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My brother Jim was gay and I was delighted when he asked me to look after the drinks and food for his 21st birthday pool party. He was two years older than me and I thought it was going to be a normal party with around 20 people. It started at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and turned into something quite different. I never imagined for one moment that all these friends of his would-be swimming naked and wandering around with no clothes on at all. I was surprised when the first few took off their clothes and took no notice of me — I must have been invisible. I have to say I found it very difficult to concentrate on what I was doing to see so many swinging dicks all at once. I was only 19 and I had never seen a dick on a naked body. They just seemed to be longer than I ever imagined.
My best friend Susie and I had often talked about dicks and I rang her up and asked her if she would like to come over and help me and she said she could come until 8 o'clock. She was so glad that I had because we were able to discuss what we were looking at. They are all different sizes, long short thin, fat. The more the evening wore on, the more excited I got and erotic fantasies flashed across my mind. They wandered around and played with each other and seemed to be having a good time — everybody except one boy who was looking at books from the bookshelf. He didn't seem to talk with anybody or interact. He was like a fish out of water. He came over for a drink and the second time I asked him whether he was enjoying himself.
"Yes and no. I'm not gay. My brother asked me to come with him so I came but I'm not really interested in any of these fellows and they are not interested in me. I'm enjoying some of the books on your shelf about history."
Bookboy came back several times for drinks and food and I had a quick chat with him every time. The party was due to end at 10 o'clock and a few minutes before 10 he came to me and said,
"They're all going to go off to another party. Do you mind if I stay with you? My name is Jerry."
"No. That's fine. My name is Annie. Come into the laundry and nobody will notice that you're not going. I don't want my brother to know that you're still here."
I was quite excited at the thought he was staying because he had one of the biggest dicks there.
When everybody had gone I let him out. "Let me help you clean up and then we can go for a swim."
A few minutes later I said, "Okay. That's done. I will get my costume and we can go for a swim."
"Why don't you just strip off? You don't need a costume."
"No way. No man has ever seen me naked."
"Well, I can see that you keep looking at my dick all the time so you must like it. Don't you think I might like to look at you naked?"
"That has got nothing to do with it. You didn't get undressed for me. You were already naked."
"Do you want me to get my costume and put it on?"
There was silence for a few moments. Annie considered the situation for a while. She really wanted to keep looking at Jerry's dick. "Okay. It's a deal."
The real reason she didn't want to get undressed was that the last thing she had expected to happen on the occasion of her brother's party that she would be getting undressed and she was wearing a daggy old bra and daggy old panties. Somehow she was going to have to strip without him seeing her undress. She disappeared into another room for a few seconds and came back totally naked. Annie was very self-conscious and wanted to look sexy. She had imagined this moment for a long time but it was never going to happen like this. She came back into the room and Jerry said,
"Wow. What a goddess."
The ice was broken and Annie was relaxed from that moment on. She knew she had a good figure but nobody had ever told her and so she was still a little hesitant and liked the compliment. Her breasts were not the biggest breasts in her class but she knew they had a great shape, she knew her nipples had a nice colour and were attractive. She had a nice slim waist and wide hips and in the centre a little triangular bush which somehow stood out against the rest of the body. "We can have a swim –I don't want to get my hair wet. It will be difficult to dry at night time."
Jeff and Annie slipped into the pool at the shallow end without making a splash and slowly moved to the deeper part where their heads were just above water. It was a nice balmy night — very warm and the water was very refreshing. They kept talking and slowly but surely moved closer to each other until their bodies were against each other and they could feel the other's body warmth. There were a few pecks but no actually kissing. Everything was going well between them. Annie pulled herself out of the pool and as she did so she felt Jeff's hands momentarily touching her pussy. She didn't react negatively. Their relationship was going to progress — there was no doubt about that.
When they dried themselves they looked at each other wondering what to do next. Annie said, "We can dance. There is a great program on telly on Saturday nights with great music."
