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tagIncest/TabooThe One Stop Shop

Derrick, like most, did not know what to expect upon his arrival to The One Stop Shop. Partly because all who enter are made to sign a non-disclosure agreement before being granted access beyond the front room. Miss Margarette, a heavier woman in her forties with a vaguely southern accent, makes sure of this, and despite her Dolly Parton esque figure, has the strength to remove even the most unruly of clients.
The door opened with the chime of a small bell, alerting Miss Margarette, who smiled at Derrick. His friends had sent him, he said. How nice, Miss Margarette replied. She proceeded to ask Derrick to sign the NDA, to which he asked why a 'one stop shop' would need an NDA. Miss Margarette, of course, said she could not ND, per the A. She laughed every time she said that, despite the years of use. She tapped a long manicured nail on the paper and he consented. You see, this is The One Stop Shop, not a one stop shop, she said as she stood from her little stool and walked over to open the door for him. He didn't understand, of course, but would soon. Derrick, I would later learn, worked in sales, so he knew a bit of the game Miss Margarette had played on him, allowing the curiosity to play on his nerves. He chose to give in, he would insist.
She held the door open for him, and he stepped inside. Into my world. He looked over his shoulder as the door closed behind him, descending him into darkness save for small red lanterns guiding him deeper into the building. The path was short, and he soon emerged into the 'inner sanctum'. That is usually said with a chuckle, but I've taken to calling it that. It has a nice ring to it. The walls are lined with booths, and in rows along the center are the stalls. There's usually a line for every stall, but it's a slow day so the men mill about it casually. There are a handful of booths curtained off, but Derrick comes straight to me. I poured him a whiskey and slid it across the bar.
"First one's on the house." I say with a smile. He regards me distrustfully, but has a hard time keeping his eyes away from the stalls. That's how you can always recognize a first timer. He looked like an ordinary human, brown hair, brown eyes, male, I saw nothing interesting about him, but he had a hunger to him. That's something I enjoy seeing, in this business specifically. "First time?" I ask. Derrick looks at me and nods, eyes widening as he realizes just what I am. I should explain, I'm seven feet tall, red skin, horns, get the idea? Derrick looked at me, dry mouthed for a long time. I tapped the glass I'd handed him, and he gulped it down. I poured another. "Any questions I can help clear up?" I asked. I serve the booze and direct the johns, it's a simple life really.
"W-what is this place?" Derrick asked.
"The One Stop Shop." I replied with a smile. I flick a thumb at the red neon sign hanging above the bar explaining just that.
"And what…are you?" He asked.
"My name is Herald." I replied with a small chuckle.
"And this is just…people just have…this is a sex place?" Derrick asked, seeming at a loss for words.
"We are a pay to play establishment. You can pay $50 per stall, or $500 for a booth, adding $250 per girl if you want to keep the booth and just change the partner." I explained. "The girls in the stall go 12-hour shifts, but the ones that will take you to the stalls are all cleaned between uses. All our girls are succubi so they're of age volunteers, and immune to human diseases so they cannot transfer anything to you."
Derrick looked at the stalls as a man walked up to one of the girls. Each stall had a girl's hole presented, not always the same hole, some had feet, some had hands, a few even had tails poking out along with the girl's ass. The man grabbed the girl by her tail and pulled her ass up, eliciting a moan as he pushed his cock into her pussy. It made a glorping sound and she spilled some excess cum onto the floor where a puddle had been formed from her dripping. He didn't seem to mind, as he humped into her madly, before cumming in a matter of seconds.
"The booths?" Derrick downed his whiskey and turned back to me.
"We have a lineup of girls, you pick one, you can pick an outfit for her, a backstory, a kink, a setting, tell us your wildest fantasies, and we will make it happen. Then you go to your booth and wait for her to get everything set up." I explained. He nodded, seeming unconvinced. "If you want a drink while you're in your stall the girl can come get it for you, or she can place an order without leaving and someone will deliver it."
"Do I tell her, or do I have to tell you?" He asked. It's always the ones with that hungry look in his eyes that wants something really kinky. I can always spot them.
"It's entirely up to you. We live to serve." I smirk.
"Do you take card?" He asked, pulling his wallet out. "I'd like one stall visit and one booth visit, I'll pick my booth girl before I go to the stalls." He said. I nodded and swiped his card, ringing him up for the drinks he already had and opening a tab for him in addition. When that was done, I took him to the back where the girls came to greet him. He looked around for a while before picking a petite purple succubus. The rest returned to what they were doing, and I returned to the bar while Derrick explained his 'wildest fantasy' to Jenny. She came to put the order in with me while Derrick went to the stalls.
