The New Norm 04: The True Meaning of "Family"

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tagIncest/TabooThe New Norm 04: The True Meaning of "Family"

Author's Foreword:
Though Chapter 4 is inherently a love story between mother and son, it involves nonconsensual sex. Please be forewarned if that topic do not agree with you.
Part 1. Blackmail
Derek spent the summer taking classes and working at a decent paying internship, the latter which was conveniently located near his college. Entering his 3rd year and an "old" 20 years of age, most of his friends had already relocated off campus. There was a vacancy in the house where Kenny lived, and Derek's Big Brother had been trying to convince him to move in.
Derek was sorely tempted but he hated the idea of leaving his widowed mother alone.
The handsome young man had slept in the same bedroom since he was a child, but during the past semester Lola had unceremoniously moved most of his belongings to the garage and converted his room into storage space. It was something that stunned the young man and made him feel like a stranger in his own home. However, Lola wasn't trying to be cruel or even practical.
She wanted Derek to move into her room and share her bed.
It was the closest mother and son would ever come to living as husband and wife, and the pair wanted to "live in the moment" as was their creed. So every morning they woke up naked together, and every morning Lola went to work while her son headed attended summer classes and then his internship. They would relax after they returned home… streaming movies, lounging at the pool or beach, and chatting about their day as they enjoyed dinner… before ending up in bed naked again.
All in all, it was the perfect way to spend a summer.
The sound of the doorbell ringing interrupted Lola's workout. In the midst of her lunges, which had been preceded by several sets of planks, sit-ups, and jump-roping, the fit woman was only just starting to build up a comfortable sweat. Most of her girlfriends displayed their utmost confidence when they were dressed up nicely and enhanced with makeup, but not Lola. She felt her sexiest clad in a sports bra and yoga pants while bathed in sweat during a workout.
Lola's sense of exhilaration was heightened even more at the thought that Derek had returned home. The beautiful mother had been frequently checking the time as she anxiously waited for him like a young love-struck schoolgirl. Sure, much of that could be attributed to the fact that he was physically well endowed, to put it mildly.
But, simply stated, Lola was in love with her son… as he was with her.
The beautiful mother glanced at her watch again and realized that it was too early for Derek to be home. Summer classes and the internship typically kept him away until 6pm, and that was still 3 hours away. She figured that it was probably a delivery or a door-to-door salesperson, the latter causing the stunning blonde to roll her eyes.
So Lola returned her lunges. She primarily worked out for her own health and self-confidence, of course, but also desired to keep her sexy body fit for her love. Though it was admittedly juvenile and superficial, it was important to Lola for Derek not only to desire her but to be proud of her when they were out in public as a couple.
When the doorbell didn't stop ringing, however, Lola ceased her activity and stomped to the front door. She was irritated at having her workout interrupted, and whoever was outside was about to incur her wrath. She angrily flung the door open.
Lola stared in confusion.
"Hello, beautiful. Remember me?"
"Joel? Hi. What are you doing here?"
"Oh, nothing much. I was in the neighborhood so I thought I'd visit."
Alarms were suddenly blaring in the Lola's head, and she subtly kept the door between them as a barrier. "If you're looking for Derek, he's not home yet."
"That's ok. I actually came to see you, Lola." When woman regarded him warily, the diminutive young man continued, "Or should I refer to you as… Mrs. Rappaport?"
Lola instantly stiffened but kept her expression neutral; anyone else would've been fooled. "Miss Rappaport," she corrected. "I'm not married."
"Of course. I mean, you and Derek couldn't possibly be married to each other."
A cold dread took hold of the woman.
"But you were married once before, weren't you, Lola? Hmmm… yes?" Joel asked pleasantly. "Great thing about the internet: if you search long and hard enough, you can find everything you need."
Lola's world immediately crumbled and physical pain lanced into her side. Panic set in but, though her deepest secret was discovered, she would not give this creep the satisfaction. "What do you want, Joel?"
"Why, isn't it obvious, Lola? I want you."
The woman felt like vomiting.
