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By Edward Pembroke Edward and Edwina Pembroke are a sick and twisted couple who target young girls to satisfy their depraved appetites.

Chapter 1

In the quiet town of Willowbridge, nestled away from the hustle and bustle of city life, lived Edward and Edwina Pembroke. A childless couple in their late forties, their unremarkable appearance and mundane existence made them easily overlooked by their neighbors. Edward, a handyman and engineer, and Edwina, a youth worker and social worker, went about their daily routines with little to distinguish them from the rest of the townsfolk.
Their small house, tucked away on a serene street, was a testament to their unassuming lifestyle. The couple, both overweight and unattractive, appeared to be the epitome of dull normalcy. Their only companion, a towering Great Dane named Lucifer, was the sole hint of something unusual in their lives. Yet, behind the facade of their ordinary lives lay a dark and chilling secret that belied their outward appearance.
The Pembrokes had met years ago online after they realised they shared a disturbing interest in sexual kinks of the illegal kind. Both had agreed it would be for the best if they had no children.
As the years went by, their sex life had grown stale and both strayed into dangerous territory.
Given free reign by his wife, Edward had experimented with powerful ‘date rape’ drugs. Edwina had even volunteered to try them out, and Edward was interested to note that she had blacked out for 12 hours and could not recall anything he had done to her.
“You fucking pervert, Ed!” she had laughed as he recounted all the weird things he had done involving Lucifer. She had no recollection beyond a pain in her vagina, and was shocked to see the video of Lucifer mounting her while she was completely out of it!
“You see, you were loving it! And you don’t remember a thing! I’m sure a lot of girls won’t mind if they go on their own magical mystery tour for a few hours while I have my fun with them!”
“What about me?” mocked Edwina “I want to have to play with them too! Would be like having a little mannequin on the ground, all those cute girls passed out, would be a victimless crime!”
They laughed, but their eyes met, and a cruel understanding grew between them. They were both enamoured with the idea of using this drug on their victims, and for the first time in weeks, passionately kissed at the thought of finding a victim together.

While they waited for the opportune time, Edwina went around her clients. She had to visit plenty of vulnerable young girls, with mental health problems. It was a tough job and many had self harm or even suicidal issues.
In stark contrast to the Pembrokes, the Parker family lived a hundred miles away, residing in a world that seemed entirely different. The Parkers’ mansion, complete with expensive cars and a life of luxury, was a far cry from the modest home of Edward and Edwina.
Thirteen-year-old Becky Parker, the troubled teenager under Edwina’s care, resided in a gilded cage. Her younger sister, Genevieve, a spritely twelve-year-old, was a stark counterpoint – all boundless energy and athletic grace. Their mother, Eleanour, a corporate lawyer radiating a chilly glamour, embodied everything Edwina wasn’t – sleek, glamorous, successful, and dismissive. Gerald Parker, the arrogant businessman husband, completed the picture, exuding an aura of entitlement that made Edwina bristle.
As Edwina approached the imposing front door, a gnawing unease gnawed at her stomach. She knew the disdain that awaited her – the judgment in Eleanor’s perfectly formed stare. Stepping into the opulent foyer, Edwina felt the weight of her dowdy appearance all the more acutely. Yet, beneath the surface, a quiet steeliness flickered, mirroring the darkness the Pembrokes kept hidden.
“Ah, the council representative,” Eleanor greeted, immaculate in a prim dress and coiffed dark brown hair. Tall and imperious, she looked down at Edwina as if inspecting a servant with her icy blue eyes. “My husband,” Eleanor began, her voice laced with annoyance, “is, shall we say, frugal. Everything in moderation, except his toys, of course. So, the council it is.”
“Don’t worry, Mrs. Parker,” Edwina said, meeting Eleanor’s gaze. “I have the necessary qualifications.”