Derrick's order consisted of a crop top white blouse and schoolgirl skirt for her to wear, and he asked for it to be a house interior setting, he wanted to be 'daddy' and to punish her. However, he wanted her to come get him and bring him to his booth, which was interesting. I programmed the room and gave her the outfit. He was face fucking a thick red succubus when Jenny fetched him. He told her to stand there and watch before they would go into the booth. She watched as he came into a stall girl's mouth before he grabbed her by the ass and led her to the booth.
Derrick walked into what looked to be a normal house, Jenny closed the door behind them. She looked meek, 5 feet tall with purple skin and long pointed ears. Her two small black horns poked out of dark purple hair and she looked up at Derrick with big amber eyes. He dwarfed her, being 6'2" and a little on the dad-boy side, but regarded her coolly.
"Did you see what daddy did to that whore in the stall?" He asked. Jenny nodded.
"Did it make you wet?" He asked. She said nothing. He pushed her gently against the wall and lifted her skirt, pushing his hand between her thighs.
"You are wet, did seeing your daddy fuck that woman turn you on?" He asked, as he pushed two meaty fingers inside of her. She moaned and moved her thighs back and forth, but his hand ignored them, pumping slowly in and out.
"Yes daddy." She said in a small voice.
"And you walked around in that place looking like this, did you like when the other men looked at you?" He asked. She nodded. "Tell me."
"Yes daddy." She moaned as he fingered her, still slowly, methodically.
"Did you want me to fuck you there in front of them? So they know you're my little slut? Daddy's little slut?" He asked.
"Yes daddy. I want you to fuck me." She wiggled her hips, trying to elicit more from him. He smirked. "I'm daddy's little slut." She looked up at him, knitted eyebrows as her hands grabbed fistfuls of his shirt. He smirked and grabbed her face by the cheeks, pushing her to her knees and holding her mouth open. Slowly he pulled his cock back out of his pants, it was half erect, and coated in a layer of slime. He pushed it into her mouth and without giving her the chance to move of her own volition, grabbed her by the horns and rammed himself down her throat. She looked up at him, eyes fluttering, as he fucked her face.
"Clean daddy's cock off." He said, releasing his hold and allowing her to bob on him. Her tongue moved sinfully around his cock, flicking to every nook and cranny. When he was fully erect, he pulled out of her mouth, enjoying the string of drool that kept her lips connected to the head of his member. He tapped it on the shirt that covered just her tits, smearing her drool onto the white fabric until it revealed the tiny, darkened nubs of her erect nipples.
She stared up at him, waiting for direction. Hooking his hands under her arms, he lifted her easily into the air. He guided her to put her legs around his waist as he leaned her back against the wall. Lowering her slowly, he held his tip to her entrance. Her legs weren't long enough to go all the way around him, so he supported her by cupping her ass with one hand while he leaned against the wall with the other. Instead of lowering her onto him, like she expected, he thrust up into her. She yelped, making him smirk. He lowered her the rest of the way slowly, until he was firmly encased in her. He undid his shirt, allowing it to flutter open.
"Bite me." He said. She obeyed, sinking her sharp canines into his abdomen. She peppered him with nips, not enough to break the skin, but enough to make him moan. He didn't thrust into her as she did this, but flicked his cock with every bite making her moan into his skin. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back, she looked wild, her eyes stared up at him with desperation. "Do you want me to fuck you?" He asked.
"Yes daddy. Please fuck me." She moaned, moving her hips against him. He let go of her hair and grabbed her by the hips, lifting her an inch or so off before pushing her back down, He began thrusting to meet his movements, until they were slapping against each other. She threw her head back and moaned desperately as he fucked her. He grabbed her tits through her shirt, roughly massaging them as he went. Without warning, he slammed into her, cumming deep into her pussy with squirt after squirt. She screamed as she came from the sensation. When he was done, he dropped her on the floor, she fell to her knees, looking up at him with a hazy look in her eyes.
"Get me a whiskey." He said going to sit on the stairs of the house. She nodded and slowly stood, righting her skirt, but not stopping the cum leaking down her legs. He slapped her as she left. Moments later she returned with his drink and he made her lick his cock while he drank it.