"You should let me in because we have many things to discuss."
Lola's first instinct was to curse that the young man and slam the door in his face. But she was trapped and realized it. Even worse, Joel knew it, too.
She stood to the side as Joel invaded her literal and figurative safe place.
"I was so sorry to read about your husband. That pandemic was a doozy for everyone. I lost a grandmother to the coronavirus, may God rest her soul. But tell me, Lola. Did you even wait to bury your husband before you started fucking your son, or was Morgan's body still warm?"
Lola struck him across the face. "GET OUT!" she screeched.
The force spun Joel's head, but he slowly turned back with an ominous sneer. "I love it when girls fight back… woman, in your case. It always makes playing with them so much more fun."
"Get out of my house! And if you ever come back here, so help me I'll—"
"Sure, I'll leave. But don't you think that the fraternity I belong to with you boyfriend… I'm sorry, I meant son… might be curious about the true nature of your relationship with him? I think the entire college… you know, the one I attend with Derek… might find it interesting, too. Ah, hell. The entire world would love the sordid details between you and that dumb ox."
"Don't you dare insult my son!"
Joel ignored her. "What would happen if some pics of you and Derek naked together were mysteriously uploaded to the internet with….oh, let's say… your names, relationship, and home address? That'd be really embarrassing, don'tcha think, Lola?"
"You're an asshole. And you're bluffing."
"Am I?" Joel showed her what was on his cellphone screen.
It was a very clear picture of Lola having sex with her son on Kenny's bed.
"How did—"
"I have my ways. And there's more, Lola. Much, much more. This is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. I've been watching you for a very long time… so long that I didn't even realize it was you at first." Joel laughed and his expression momentarily maniacal. "You're tits look incredible in that sports bra… and those yoga pants on that ass… my God, you are so fucking hot."
He reached out to caress her cheek, but Lola viciously slapped his hand away. "Get to the point, Joel. What the hell do you want?"
"Like I said, Lola. I want you. But tell you what: right now I'll settle for a blowjob." As Lola's eyes and nostrils flared lividly, Joel held up his hands. "Now, now. Think of your baby, Lola. You wouldn't want history to remember him as the little boy who was corrupted by his own mother, would you? The world can be a cruel and unforgiving place. It'll follow Derek for the rest of his life. Why, think of all the ridicule he'll suffer. And we both know that if those pictures 'accidentally' make it to the internet, they'll be immortalized there forever."
"You're disgusting."
"So says the mother fucking her biological son."
Lola began to sob, not because she was being blackmailed but because the vile person blackmailing her was right. Her worst nightmare— that someone had discovered her forbidden love with Derek— had come to fruition, but that wasn't the worst part of all. She was supposed to be Derek's mother, not his lover; she was supposed to be his protector and nurturer. She was the adult whoshould've used better judgment to set an example. Normally a proud and confident woman, Lola had never felt so ashamed. She wasn't even worried for herself; all that concerned her now was protecting Derek.
That was the only choice she had left.
Joel patted Lola on the head condescendingly. "There, there, Lola. It'll be ok. Now get on your knees and suck my dick."
She sunk to her knees without a fight.
"Oh, wait," Joel stopped her. "One thing before we begin." He slapped the poor woman hard. "That's for making fun of me at the luau." He struck her again. "That's for your dumbass son whom you should've aborted." The 3rd strike hurt the most, not because it was physically the hardest, but because of the spiteful words that accompanied it. "And that one is for being the worst mother on the entire planet. Now blow me, Lola."
Time seemed to slow to a crawl. Lola felt as though she was moving underwater, crushed by the horror and gravity of the situation, and unable to breathe. But the brave woman forced herself not to panic. Her best recourse was to give Joel what he wanted so he would leave as quickly as possible.
Hopefully, the nightmare would be over soon enough.
When Joel came in her mouth, Lola grimaced and gagged as she forced herself to swallow every last drop, too afraid to leave any traces of his presence behind. And when he finally emptied himself after an agonizing period of time, Joel shoved the woman away so that she fell onto the floor. Derek's mother retched.
