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All of you must have heard about the multiverse theory on the TV or read about it in books. Basically, the theory says that there are infinite universes with infinite earth and infinite different things like a universe where the moon was made of blue cheese or a universe where Justin Bieber was a man and many other things. Even the possibilities are infinite.

I used to wonder what kind of universes must be out there while I lay on my bed with my window open. I wondered what would they be like? Will I have a doppelganger there? Oh, how rude of me to not to introduce myself. I am Shubhankar, from India. I am right now 19 years old, and I will remain 19 forever. I will tell you all about that in a few minutes.

When I was fifteen, I was shifted to the narwhal orphanage in New Delhi. My parents had died in a car accident, but they left a lot of money for my education. So I went to a private school with 2-3 more students who had the same scenario. We live with each other. But that is not of importance right now. You see, I want to tell you the story of my life. That is because something happened to me that changed my life forever.
One night before my eighteenth birthday, and one day before the start of the new school session.

The night was cold, as it was the middle of November(my birthday falls 31 march).a very cold wind was blowing in from the north. I was lying on my bed in my room in the orphanage, masturbating while watching a Mia Khalifa. I had bought a one-day subscription of the as a birthday gift. The window was open. The curtain was fluttering wildly. It was eerily silent, but I was too emersed in mia’s boobs to notice that.

As the night grew on, the temperature began to drop. I rose from my bed to shut the window. As I was about to close the window, I suddenly noticed something in the flower garden adjoining my room. It was an oddly shaped orb, a small ball glowing white. It looked like a pearl, but only more beautiful. I had a sudden desire to touch it, even though I sensed something strange about it and though I was naked.

I knew nobody would be watching as everybody would be asleep, so I jumped from my window into the small garden, butt-naked and about to come. I crouched beside the orb, then I touched it. That touch changed my universe forever. As soon as I touched, a very bright light started emitting from it. It blinded me. Then I passed out.
The next morning, I woke up with a start. I was in my room. I didn’t remember anything about last night. I was on my bed, butt naked. Strange, I remembered that I had slept with my clothes on. I readied up and quickly went towards my school. On the way, I saw my saw crush, Mansi( also an orphan).

I didn’t go near her. When I reached my class, there was an unusual excitement. Everyone was moving about, restless. Sure, it was the first day of the school, but there was more excitement than there usually is on every first day. Sure we were now in 12th grade, but even that didn’t account for the energy that I felt.

As I went towards my desk in the corner of the classroom, I heard a girl say “finally, from today we will be adults!!!!!!!!!!!” “but won’t the injections hurt?” her friend said. As I passed them, they moved aside and made the kind of horrified faces. The thing is, I am much of a loner, and I am considered a creep in my class.

I sat in my seat. I was confused. How could I be an adult at the age of eighteen? I dismissed the thought, thinking that the girls were joking with me. noticed a movement towards my left. I glanced.

On the left corner desk of my classroom, one of the famous and bully kid of the class, Vijay sat on the desk. On top of him, Shreya sat, the hottest girl in the class. They were French-kissing. It was now very strange. Even if a girl and boy held hand in our class, it was world news in 5 seconds. But here they were, French kissing, and no one even noticed them, as if it was a normal thing to do in a classroom.

I saw Vijay slithering his hand inside Shreya’s shirt, and kneading her boobs. Her bra was visible. Shreya grabbed Vijay’s crotch.
Then, three things happened. First, I looked away from the couple. Second, my best friend, Vinaayak, sat beside me. Vinayak was the son of a businessman. If it weren’t for the scar on his forehead or the birthmark on his cheek or his eagle nose, we would have passed as twins. But we also had a difference: people noticed him, especially girls.

Third, our class teacher, miss Rita entered. She was about thirty, with long black hair and a seductive smile. She was slim and beautiful. She taught us science, which was also my favorite subject. She was my favorite teacher. She was my second crush.

When she saw Vijay and Shreya, I expected her to blow up. But instead, she only said, “ stop that, you two. You will be allowed to do that from tomorrow, after the injections. Anyway, it isn’t allowed during lecture hours.” Usually, miss Rita didn’t say anything to couples, but this was way out of her league.

“Hey idiot, why you looking so pale, man? Aren’t you happy that you are an adult now?”
“you are kidding me, right?” I said. “ we aren’t gonna be an adult until two more years!”
“are you kidding me?” he asked, “did you bonk your head somewhere?”
“no, and no”
“ you are joking. Not funny, Mr.Comedian” he said angrily. I confess I had a good sense of humor.

The day went by pretty quickly. soon, it was recess. You see, as I am a loner,(kind of), I and Vinayak sat at a table in the corner which could only seat four people, though no one sat with us. I always used to wonder why people ignored me. Maybe it was because I looked like a nerd. Or because of the forbidding look, I wore 24/7. I didn’t mind people. I could tell you answers in a test if you would ask me.
But it doesn’t matter right now.

Anyway, as we sat there eating aloo-Tikki burgers, suddenly a girl came and sat beside Vinayak. She sneered at me once and then ignored me completely.

“ Hello, Vinayak,” she said. I recognized her. She was Tina, a girl in my class. She was medium height, with average tits and full hips.she had a pretty face, with long eyebrows and brown hair.( she was a third hottest girl in my class.)

