The Newly-wedded Wife

Arindam Biswas, a 27-year-old young man with medium height and dark complexion whose marriage was arranged by his family with Sananda Ray, a ravishing Bengali beauty with equally voluptuous figure (34b/29/35), aged 23 years. Sananda, nick-named Tuli, a modest-kind of girl with usual middle-class values. Right from her school days she used to learn Rabindra sangeet and was blue-eyed girl of her Guru in the music school. Her complexion was pinkish fair, and eyes were big and attractive. Her stunning beauty did allure many boys in her locality as usual, but she indulged or responded to none. And after her graduation, in winter, she was married off to Arindam, an MBA boy who’s then employed in a textile Company at Lakshmipura in Mehsana district in Gujarat.

Contextually, before marriage Arindam met Sananda only once, and that meeting at a CCD was arranged by one Arnab Banerjee, a cousin of Tuli’s music teacher as well as a music-function arranger by profession. Arnab was quite senior to Tuli in age; he was around 42, swarthy, and very ordinary in looks, and unmarried. Arnab and Tuli were on friendly terms.
However, shortly after marriage, Tuli shifted, with her husband, to Sananda where she found none around to make friends. She didn’t know Gujarati language or even Hindi properly. So, in initial weeks, it was quite boring for her. There flat was also very small, containing only a bedroom, one attached-bath and a kitchen. But Tuli was not unhappy about it. A few weeks later, one day Tuli received a telephone call from Kolkata. The call was from her Arnab-da who was then already on his way to Gujarat to meet Tuli and Arindam. Tuli was happy that someone at least from her homeland coming to meet them, but simultaneously she was tensed about how her guest would be accommodated in her place. In their bedroom there was only a divan, double-sized, and they had no extra bed for any such guest. In fact, they did not need it all. Arindam told Tuli not to take tension, somehow everything would be managed. After 3 days, Arnab reached their place. Arindam had gone to Ahmadabad railway station to receive him.
Tuli was very happy to see him. They all chatted together a lot; Arindam became friendly with Arnab. After dinner they were to take bed, and three of them were to be somehow accommodated. Finally it was arranged that Arindam would be in the middle while the guest and Tuli would be on Arindam’s side, thus somehow accommodating themselves in a low divan. It was the month of early December, and it was quite cold. And the couple had only a single double-sized quilt to cover over them; but now they were to manage with it, accommodating another person under it. Well, they somehow managed it for that time being, nestling together closely, under a quilt. Soon Tuli and Arnab fell asleep, while Arindam did not yet. In that strange situation Arindam, being sandwiched between Tuli and their guest, suddenly started feeling excited for his young wife Tuli. He tuned towards Tuli.
Tuli was sound-sleeping. And the room was almost totally dark; only a dim green light was on. She was in her front-buttoned casual night-shirt, without brassier underneath. As she was on her back, Arindam carefully and slowly tried to turn her towards him, but failed. So now he slowly placed one his hand on her heaving bosom to stealthily feel after the warmth of its resilient flesh. And before starting to cup her high breasts, he undid all the buttons, one by one, down her front, thus exposing her breasts fully under the quilt he began cupping the breasts of his sleeping wife, very mildly. . . but then suddenly the asleep guest turned towards Arindam, and one his hand came over Arindam’s flank. And at this suddenly a strange naughty idea flashed in Arindam’s mind, and with that in mind he held the sleeping guest’s hand and pulled forth a little towards Tuli, and then very carefully placed the hand — or flat of the palm rather —
atop his sleeping wife’s one bare breast-dome. Then over that palm Arindan placed his palm, began slowly pressing it down and releasing the pressure, by turns, and this prank further hardened his erection. And thus, suddenly, he discovered a strange erotic delight and hedonistic idea of wife-sharing and watching. It induced him to go bolder. So he again withdrew from Tuli’s naked breasts, then slowly he pulled himself from underneath the quilt, without perturbing the sleep of his wife and the guest. He now changed the guest’s position by slowly pushing him unto his wife, and himself came in the place where the guest had been lying earlier. So now the guest was in the middle, just beside Tuli who was still asleep. On the other hand, the guest was also sleeping, agape. Even in that dim light Arindam could see everything, almost clearly. He now further placed the guest’s hand on asleep Tuli’s breasts. The sight eroticized Arindam further; he was getting wet with precum…
He was observing if the guest’s inactive hand turned alive by chance! But it was not so. Arindam did not loose patience. Another idea flashed in his mind. So, now he gradually tried to pull his sleeping wife on her side, towards or facing the guest. And somehow his effort worked out. Now Tuli’s face came too closer to that of the guest who was sleeping agape. Due to this positional change, the guest’s hand was now away from Tuli’s bosom. So, now Arindam tried carefully to push the agape sleeping guest further towards his sleeping wife Tuli in such way that a breast-tip automatically entered the guest’s agape or open mouth.. . . And setting them in such position Arindam kept watching. Some moment elapsed without  any further development. But then Tuli’s body slightly moved; her hand came over the sleeping guest and pulled him closer to the extent that her    breast-tip shoved more into his mouth, and then she held one his hand and placed it on her other bare breast as if to scope him to assume cupping that breast.  And next moment, to Arindam’s surprise and delight, Arnab’s hand started slowly working on Tuli’s one breast, seizing her already swollen nipple; a sigh of pleasure escaped Tuli’s mouth.
