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I worked at a diner and an old man would come in for meals several times a week. Nobody knew much about him, but several men came in and were causing trouble and then the old man arrived. They saw him and it was like they saw a ghost, they got scared and left just after the old man had walked in. I was a little stunned by their actions, I thought later he was a relative and they were scared of their family punishing them. It turned out I was wrong the old man was a old bar room brawler and had already given the others a beating. They didn’t want another and so left, I wondered why they were so scared of a man in his sixties. He wasn’t in his sixties he was 54 and a had a hard life and just looked older. Taught martial arts and done security work on the side and is a special deputy called up if required. like during the pandemic due to illness among the police officers. Anyway, that all I knew about him till after the diner had a electrical fire was closed for several months. Which came at bad time for me, as I had no savings and soon had to find work anyway I could. Meaning there wasn’t much going at all, I thought I might sell myself to get some cash. But there are pimps who run the street girls and got them hooked on drugs. I was about to be evicted, when I met the old man again and I asked him if he wanted some companionship. He looked at me and correctly new what trouble I was in. He offered me a room in his house, and it was the best offer I’ve had so I took it. I was at least out of the weather as it started raining and if I had been evicted, I would’ve been on the streets. He had me clean his house and do the washing as my payment for food and lodgings. But it wasn’t hard as he was a very tidy person, I was 32 at the time in no relationship and was masturbating myself. I walked in on him in the shower, and he was naked, and I was horny, and I joined him. He wasn’t shocked just accepted my joining him and fucked me in the shower. We finished showering and retired to his bed and I’ve been there ever since. The diner reopened and I got my job back and stayed there until I had a break to have our son. Fucking the old man in the shower no condom and I wasn’t protected either. Once I knew I was pregnant he married me, he said for 2 reasons one he liked fucking me and the second he really liked fucking me. He still drops in for his meals when I’m working and brings our son. Stays until I finish, and we walk home together.

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