Joel cackled with glee. "Fucking wow, Lola. You suck cock like a pro. I can see why your son is in love with you!" His laughter grated on her ears.
"You got what you wanted, asshole. Are you happy? Now please leave."
"Am I happy? Oh, hell no. I'm nowhere near satisfied yet. Get up." When Lola stared at him in horror, he raised his fist and snarled, "I said, get up!"
Lola yelped painfully as he grabbed her arm and yanked her to her feet, nearly dislocating her shoulder in the process. Then, with a strength born of impatience and malice, Joel dragged her into the living room and flung her over the arm of the couch. When Lola attempted to push herself up, however, the young man grabbed the scruff of her neck to keep her pinned down.
And with his other hand, he began pulling down her yoga pants.
Lola couldn't move. She wanted to scream and twist away, but it was as if her consciousness had fled her body, leaving an empty shell behind. It wasn't until Joel penetrated that Lola began to cry, and the numbness instantly went away.
Now all she felt was pain in every sense of the word.
Suddenly realizing that she had to make a stand for herself, Lola fought back. She swore and thrashed, and tried to kick the little man away, but he was unbelievably strong. And just when hopelessness began to wash over her, Joel made it even worse by stating in a casual voice that both annoyed and terrified her, "Remember your son, Lola. Remember that you're doing all this for your precious little baby."
Lola's body sagged like her spirits as she lost abruptly lost the will to resist.
Joel brutalized her for the next several hours.
"Hey, mom! I'm home!"
Derek eagerly bounded into the house from the garage. It had been particularly long day. Class was especially hard, made worse by all the homework that his professor had assigned. The internship was even more grueling, and the only thing that got him through the day was knowing that his mother was waiting for him at home.
Derek was very, very horny and could barely wait to get his hands on her.
Lola was sitting rigidly on the couch when her son entered the living room. She didn't turn to him, or welcome him with open arms and a kiss like she normally did. In fact, she didn't acknowledge him at all.
Derek immediately sensed something was wrong. "Mom?"
"Hey." The strain was evident in that single word, and Lola still hadn't faced her son.
"Hi… are you ok?"
"I'm good. How was your day?"
Derek made a rude sound and tossed his keys onto the coffee table. "It totally sucked." In a quieter tone, he continued, "Thinking about you was the only thing that got me through it. I couldn't wait to come home and see you." He slid next to her on the couch, and in an even quieter tone added, "I'm so hot for you, mom. Let's shower together then go to your room." Derek tried to snuggle with her, but then Lola did something that she had never done before.
She pushed him away.
Derek was more stunned than hurt. And she still hadn't looked at him. "I'm sorry, mom. I didn't mean to—"
"It's ok, babe. I'm just not in the mood right now."
That was understandable, but he knew there was something else. He touched her hand. "Mom, what—"
Lola abruptly recoiled as if a snake was touching her. "I said, I'm not in the mood!"
"I know. That's not what I'm after." The young man started to experience an inexplicable panic, and spoke with an authoritative tone that he had never used with his mother. "Look at me."
Lola kept her eyes averted for a bit longer and was clearly struggling was some kind of inner turmoil. Then she slowly turned. However, she still couldn't look him in the eye.
There was an enormous bruise on her cheek.
"What the… Mom!" He was horrified. "What happened?"
"I was doing yoga when I fell and hit my face," she stated flatly. "I'm such a klutz."
Lola worked out religiously every day, and did things that were much more intense and physical than yoga. She was also as agile as a cat, and the notion that his mother injured herself during yoga, while possible, seemed highly unlikely to Derek. Even now, he noticed that her hair was unusually tousled and that there was a worrisome haunted look in her eyes. The young man was instantly suspicious, and his panic morphed into sheer terror.
"Mom… did someone hurt you?" The idea of someone harming the woman he loved enraged him and Derek's emotions changed again, this time into something violent.
"No. I told you, I fell and hit my face."
"Just drop it, babe."