Eleanor scoffed. “Just remember, I expect results. This is appeasement for my husband. Any sign of failure, and I’ve told him we’ll be seeking a private psychiatrist.”
Then came Becky, a typical teenage emo with brown hair and blue eyes, mirroring her mother’s slender build. Edwina noticed the self-harm scars snaking across Becky’s arm.
“Seriously, Mom? This is the council lady?” Becky scoffed, her voice dripping with disdain. “Ugh, if I looked like you, I’d probably kill myself too. But hey, at least you have some ‘qualifications,’ right?” A cruel laugh escaped her lips.
Eleanor sighed. “Becky, try to cooperate. We have to show some effort, even with… these people.”
The following hour was exhausting. Becky yawned, played with her phone, and offered little cooperation. Yet, despite the Parker’s hostility, Edwina persevered. It was not just determination to help, but a secret attraction to Becky that Edwina struggled to contain underneath her professional veneer.

In the dim light of his workshop, Edward meticulously worked on his latest invention. He had built a small but sophisticated syringe, ingeniously designed to be fired from a wristwatch. Tiny wires connected the syringe head to a concealed drug reservoir, neatly tucked within the lining of a jacket. The mechanism was both discreet and efficient, a marvel of miniaturized engineering.
“Oh, sounds fun, Ed,” Edwina crept up behind him with a devilish glint in her eye, looking over his new invention. “Say, why don’t we try that concoction again? I don’t mind as long as it’s not full strength this time…”
Edward jumped slightly at her sudden appearance, then smiled wryly. “You always have a knack for showing up at the most interesting moments, Edwina.”
She leaned closer, her breath warm on his neck. “You know me, always curious. So, what have you cooked up this time?”
Edward held up the wristwatch, displaying its sleek, unassuming design. “A little something I’ve been tinkering with. This syringe can be deployed with just your fingers. Perfect for a quick, discreet spray into a drink…”

“Why don’t we try? I can be the victim. Let me sit over here and drink a glass of water and see if you can do it without me noticing…”
The couple giggled as Edwina took her seat, glass in hand, while Edward fine-tuned his invention. He aimed the syringe mechanism, trying different angles and distances, but each attempt fell short of perfection. The tiny device proved more challenging to master than anticipated, often missing the mark or causing Edwina to flinch as she felt a faint splash.
After several tries and a few modifications, Edward finally managed to gauge the precise distance and angle needed. With a swift, nearly imperceptible motion, he released the syringe. The liquid squirted seamlessly into Edwina’s glass, blending with the water.
“Got it!” Edward exclaimed.
Edwina marvelled as she realised she could barely even see the jet of liquid fly into her glass unless she was looking directly at it.
“OK, let me drink it this time.” Edwina said.
They repeated the exercise, and within about ten minute, Edwina’s speech began to slur. “I feel… a bit funny,” she murmured, her eyes unfocusing.
Edward quickly moved to support her. “It’s okay, just let it take effect. You’ll be fine.”
As Edwina’s eyes fluttered closed, Edward guided her to a nearby couch, ensuring she was comfortable. This time, he decided to let her sleep off the effects, making a mental note of the dosage and its impact.
The next morning, Edwina stirred, blinking in the morning light. She sat up slowly, a puzzled expression on her face.
“I remember we decided to try the squirting but I don’t remember drinking it!” She bit her lip at the consequences ofthis.
“It’s like it wipes the memory of just before I’ve taken it! Oh my God, I don’t want to try it much more. It must be really powerful.”
Edward nodded thoughtfully, his excitement growing. “If we can get this into some girl’s drink, she will be putty in her hands and won’t remember anything!”

Edwina’s next client was a 15-year-old girl named Emma Bradley. Emma was a depressed girl, blonde hair, about five feet six, and very pretty. Edwina was dressed in her cardigan and black trousers, her mousy hair and glasses, looking like a kindly aunt.
She listened intently as Emma poured out her heart, her expression a mix of empathy and concern. She sat beside the young girl, offering a comforting hand on her knee.
