The Pact Ch. 02

tagFirst TimeThe Pact Ch. 02

Britt drummed her fingers on the table as she picked at her salad. In a way, she wished she hadn't agreed to the pact. For one thing, as far as she was concerned, she wasn't a virgin anymore anyway. She'd dated Lorelai Snow for three steamy weeks last winter and they'd barely kept their tongues out of each other's pussies. True, she'd never had sex with a guy, nor had she touched or even seen a naked penis. But technically—TECHNICALLY—she'd had sex and therefore wasn't a virgin.
So why had she agreed to the pact? Curiosity, she supposed. So what if nine out of every ten people she was attracted to happened to be a woman? The complicating factor, she thought as she scraped her plate clean, was that Allison had gone and changed the rules on them. Allison had insisted that they not just have sex with a guy, but that it be an older man, preferably older than 25. Worse, the other girls had agreed without even a thought. Britt figured she probably could have weaseled out, but on the other hand, she didn't want to miss out. She hated it when her three best friends had already experienced something she hadn't.
Problem was, she didn't actually know any older guys. She hadn't planned to get a summer job so she couldn't fish in any of those pools. And, unlike Allison, all of Britt's neighbors were either really old or women. She supposed that she could try to track down one of her high school teachers. Now that she had graduated, she would be fair game.
She was still turning the idea over in her head when she heard a loud, rumbly engine outside. A very familiar engine.
Britt had flung the front door open before he even had a chance to knock, and he had only a moment to brace himself before she jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist.
"Uncle Owen!"
"Hey, kiddo! I thought I told you to cut it out with the Uncle stuff. It makes me feel old!" he teased.
"If I can't call you Uncle then you can't call me kiddo," she said, sticking her tongue out at him.
"Don't act like a kid if you don't want to be treated like a kid," he said, and dug his fingertips into her sides to tickle her. She shrieked and wriggled in his arms until he dropped her back onto her feet. Then she hugged him tightly again, burying her face in his shirt. He smelled so nice, his cologne that same comforting scent he'd always worn.
Owen wasn't really her uncle, but he'd grown up on the same block as her dad and they had become lifelong friends. He was always around when she was growing up, until he'd moved away when she was about thirteen. She had missed him so much. Not just him, with the way that he treated her like she was important to him, and his sense of humor, and the endless snuggles, but everything was better when he was around. Her parents argued a lot, but when he was there they stopped, just like magic.
And right now, she would have him all to herself. The thought sent a pulse of excitement through her.
"I didn't know you were coming," she said, pulling out of his arms and bringing his suitcase inside.
"I didn't know I was coming until yesterday. Business has been good, but I've been working too much. So I decided to take a vacation, surprise my favorite family. Come up here and spend some time with my best girl," he said with a wink.
"Well, you're going to be spending all your time with your best girl, because my parents are on vacation, too." Britt shrugged, setting his suitcase down in the living room. "They decided to take a second honeymoon or some shit, which is dumb because they're going to fight just as much when they come home as they did before they left, but whatever. At least I get the house to myself."
Owen's smile faded. "Oh. Hmm. I guess I should have called."
Her heart sank. "Do you not want to hang out with me?"
He pulled her into another hug. "Hey, of course I do. I just didn't want to get in the way of you having the house to yourself. I know how nice that can be, especially for someone your age. So, if you wanted to be alone, I completely respect that."
"No, I… this is better," she insisted. It was true, she would have liked to have a couple more days of solitude. But she'd never spent much time with Owen alone, and it would be more fun with him around anyway. "I haven't seen you in like, has it been two years or something?"
"Yeah, something like that. It's a crime! I don't even live that far away. It's just… it's hard to get away, you know?"
Britt shrugged again. "So you'll stay?"
"If you're sure you want me to, absolutely. We'll have a great time together, just you and me."
Just you and me, she thought with a smile.
"Since my parents aren't here, I guess you could sleep in their room if you wanted to."
Owen wrinkled his nose. "Nah, I think that would be weird. I'll just hang on the pullout as usual. Listen, why don't I take you out to dinner tonight? Just you and me, I don't think we've ever done that."
"I would love that! Do we get to go in your car?"