"Mom, don't—"
"Derek, please." There was desperation in her voice as she poured all her effort into keeping her emotions in check. "I'm fine. It was just a stupid accident. Just drop it, ok?" He was about to argue when Lola suddenly stood up. "Your dinner is in the microwave, just heat it up for a minute and a half. I need to shower again."
Normally, that would've been an invite for Derek to join her, but today was not the norm as she started to leave. "I'll wait for you."
"Don't bother. I'm not hungry." His mother left without looking back.
Lola fled. Lying to her son was so difficult and gut-wrenching that it was impossible to be convincing. Still, she had deflected his questioning, and that was enough for now.
During her prolonged sexual assault at Joel's hands, Lola prayed that her son would return home early to intervene. But now, as she hurried into the bathroom and stripped off her clothes, she realized that it was better this way. Derek could never know that Joel had discovered their illicit affair. Her duty was to shield her son from the humiliation.
Lola had to surrender herself to Joel.
As the poor woman studied her reflection in the mirror and the nasty bruises that adorned her entire body, she recalled Joel's final words before he left her battered and broken.
You'll be seeing me again REAL soon.
"Real soon" turned out to be months later.
However, Joel taunted her constantly with random phone calls and texts during all hours of the day. Some were simple annoying messages like "Hello", "Thinking of you", and "Miss me?"; others were cruel reminders of what would happen if she didn't continue to comply. Lola never knew when the messages would come or, worse, when he would force himself on her again.
Joel was toying with her.
Lola tried not to let the blackmail destroy her life. At times, it was easy to compartmentalize. And she became so adept at forcing a smile in front of family and friends that no one had any inkling of the horrors that the poor woman was enduring.
No one except her son.
Derek was wondering why his mother had been so distant with him since that particular day in the living room. They were still occasionally intimate and, if he was lucky, occasionally spent a night in bed with her, significantly down from every night. The young man had suspected something was very wrong and continued to gently press his mother about it, but she clearly did not want to discuss it.
What's going on?!?!
Lola told her son that they needed to move on from each other and live a semblance of a normal life, whatever that meant in this post-pandemic world. They had discussed it before, of course. However, not that she lacked conviction or was trying to convince him of something that she didn't believe in herself, but the way she spoke felt off. No, there was something else underlying in her words.
Derek initially suspected that Lola was dating someone but was too afraid to tell him and hurt his feelings. But the young man promptly pushed that notion aside. That would've been something that she'd be forthcoming about, no matter how difficult the conversation would be. So as the summer dragged on, Derek continued to worry about what was happening to his mother.
And through it all, Lola pondered when Joe would force himself upon her again.
The text came almost a month later while Lola was at work.
Come to the Penthouse @ 9pm tonight. Wear some sexy underwear.
And there it was. The woman's nightmare had never ceased from that dreadful day in her living room, merely slowing down to like a sharp knife twisting agonizingly in her side. She'd have to give Derek an excuse on why she was going out tonight, and lying to him would, once again, hurt beyond compared.
Lola sighed; the day inexorably dragged on.
Lola knew precisely what the "Penthouse" was when she arrived at the fraternity house. Derek had mentioned it before and Joel had bragged about it in his slew of messages. The beautiful woman prepared herself, not knowing what to expect as she trudged up the front steps. Would Joel be alone? Or would all the Brothers of Pi Rho, minus her son, be present, ready to make a mockery of her situation and violate her, too?
With fear making her arm feel like an anchor, Lola was about to knock on the door when it suddenly flung open. Joel stuck his head out and beamed her a smile as if they were best friends. "Hi, Lola!" he greeted her merrily. "So glad you could make it! Come on in, we have the whole place to ourselves!"
The helpless woman wondered if that was good or bad as she entered the fraternity house.
Joel didn't say a word as he led Lola up the stairs by the hand. Her feet were leaden, and though he never looked back, he would yank harshly whenever she trailed too far behind. Once they reached his bedroom, however, he turned towards her with a sinister grin and ogled the curves of her voluptuous body.

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