The Night I Confessed To My Husband, I’d Fucked Several Men Since Our Marriage

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By Victoria Kay I was shocked, when my husband Ronnie, ask me how many guys I had fucked, since we’d been married.
He definitely knew about one but, why did he think there were more? We had gone out to a bar and had several drinks. He’s not a big drinker an I usually drink more than he does. I get very high and along with that, very loose. When I drink, I wanna fuck. He knows this.

Anyway, we were home fucking when he ask me that. I said, “You know about Rodney.” He said, “Yeah, but I’m not talking about him, I wanna know about the others.” I said, “Like who, why do you think there are others?” He said, “I know you and how loose you get when you get to drinking so, just tell me, I wanna know.” Then he added, “I’m not mad or gonna get mad.”

I said, “Well, there have been several.” When I said that his dick got so hard and he rammed it into my pussy, hard. It was like he couldn’t help the response, he just had to ram me. I liked it. I could tell he was turned on by what I said. He said, “Several?” “That’s more than 3 or 4.” I said, “Yes, more like 7 or 8.”

He rammed me again, 4 good rams, hard into my pussy. I liked it again. He said, “Tell me where you did something, with someone.” I said, “Well, one time I went out behind this storage shed at a bar and let this stranger I just met fuck me.” He said, “Did he cum in you?” I said, “Yes.” “Did I fuck you when you came home?” I said, “Yes.” Ronnie’s dick was so hard, I loved it. He said, “Where else?” I said, “I’ve gone to guy’s vans and cars to fuck.”

He ask, “Did they get you naked?” I said, “The guys in the vans did.” He said, “Did you suck their dicks?” I said, “Yes, they made me sick them first.” Did you ever fuck anybody that was rough with you or rape you?” “Yes, I’ve been force fucked 2 times.” “Did they hurt you?” “They got a little rough, they slapped me and one guy ripped my panties off.” Ronnie’s so hard as he’s fucking me real slow so, he won’t cum. He wants to hear more.

He said, “Why did he rape you?” I said, “We were making out and I told him I couldn’t do anything.” He said, ” But, my dicks all hard an I need to fuck.” “Then, he proceeded to try to take my panties off.” “I was fighting him telling him no and he grabbed them and ripped the crotch out of them.” “I yelled at him and he slapped me across the face, told me to shut up and be still.” He stuck his dick in me an I just had to let him fuck me” Ronnie said, “Did you like it?” I said, “Not at first but, he fucked me so hard, he made me cum.”

Ronnie said, “So, my wife has fucked 7 or 8 guys since we’ve been married.” “I wish you would have told me when you did” “I often thought your pussy was very wet when I’d fuck you, after you got home.” “Now, I know it was full of cum.” “My wife’s a cum slut.” “An, I love that she is.” He starts fucking me fast and hard with his hard dick. It won’t take him long to cum. I said, “You seem to like that I let strangers fuck my pussy?” He said, “Yes, I do.” I said, “The next time I come home with it full of cum, I’ll tell you.”
When I said that to him, he rammed his dick into me and cum.

That was our first night of jump starting our sex life. We fuck every night. I think it’s so be can hear what all I’ve done with other men. But, ever since that first night we have the most incredible sex I’ve ever had. I know he feels the same way. I went out with the girls a few weeks ago an I know he was hoping I’d fuck somebody. I didn’t know if I would or not. I never went looking the other times. I would just get high an it would happen.

But, there was a couple guys who came over to our table and one guy was talking to me. He was so cute. He was sitting next to me and took my hand to put it on his dick. It was hard and pretty big. I thought I bet he doesn’t have underwear on. His pants material was suit material an very thin. I wanted that dick.
He said, “Why don’t we go get some air” I said, “I’m going to the bathroom.” When I got up, I walked out the back door. He came out a few minutes later.

He said, “We can go to my truck and smoke a joint if you want.” I said, “Sure.” He had one of those trucks that was real high with big tires. He had to help me up in it. So, in the truck we smoked then, he pulled me down in the bench seat. I had on a dress with crotchless panty hose. He slipped his hand up to my pussy and saw he could fuck me then, unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick and stuck it me.

His dick was big and very thick. I was gonna cum on it any minute. He was a great fuck. I wish I could spend a night with that monster. I couldn’t wait to tell Ronnie. He fucked me a long time before he cum. I cum several times. He said, “I like that I satisfied you.” I thought that was sweet that he even cared. So many men never ask or care.

When I got home Ronnie was awake and I said, “You’re gonna love that I got lucky tonight.” He was sitting up in bed stroking his dick. I went over, leaned down and started sucking his dick. He loved for me to put my mouth on it. He had a very nice dick. About 8″ and a little bigger than golf ball size. It satisfied me very nicely. The guy I just fucked was much bigger. Wait til I tell Ronnie.

I climbed in bed and told him how this guy took me to his truck and fucked me with his big dick. Ronnie got so excited. He said, “I feel his cum in your pussy. He got up on my chest, put his dick in my mouth and said, ” You’re sucking his cum off my dick.” His dick got so hard as he fucked my mouth. He put it back in my pussy and fucked me as I told him everything about what we did. He ask me how big he was. I told him and he said, “Did you like that big dick?” I said, “Oh yeah.”

Ronnie said, “Maybe, I’ll get you a huge dildo dick and fuck you with it, would you like that?” I said, “I like anything you do to me.” He fucked me so good with his hard dick that night. Plus, in the middle of the night I woke up with him sticking it in me from behind, fucking me again. My pussy was full of cum.

I’ve never been so turned on as when Ronnie’s dick gets hard as a rock over me fucking other men. It has made our sex life more exciting than I could ever imagine. If anybody is having a lull in their bedroom I suggest, be honest with your partner or experiment with something like we did. It’s great. I don’t really think a husband wasn’t a puritan wife with no experience. I think most men would love to have a sexually used wife that can tell him about her sex life. He knows she chose him over all those other men. So, he should be proud that he ended up with her.

I started having sex very young with my father when I was 10. I never wanted to be a straight laced good girl. I always loved getting fucked.

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By Victoria Kay #Cheating #Incest #Rape