The lights in the room were off and it was only illuminated by the television set and the music. Neighbours would not be able to see what was happening. Annie and Jeff danced for about 10 minutes and she led Jeff to the couch. He sat down at one end and she sat down and spread her legs along the couch with her head in his lap. It was a perfect position for her to look into his eyes and they kissed. It was also the perfect position for Jeff's hands to massage her breasts and tweak her nipples which grew hard and stood out proud. Annie purred and it was not long before his hand was on her pubic mound and a finger diddling her clitoris. Annie purred and kept kissing Jeff while she could feel the excitement inexorably leading to an orgasm. It felt so much better than all the other ones she had ever had with boys trying to finger her through clothes. This time was different. She had no clothes on and was fully relaxed and comfortable and able to spread her knees so that Jeff could get quick and easy access. He kept on and kept on and his finger slipped down to the entrance to her vagina and teased her before going back to her clitoris. Another orgasm came and another one. Oh god — this is getting too much.
Annie twisted herself somehow so that her face was now pointing down instead of up and with her hand fed Jerry's soft penis into her mouth. She and Susie had spent a lot of time discussing the equipment on all the gay boys at the party and they had come to conclusion that bookboy had the third longest but the best looking dick of all. The triangular shape of the head seemed to be more prominent and a better colour and even provoked Susie into saying, "Can you imagine that one sliding into you? It makes me wet just thinking about it." I have to say I agreed with her although I had no idea that it would be my luck to be fairly close to having that happen in a few hours. Susie and I had a great time looking at everybody's dicks and discussing in detail what we thought of them. Neither of us could believe that there could be such variation in size and shape. It just seemed unimaginable that short ones could grow so large and the long ones didn't t grow as large as you might think.
It was dark and I really would like to have looked very closely at Jerry's dick but I was limited to my tongue reconnoitring the tip of his penis from every direction while I gently sucked and felt the blood coursing in and making it more than hard. I knew what the result would be if I kept doing this and I didn't have a tissue so I said, "I think we should go upstairs where it's more comfortable and I've got a tissue."
No words were said. We just upped and I lead Jeff to my bedroom and he plopped down on it. Within seconds my mouth had engulfed it again and my hand was moving up and down while I sucked and looked at it.
"I'm going to come." I grabbed the tissue and looked as with multiple pulses he shot his sperm into the tissue. I got another tissue and wiped him clean and then we kissed again. I knew what was going to happen next. He would want to lick me. I was both afraid and excited all at the same time. It meant that he was going to look right into my pussy but I knew from my girlfriends how good it would be. They said that this was the most amazing experience you could have. Sure enough it was.
"Annie was that exciting?"
Jeff's tongue and lips and mouth sucked and licked while I could only watch in amazement and feel a really good orgasm coming. Sure enough it did and I felt great. I think if I had allowed Jeff to he would have kept licking for hours but I couldn't take it.
I don't know about Jeff but I decided that he was worthy of being the first one to make love to me. He was good-looking and he was gentle and he respected me and I enjoyed his touch and his smell. It wasn't going to get better than this. On top of that he had a dick to dream of. I was in the mood and I was relaxed and there was no chance of interruption. My brother would be away for hours and my parents were away for the whole weekend. I might not get another opportunity. Let's see what he does. He's getting ready. I can see he is positioning himself with his knees between my knees and I don't think it will be long before it happens. I can see his dick is long and hard and I can see the little opening at the tip. I know I'm wet — I don't have to check. I'll lift my knees and open wide to make it obvious that I'm happy for him to proceed. He has got the message. He's lifting my knees so that my whole bottom is exposed. This is what I didn't want to happen but it's unavoidable. A girl can't have sex if she doesn't expose herself like this. The only thing I could do would be to get under a blanket but then I couldn't see him so it cuts both ways. His dick is moving closer to me. His hand is on it and he's moving it up and down my slit, stopping for a second or two at the entrance to my vagina and then coming back. He doesn't need to do that. I'm ready. At last he is pushing in to my passage a little bit. It's my first time and I can feel the ridge of his tip slipping in and out and now it's going further in. I don't think he will find any problems slipping in — my vibrator has already been there. Sure enough, I can feel the length getting further and further into me. He is moving in and out gently. Two paces forward, one pace back. Now I can feel his loins right up against me. He can't go any further and I'm not surprised. I feel so full.