“Oh, you poor thing,” Edwina murmured softly, her voice filled with compassion. “I can’t imagine how difficult that must be for you, Emma. To have to deal with so much at such a young age.”
Emma nodded, tears glistening in her eyes. “It’s just… so hard sometimes. I feel like I’m drowning, like there’s no way out.”
Edwina squeezed her knee gently. It was all she could do to stop touching her. The blonde teenager was gorgeous, her blue eyes, perfect skin and hair that shone in the sunlight passing into the window of her bedroom.
It was a rare treat for Edwina to have access to girls in their bedrooms, but she had to control herself. She had nearly been caught out before, and had been unfortunate that no one took seriously the allegations of troubled young girls against an experienced social worker.
Her hand stayed on Emma’s knee. She was in a pair of denim shorts, and her firm teenage flesh felt so good to Edwina. Her tears only made her eyes look more beautiful and Edwina suddenly thought of Emma, not in the safety of he own bedroom, but tied up, in a subterranean dungeon, naked. Her hand on her knee would then be free to wander anywhere it wanted on her tight, stunning body.
“You don’t have to face it alone,” Edwina reassured her, her voice warm and soothing. “There are people who care about you, who want to support you through this. And together, we can find a way to help you feel better.”
Emma looked up at her, a flicker of hope in her eyes. “Do you really think so?”
“I know so,” Edwina replied, her smile gentle but determined. “We’ll take it one step at a time, okay? And I’ll be here for you every step of the way.”
“Thanks” replied Emma flatly. She suddenly became aware of how long her hand had been on her knee. As she looked back into Edwina’s eyes she saw not concern, but lust.
“Excuse me, I just want to go to the bathroom” Emma suddenly sat up and walked out.
Edwina sighed and watched her cute bottom move around in the right shorts as she walked out the door. She quickly scanned her room and found her dirty clothes pile. She carefully hoked through it, until she retrieved a pair of white cotton panties.
She started at the gusset, light piss stains and a film of cream revealed themselves and Edwina held it to her nose, inhaling deeply. Suddenly, she heard the toilet flush quickly pocketed the panties and moved back to her chair near the bed.
“Ah, now where were we?” smiled Edwina as Emma moved back to her position, still looking as fragrant as before, but a touch colder and more suspicious of her.

Meanwhile, the Pembrokes were eager to try out their spiking syringe contraption. Both Edward and Edwina travelled in Edward’s work van to a town about an hour away, in anticipation of GCSE and A level exams ending.
The summer was there, and excited teenage girls were finally free of their academic obligations. Out they came in their short skirts, and low cut tops, filling the pubs as they were served alcohol despite their being obviously underage.
Edward and Edwina looked like any other normal middle-aged couple, trying to ignore the boisterous teenagers. Both wore baseball caps and glasses to try and disguise themselves from any retrospective identification. They also wore long sleeves to hide the syringes under their watches.
“Fuck me, Ed, look at that girl, I can nearly see her ass under that dress!”
“Careful Edwina, we are a respectable couple!”
“We aren’t though are we?” Edwina adopted a serious tone towards her husband. “All my life I’ve wanted to be one of these girls, then just wanted them. I don’t want to die without having one of them. Tonight is a bit of fun but if it works out well… I want to go further…”
“How much farther? I mean, you know I’ve… raped women before, you’ve been with me!”
Ten years ago, Edwina had worked as a taxi driver. Many girls had felt safe in her taxi, completely unaware of the disgusting intentions. If any were drunk and near their last stop and alone, she would text Edward, drive them back to their house, and have their way with them.
They had stopped, after one night one girl recognized them and threatened to report them to the police. The police investigation had gone nowhere, the word of a drunk girl against a female taxi driver a few months after her supposed rape, which she had not reported at the time, was not worth much. But they had decided to lie low after this and not risk anything in their hometown.
