The Parker Project 12

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By Edward Pembroke Edward Pembroke lays on a surprise birthday party for his wife, with much pain planned for Becky

Chapter 12
The Pembrokes were enjoying a snowy wintry walk through the park with Lucifer. They had not ventured out much since taking Becky in; for them, it had been like kids living in a sweet shop.
“Do you ever stop and think, Edwina, what we are going to do in 20 years?” Edward asked, breaking the serene silence.
“What do you mean?” Edwina replied, slightly puzzled.
“I mean, the Becky situation. Are we going to keep her around until… we retire, or one of us dies?” Edward’s voice carried a tone of genuine concern.
“Oh Ed. You worry too much,” Edwina said softly, taking Edward by the arm and giving it a reassuring squeeze. “Let’s just enjoy today, shall we?”
Edward sighed, letting himself be led by Edwina through the glistening snow.
“We are going to have to kill her, eventually, right”
“Ed! Don’t think like that!”
“Well, we can’t let her go. We can’t just keep her there forever. She is going to get sick…”
“When the weather is better we can drive her out in the boot somewhere to give her some air, don’t worry..”
“And what about other girls, what about Genevieve..”
Edwina’s whimsical look turned into a snarl. “That little bitch. Such a fucking goody two shoes. And the mother too. I’m not getting anywhere.”
“I’m sorry Edwina” Edward patted her on the shoulder. “I know how excited you were about the young girl. But we have Becky.”
“Yeah. We do. You seem to be spending a lot of time with her.” Edwina was suddenly frosty. “You’ve been taking days off spending the whole day there with her. And you still haven’t fixed all the video cameras up.
Edward was silent. He was scared of his wife’s mood swings.

“You need to be careful, Ed. She might seem like a cute little kitty, but she’s fucking dangerous. She could have us both locked up.”
“I am careful…”
“I doubt it! It’s probably a good thing those fucking Parkers can’t be kidnapped as well. You want to be useful, I would have you rape that cunt, Eleanour.”
Edward’s eyes lit up. “You know you can rely on me haha, my cock is at your command.”
“Is it? You don’t get it up for me much more, that bitch underground gets it all.”
“Now, Edwina that’s not fair, look I promise I’ll make more of an effort but… what do you expect, it was your idea to take her anyway!”
“I know, I know. Never mind.”
Edwina walked on. She was getting frustrated. She just wanted more victims but was drawing a blank. Her husband had gone from a sensible co-conspirator to a love sick puppy. She was getting jealous of Becky and was starting to wonder if the whole thing should have the curtain drawn down, with Becky being consigned to an early secret grave.
“Cheer up, Edwina, it’s your birthday next week. I will make it something to remember, OK?”
Edwina smiled. One year older. She never celebrated her birthday. When young, she never got invited to parties so she never dared hold her own.

Edward and Becky lay in bed together. Becky had grown used to his musk and liked to lie on his chest hair. She could relax knowing Edwina was not around to fear.
“Ed, I think it’s nice when we lie together like this. If Edwina wasn’t around, I think I could tolerate being your prisoner.”
“Don’t spoil it, Becky. She’s not doing so well recently.”
“What is wrong with her?” asked Becky. She hoped one day a prison psychiatrist might be able to answer the question.
“She is jealous of you. You’re so pretty. For me, you’re the girl who turned me down and now I get to fuck you. For her, you’re the girl who turned her down, didn’t invite her to parties, and bullied her.”
“I never did anything to her.”
“You did mock her when she was supposed to be helping you.”
“Yeah OK. But she has more got her own back on me. And I’m 14, a child, it’s not fair.”
“I know love, life’s not fair. That’s what I learned a long time ago, the sooner you accept that, the happier you will be haha. Well, Edwina doesn’t think it’s fair she can’t get at your sister! You wouldn’t understand, you’re not like us, you don’t know what it’s like, to want to fuck someone, and you can’t! You can’t even look at them! Well, Edwina gets that when she was with you, and now with your sister. I think you have raised our expectations, she finds it hard to accept now that Genevieve can’t end up like you.”