"Take your clothes off." He said, sipping his drink casually. She obeyed, dropping them on the floor unceremoniously. "Resume." He said. She returned to licking his cock in long languid laps. He sipped his drink watching her idly. Eventually he stood and she looked up at him, assuming he was done. She looked sad, but he put his drink down and pushed two fingers into her mouth between her teeth to hold her mouth open. He shoved his cock in, and held her at the base of his pelvis as it hardened in her mouth, filling more and more until her eyes bulged. He held her there by her long ears, and the pull to move back kept growing as he hardened. Finally, he let go and she fell backwards, panting, but lunged forward seconds later to suck desperately on his cock. He laced one hand in her hair, allowing her to do what she wanted, until he was ready to cum. He pushed her off and shot cum all over her face and hair.
"Leave it." He said when she reached up to scoop some off. "I want to fuck another stall girl while you watch." He said. She stood and nodded. He put his cock away and buttoned his shirt back up before emerging from the room. I smiled at him, noting Jenny behind him, cum dripping off her face and onto her bare chest. She came over with his card and I rang him up for all that he had requested before he went to the stalls with Jenny in tow. He fucked a well-used girl's pussy, and even scooped some of the cum off her and smeared it on Jenny as she stood there watching. When they returned to their booth it was in the company of another succubus, a tall lean red one with large breasts and a skintight business suit with button up top revealing ample cleavage, pencil skirt, and her hair tied into a neat bun.
"Melanie, Jenny." Derrick said. They both nodded at the other. Melanie had been rung up to be the 'mother', a no nonsense, businesswoman. The room had shifted to the bedroom, and Derrick had Jenny stand there dripping in cum at the end of the bed as he and Melanie laid down. Slowly They took each other's clothes off, Melanie slid Derrick's pants off, throwing them at Jenny's feet and shooting the girl a smirk.
"Jenny, your father's cock is messy, clean it." Melanie ordered. Jenny moved to Derrick's side of the bed and sank to her knees, holding her mouth open as Derrick put his cock back into Jenny's mouth. She cleaned it thoroughly before Melanie pushed her off Derrick. "Come, love." Melanie purred. Jenny moved back to her place at the end of the bed and watched as Melanie slowly slid her clothes off. Derrick's hands moved sensually over her ruby skin as each new inch appeared. When her tits popped into view, he began lapping at them until they hardened. When Melanie shimmied out of her skirt she pushed Derrick back against the bed and lowered her pussy onto his face. He lapped eagerly, hooking his arms around her thighs to keep her in place. She threw her head back and grabbed the headboard. Riding his face eagerly she moaned.
"Yes love, right there, that's the spot." Her thrusts became erratic before she came, spilling juices on Derrick's face as she did. She lifted off him and looked at Jenny.
"Jenny, your father is messy again." Melanie said impatiently. Derrick moved to let his head hang off the end of the bed and Jenny began licking Melanie's juices off his face. Melanie took this time to lower herself onto Derrick's cock. Derrick grunted and pulled Jenny in for a kiss. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and was going to deepen it, but Melanie grabbed his hands and put them on her breasts as she bounced on him. He returned his attention to Melanie thrusting up into her. She began moaning as he did, enjoying the sounds of his wet cock slapping into her dripping pussy, the slurp with each thrust. His hands moved to her hips to speed them up, and he began slamming into her. She leaned over, pressing her tits to his chest as he pounded her pussy. She moaned, looking up at Jenny until Derrick came in her. He grunted and with a few final thrusts, finished. Letting himself fall out of Melanie he turned to face the two expectant women.
"Jenny, clean me up. Melanie, lick all the cum off Jenny." Derrick said. Melanie looked surprised by this, but obeyed, and Jenny began lapping Derrick clean.
When that was done, Derrick sent Melanie to get him a new drink. "I think we should return to just us." Derrick said to Jenny who smiled.
"I'd like that daddy." She said.
"I've been teasing you all day; I think you need a nice firm fuck." Derrick said. Her eyes lit up and he laid back on the bed, motioning her to join him. She laid on her side beside him and he spread her ass cheeks. Slowly he slid back into her pussy, one hand on her hip, and the other wrapped around her and holding her breast to keep her firmly against him. He began thrusting slowly, and for a moment Jenny thought he was going to continue teasing, but he picked up speed until he was pounding her with the same force he'd used on Melanie. Speaking of, she had returned and was watching with a hungry look in her eyes. Derrick got up, pulling Jenny to the end of the bed, and bend her over the side to fuck her doggy style. His balls slapped her thighs and she moaned as he grabbed her by the horns to pull her head back. With a grunt he came in her pussy, and she spasmed as she orgasmed around his cock once more. Pulling out of her, he had Melanie and Jenny lick each other's pussies clean as he sipped his whiskey.
Yes, Derrick is the kind of client we look for here at The One Stop Shop. I know the type, I used to be one.

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