On the other hand, Arindam kept pretending asleep. He saw Arnab’s palm cupping the breast while sucking harder the other, and then his face came over Tuli’s and Tuli’s arms closed around him while their eager mouths being sealed in a passionate kiss. After a long kiss, the guest’s mouth further came over Tuli’s heaving bosom, and he started squeezing out and sucking her pert breasts, by turns, making her sigh in bliss; his strong suction on Tuli’s breasts created a mild but clear squeichy sound..Tuli’s love-sounds mounted Arindam’s sexual excitement further. But he could not  join them least Tuli, his beautiful wife, might make out that he was not asleep.
Then Arindam suddenly heard Tuli whispering to her Arnab-da: “… please  Arnab-da, I can not stand any longer…please let us make love fully, please eat me, fill me with your seed…”
Next moment, they got off bed, and Tuli and Arnab shed all their clothes; Arnab made Tuli lie supine on floor and came over her. He began licking and lapping Tuli’s whole body, right from her neck to toes, making her moan aloud in pleasure; he parted her thighs and shoved his face inbetween, into her wet pubic region, with his hands working on her elated breasts. And started eating her with a gusto.
And by doing so he started taking her to the seventh heaven. . . This made Tuli wild, and she started undergoing orgasms, one after another, as Arindam guessed it from the intensity of her love-sounds.
Finally, Arnab entered her with a thrust and assumed churning in her with his huge love-rod, making her shirk with sexual ecstasy. He rammed into her continuously for no less than 20 minutes.  Arindam was taken aback by Arnab’s staying power. Finally a moan escaped Arnab, indicating his climax, and immediately thereafter he collapsed on
Tuli’s upside, filling her receptive womb with his love-lava, making her hiss of satisfaction. Arnab stayed lying over her, without yet withdrawing from her within. A few minutes later he resumed foreplaying with Tuli, to make her ready for a second round of lovemaking. And she was soon ready, anew.  Arnab started again pumping Tuli, and filled her once again. Finally he withdrew from her, leaving her completely satisfied and satiated. As Tuli stood up, milky thick semen overflew from her love-gate and ran down her inner thighs..
Tuli stepped into bathroom.  Next minute she came back, and leaned over her sleeping husband to be sure if he’d still been asleep. She smiled, and re-wearing her undone night-dress, she reoccupied her place in the bed. Next morning, Arnab went out on his morning-walk. Tuli served Arindam tea etc., and sat opposite him with her tea. A mysterious smile was flashing on her comely face. Arindam was watching her, casually. And chatting with her, suddenly he stood up and came near his wife, then he leaned to her and taking her into arms planted a kiss on her, full on her lips. Tuli responded to his urge, with a surprise in mind.
And while kissing her, he grabbed her front-bottomed shirt and yanked it apart down the middle; bottoms went flying and her pert breasts jutted out in the open; red love-scars were vividly discernible on fair her breast-skin. Tuli was surprised at his sudden odd behavior, and she felt scared too as not being able to hide those deep love-scars which she had received on breasts from Arnab previous night during their lovemaking. To her utter surprise, Arindam knelt down before her and closing her both palms around Tuli’s one breast he started biting and sucking exactly over those love-marks or scars, granting her a jolt of sexual excitement. By his strange behaviour, intelligent Tuli had by now understood that her husband must have voyeured her secret nocturnal escapade with Arnab and she blurted out: “…why did not you join us last night then ?!”  Arindam replied to her horny wife: “…you should have beckoned me to participate in the fun”. Tuli laughed and said out: “I should have done so, because, after all, you were initiating it all” Surprised Arindam aske: “how come!!?” Tuli replied: “…my sleep went off the moment you placed Arnab-da’s hand on my breasts and”, Tuli continued, “I was taken aback by thinking why you’re doing it —– was it mere for a fun or else!”
“In fact, situationally I had also become aroused, and unhesitatingly cooperated the way you wished it.”  Arindam zealously uttered: “…all right, so long he is here, enjoy funs with him, whether I am present or absent here. Tonight we will enjoy a great fun.” Tuli felt relieved of her tension, and she engulfed him in mouth and took him to ejaculation in her mouth which she gulped down. Then she requested Arindam: “dear! Bring i-Pils for me while returning home from office this evening. I am not on the pill, nor am I in a safe period now…” Arindam laughed and went into bathroom to take a bath. . .