“So she is going to give up on my family?”
“Yeah, probably. She is angry about it though. She wants me to rape your mum haha. She goes jogging, doesn’t she? Every morning at 6am?”
Becky cringed at the thought of this creep following her own mother.
“Yeah, well I think your mum’s hot, but I’m not into that kind of opportunity rape anymore. Not after I’ve had you down here. Just too many risks, all to stick my cock in your mum behind a bush for two minutes.”
The young girl could not believe the sociopathic language this man was using. She and her mother and sister were just meat toys for them to play with.
“I just can’t believe your dad never molested you. You sure he isn’t gay.”
“Ed, I don’t want to offend you. But not all men think of sex, and of hurting women, all the time.”
“Most of them do trust me. They just don’t have the balls to do what me and Edwina have done. Your dad sounds like he was a go getter, and with two young daughters like you? Come on, how could he control himself?”
“Ed, your kind of thinking. Well, not all men have it, it’s not that common.”
Edward casually ran his hand along her back, down her tailbone, and into her ass crack. “Yeah, I guess. Your dad has your mum to satisfy him I suppose, but for me that would just make me want you more, you look so alike.”
Becky couldn’t believe how he never took offense, responding to her insults like a robot, even when she called him a psychopath and a deviant.

“Oh yeah, Becky, I need to tell you…” Edward got a little nervous about how to break this.
“It’s Edwina’s birthday this weekend and I have organized a bit of a surprise.” Becky’s heart sank, a celebration to Edwina could only mean misery and torture for her.
“Now, you need to be on your best behavior and your best performance. I really want Edwina to feel comfortable with just you in the dungeon, that she can hurt you without fear, without needing me there to back her up. If she feels safe, if she believes she can safely hurt you, then we won’t to do anything drastic like slice up your Achilles or break your fingers, what about that?”
Becky thought of how hellish this ‘deal’ sounded.
“OK so it is important she enjoys her birthday. So we are gonna have the party down here. The first thing I want you to do is.. have you ever heard of Marilyn Munroe?
Becky had not, and dreaded knowing.
“She was this film star, sang “happy birthday.” So I am gonna have a cardboard box made with you in it, and you are gonna pop out at my signal and sing for her, I’ll teach you OK?” Edward was laughing now. “It’s gonna be so cool! I’ve got a special outfit for you as well!”
“Is Edwian not celebrating above ground as well?”
“Nah, fuck it we don’t have any friends. Who needs friends when we have you eh?” Edward laughed again, like a donkey.
“Anyway..” he went on. “I need to warn you. Because like I said, you can scream and cry, but you can’t make Edwina feel unsafe. So I am giving you a heads-up. The first present is a “cat o nine tails.”
“What is that?” Becky did not like the sound of it.
He smiled, clearly enjoying her discomfort. “It’s a type of whip, traditionally used for punishment. But don’t worry, it’s just for fun.”
Becky felt a shiver run down her spine. “Fun for whom?” she muttered under her breath, but he either didn’t hear her or chose to ignore it.
“It’s nine whips in one. Used to be used for discipline on ships in olden days. The real ones would leave you scars for life. This one, hopefully only for a few weeks, even if Edwina goes crazy with it, which, let’s face it, is probably gonna happen!”
Edward got up and started stroking Becky. He was getting horny, and licked along her back.
“Oh… what is the other present” asked Becky, with worry.
“Mmmmm so until the weekend I really gotta enjoy your hot little body… it’s gonna be raised in welts for weeks after. All for Edwina! Women are so demanding…”
Becky felt terrified of this, scars for weeks? A whip with nine tails?”
“Why can we not do what we did for your birthday? Sing and dance…”
“Oh we can do that too…” by now his mouth was moving along her spine, licking from her buttocks to her neck. “But Edwina’s thing is hurting, she likes to hurt you. I try and control her, but it’s her birthday!”
