The Outdoor Fun With My Boyfriend

Myself Piya from Delhi, I am 24 and right now married to a businessman. I have tried to put everything in detail to let the readers feel what i felt at that moment. This story is about me when I was 18 years old. It was our last day at school as we had received our admit cards and we went to a mall in Gurgaon in our school uniform. We did a little shopping and once in the changing room we got a chance to kiss deeply and feel each other above our clothes. Later we got out and as it had started raining we caught an auto rickshaw to India Gate.
After sometime my bf got a little horny, he pulled down the side curtain inside the auto. Then he turned to me and we started kissing deeply. And his hands started exploring my geographies once again. He pressed my breasts very hard over my shirt. And then he started to untucked my shirt from skirt and started feeling my back. The wind was cool outside and as his cool hands felt on my warm back it was really tickling. He pulled down the side curtain. We began to kiss again and soon he started unbuttoning my shirt to reveal the bra. I was feeling a little awkward and I refused. Then he asked me if I cud wear the shirt like the girl in kanta laga song, by tying the lower ends of the shirt to give a desi look. I agreed at least that much I could do. Now as I wore it like that he was able to get a full view of my belly. He started feeling and playing with it childishly. I was enjoying his touch the way his fingers were tickling me. Soon we reached India Gate and got down luckily there was no rain around there. The auto driver was staring at me as I wasn’t the cute school girl any more who hired his vehicle but more as a sexy item girl. I liked the surprised look in the driver’s eyes.
We started walking towards Rashtrapati Bhavan and enjoying the cool wind. Now I was gathering a massive number of stares so I had to put on my blazer just to relieve myself from the insecurity. We went to one of the park next to Rashtrapati Bhavan premises. It was totally empty no one was there except for some patrolling vehicles and tourists far across the road. We went to the middle of park and sat down under open view. It was almost dark time was around 7pm and there were just little light from the street lights across.
A few minutes we enjoyed the talks but then no one was around so I thought to start off the show. I gave a peck on his cheeks and slowly unbuttoned my shirt and opened it to reveal my bra. He was amazed to see me taking the initiative this time and we kissed deeply for long. We laid down on the grass and he started feeling my breasts aver the bra pressing them. Then he raised me a little and put his hands inside to open my bra. As the straps got loose he couldn’t wait. He raised the bra to uncover my breasts and started pressing them hard. He pinched my nipples which was really amazing. He removed my shirt and bra started feeling me all over appreciating me. He started sucking my breasts and was licking and kissing them.
As the cool winds blew again his warm lips were so caressing that I was at cloud 9. I was lying topless for few minutes and after the short and sweet foreplay we controlled our wild desires and started dressing. He refused me to wear the bra and I couldnt ignore him and wore the shirt in the same kanta laga style. As the shirt was a little wet my nipples were pointing out and the cleavage was quite a show. My bf was insisting to keep the hot look as I tied the shirt. He made me look more hot by folding my skirt twice from waist to raise it. The skirt was now low from waist and very high from thighs. As I stood he said “you look just like a slut”. I asked “do i?” he replied “yes you are slut just for me”.  Teasing him I sat on his lap and kissed him like the sex position hugging onto him tightly. Onlookers could have thought us having sex in “straddle his saddle” position. We stood up and started walking towards India Gate.
I tried to keep the hot look but as we were walking on the street again the awkward stares were making me insecure so I put on the blazer. As we reached India Gate we had ice cream and left to Preet Vihar in an auto. This time we weren’t lucky enough to get an auto rickshaw with curtains and it was disappointing. We just talked casually and caressed each other a little. As we reached the Preet Vihar we got into Mc Donald’s and had some burgers. With the hot slutty looks I was totally x-rated as some families were there. I felt Sorry for those wives and girlfriends whose men were staring at me like hell. And my guy was high with pride as his girl is hot. I was now the Slut, properly tagged. We had our meals and left to catch auto. This time we waited to get an auto rickshaw with curtains on both sides.
As we got in the auto rickshaw and it started to move we quickly pulled down the curtains to get started off. He started pulled me closer to him and we started the wild kiss. And he straight away placed his left hand on my pussy above undies and started caressing. Soon he pulled out my undies and removed them. Then pacing my one leg above his he opened my legs wider and started fingering me swiftly. He raised my skirt totally to get a full view of my pussy. Soon my lower lips were wet and flowing. As he continued fingering I was controlling hard to keep my screams as silent as possible. We did this for 10 minutes almost and the seat was all wet my discharge was on the seat. I took out tissues that we got from Mc Donald’s and cleaned it as we were about to reach his home.
As the auto rickshaw stopped near my bf’s house I told him if he could come to my house, we were both craving for sex and we kissed once again. As he got out he said “let me go and tell my parents I am going to sleepover at one of my friend’s house”. Once again I was excited and wishing things to go well I said “ok you go and convince then and come back quickly I will wait here”.
He left in hurry and the auto driver was also getting moody saying he will charge more for waiting, I agreed on his terms. The driver started asking about my school and my relationship with this guy. I had doubt if the driver knew what we were doing sitting behind him, but as we had been very cautious in that regard so I let go of that fear. After 15-20 minutes my bf came running he got in and said “let’s go“. And we were so much excited I told driver to go. And now we started off again to my home. We were now very Horney and as things were going as we thought I thought to give him the pleasure this time we quickly locked lips. Then pulling down the curtains I began my play I opened up the zip of his trousers and took out his dick for the first time in that day. It was very hard and without wasting anytime I started giving him oral. He started caressing my breasts hanging loose inside my shirt and then feeling my ass. I gave him oral and hand job alternatively and as he dripped his cum on the floor of auto rickshaw.
In 5 minutes we would reach my house. I asked the driver to stop to get down. I wore my blazer and wanted to wear my panties before getting out but my bf didn’t let me and he put it in his pocket. We finished the payments and started walking to my house. It was around 10.30pm when we were on streets, it was all alone. As we were walking we held each other close hugging tightly. He started feeling my ass above my skirt while walking. And to my surprise he slowly raised my skirt from back to caress my ass cheeks exposing them a little. He continued even after requesting to stop but as a car was passing by I removed his hands. Soon we reached my flat and before entering the premises I had to unfold my skirt to keep my image unshattered in front of my neighbors.
As soon as we entered the door we took bath together caressing and kissing each other. As we came out we dried us and we did oral sex. He ejaculated in my mouth twice. And we had sex for an hour and slept together. Next day morning we again had sex together and he left.
I miss those days!