"Of course."
Britt did a little hip-shimmying dance. Owen had the sweetest car: a vintage Porsche convertible with the original deep purple paint. Usually when he came to visit they went in her parents' SUV so they would all fit comfortably, but she'd always try to wheedle at least one ride out of him.
They played video games most of the afternoon, and Britt whooped Owen's butt at Mario Kart.
"All right, all right, you're the queen," Owen said, giving her a mock bow. "I think I'll go ahead and take a shower before we go out, all right?"
"Sure thing."
Britt played a little more Mario Kart in single-player mode, but it wasn't quite as much fun without Owen's swearing. God, she had missed him so much. She stood and stretched, figuring it was probably time to get dressed for dinner. As she was passing the bathroom, she noticed that the door wasn't quite shut. She hadn't meant to look, honestly, but she caught a glimpse of Owen, fresh out of the shower. He was so big—and she didn't mean his dick, although… holy shit. He was tall and well-muscled and wet from the shower. She wanted to run her tongue over the water droplets that collected in his chest hair.
She was staring. And he could come out at any moment. She shook herself and tiptoed past to her own room. She hadn't remembered him being quite this handsome. As they sat together, hip to hip playing video games, his tousled blond curls had looked so soft, she wanted to run her fingers through them. And that smile he gave her melted her right down to her toes.
And then there was, well, what she had just seen. She let out a huge sigh. She'd found an older guy, and he was super attractive, and he was pretty much the last guy who would have sex with her. Owen would never, ever be able to make himself mess with his best friend's little girl. But, she supposed, that was no reason not to test the waters a little.
There wasn't much in her closet that was sexy without being super casual. The only thing that seemed suitable might be a little too "here I am." It was a black minidress with a skirt that swung enticingly around her thighs and a notched neckline that really showed her off when paired with a pushup bra. It was definitely not the sort of dress a little girl would wear, and if she was really lucky he just might start looking at her differently. She dug around in her closet and found the pair of red stiletto heels her mom didn't know she had, the one her friends jokingly called her "fuck me" shoes.
She did her makeup quickly and put her red hair up into a quick half-twist to keep it out of her face. She felt sexy as hell, but also super nervous. What if Owen laughed? Or what if he guessed she wanted him and had to let her down all awkwardly? What if he left? Before she could change her mind, she took a quick selfie and sent it to her group chat and then went out to meet Owen.
It had been the right move. Owen turned to greet her as she came into the room and whatever he had been about to say was forgotten as he spotted her. He very obviously looked her over, his gaze lingering for a moment on her breasts, looking just a bit dazed.
"You really have grown up, haven't you?" he said. "You look gorgeous, Britt."
"You, too," she said, and she meant it. He was wearing slim-fit jeans with a crisp button-down shirt and a sport coat.
"Ah, I feel a little underdressed now," he said, gesturing to his jeans.
"No, it's perfect," she said, touching his arm briefly.
Britt thought dinner had been wonderful, although she was unsure that Owen shared her opinion. He had taken her somewhere nice and the waitstaff had seemed to think they were on a date. Owen hadn't seemed entirely at ease, especially as Britt had pulled out some of her subtle—but usually effective—flirtation moves. Now they were back in Owen's car, very close together in the narrow space, and every time his hand touched the shifter she felt a bit of a shiver run through her. His hand was so so so close to her bare thigh.
When they got back to her house, Owen came around and opened Britt's door. She noticed him glance down at her legs as she swung them out. Maybe she put a little extra swing in her step as she walked up the front walk. It was only natural. At the door she pulled out her house key, but paused, then turned to him instead of unlocking the door. She looked up at him from beneath her lashes, saw him looking at her expectantly.
"I had a great time tonight," she said, her eyes sparkling with humor. Owen didn't laugh, however. He was looking at her entirely too seriously, as if he might actually give her a goodnight kiss. She would swear that he actually leaned toward her just a fraction before catching himself and rocking back on her heels. But she was no shrinking violet. If she wanted a goodnight kiss, she'd have one.
Her heels put her nearly at his height, so it was easy to lean and brush her lips against his cheek. His body was so warm, nearly radiating heat. Owen rested his hand on her waist, and she thought for one crazy that moment that he might kiss her for real. Instead he gave her a sort of side hug, kissing her hair.