Becky shuddered. “OK, what is the other present?”
“The other present, well that is 12 little studs, piercings. I got her a piercing kit.” Edward spoke like he barely cared, his tongue now flicking between her buttocks at her pussy.
“No, Ed, please you bastard! You hide behind her, you are an animal liker her!” Becky had pulled away from him and was now hiding under the covers.
Edward’s temper rose, and he pulled the covers back. With a sudden, fierce movement, his hand lashed out, the slap connecting with Becky’s face with a sickening, sharp crack. The force of the blow jerked her head to the side. Her legs buckled slightly, her hand instinctively flying to her cheek, already throbbing with pain. She could feel the skin swelling, the tender flesh bruising under her fingertips.
Before she could recover, Edward seized her arm and yanked her forward. Becky’s world spun again as she was pulled over his lap, her stomach pressing into his bare thighs. His hand clamped down on her back, pinning her in place, and then the first spank landed. The sharp crack of hand against flesh sent a jolt of pain shooting through Becky’s body. She gasped, her eyes widening in shock and hurt. This was not playful. These were meant to hurt.
Again and again, the spanks came, each one harder than the last. Becky wriggled like an eel, her buttocks burning under the relentless assault.
“Don’t you dare forget what you are! Becky, you are here to serve me and Edwina!” He threw her off onto the floor and stood over her.
“You try and take advantage of my kind nature. Edwina was right, I need to be more careful! If I hear you bad mouth me, or Edwina again, I will beat you myself, I won’t just let Edwina do it!”
He opened up the bedroom door with the key and stormed out. As he got to the security door, he put on his clothes. He softened slightly as he looked back and saw the poor girl lying on the floor beside her bed, in the fetal position, one hand consoling her ruby-red buttocks, the other holding her face, as she cried into her hand.
“I’m sorry Becky. That was for your own good. You are going to be hurt worse tonight, and you will have to take it, for your own good. Whatever you do, don’t talk back to Edwina like you did with me. And from now on, no more calling us Ed and Edwina OK? It’s mummy and daddy. Now I hope you behave yourself for Edwina’s birthday party, and then things can get back to normal, OK?”
Becky sniffed but didn’t answer.
“What did I say?” Edward raised his voice, angry that he had to be so authoritarian towards the young girl. Why would she not just obey and do as she was told?
“Yes, daddy, I will be nice to mummy.”
Edward grinned. “Good, now remember I did you a favour giving you a warning. When you see the cat o nine tails, and the piercings, remember to act surprised, you aren’t supposed to know!”
Becky cried after he left, pounding her hand against the floor in frustration. There was no fairness down here, no rules other than whatever cruel game made those bastards happy. She could not take much more of this. If she could not kill them, she could kill herself, or maybe even take Edwina with her?

Edwina and Edward went out to a nice restaurant for her birthday. They were drinking wine and enjoying the atmosphere.
“Fancy a dessert, my darling?” Edward was playing the gentleman.
“Yeah, but not here, I fancy a nice peach, not quite ripe, but fresh…” Edwina dipped her tongue in her wine glass while leering at Edward, and they both giggled. Having a cute sex slave at home was the perfect antidote to wanting to go out and spend money.
Becky was lying asleep, her eyes stinging from the tears, her right eye now swollen and red, deading the event to come. When the security door opened, it was just Edward.
“Hi Becky! Quick, we are home. Edwina is getting ready upstairs, I am gonna get set up here!”
He brought Becky out of her bedroom and told her to clean herself, in and out. “And make sure there are no hairs anywhere, you know we don’t like that!”
Becky hated the cold water. “Ed, will you ever get warm water down here? It will help with the shaving.”
Edward was playing with a box and came over, exasperated. “Call me daddy, for fucks sake. Can you not follow orders without being slapped around?” His face was like thunder and it scared Becky.
