The New Girl-24

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By 4everhorny Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here (/2024/05/the-new-girl-23/ ). Now let’s continue

I began sucking Pankaj’s cock while I stroked Sharath’s cock while rocking my bottom on dad’s cock. I was super thrilled to be having my first foursome and also realising my fantasy of fucking dad’s friends alongside him.

After a few minutes I let go of Pankaj’s cock and looked up at him. I leaned further back on dad’s chest spreading open my dripping wet pussy lips and pulling him closer.

Pankaj was not able to believe his eyes that I was inviting him to fuck my pussy while dad was already doing business in my butt. When I had positioned him at my love nest I said “uncle please be gentle”.

He kissed my lips while pushing his cock inside very slowly till he was all the way inside. He started fucking me with slow strokes and due to this I no longer needed to rock my bottom because he was doing it for me.

Now I turned my attention to Sharath who was watching us while stroking his own cock. I pulled him closer and began sucking his cock and he too let out a loud moan.

Right now I had all my holes filled with throbbing cocks and this had an intoxicating effect on all the men. Dad and Pankaj were fucking me with renewed vigour while Sharath held my face and began pounding my mouth harder with his cock.

After a while I felt dad pause his strokes, so I got off and turned around taking him again in my pussy while Sharath entered my butt at the same time. now Pankaj stood near my face and began fucking my mouth.

Within a few minutes he filled my mouth for the second time today with his seed and then collapsed panting hard on the chair nearby. I swallowed all his cum and then looked at dad.

He was smiling ear to ear, he said “my darling baby, you are just incredible”. I said “you are incredible too dad, I have never experienced so much pleasure with anyone till date except you”.

Now I could feel Sharath increase his pace while ploughing my butt but dad was still not showing any signs of cumming. I had experienced so many orgasms since this party had moved to Sharath’s house and my next one was again approaching.

Now I felt Sharath hold my hips tightly giving a few very hard strokes now followed by the feeling of his hot cum filling inside my butt. Then he too got off and collapsed on the chair nearby.

I locked my gaze with dad’s and started riding him faster. He too reciprocated by giving me reverse thrusts from below. I could sense his cock stiffening and in a few minutes he filled my up with his cum.

I collapsed panting on him only while he held me tightly in a hug. I only managed to whisper a “thank you dad” in his ears. Dad kissed my cheek and said “I need to thank you baby, you were really awesome”.

Pankaj too chipped in saying “Satish, I had the most unbelievably thrilling experience of my life with Preeti today, she is simply awesome”. Sharath followed by saying “yes Satish, Preeti is far better than even a pornstar and I realised my fantasy of doing double penetration today”.

I had got my breath back by now, so I got up from dad’s lap smiling at everyone and went to the bathroom to clean-up. I didn’t bother to carry my clothes and came back to the men fully naked.

Then they all went one by one and cleaned up and got dressed. I saw the time was nearing 11pm now. After we all got dressed. Pankaj asked “Satish do you think we can do this more regularly”?

Dad looked at me, I smiled back and said “I am game for anytime you want to do it again uncle”. Sharath said “please wait for a minute” and went inside his house.

He came back with a brand new gift wrapped smartphone and gave it to me. He said “this is for you Preeti”, I looked at dad before accepting it. Pankaj said “keep it Preeti and don’t worry about him”.

I accepted the gift and we left from there, on the way dad asked “so how was it baby? Did you get what you wanted”? I said “yes papa, I really enjoyed. How about you, I am sure you enjoyed it too”?

Dad said “yes, you were awesome and thanks to you, I was able to realise one more of my fantasies today”. We reached home soon and saw all the lights were out.

We thought mom would have gone to bed by now. When we entered we saw the place was untouched as we had left it and mom was nowhere to be seen. Dad was about to call mom on her cell.

I said “stop dad, don’t call her now, you take out the car because I have an idea”. We drove to Aslam’s place and found it locked, then we went to Irshaad’s place and pulled over a little away.

All the lights were on and there was sound of loud music playing inside. Before we could think of anything, a c*p patrol jeep pulled up outside the gate.

Our best guess was some neighbour might have complained about the loud music. The c*ps barged into the house and soon came out escorting Irshaad who was still in his boxers followed by Aslam who was also in the similar state.

Then another jeep pulled up with some female officers who came out escorting mom, she was scantily dressed in a stripper outfit followed by more men including Thakur.

They all left from there and we too left to our house not being able to think of anything. Both me and dad changed into our house clothes when we heard a jeep pull over outside our house.

We both rushed outside and saw mom alighting from the vehicle escorted by the female officers in handcuffs. She was profusely crying. The officers asked “this bitch claims that she is your wife, is that true”?

Dad composed himself before answering, he said “yes officer, she is my wife Sonia. Why what happened and where did you find her like this? We were worried too and were about to call you to report her missing”.

The officers released mom and said “well, I am ashamed to say that we found your wife in a very compromising position fully naked in bed with 5 men shooting a movie. She was under the influence too”.

The officer continued “she claims that she was drugged and misled into the whole thing. That is why we thought of checking out her story and if true let her go”.

Thought me and dad were aware of where mom was, we did not expect to hear this. Dad’s face was flush red with anger now, I saw it and before he would say something regretful I pulled him inside.

I also took mom’s hand and led her inside the house and had her sit on the sofa. I thanked the officers for their assistance after collecting a plastic bag with mom’s stuff and locked the gate and doors.

I did not ask or say anything to mom who was sitting red faced with shame. I served her water to drink which is when I realised that mom was stinking booze and something else.

I placed my hand on her shoulder while sitting beside her. She put her head on my shoulder and burst out crying. I consoled her without asking anything and then took her to the bathroom.

I let her have her bath while I prepared her bed in the living room where she had been sleeping off late. I made sure dad kept his emotions under control and did not say a word.

Mom came to the hall after changing into her nighty. She was about to say something when I stopped her, I asked “do you want to eat something mom”? Mom nodded no.

Again she wanted to say something, I stopped her and said “Please take rest mom, we can talk in the morning”. All of us retired to our respective beds in an awkward silence and drifted to sleep.

Tonight me and dad did not have our usual sex, instead I had to comfort him to sleep because of the mixed emotions running thru everyone’s minds. Next morning, I woke up by my usual 5am while dad was still sleeping.

I got fresh and went out to the hall where I found mom sitting on her bed sobbing with her bead buried between her knees. I saw from the condition of the bedsheets that mom had barely slept.

I went and prepared coffee for her and then sat down with her. Mom looked up at me with swollen eyes due to crying. She managed to only whisper “what happened and how did I get here”?

To be continued….

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