"It was my pleasure," he said, his voice sounding a bit rough.
"It could be," she murmured, turning around to unlock the door. She bit back a little sigh. That would have been the moment.
"It's pretty late, and I didn't get much sleep last night. I think I'll go get out of this dress and get ready for bed, if that's all right with you."
"Ah, sure, okay, no problem."
"Do you, um, need anything before bed?"
"Oh, um, nope, I'm good. Have a good night."
Britt went into her bedroom and got undressed. She was feeling a bit sleepy, but she really wanted a shower. As the hot water cascaded down her body, she felt a little tingle between her legs. She had planned to wait until she was in bed for the night, but the shower was private enough, she thought. Leaning back against the shower wall, she pulled the shower head down and directed the stream between her legs. It took a moment to find just the right spot, and when she did she gasped.
It was so hot knowing that Owen was in the other room, just feet away from her as she pleasured herself. The way he had looked at her tonight, it was obvious he'd been attracted to her. She wondered what he was like in bed. Was he as gentle and sensitive as he'd always been with her, or could he snap and fuck like an animal? Her lips lifted rhythmically as she came closer and closer to orgasm. She flashed back to the sight of him, naked and wet from the shower, his cock hanging down between his legs. Her voice echoed as she cried out, shuddering with orgasm.
Afterward she felt remarkably relaxed. When she got into bed, she was asleep within minutes.
When Britt woke, it was still dark—just after one in the morning, she saw when she checked the clock. She was incredibly thirsty, but she hesitated before getting out of bed. She had always been a little uncomfortable wandering around rooms where other people were sleeping. It had been one of the reasons she dreaded sleepovers, no matter how fun they were. What if she had to get up in the night? Still, this was her house and she could go get water if she wanted it.
She tiptoed down the hall and peered around the corner. It was entirely dark in the house, which she supposed meant that Owen had also gone to bed. As her eyes adjusted to the dark, she saw the lump on the sofa bed where he slept. She was halfway to the kitchen when a sudden movement and a rustling sound caught her attention.
In the dim moonlight she saw movement. She froze, like a deer caught in the headlights. This was exactly what she had always tried to avoid. Yet… it didn't seem like she had actually woken him up. What was he doing? Her eyes couldn't seem to make sense of it, and then she heard a low groan.
Britt felt her eyes widen even as she unconsciously leaned forward. Was he doing what she thought he was doing? He groaned again, a bit louder this time, and she couldn't stop the sharp intake of air as she caught her breath. Abruptly the movement ceased, and Britt held her breath, afraid to make a sound.
"Britt?" Owen said, softly. He sounded a bit out of breath. After a moment, the movement started up again. Britt swallowed hard. She couldn't get water now. She turned to slip away to her bedroom, but just before she made it to the hallway she heard him say her name again—this time, it sounded like a moan. Heat flooded her body, and she went back to room as quickly and quietly as she could.
He should probably leave. Yeah, he should probably just drive back home, maybe call up an old friend with benefits and get laid. He just needed to get laid. It had been way too long. That's why he had jerked his cock to an embarrassingly intense orgasm while fantasizing about his best friend's daughter. Yes, that was the reason. It had nothing to do with the sexy dress she'd worn to dinner his first night here, the shadow between her creamy breasts, the way she'd looked at him during dinner, the kiss on the porch. That kiss.
When she leaned in, God help him but he had sort of hoped she was going to give him a proper kiss. Then he could give in to the impulse he had to press her against her front door and… but no. She had kissed his cheek, her sweet perfume flooding his nostrils and making him lightheaded. And then to tell him so blithely she was going to get out of that dress. Which meant, of course, that he pictured her taking it off. He'd gone rigid in his jeans, glad she couldn't see it. And then he had resisted, hadn't he? He hadn't yanked his cock out as soon as she'd left the room and satisfied himself.
Even when he'd heard that sound, that sweet sound that sounded a whole lot like a woman taking her pleasure, from the bathroom where Britt was showering. He hadn't touched himself then either. He had just gone to bed. It wasn't really his fault that he'd been so damn hard he couldn't get to sleep. He had to get some relief.