Two boxes were covered in wrapping paper and left on the ground, then he towelled Becky off and used black masking tape to cover her body, her nipples, and her private parts with strips. “Looks amazing, I saw this in a porn movie, don’t take it off!”
Becky looked down at the black strips sticking to her thighs, pussy, back in ornate designs. She then looked at a large cardboard box, wrapped up to look like a present.
“Right, get in and stay in and be quiet. When Edwina, or mummy, comes in, I will eventually say “And now for your first present!” And then you come out, all sexy, and sing that song, OK?”
“Yes, daddy” Becky swallowed. She wished she could go out of her body for the next few hours.
“Remember what I said, Becky. It’s very important that Edwina has a nice birthday party. Don’t defy her or make her uncomfortable, just deal with the pain, and be polite and submissive, OK?” Edward cupped her chin and looked meaningfully into her eyes.
“Yes… yes, daddy. It will be hard but I will do my best.” Tears were falling from her eyes, taking a longer route around the swelling on her right one, the skin turning dark.
Edwina had changed into a pink and black basque, with a matching thong, suspenders stockings, and black high heels. She looked at herself in the mirror, frowning at her midriff, and pushing up her large breasts. She would love to have Becky’s slip of a figure. Well, she had the next best thing, she could play with it anytime she wanted, and damage it, if she so pleased.
She was surprised to come down and see Edward, in his dressing gown, naked underneath, and a large present box, with wrapping paper and bow on top.
“Where is Becky?”
Edward grinned at her and winked. “It’s a mystery! First, let’s have a seat on the sofa, and have some wine, my birthday lover!”
“Oooo Ed you have gone to a lot of lengths for my birthday!”
As they sat back and fondled each other, kissing on the sofa, Becky was tightly packed into the box. She was still suffering from the blow to the face, even the spanks to the bottom. She dreaded the pain to come.
“And now, Edwina, your first birthday present!”
Becky tensed at the signal and started her performance.
Edwina laughed as the top of the box fell off, and a sexy girl, covered in black masking tape stretched along her skin, started to dance, sexily, while rising to her feet.
“Happy birthday to you…” Becky crooned, her voice breathy and trying to be seductive, as she danced sultrily. Her eyes locked onto Edwina’s, a glint of terror in her eyes. “Happy birthday to you…”
Edwina couldn’t help but marvel at Becky’s performance, captivated by her every move. Meanwhile, Edward watched, utterly thrilled by the display.
“Happy birthday, dear Mummy…” Becky sang the last line with a croak in her voice, betraying her unease. “Happy birthday to you…”
Edward applauded. Edwina did too, and noted with pleasure and a little wonder that Becky had a growing black eye.
“Seems like Becky got her own present, I wonder who that black eye was from…” she glanced at Edward, nudging him and giggling.
“Haha yeah, well, Becky was getting a little cheeky!”
“Haha, Ed you old devil!” Edwina hugged and kissed her husband. She was secretly thrilled to see that Edward still wanted to beat Becky up, she had got worried he was falling for her, this was proof she was nothing but a slut to him. He would never dare raise his voice to Edwina.
Edwina jinked over to Becky, now standing awkwardly in the box. “What is this, masking tape? Looks very pretty..”
“Yeah, thought you might like it, a bit different to the stuff we put her in normally…”
Edwina ran her hands up and down Becky’s skin. Edward looked at the soft white flesh, knowing it would soon be marked for weeks.
Suddenly, Edwina ripped off a piece of masking tape from Becky’s tit. Her breast was stretched out and Becky thought for a horrible split second it would be torn out!
She screamed as the feeling of pain hit. Edwina giggled and playfully reached for more tape. Becky doubled over and hugged her body with her arms. “Please, don’t, I can take them off..”
Edwina stopped giggling. Edward broke off from his wine drinking. “Becky, obey your mummy!” he shouted firmly.
Becky remembered, and stood up stoically, her eyes shut, as she felt Edwina reach for more tape, and yank it off. Each time it hurt, leaving deep red trails, and each time Edwina laughed. By the end, Becky was covered in red rashes where the tape had been. “Clean that up, bitch” was all Edwina said to her, as she gathered up the tape from the ground.
