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It a time worn excuse, we were bored or drunk and had sex, the condom broke, and she got pregnant. It could be casual meeting at party, your girlfriend, or a family member. Like in my case I was bored and horny and had only my sister with me at the time. My sister is my best friend we always look out for each other, especially after losing our parents in pandemic. Not short of cash and have the family home as well. I was 33 at the time and she 30 almost 31. I’m the greatest looking man since ever and she is greatest looking woman also. I wish, I’m an average Joe and she is an average Jane. The main different in our case to the intro, I didn’t have a condom and decided to risk it, with the pull out just in time technique, sound great. But I was too involved, in the moment and missed the pull-out time. Once, what’s the chances of her getting pregnant, I know now in our case, a 100% as my sister is 7 months pregnant. One benefit, you can’t get more pregnant once you are and as the baby is healthy and I made the most of mistake. By fucking my sister regularly since was confirmed as pregnant but that has now ended, till after the birth. We stuffed up and how have accepted our fate to act like a married couple and continue on fucking each other.

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