“Imagine that girl in that blue dress…” Edwina started longingly at a young girl laughing and dancing, in a sort figure-hugging blue dress, showing off her curves and almost revealing the creases of her buttocks. She was full of life and promise, after her exams.
“I mean, its fun, the thrill of the chase and that, but wouldn’t it be better if we got one girl like that, and kept her as a sex slave, nice and snug-like, instead of just constantly putting ourselves at risk out hunting new victims? We both know we are gonna get caught eventually.”
“Edwina! We won’t be caught if we are careful, and it’s fun all this, anyway, keep a girl prisoner, might that be riskier?”
“No it wouldn’t, once we have her, that’s it!” shrugged Edwina. “As long as we keep her secure, there is no risk. Whereas doing all this, again and again, and again… well it’s bound to get us caught.”
“Keeping a sex slave will get us in a lot of bother compared to this.”
“What, rape? Ed we are in trouble regardless. I am just thinking of the future, I know we both have, urges, I think we just need to be sensible and think of the risks and rewards.”
Ed nursed his pint. It was a strange conversation to be having around so many happy teenagers. Whether or not to enslave one of them, or just keep attacking many of them.
“You are right, I suppose” mused Edward. “I mean, I’ve got a knot in my stomach about this right now” he fingered his watch and the syringe.
Edwina looked at the group of girls. “Imagine one of them girls just disappeared off the face of the earth, forever. Would it really be that bad? Imagine the things we could do to that girl…”
They both looked at the girl in the blue dress now facing them. She had black hair, brown eyes, and cheerful dimples. Her young breasts burst out of her dress, as she waved her arms around to the music, grinning at the rest of her friends.
“God, I want her…” Edwina licked her lips and Edward became a little perturbed at how outwardly her wife was showing her desire.
“Edwina, calm down. Don’t get drunk.”
“Sorry Ed” she moved back to her drink. “But… well don’t tell me don’t want it. That girl, imagine she disappears. The world moves on, no one finds her. But she’s with us. We don’t have to worry about people watching us, getting caught. Every fucking day, we just play with her. Do whatever we want. Make that fucking bitch scream….”
Edwina gripped her drink tightly and downed it angrily. Ed was shocked at her agression.
“I’m so fucking horny Ed, all the time. I see all these girls and I… just need an outlet. If we had a girl like that, well it would just be the thing we need, the spark to help us.”
“Not a good deal for her though is it?” chuckled Ed, knocking back his drink and slyly staring at the young girl’s ass, now twerking in the air to the cheers of her friends.
“Fuck her. Remember, it’s us against the world. She is just a fuckable cunt, remember?” Edwina spat the words out. “She’d never look at you, nor me. If she were our prisoner, forever, we could do anything, God I wonder what her pussy tastes like. I want to taste a girl’s pussy so bad, Ed, when she’s frightened…”
Ed looked at the dilated pupils of his wife. He wondered what anyone would think of them. They looked like an animated couple perhaps arguing about the washing machine. But she was the perfect accomplice. No one ever suspected a dumpy little middle aged woman of being a sex predator.
“Where would we put her, in the garage?”
“Ed, you can think of something. Look, here’s a promise. I’m gonna go there and get these drugs in those girls’ glasses. If I succeed, promise me you” build something more permanent to hold a girl, starting tomorrow, OK?”
“Edwina, are you sure you haven’t squirted that into your own drink?”
“No, I haven’t!” Edwina’s tone was impassioned and impatient. “Promise me, Ed, no more of this beige life. I want to do something.”
Edward’s eye again wandered over to the girl in the blue dress. She was holding her arms up now, waving them to the music, her face a picture of joy. He had a flash of her suspended by a wire, her face turning from joy to terror.
“OK… I promise, Edwina.”
Edwina’s eyes sparked with energy. “Yes, that’s what I’m talking about! Now, let’s see what I can do…”
“For God’s sake, be careful Edwina!”