“Now, Edwina, I haven’t even got around to the other presents!” Edward brought out a long thin package from behind the sofa, and handed it to Edwina. Edwina was like a little girl at Christmas, all excited, and was thrilled to see it was a cat-o-nine tails when she opened up the wrapping.
“Oh Ed, you remembered!” Edwina had long wanted to try this out for real, on Becky.
“Oh fuck, this looks excellent, Ed, come and help me string her up, I want to try this NOW!”
Becky knee’s trembled. Nothing could prepare her for this pain, no stoicism. She knew this was going to really, really hurt.
“But Edwina” smiled Edward, coming over, with his wine bottle, his dressing gown open, revealing his hard cock poking up from under his belly. “Why don’t we enjoy a few last moments of her unblemished skin first, I want to lick her up and down before I let you wreck it haha.”
Edwina kissed him as he came and hugged her. “Of course, my darling.” She turned to Becky. “Yeah, that skin of yours is gonna, change after this. Might as well enjoy it now, who knows, I reckon it might even leave some scars for life.” She bit her lip as she stared at Becky, with an evil lingering eye.
Becky sighed sadly as she felt four hands and two tongues all over, fingernails dragging down her skin, invading her orifices, saliva coating her.
Edwina savored her young flesh, the slightest traces of previous beatings barely discernible. She was snow white from being out of the sun for months, and Edwina, as she bit and sucked on the succulent skin, was looking forward to marking it again.
“All right, Ed, string her up on that hook, time to try out this toy!”
Edward smiled at Becky, as if to say ‘keep going’ at her. But Becky just glared back, her right eye rapidly closing over completely. She just prayed they would not hit her face with this thing.
“Get her up, I want her toes barely touching the ground, I want to see her swing around!”
Edward looped a cord around a hook in the ceiling, attaching one end to a hook on the ground. The other he attached some handcuffs he clipped on Becky’s wrists, then pulled through the hook on the ground, raising Becky’s arms up higher and higher.
“Higher!” Edwina was flicking the whip through the air, then feeling the knots and tails with her fingers.
Edward pulled with his strength and Becky gasped as she was pulled off her feet. “Uuuughhh…. I can’t feel the ground….” Her arms, extended straight above her head, felt like they were on fire, the pain radiating down to her shoulders and seeping into her back.
Her back ached fiercely, and her breath came in ragged gasps, every inhalation accompanied by a stabbing pain in her ribcage. After swinging around, she was able to put the very tips of her toes against the ground, which only offered marginal relief.
Edwina came up close, running her fingers across and up her taut torso. The strain of her extended arms created a concave curve beneath her rib cage, her abdomen hollowed out from the effort. Edwina ran her fingers over the sharp contours of her ribs protruding more than usual, the skin stretched tightly over them.
With each breath, her stomach muscles contracted and trembled, the hollow between her ribs and pelvis deepening as Edwina stroked her belly, marvelling at her slim figure.
“God, Becky, you are so beautiful.” Edwina kissed Becky full on the mouth, slipping her tongue in, and running the knots of the whip across her back.
“Now” Edwina stepped back, “let’s see you dance bitch!”
Becky was struggling so much from being suspended by the rope that the thought of any additional pain, especially the stinging lash of a whip, was beyond her comprehension.
But as soon as the first crack of the whip hit her, everything changed. The sharp, searing pain cut through her like a hot knife, electrifying every nerve in her body.
“AAAAAAaaaah!” “AAAaaagh!” Becky’s face scrunched up in pain, her high-pitched screams reverberating around the dungeon, making Edward flinch. Her legs kicked helplessly in the air, her body writhing in an attempt to escape the unbearable torment. The whip had landed all over her breasts, stomach and legs.
“Beautiful” whispered Edwina to herself, as she looked at the poor girl kicking and waving her legs, screaming, with nine little lines etched across her body.
