The Parker Project 8

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By Edward Pembroke The Pembrokes continue their imprisonment of Beckie Parker

Chapter 8
The days dragged on until the weekend. Finally, the Pembrokes had all day to spend in their basement.’
Becky was still covered in scars, bruises, and cuts from her punishments. The lack of sleep, constant discomfort, and the psychological terror of having to perform all manner of disgusting tasks, like licking every inch of the Pembrokes’ bodies, were driving her mad. The isolation of being in her cage for 21 hours a day in the dark was pushing her to the brink of insanity. Some of her marks were from banging her fists and head against the bars in frustration—acts she could hardly remember doing.
One sinister development was Lucifer, the dog. He was called God. A large black dog, he had developed an interest in Becky’s pussy. She had screamed in fright as he forced his nose between her legs while Edward held her, pressing her thighs apart. “No… please,” she cried out. “He will bite me!” “Relax, Becky,” Edwina said with a laugh. “He just wants to lick you; I can’t blame him!”
Soon Lucifer’s giant tongue was licking all over Becky’s asshole and pussy, devouring the scent and soaking her in the process. His powerful licks sent Becky into hysterics as she struggled to control herself.
“God, he loves you, Becky, he has no interest in my pussy!” Edwina was jealous, but wanted Lucifer to go one step further.
“Now its finally the weekend, Becky, let’s make things a bit more permanent down here…”
Becky had some clothes, a thong and a t-shirt, and was allowed free reign in a corner of the dungeon with her ankle tethered by a chain to the wall. It allowed Edwina to feel safer on her own in the dungeon, knowing she could play with Becky and she couldn’t hope to escape or get far away from the corner.
Edward got a primitive video recording set up going, and the Pembrokes enjoyed watching young Becky going mad by herself in the dungeon.
The weekend was a non stop orgy of sex, all three of Becky’s holes were used mercilessly.
On Sunday, Lucifer had finished giving her another aggressive lick down, when Edwina gave her a disgusting order.
“Becky, Lucifer has been so kind to you. I think it is time for you to return the favor.”
Becky felt delirious from all the sex, the beatings, and the lack of sleep. What next?
“Suck Lucifer’s cock.”
Becky cried out, “No! No! Not a dog! You cannot make me do that!”
Edward lazily brought his hand across Becky’s face, knocking her to the ground. “Please, Becky, remember your manners and who you are. You don’t speak to your mummy like that!”
“Thanks, Ed” smiled Edwina. She looked down at the poor girl, wiping blood from her mouth.
Edwina said, “Sorry, Becky, but you will keep getting hurt as long as you don’t fucking do what you are told. I told you to suck Lucifer’s cock; so if you don’t do it… NOW… you are going to get hit, and keep getting hit… until you do.” “Oh my God,” Becky cried out. “This is horrible! Please! Why are you doing this? Why?”
“Because I want to see what it is like to see our dog fuck a girl like you.” Edwina stared at her. “Now your job is not to ask fucking questions, it is to be a little fuck toy for us. I think we need to step up the punishments, Ed, don’t you?”
Becky stayed silent.
“What about being forced to eat your own shit? What about we start breaking your fingers, pulling your teeth out?”
“Hmmm, a toothless blowjob! Sound interesting!” Edward smiled like an idiot.
“OK, Ed, yes, good idea” Edwina breathed heavily in anger. “We are going to get some pliers and take out a tooth for every fucking minute you don’t get that mouth down between Lucifer’s legs and lick on his cock.”
Becky was terrified, she did not want to lose her teeth. “OK, OK, God… I will do it.”
Becky got to her knees, crying, and moved towards Lucifer.
“Yes, that’s it, come on Lucie, haha yes Lucifer, let the bitch suck your cock!”
Becky tried petting the dog to bring it to heel and stroked it to stop it from barking. Lucifer wanted to put his nose into her pussy.
“Becky, darling, why don’t you lie on your back and spread your legs?”
