The one with the mask gave me security | domination story from io

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I was twenty years old and was walking through a park when I felt a blow to the head. I woke up naked and bound hand and foot on a bed in an abandoned house. someone had led me there. A very beautiful woman appeared half-naked, wearing a mask that covered her nose, stockings, a thong, and a bra. a very beautiful black set that highlighted a very beautiful woman. worthy of the best catwalks, she began to caress my cock until she got a huge erection. one of my favorite fantasies was to rape a beautiful woman and that he liked her. I never thought that she would be fulfilled the other way around.
she jumped on top of me and inserted my penis into her. great cock very good said she. she was a very beautiful woman but I had been beaten and taken there against my will and was tied half naked, I mentally resisted. But to feel tight around my cock that vagina moving, that body moving on top of me, a beautiful woman touching me, and her skilled hands that had a lot of experience, sought her pleasure but were so skillful that they gave me intense pleasure. Little by little I went letting myself be carried away by grazing until such intense pleasure drove me crazy.
she moaned with pleasure when she had been there for an hour she took off her bra, at two o’clock the thong, she even kissed me. and he kept possessing me only with her mask and stockings until I ejaculated inside her causing her an orgasm.
then he put the outfit back on he sat on top of me, under the back …

… out of the thong and inserted it into her ass. I love what a cock she said, she was sitting on my cock moving passionately I was sorry that she was not lying on top of me, but to feel her inside her a deep penetration in her ass her beautiful legs wrapped around my waist and her soft and experienced hands touching my torso caused me a very intense pleasure. I didn’t think someone enjoyed being raped to the point where it wasn’t rape anymore. but that beautiful woman was showing me the opposite. she ejaculated in her ass and she loved it. or if she said she. After resting for a while, he lay on the bed with his head on my lower abdomen and returned to introduce my cock into her. This time she took the semen in her mouth and excited me with her tongue and her mouth until she was hard again. I felt her soft tongue running all over my cock, her warm mouth, and her thin lips brushing against it and kept it like that for a while until I ejaculated again. how rich he said, I was dying to have it in my mouth. Finally she got on top of me and gave me a quickie.and I untie Don’t even think about trying to remove my mask, she said. she dressed me and told me to go away. Earlier he told me you’re not especially handsome but you have a great cock, I’ve been spying on you since I saw you pee in the park once, you’re shy and insecure with women. Well, I assure you that with that cock you won’t miss it. you just have to trust. and you’re not that bad even though you don’t seem to me especially handsome. I left delighted, he had been raped and had ended up enjoying it with a woman worthy of the best catwalks. I don’t know if I have a manly member as wonderful as she said, but having been possessed by a beauty like that gave me a lot of self-confidence.Ever since I lost my virginity to her ten years ago, I’ve done very well with women. I wear a mask so she couldn’t identify her, but in the end she wouldn’t have missed it. thank you beautiful blonde for having raped me