His heart had absolutely stopped when he'd heard a sound and thought maybe he wasn't alone in the room. But that was ridiculous. No matter what game Britt thought she was playing—probably a little innocent flirtation with a safe older man, he suspected—she would have freaked out to know he was jerking off openly in her living room. He should have been more careful. But then, she'd been asleep, hadn't she? And it had been awfully dark in the room. Even if she had been there she wouldn't have seen much.
Things hadn't gotten much easier over the next few days. Britt hadn't worn anything too obviously sexy, but now that the door was open—or, let's be open, had been knocked the fuck down—it was impossible to see her any other way. She was one of the most beautiful young women he'd ever seen, and he wanted her badly. It wasn't just the way she looked, either. She just had this easy way about her, this casual confidence that was so fucking sexy.
He hadn't masturbated again, though. He had felt guilty and was nervous about being caught. It actually had been difficult to get to sleep, but he had managed it. He was a grown man and he could handle this, for fuck's sake.
Owen snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a door close in the hallway. He was about to get out of bed and fold the sofa back together when Britt appeared, still in her pajamas. His dick started to harden, and though he cursed it he stayed put, pulling the blanket a bit closer around him. Britt didn't seem to notice. He sure noticed her, though. She had slept in cropped yoga pants, tight and clinging to every curve, and a tank top. The top was loose, which he was almost sorry about until she shifted and he could clearly see the movement of her breasts beneath the thin fabric.
"Good morning, Britt," he said, hoping his voice sounded normal. "What did you want to do today?"
"I thought maybe," she said, a teasing smile on her lips, "we could spend the day in bed."
"Movie marathon!"
"Oh. Right. Well, let me just fold up the couch."
"No, leave it down! It'll be so much more comfortable that way, and we can snuggle up under the blanket if we get cold."
"Britt, it's July."
She shrugged. "Sometimes the AC makes the house a little chilly. Anyway, it'll be better to be able to stretch out."
"I'm not sure that's such a good idea," he said, thinking about how blue his balls would be if he had to share his bed with Britt all day.
"Why not?"
Since he couldn't think of an answer that didn't involve his dick, he scooted to one side of the bed to make room for her.
It was torture. It was absolute torture. Owen was in the bathroom, having finally been able to get his dick to soften up enough that he felt comfortable getting up in front of Britt—in his sweatpants, he had an idea that nothing would be left to the imagination. Hell, hardly anything was, and he was almost certain he'd felt her gaze on his crotch as he walked past. They'd only made it through one movie so far and he didn't know how he was going to last the rest of the day. He kept getting distracted by the thought of rolling over, pressing her into the mattress, and pounding away at her… no, he thought, can't go there. He splashed his face with cool water, which had the desired effect, and then toweled off.
When he got back to the living room, he was treated to the sight of Britt's round ass, yoga pants stretched tight and every curve of her visible. She was curled on her side, her face buried in the blanket. She was, he realized incredulously, breathing in the scent of it, of him. He felt a pulse in his cock and was chagrined to find himself instantly hard as a rock again. Clearing his throat, he was both amused and pleased as Britt jumped, dropped the blanket, and turned back to the movie, her face very red.
It was lucky for him that she was so embarrassed she wouldn't look at him, because it gave him time to slip beneath the blanket without her noticing the tent in his sweatpants. He let out a little breath. Safe… for now.
Unluckily, Britt apparently felt like cuddling. Owen gave up on hoping his cock would soften, although it was starting to get a bit painful. Britt, meanwhile, shifted restlessly next to him, always ending up with just a tad more contact with him than she had been before.
When her knee came into contact with his erection he supposed it had only been a matter of time. She didn't say anything, just jerked her leg back. After a few minutes she slid her knee back, ever so slowly, until she bumped him again. Owen chose to pretend he hadn't noticed. He was trying so hard to concentrate on the movie but at that moment he couldn't even remember which one it was.
Britt slid her hand down her own leg, apparently scratching an itch. It had to be intentional when she touched him this time, the back of her hand sliding torturously slow up his shaft. He almost came right then, but instead reached down and grabbed her wrist, pulling her hand away from him.

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