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I was 27 and down on my luck, very down about to be homeless. Having burnt my bridges as they say I wasn’t welcome at my parent’s home or by my 2 siblings either or other close relatives. I had done a good job of getting everybody in the family against me. But working at a diner I had attracted the eye of a regular customer 55. He had heard of my losing my accommodations and made me an offer, he would provide me with a comfortable home and a better life in return I provide him with 2 children. He was prepared to pay me very well to provide him with children, of course DNA tests were also a part of the requirements of the contract. Also, straight sexual intercourse was the preferred method to be used. I had sold myself for sex before and he was better looking than most of my lovers paying or not paying. Love was involved and I was very interested straight away, and I had the health checks and passed all of them. I signed the contract and moved in with him in his Penthouse apartment. It was 5 times bigger than the diner I had worked for and was on 2 floors. He turned out to be a great lover and I really enjoyed the sex with him, usually my lover got on me and got themselves off then got off me. It took 2 months to get pregnant and I was very happy I had got pregnant. Having a boy was a bonus for him, but he hadn’t made a boy a priority in the contract. As per contract on our sons first birthday we started trying for the second child, but we hadn’t stopped fucking after our first was conceived. I enjoyed sex with him, and I know he enjoyed fucking me, because he was regularly fucking me. I had weened our son and after 3 months was again pregnant and we had a girl, and we were still fucking regularly. I had become settled into living with him and wasn’t in any hurry to leave. After weening our daughter, we kept fucking, and I again got pregnant. Having another girl, after 12 years living together and providing 5 children 3 boys 2 girls. We tied the knot; I had no desire to leave, and he wanted me to stay the contract was null and void after as I was now his wife. I’m quite happy now being his wife and mother to our children and had mu tubes tied due to problems with our last child. But we still fuck regularly, and he hasn’t lost his vigor.

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