Edwina struck again. This time, Becky pulled her knees up to her chin, her face alive with fear, in a desperate attempt to shield herself from the whip’s impact. The whip struck her shins and snaked around to hit her back, bring more screams and shouts.
“Ahh.. fuck.. AAhh… how many ? how many?” Becky pleaded as she touched her toes down again.
“As many as I want, Becky. It’s my birthday, remember.” Edwina thought not just of Becky, but of Genevieve, Eleanour, and her sick desire for her whole family. “You will get a few for the rest of your family, who couldn’t make it.”
Becky’s legs twitched and her muscles quivered, the effort of holding her knees to her chest again proving too much. Just as she began to unfurl, Edwina struck again. The whip’s crack cut through the air, and Becky’s screams filled the void. “AAAAAAaaaah!” “AAAaaagh!” Her cries of pain were louder, more desperate, each one a testament to the agony she endured.
Despite the unbearable pain, Becky had plenty she wanted to articulate, but she swallowed the curses and retorts that bubbled up in her throat. The defiance in her eyes spoke volumes, even as her body convulsed with each strike. She could feel Edwina’s gaze on her, waiting for her to break, to lash out, to say something that would give Edwina a reason to hurt her further.
Edward felt a little sorry for Becky. He allowed her just enough slack in the rope so her toes could touch the ground a little more firmly, giving her a small reprieve from the relentless strain.
With her toes now able to press more firmly against the ground, Becky felt a small measure of relief. The slight shift in weight distribution eased the burning in her arms and shoulders, allowing her muscles a moment to recover.
The ability to shift a fraction of her weight onto her legs brought a small, blessed ease to the burning muscles in her upper body. However, Edwina was relentless. The whip cracked through the air again, striking Becky with cruel precision. “AAAAAAaaaah!” “AAAaaagh!” Her screams rang out, raw and piercing, until it seemed Becky would either pass out or lose her voice or both.
Finally, Edwina stopped and walked around the naked girl. She marvelled at how the lines criss crossed all of her body, there were very few white spots left that were not marked. She had got all of her, from her neck down to her feet, front to back, even the insides of her thighs and pussy.
Becky hung there, her body still strained, breasts heaving with ragged breaths. The concave hollow beneath her ribs, pulled tightly inwards expanded and contracted as she struggled to breathe.
Edwina ran her finger up from her pussy, up her stomach, and breasts up to her eyes, scooping up sweat, blood, and tears, and put her finger into her mouth.
Becky still felt like her skin was on fire, and just the light touch of Edwina’s finger hurt. “Please, is it over?”
Edwina punched the girl in the gut, wondering if her fist would go through her organs straight to the skinny girl’s spine. “No, it isn’t over. But I’ve had enough of this toy for now anyway.”
Edward eased the cord down, while Becky choked and coughed, and started to shake.
“She’s all right Ed, don’t be such a pussy. Now, what’s my second present?”
As the cord came loose, Becky crumpled to the floor. The wind being taken out of her gut exceeded everything else now as she wheezed in a bloody ball on the ground.
“Well Edwina, I got you these…”
Edwina cooed over the assortment of piercings, studs, and accessories, a total of 15 items nestled in a pretty little box. Alongside them lay a needle and some antiseptic, comprising a complete piercing kit. “How pretty!” she exclaimed, her excitement palpable. “Oh, Ed, you are such a gem!”
She held up each item, admiring them and seeing them glisten. “Wow, where should we start?”
Edward kept a vigilant eye on Becky as she slowly recovered from the gut punch, her now crimson-red body trembling with pain and exhaustion. She spat out blood, her elbows and knees bearing the weight as she struggled to lift herself, her head hanging low with her hair cascading around her face.
“Why don’t we do her face first, that hasn’t tasted your whip at all, the skin should be nice and clear!” Edward chuckled, though part of him felt sorry for Becky and wished they could give her a break, but she was only halfway through Edwina’s ‘presents.’