Edwina ignored him and walked behind the group of girls. They were in a kind of cove, and she looked around to see nobody else was watching.
The girls all had their attention on their friend and two others got up to join them. In the jostle and excitement, no one noticed the shory snappy jets of liquid fried from Edwina’s sleeve all over their table. Droplets splashed everywhere, the aftermath looking just like the outcome of excitable teenage girls pushing past each other to get away from their table.
Edwina went to the toilets and calmed herself. She was relieved no one had noticed. She came back, and Edward looked at her.
“So, when are you going to do it?”
“I just did before I went to the toilets, you didn’t notice?”
“I didn’t, are you lying” he smiled at her.
“I am not! I sprayed it all over their table, it went in all their glasses.” They watched the group of girls now gyrating to the latest popular tune.
“Come on Ed, drink up, let’s get out of here before they get… drunk haha”
They gathered their things and retreated to their van, watching the pub.
“Well, I did it, so now you have to build that thing!” laughed Edwina.
“Well OK, but what about tonight?”
“We need to be patient. Just because they get drunk doesn’t mean we can get a hold of them. So many fucking white knights about” Edwina wrinkled up her nose in disgust.” But if we see them on the street staggering about…”

As they sat there for the next twenty minutes, enveloped in their conversation, suddenly, the air was pierced by screams and shouts. Edwina and Ed exchanged a startled glance before turning their attention to the commotion. Moments later, the group of girls stumbled into view, their colorful dresses contrasting sharply with the dim surroundings of the bar. They were boisterous, but now they were completely drunk, clinging to each other for support, their speech slurred as they cursed at the bouncers.
“See? That is the drugs, Ed, that’s not the drink! I win!” Edwina giggled.
“OK, I believe you” Edward smiled at her and squeezed her hand, as they watched the girls through the windscreen of the van.
The girls staggered along the street, and one was nearly run over by a car. They attracted some male attention, some concerned, some predatory.
“Typical, we do all the hard work, and these guys hoover them up! Edward was annoyed. This was his complaint about drink spiking. There was no way to guarantee he would be the beneficiary of the girl’s incapacity. He had done it before, and had to watch, with great envy, as his target was taken away by two homeless men into a park, presumably to rape her, while he had done the work and taken the risk of slipping a pill into her cocktail inside a pub.
The girls were now lying around on the pavement, legs akimbo showing off their panties in various colors. Laughing, a group of boys were taking advantage of them.
“God, if we are not going to take advantage of them, then we should intervene or it will look even worse!” Edwina was amazed at the ability of men to hone in on defenceless women.
Suddenly, one of the girls approached their van. She had blonde hair and was in an orange fr
illy dress with straps. She slapped against the van window and pressed her face against it.
“Will you… me home… aaarghh…” The girl’s eyes rolled around in her eye sockets as her face slid down against the window, and she slowly collapsed to the ground.
“Oh my God, Ed we need to take her or do something, we can’t do nothing!”
“Yes, OK, why don’t you tell her to get in the back. Nobody is watching.”
The other girls were out of it about twenty metres away. One girl was being led away by a group of young men in the opposite direction. It was only a matter of time before more dutiful people arrived on the scene.
Edwina moved to the back of the van and opened the side door. She looked up and down the street again, and saw no one watching.
“Quick, love, climb in!
The girl stepped in and collapsed inside the van. Edwina took a final look around and shut the door. “Quick, Ed, let’s get out of here!”
As the blonde girl lay back on the floor of the van, her condition would have been alarming to any normal person. She stared at the ceiling of the van, her eyes glazed and unfocused, a thin line of foam gathering at the corners of her mouth. She emitted soft, incoherent moans, her body limp and unresponsive.
As the van moved, Edwina looked at her, cupping her face and stroking her cheek. “God, she’s gorgeous, quick Ed, we need to find a private place. She is out of it!”