Becky did as she was told, and Lucifer’s four legs planted themselves on either side of her, as he leaned down ruan his long tongue over her pussy, slurping away.
“OK baby” smiled Edwin encouragingly “try and manipulate his penis with your hand first, see what he does.”
Lucifer growled and Becky could feel the breath snort into her pussy.
“Please… he…he… he might bite me there..!”
“Just be gentle, Becky darling, just play with it gently.”
Lucifer barked in the air and Becky squealed, but Lucifer stayed over her.
“It’s OK, Becky, he doesn’t mind, just keep rubbing that cock, yes that’s it!”
The dog’s cock grew out of its sheath, and Becky couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The dog’s cock was even bigger than Edward’s, and its head was horribly engorged.
“Now Becky, just very gently, touch the head with your tongue, that’s it… that a girl… yeahhhhhh.”
Edwina and Edward gripped each others’ hands as they witnessed their creation, a young girl sucking on the cock of a dog, under threat of severe pain. “I cannot believe it, Edwina” Ed was flabbergasted.
“Quick, we need to record this!”
Edwina set the camera up and began recording. Lucifer was standing on all fours, relaxed now, his pink cock out of its furry sheath, and being licked and sucked on by the naked Becky Parker underneath him.
“My goodness, Becky. You know, once your disappearance dies down, we are gonna put all this footage online, but we won’t be traced. Your mum is gonna see this, imagine !”
Edward laughed. “Oh my God,” he said. “She would be tearing her hair out! She wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing you were somewhere getting fucked by a dog, but there’s nothing she could do, she would go fucking crazy!”
“Shh, Ed, I will have to cut our our voices. But OK, Becky, smile for the camera, wave, wave for mummy!”
Both the Pembrokes laughed evilly as the poor girl struggled to lick the cock of the dog and tried to avoid throwing up from his canine smell. Becky had been so used to disgusting sights smells and tastes that her stomach was now stronger.
“Now Becky, try to guide it into your pussy, then hopefully Lucifer will do the rest.”
Lucifer barked, the suddenly came to life and growled. Becky whimpered as Lucifer came around behind her, and suddenly she felt fur on her back, and claws dug into her shoulder blades.
The Pembrokes watched on, transfixed.
Becky stared out, bug-eyed, as she felt him pant above her. His drool landed on her head and neck. She felt his cock move against the edge of her pussy, trying to find the opening. Lucifer barked and growled and dug in deeper with his claws. Becky stayed still, crying and shaking, as she felt Lucifer move his cock deep inside her. She felt Lucifer’s hind legs beating against the backs of her thighs and his long slender cock pushing into her. It got deeper and deeper, even deeper than Edward’s cock had been before it broke inside of her. She felt as if her insides had been punctured.
“Please, please, I think it’s rupturing me… it’s so sore…”
“Nonsense,” Edwina said. It’s no bigger than Edward’s cock, and you took that okay. Don’t worry, darling; you were made to take cock. You can survive this.”
Lucifer’s hot saliva dripped around Becky’s neck and fell into a puddle below her, as she struggled to support herself on all fours. She looked up for pity, but only found the camera pointing at her, with the Pembrokes behind it, their eyes shining with glee.
Lucifer stopped gyrating, and instead sat up his paws resting on the tops of Becky’s buttocks. Becky felt something grow inside her, expanding.
“Ow… ow ow ow…” Becky’s eyes grew wide with panic. “It’s getting bigger, it’s going to burst me!”
Edward watched in awe. “It’s his cock, the end is expanding inside you, it could get to be the size of the end of a baseball bat, stay calm, Becky, try and enjoy it.”
Edwina rubbed her pussy as she watched Becky with her ass up in the air, seeing her tummy expand slightly with the engorged dog cock inside her. Lucifer just sat upright on top of her, his hind legs over her calves, his cock buried deep in her pussy as dog saliva still dripped down Becky’s spine and onto her neck.
Becky’s pussy was still so tight that Lucifer struggled to pull his cock out of her. Edwina nudged Edward and put a finger to her lips, she did not want to have to edit this part of the movie.