“Yes, trial and error, let’s play around a bit. Put her on the rack.”
Edward lifted Becky gently into his arms, cradling her securely as he carried her towards the ominous rack. As he set her down on her back on its metallic surface, she cried out; just the contact with the cold metal against her wounds, all over her legs, buttocks, and back, was painful. “Ssshhh Becky, be nice, and let me strap you down.” With meticulous care, Edward secured Becky’s wrists and ankles with cuffs. Her midriff and neck were then strapped down. Trapped and immobilized, Becky meekly mewed in pain, wriggling to vainly try and get the pressure off her injured skin.
Edwina ran her hands over her again, feeling the heat rise from the girl’s skin, and thin films of blood appear on her hand from the seeping lines marked by the whip.
“Let’s go for your ear first, Becky. Surprised you haven’t been pierced before.”
Edward held her head firmly in place, as Edwina worked the needle through the earlobe, then was able to work in a stud and allow it to seal. Becky gasped, but that was it. Edward could not help but admire her ability to handle so much pain.
“Us girls have to be able to give birth, so we can deal with a lot of pain, Ed. You see, Becky is being a brave girl for her mummy isn’t she?”
Edwina leaned down and licked Becky’s face, from her chin to her forehead, tasting her salty tears. “Now, let’s do around her eyes.”
“Please… mummy… mummy…” Becky’s eyes were dazed. At first Edwina thought she was talking to her, but realised Becky was pleading for her real mother, in delirious desperation.
“Haha, don’t worry Becky. Mummy is here, but unfortunately, she isn’t here to save you. Your new mummy loves it when you cry” Edwina whispered into the ear she had just pierced.
Edward was just engrossed in the process, helping Edwina with the next few, holding Becky’s head like a vice. One went through her left eyebrow, the one eye not swollen up. The next went through her cheek just below the left eye. Then a little bow went through the skin between her eyebrows on the ridge of her nose.
Edwina looked down with pride. One eye was black and blue, nearly swollen shut, a stark contrast to the other eye which shimmered with the glint of metallic piercings. Connecting them was the piercing on the ridge of her nose, a delicate adornment that bridged the gap between her contrasting expressions.
“You look… interesting, Becky. Now, for the nose…”
Becky screamed as Edward dug his fingers into her skull to keep her head perfectly still as Edwina pierced her septum, then her right nostril, then just above her upper lip to the side. “Not on her lips, I don’t want them in my mouth when I kiss her.” Edwina explained.
“What about her tongue?” Edward was hopeful, he had heard great things about studs on tongues and how they gave pleasure in oral sex.
“Ooooo yes, in fact, maybe two. You’ve got a lovely long tongue Becky, I think you can hold two of them.”
Becky whimpered and trembled, tears streaming down her cheeks as she struggled to breathe through her nose, her body racked with sobs, longing desperately for the torment to cease.
“How are we going do this? Tongues are fucking slippery!” Edward laughed.
“You hold her jaws open, wide open, and I can use this cloth on her tongue to get a grip, then I should be able to stick it through her.”
“Okie dokie, open wide Becky!”
Edward acted swiftly, his fingers pressing firmly on both sides of Becky’s face, prying her jaws apart with determined force, leaving her mouth wide open and immobilized.
Edwina was mesmerized by the sensual allure of Becky’s gaping mouth, with its exposed teeth, tender gums, and dancing tongue, offering an intimate view that stirred a primal fascination within her.
“Fuck, this is so hot, Ed.”
“Ha, come on, I can’t hold her like this forever!”
Edwina’s fingers deftly captured the slippery eel of Becky’s tongue, gently pressing it between her forefinger and thumb, eliciting only a delicate moan that managed to escape the confines of her mouth.
She worked the needle in close to the base of the tongue, and worked in a wide stud, wondering how it would feel on her pussy. She then did the same thing an inch close to the tip with another stud.
