost it and became a babbling, fucking, cumming piece of art. A lot happened that night, Quinn and Emily both were double fucked by the guys, Emily had Quinn eat her pussy again, which she shortly eagerly reciprocated. It was a long hot evening with lots of good beginnings.
When they finally were leaving, Quinn said at the door,
"I am so pleased that we made contact with you guys so soon."
They all kissed each other goodnight then, with lots of touching… and they set the next party at Kyle and Emily's a week later.

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