Finally, Lucifer withdrew with a wet, squelching sound as his large hard cock was pulled free from Becky’s tight hole, ending with a sharp, echoing pop.
Becky felt like her insides had been sucked into a vacuum, imagining this might be what childbirth felt like. She keeled over on her sides and felt her vagina, leaking a large amount of gooey liquid, a mixture of her blood and Lucifer’s cum.
“Well done, Becky. Pity poor Lucifer is so recognizable, haha or that would be a porno classic online!” Edward laughed, and Edwina tutted, wishing that she could make Becky a doggy sex porn star.
“Oh, poor Becky” Edwina mocked her, and came forward and stroked her on her exposed flank as she pulled her knees up to her chin, covering her face with one hand while the other massaged her injured vagina.
“I will give you a few moments, my darling, and for your pussy, well it can take the rest of the day off. But your asshole and mouth are still gonna get used. You’ve got us really horny, taking Lucifer’s cock!”
Becky could barely think, her whole body was on fire. The humiliation and disgust she felt were distant to the immediacy of the pain that was coursing through her.
“Please help me, it hurts, it hurts so bad… I need something…” Becky turned and looked at first Edwina, and then at Edward, pleading for some assistance.
“God, Edwina, we need to be careful. We can’t bring her to hospital so we should be taking better care of her..”
“Shut up Ed” Edwina was annoyed at her husband’s sudden empathy. “There is nothing wrong with her. She is learning to be a slut, she can take your cock and Lucifer’s cock, and she will love it soon. Don’t let her off!”
Something resembling a heart stirred within Edward as he saw the young girl huddled on the ground. Her body, wracked with silent sobs, formed a tight knot, one hand trapped between her legs comforting her wounded vagina, the other a shield pressed against her tear-streaked face. A curtain of tangled brown hair veiled her features, muffling the choked whimpers that escaped her lips.
“Why don’t we call it a night, we can watch a movie.”
“Ed! Fuck watching a movie, look at that piece of ass on the ground! I want you to cum inside her again!”
Edward relented and grinned. “All right then, if you insist haha. Why don’t you girls play with my cock?”
“Right” said Edwina “Ed, lie back on the bed, me and Becky are going to give you a nice tongue bath around your cock and balls. OK Becky? You hear me? Becky?”
Becky brought her face out of her hands to take a look at the evil witch that was Mrs Pembroke.
“What… what do you want now? I’m broken”
Edwina moved forward and kicked her on the side. “I distinctly remember telling you to call me mummy. I’m your mummy now, remember? Say, ‘yes, mummy?’ She spoke with a mixture of malice, glee and anger.
“Yes, mummy?” Becky spat the words out through tears, sobs and groans.
“You and I are gonna be a team now, working with our tongues. More practice on daddy’s cock. If you can suck off Lucifer, then you can make your daddy cum!”
Lucifer barked loudly on hearing his name.
“Oh, Ed I better let him out. He probably needs a nap after all that fucking. It’s cruel to keep a nice animal down here. I will be back down in two minutes.”
As the metal door shut, Becky, moved onto her back. She looked at Edward.
“I am in hell. Why don’t you put me out of my misery? How can you live with yourself, doing this to a girl who has not done anything to you?”
“Now Becky, don’t try and take advantage now that Edwina is away…”
“Because you let her control you? Was it all her idea?”
“Becky, you can tell from my cock, I want you too…” Edward grinned awkwardly.
Becky sat up with a little energy. “Maybe I will be long dead by then, but some day, you will get caught, if not about me then something else. It’s how these things always end. Are you going to blame Edwina when the police question you?”
At that moment, the door opened and Edwina came back in. Edward look relieved at not having to continue the conversation.
“Good, now Lucifer has had his lunch! He seemed very hungry licking you out Becky! Ed, lie back on the bed, just kick back and enjoy, Becky and I are going to suck you dry!”
Edwina’s sweet smile at Edward transformed into an angry glare as her eyes shifted to Becky.