“There, done! She is turning into Irongirl!” Edwina grinned and Edward laughed. Becky moaned incoherently, tasting the blood and metal in her mouth and struggling to get used to the new obstacles in her tongue.
Another piercing followed under her lips, protruding out on her chin.
“God damn it, Edwina, that’s ten gone already! And we haven’t done her nipples yet!”
“Ha, don’t panic Edward. You can always get me more!” Edwina was in her element, she fingered both nipples, noting how cut and wounded they were. She picked the left, still not as mashed up, and worked a stud through it. Next was her belly button, which was the hardest. She made several mistakes and the holes turned into wide cuts that bled out, leading to more screams from Becky, now turning hoarse. Finally one went through, nestling nicely in her stomach and glinting smartly.
“Now for the pussy…”
As Edward maintained his firm grasp on Becky’s thighs and waist, one piercing slid through her parted lips, while another punctured the delicate skin between her anus and vagina, a small crossbow-shaped adornment peeking through the perineum.
“Now Becky, I want you to thank your daddy for all your nice jewellery.”
“Th— thanthk you, daddy….”
Edwina couldn’t contain her laughter at Becky’s attempt to speak, the girl’s enlarged tongue and the piercings causing her words to come out in a comical lisp. “What was that? Becky, can you speak?” she teased, while Becky, managed to respond, “Yeth… it is thore, my mouth, my thongue…” Edward and Edwina burst out laughing.
“Sorry Becky, we shouldn’t laugh! Tell you what, why don’t we let her out of this thing, and fuck her? I’m horny after all that.”
“Oh yes! Time for sex, I want that metal tongue in my pussy!”
“I will be kind to you Becky, I will let your pussy lips heal, and I’ll fuck you up the ass. But I will be wanting that metal tongue on my cock afterward as well, mind!”
Becky wondered if this was what hell was like, just eternal suffering, and endless pain. She was pulled off unceremoniously and dragged to the sofa. Edwina lay back, spreading her legs, her feet resting on Becky’s back as the girl was on all fours in front of her. Becky obediently lapped at her pussy, already soaking wet from the thrills of torturing her. Her feet on her back bristled her wounds and she struggled to focus on the task of working her tongue on this rancid woman’s pussy. The studs in her tongue seemed to clang around her teeth and gums, giving her nothing but pain in her mouth. But Edwina was pleased by the sensation.
“Oh, fuck, Ed, you gotta try her mouth, this is really good!”
Edward was busy working his fingers into her upturned asshole, while fingering the pretty crossbone adornment below it. Her open narrow ass crack was a little oasis of unmarked white skin from the rest of her, still red raw.
Time just dragged on for Becky as her asshole and mouth were plundered by the Pembrokes. Both came in her mouth several times. The only time she was not sucking or licking the Pembrokes’ genitalia was when they were getting her to try and say something, so they could laugh at her pathetic lisp and struggle to talk with the pierced tongue.
Edwina and Edward eventually grew tired and went to bed. They made love in their own bed with each other, before lying in each others’ arms.
“Just before we go to sleep, shall we check the video to see how Becky is getting on?”
“Yeah sure, why not.” Edwina was tired by happy, she had orgasmed multiple times and her husband had performed very well in their own bedroom, allaying her own insecurities.
On their bedroom monitor, they watched as Becky was in her bedroom, but not in bed. She was on her honkers, stiff, crying, and holding her head, shaking. Her skin was so sore that she could not bear to lie in her bed, and her current position was the one with the least bodily contact with any surface she could get into, but she found it impossible to sleep. She was sobbing, hoping the pain would go away, and praying for a way out, a savior, anything, to end this, even if it meant ending her life.
The Pembrokes zoomed in on the metalwork shining out from between her legs and were mesmerized by her obvious discomfort.
“She’ll be OK in a couple of days” Edwina smiled. “Come on Ed, let me lie on you.”
They turned off the monitor, had a final good nights kiss, and fell into a deep happy slumber in each others’ arms.

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