“Hey, babe,” Vinayak said. I lifted my eyebrow and smiled at him.(Tina wasn’t looking towards me)
“I saw you eating lunch. And I wanted to eat it with you. Can I eat my lunch with you?”
“ask him, he’s the boss,” Vinaayak replied.
“Hey, nobody’s the boss” I complained “and uh, Tina, you can eat lunch with my little brother.( Vinayak was one year younger to me). I will just go outside— ”
“ oh no, I am not leaving my big brother alone”

Tina frowned but didn’t complain. Tina and Vinaayak chatted for a little while. After a few minutes, Tina said, “do you have a date for tomorrow, Vinaayak?”
“well, no”
“would you like to come with me?”
Vinaayak glanced at me. I nodded. “well, ok,” he said.
But, wait. What was there tomorrow?
Before I could I ask Vinaayak, he was gone with Tina with him.
After 2 hours of torture by my teachers, we were taken down to the medical room. The medical room was a small room with a bed surrounded by curtains and a desk for the nurse. When my turn came, I was taken to the bed. Then, the nurse said, “take off your clothes”.

“You heard me, take off your clothes.”
I slowly did as was ordered to me. Thankfully, the door was opaque and I was surrounded by curtains.

The nurse performed some basic medical tests. Then she grabbed my penis. She slowly moved it up and down. Soon, it was erect. I was shocked. Though She was sexy, with humongous breasts and a very wide as and a slim waist, I didn’t have any intention to have sex with the school nurse.

“ size= 6.5 inches.” She said as he noted it down. “looks like you don’t masturbate”. I blushed.
then she said, “lie down on your stomach”. I did.
The nurse took something from her desk. “ get ready” she warned, “this might hurt a little.” Suddenly I felt a little prickle on my left bum. Then the pain started.
My head swirled. Every organ in my body was paining.
I looked at the nurse.
“ Congratulations on becoming an adult”
Fortunately, when I woke up, I was wearing clothes. I was in my room. I looked at the clock.I ran yesterday’s events through my head. It must have been a dream. I was getting late for the school. As I descended the steps of my room, I saw Vinayak at the bottom.

“what are you doing here?”
“don’t we have to go shopping for the ball?”
“what ball?”
“ has yesterday’s injection made you crazy? The new adult’s ball”
So it was not a dream. But how could I be an adult at the age of 18?
“are fucking kidding me?”
“ no, are you fucking kidding me? Now just cut the crap. Let’s go”
Vinayak took me forceful; lively. All the way, I thought about the injection and the ball.

Vinayak took a navy blue tuxedo and a black one for me.
We came back to my house. We got ready. At 7 pm, we started the school. The truth was minutes away from. When I reached school, Vinaayak took me to part of the school I had never seen before. It was a rectangular building, two-story, and humongous.

“when did the school built this?”
“haha nice joke”
As we walked towards the building, Tina joined us. She was wearing a gown that made her look a lot sexier than she already was. She completely ignored me. Other children were filling the building. Loud music and wild laughter could be heard.
“ how do I look?” Tina asked.

“ amazing”, Vinayak said. They sped off towards the party, leaving me to fend for myself.

I slowly made my way towards the building. Something was not right. How come I had never seen that building before? When I reached my destination, an attendant gave me a glass with a clear liquid inside it. I thought it was a sprite, and took it inside with me.
Inside the party was at its peak. Everyone danced as if they were drunk. The music was deafening. I took a sip from my glass. And instantly regretted it.

It wasn’t sprite, it was alcohol. But It didn’t affect me as it did to other children. They were drunken dead. But I was resisting it. I could feel it. But I was losing. Slowly, as the night progressed, everyone grew hornier. Couples were moving towards doors the end of the hall. I went towards the far end. There, several students were groping each other everybody was drinking a glass of the transparent liquid. Some were stark naked.

As I came near the wall, I saw a corridor which was lined with doors. I took another glass fo the drink and went inside. I turned towards the right at the end of the corridor. By now, I was extremely horny and hyperactive. I wanted to fuck someone badly. I lost control of my body and conscious. I turned again. This time, I found a girl standing in the corridor. When she saw me, she pushed me and pinned me to the wall and French kissed me. I, too, went with the flow.

She was my age, short and slim, with enormous tits, huge and curvy ass and an hourglass figure. Her stats must have been 38-40-36. After French kissing and a little groping, she took me inside a room. Inside, there was a small bed with pillows and bedsheets. On a side table was a box of condoms and four bottles of the drink.

Meanwhile, the both of us had proceeded to remove our clothes. in a flash, we were naked. We groped and kissed.

“wait,” she said and handed me a condom. I quickly wore it.
“what is your name?” I asked her.
“ it’s Tannu,” she said.

We both drank and kissed. Then the action started. First, she took my penis and kissed its top. She then inserted my 6.5-inch monster in her mouth. I moaned. She swallowed it whole. She bowed her head up and down for 10 min. when I felt I was about to come, I said to her, “stop”.

I then made her lie down on the bed and started licking her pussy. She moaned and screamed and cursed. She then came and I drank her liquids clean.

Then we proceeded to doggy style. The whole room was filled with the sound of thump-thump along with moans and curses.soon, we came together. I removed my penis from inside her. It was covered with blood. I collapsed and became unconscious.

Thanks for reading my sex story.

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