“Come on Becky, you have had long enough, your pussy might still be sore, but you don’t lick balls with your cunt, so no excuse, drag that sweet ass over to the bed!”
Becky gritted her teeth again. She just had to think about staying alive. But the pain inside her was invading all her senses. She crawled over to the bed, where Edward was lying, as she saw her destination, his legs spread wide open, showing off his balls, asshole, and cock.
“OK, Becky, I am gonna work on Daddy’s cock just above you. You just lick his asshole for now. Daddy had worked really hard fucking you and fixing all the things down here, so now we girls have to reward him.” She gave Becky a cheeky wink, climbed on top of her husband, and sucked on his cock, looking down at the girl, on all fours on the floor, her face below Edwina, as the older woman was able to stare at her younger charge while sucking on her husband’s cock.
Becky knew better than to hesitate, and tongued Edward’s dilating anus, supporting herself on her knees and one hand, the other still holding her injured vagina, as she shut her eyes, trying to imagine anything else.
Edwina took his cock out of her mouth for a second. “Eyes open, Becky, and keep looking at me. I love your eyes, such a pretty color!”
Becky had to endure the sight of this horrible woman’s ugly face, her ruby lips on the monstrous cock above her, he crow-legged eyes smiling down at her evilly, while also tasting her male tormentor’s asshole and trying to console her own bleeding pussy.
Edwina was in heaven, she loved her husband’s cock and loved sucking on it. Staring into this beautiful young teenager’s face while doing it was a bonus.
Despite having initially relished inflicting the horror on Becky, Edwina had, since taking Becky, started licking Edward’s asshole herself. “All right, Becky, switch places!”
Edwina giggled as she leapt down and put her nose against Edward’s balls, licking away and looking up eagerly as Becky cautiously moved on top of the bed.
“Stay off me Becky, stay on the side, I don’t want to look at your pussy, it’s still covered in blood and Lucifer’s cum haha”
Becky flinched at his callousness and lay on his side, feeling his hands move casually over her back and ass as she began to give him the blowjob.
“Deep” Edwina reminded her “Go down deep, remember, your daddy deserves his cock at the back of your fucking throat!”
Becky tried to move her lips down to his base, feeling his head at the back of her throat, then seemingly going down her windpipe, as she tried to keep her composure and allow the air to move in and out around the hard meaty organ in her mouth. She knew the penalty for not deep-throating Edward would be severe.
After a few minutes, she got into a rhythm and was working his cock well. Edwina looked up at her with a wicked grin, her tongue flickering out against her husband’s asshole.
“Oh fuuuck” Edward stared at the black ceiling, on his back, one hand resting on the small ass of Becky, the other lying under his head, as he enjoyed the oral attentions of the two women.
“I think I’m gonna cum soon, Becky you are doing amazing! Edwina, she’s nearly as good as you already!”
Becky’s moment of encouragement was shattered as she watched Edwina’s eyes flash from glee to anger and jealousy at the news that the young girl might be getting even with her ability so soon.
“Becky, get off, let me finish him!”
Edwina pushed her off, and Becky lay back and watched as Edwina furiously pumped Edward’s cock with her mouth, until a few moments later, a loud groan from Edward signalled that he had cum.
Edwina made a show of licking the head and playing with the cum in her mouth and tongue, right at Becky, with a triumphant gaze, as if to remind her who was the queen of sex down here.
“Gosh, I am wrecked,” Edward chuckled, already rising from his chair. “Think I need to turn in for the night.” Edwina, with a playful swat at his thigh, mock-shouted, “Oi, Ed, what about me?”
“Honestly, I am so tired…”
“Haha don’t worry Ed, we’ve got a slave right here to do everything for us, remember.” Edwina put her hand on Becky’s arm and fixed her a mock loving stare.
“Now, Becky, let’s see how your pussy licking skills measure up against your cock sucking skills. I hope you are not favouring him over me!”