Edwina stroked her hair and looked into her unfocused eyes She worked her fingers into her mouth, and played with her tongue, before leaning down and kissing her. She barely resisted.
Trembling, Edwina moved her hands down to her legs, up her thighs, and underneath her skimpy dress. The inside of her thighs were as soft as her cheeks. Edwina gasped as her fingers touched the satin fabric of her pink knickers. She peeled them off and threw them between the front seats onto the dashboard.
“I’ve got her knickers off, Ed, you are missing all the fun!”
Edward could barely contain himself, and he pushed the knickers onto the passenger seat. He didn’t know the town and desperately wanted to play with the young girl too, but needed a quiet place to park.
He finally found a car park and pulled into a quiet corner. He was shocked to see that Edwina’s face was between the young girl’s legs and munching on her bare pussy.
“Hmmm, she tastes so nice Ed, God, feel her skin, taste it.”
Edward ran his hands over her face, and then down her dress and fondled her breasts, tweaking her nipples. He sucked on them, marvelling at how firm and perky were the young mammaries.
Edwina had her tits out and started rubbing them against the young girl’s face as she played with her own pussy.
“Ed, I want you to fuck her, go on!”
Edward wasted no time, he had all his clothes off and was soon putting on a condom, as Edwina went back to tonguing the young girl’s pussy.
“Oh my God, I think she’s a virgin Ed! What a privilege for you eh!”
Edward moved on top of the girl, and tried to force himself inside her. The girl grunted and tried to scream.
“Shhhhhh” Edwina clamped a hand on her mouth, as Ed gently squeezed her throat, to cut off air and noise. He watched the girl’s eyes widen as his cock drove itself deep into her cervix.
Edwina continued to play with herself as the scene acted out. Edward soon climaxed, and lay back, exhausted.
Edwina leaned in and kissed the girl on the mouth, who in turn rolled over onto the recovery position, holding her pussy in her hands and moaning and crying in pain.
“Fuck, that was good, Edwina, but now we need to get rid of her!”
“She’s beautiful Ed, if we had that place ready, we could take her home and keep her forever! See, now we have the hassle of getting rid of her!”
Edward got changed again, and quickly looked around. He noticed there was now a group of young lads, smoking weed and drinking in the far corner.
“What?” said Edward “you mean kill her?”
“No, not now!” Edwina winced at the suggestion but thought that might be necessary in the future. “She won’t remember anything.”
Edward had a brainwave. “Let’s leave her with those gentlemen. I am sure they will do their duties and make sure she gets home safe!”
They put her dress back on, but not before taking plenty of pictures, and going through her handbag.
“Sheila Johnson. She’s only sixteen. Wow!”
“Keep her things, but leave her phone in the bag. These boys will probably want it anyway.”
Edwina ran her hands under the girl’s dress and wiped away the blood with a wet wipe, before helping her out of the van. The girls looked at her, in complete disorientation and mumbled.
“There,” said Edwina, “nice men over there, go to them and have a good time!”
Edward drove off leaving the girl leaning against a pole. They then parked on a raised road still overlooking the park. They were delighted to see the boys had noticed the girl and were now surrounding her, and helping her to her feet.
“Good boys,” said Edward. “Have some fun with her!”
He watched them look around, then drag the girl out of the car park and into a sheltered wooded area. It was obvious what they were going to do.
“Poor girl,” said Edwina. “The last thing she will remember will be dancing in the bar, and then will have quite the hangover wherever the hell she wakes up!”
The Pembrokes drove home, the journey taking over an hour. They each sniffed the girls’ pink knickers and looked at her things and the photos they had taken of her and had passionate sex before falling asleep.
“That was amazing Ed, but just imagine we still had that girl with us now!”
“Yeah” marvelled Edward “OK, tomorrow, I will start working on something, OK?”
Edwina leaned in and kissed her husband. “This is going to be incredible, I promise!”

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