The New Girl-18

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here ( The New Girl-17 ). Now let’s continue

I got on my knees giving him a blowjob. Thanks to lots of practice I was able to take him fully inside my mouth. I sucked him for 5 minutes and got up removing the rest of my clothes.

I lay on the sofa calling him to come over me. He said “I am very nervous because this is my first time”. I said “Ramu so what, give it your best shot because such opportunities don’t come every day”.

He got on top and I could sense his nervousness. I guided his cock in my pussy telling him to push. He did and entered fully in my pussy, I recollected that I had not used a condom.

I thought let me make an exception for his first time. I told him to start humping me now. He did and every other stroke he was slipping out. I said “Ramu fuck me with shorter strokes”.

He tried again and now he went on for over 10minutes before cumming inside me and collapsed on top. I too remained still catching my breath and waiting for Ramu to recover.

I held his face and kissed his lips, I asked “Ramu how was your first time”? He said “it was beyond my wildest dream madam. Thank you for making it so special and memorable”.

I said “I also really enjoyed and want to enjoy with you more often but how to contact you is the big question”. He said “my old classmate is a big guy in Mumbai, he has given me a mobile so he can contact me when he comes to town”.

Ramu gave me the number and said “whenever you want me you call and I will come”. I was not done with him yet and wanted more, so I asked “can we try to do once more”?

He exclaimed “yes”. Just then the doorbell rang, I said “Ramu go inside my bedroom with all the clothes”. I quickly put on mine and opened the door. It was Amir, he asked “can I come inside? And whose auto is parked outside your gate”?

I said “I have no idea about the auto but I will meet you in the playground later because I am leaving for my tuition classes now”. The sex I had with Natthu uncle had sent my schedule haywire.

I decided I was going to only enjoy with Raju for now. I knew Vikas sir would be pissed because I did not turn up but I did not care because sex with him was very boring anyway.

Amir left and I locked the door, Ramu came from my bedroom stroking his erection and sat on the sofa. I got on my knees and began sucking his cock again till he was rock hard.

I quickly removed all my clothes and straddled his lap guiding his cock in my pussy. I rode him for a while and asked “do you want to try a different position”?

He said “you are my sex guru, I am ready for anything you say madam”. I got on my knees and told him to enter me from behind. Ramu pushed his cock in my pussy and resumed fucking me.

I was already in heaven because he was giving me so much pleasure going deeper than before. After sometime I lay on the sofa and told him to come on top again, he followed and resumed fucking.

I had underestimated his stamina earlier. I saw the time and second time he fucked me for nearly 20minutes. When I felt him slow down, I asked “are you going to cum”?

He said “yes madam very soon”. I said “I want you to cum in my mouth”. I took his cock in my mouth and he came like a fountain. I relished the taste of his cum and sucked him clean.

Then I lay down on my back panting. I asked “tell me honestly how many women have you been with”? He said “I swear you are the first”. I smooched him lovingly and we both went to the bathroom and cleaned up.

He sat on the sofa while I went inside the bedroom and came back with two thousand rupees telling him to keep it. He refused saying “you have already given me much more than that”.

I said “I like you a lot and you will always remain my favourite because you made me feel very nice. When I pay you, please accept it quietly. I know this will help you to take good care of your mother”.

Ramu asked “when can we meet again”, I said “I will surely call you very soon”. We smooched again and he left. I ate something and took a power nap.

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