Becky silently groaned as Edwina replaced Edward on the bed, and spread her legs wide. The familiar pungent odour filled Becky’s nostrils as her exhausted tongue began swirling around the older woman’s vagina. She also detected traces of Edward’s cum deposited earlier that evening.
Edwina, stared down at the girl, loving every moment, brushing back her hair so she could watch her eyes as she munched on her pussy.
“I’m gonna leave you ladies to it, and get that cage ready for Becky once you’re done!” Edward got up and got the locks ready at the far end of the dungeon.
While Edward was working away, Edwina leant down and whispered to Becky. “Think you’re better at sucking my husband’s cock than me, eh? If you think you can rise above what you are, a fucking slave, then I will whip that skin off your back, understand?”
Becky remained impassive, working as hard as she could on Edwina’s clit to get her to cum, and make sure they would leave her in peace, if only to stew within a tiny cage.

A few days later, Edwina was at work and was shocked to find the police visiting her. They wanted to gather information about Becky’s state of mind.
“We understand the family changed psychiatrists and you were the last one sent by the council before that,” one of the officers explained.
“Yes, I remember Becky. Troubled child. I only visited her four or five times at most. She had a longer-term psychiatrist before me. Have you spoken with them?” Edwina asked, feeling a pang of sadness.
“We did. They quit because they found Becky hard to deal with,” the officer replied.
Edwina sighed, her heart heavy. “I heard about her disappearance. It’s tragic. I can only imagine what her current counselor must be going through. I hope she doesn’t blame herself.”
“She is devastated. She thought Becky was getting better,” the officer said solemnly.
“I would be very happy to help. I understand you haven’t found the body yet. Do you believe it is suicide?” Edwina asked gently.

A few days later, Edwina was at work and was shocked to find the police visiting her. They wanted to gather information about Becky’s state of mind.
“We understand the family changed psychiatrists and you were the last one sent by the council before that,” one of the officers explained.
“Yes, I remember Becky. Troubled child. I only visited her four or five times at most. She had a longer-term psychiatrist before me. Have you spoken with them?” Edwina asked, her voice smooth but her eyes flickering briefly with unease.
“We did. They quit because they found Becky hard to deal with,” the officer replied.
Edwina sighed, feigning a look of deep sorrow. “I heard about her disappearance. It’s tragic. I can only imagine what her current counselor must be going through. I hope she doesn’t blame herself.”
“She is devastated. She thought Becky was getting better,” the officer said solemnly.
“I would be very happy to help. I understand you haven’t found the body yet. Do you believe it is suicide?” Edwina asked gently, masking her tension with concern.
“All signs point to that, yes, unfortunately. But there is no sign of her anywhere. She may have wanted to make her death sensational and hide her body,” said the officer.
“I hope not. Poor Mrs. Parker—it must be such a terrible thing for her,” said Edwina, her voice dripping with sympathy, though her eyes darted nervously.
“I know. Mrs. Pembroke, may we have access to your files? There may be something there, some clue as to where she might have gone. We are working on the assumption she theatrically staged her own suicide, but she may also have faked it and gone somewhere else.”
“Oh, where do you think she might have gone?” asked Edwina, her tone curious yet overly earnest.
“Well, that’s the point. Do you have any idea?” asked the officer.
“I really am not sure. I am so sorry. I feel such guilt. I was not able to get through to her. She was very, well, arrogant and angsty, a very challenging child to deal with, I’m afraid. I wish the family had given me more time with her,” Edwina said, her voice wavering as if on the brink of tears.
“Of course,” said the officer. “Frankly, the family is hard to deal with. I completely sympathize with you, Mrs. Pembroke. Becky must have been a nightmare if she is anything like her mother.”
“In my field of work, we deal with these cases a lot, sadly,” said Edwina, forcing a sad smile. “But I would be happy to do anything to help the Parkers.”

The Parker family tried to keep living among the glare of publicity. The search for Becky had drawn a blank.The sheer amount of false sightings was overwhelming. They all struggled to confront the terrifying probability that she was dead, and had deliberately engineered her suicide to cause them the most grief by denying them the chance to find her body.

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