"Jerry, how does that feel? Am I your first?"
"It feels great. For years I wanted to do it and it never mattered who it was — any girl would have done but now I am with you it feels so great that you are a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. It is wonderful to feel the warmth of your body against mine and your soft lips."
"I know what you mean. I always dreamt that my first time would be with some really nice handsome fella and here you are and best of all you've got a big dick and I can feel it right inside me right now. It felt so good as you slipped right in. I never thought it would fit. I knew I could stretch around it but I wasn't sure that I could stretch lengthwise and I did. I guess it helps to be tall. You want to move in and out and fuck me? That's what you want to do, isn't it?"
Jerry moved in and out and I could feel the walls of my vagina collapse and expand. It was great. And then his body stiffened and I could feel that he was pumping his sperm into me.
"I hope you can't get pregnant."
"I'm lucky. If you were playing Vatican roulette you wouldn't get a dividend."
"Thank goodness."
"Just stay where you are for a while and then pull out. That's the worst part. The feelings of sadness after sex as you are left with an empty feeling and I know that I've got a mess inside me."
"I didn't know. It's my first time."
"Don't worry. I can clean up and I will wash you clean."
Annie hopped up and ran to the bathroom with a hand cupped underneath her pussy and came back a few minutes later with a warm washer and gently cleaned my penis. It felt so good. All I know is I was as happy as a lark. I had had my first fuck with a good-looking chick and she was a virgin and it went well and she thinks I'm terrific. What more could you ask for? I think she's in love with my body as much as I am with hers. Practically everything I do brings a smile to her face. She is still washing my penis. It never took me that long to wash it. I think she just likes doing it and I'm loving it. Her mouth is going down on me. She stops every so often just to look. I think it's my turn. I'll roll her over. She knows what's coming. She is on her back with her legs apart and inviting me to lick her. She looks terrific. She's got a nice triangle of hair on her pubic mound but between her legs there is very little and in between her lips it's a nice pink colour and her clitoris stands out nicely from her body. It's very inviting. I can't resist. She sucked in air as my lips locked onto her bud and I began sucking. She put both hands on my head stopping me leaving her pleasure site.
We must have done this for quite a while and she had an orgasm but she wouldn't let me stop and then she had another one. It's all very well for her but I want to get my end in. That's the name of the game. She finally got the message and opened her legs wide for me to plunge straight in. I couldn't imagine that any girl could get that wet. I got the urge to be much more vigorous than the first time and I plunged in and out showing strength. I went in deep, came out and went in deep again. I think Annie liked it because she had another orgasm. That brought on mine and it was all over. I slipped out, rolled over and fell asleep.
In the morning I woke up and Annie wasn't there. It must have been late. The room was bright and warm from the rising sun. I lay there gathering my thoughts when my goddess walked in through the door with a jug of iced tea. "It's late. I made this myself. It's really delicious and refreshing."
I had two large glasses and it was delicious.
"You've got two choices. You can come down and have a swim in the pool or you can have a dip in my you know where."
I didn't hesitate. I pulled Annie towards me and began kissing her and playing with her breasts. I couldn't believe my luck. My brother had brought me to a gay party hoping that I would find a nice partner and instead fate had introduced me to a sex maniac.
"My friend Susie who was here last night said that she likes it when her boyfriend does it from behind. I've seen it on porn and I'd like to try it."
Annie knelt on the bed on all fours and pointed her bum at me. I must say she looked very attractive and when she separated her cheeks I could see just where my penis was going to go. I guided it to the entrance and pushed in slowly. I can't tell you how deep it felt and what a good feeling it was to do it like this. Annie didn't move but I think she liked it. After a while she began to rock backwards and forwards and I was able to look down and see my penis going in and out of her body. It was great. You couldn't do that when you were in the missionary position. I enjoyed pulling out until I could see the knob of my penis and then I'd push in again. I took it nice and slow and really enjoyed the whole sensation. Annie didn't orgasm but I did. I pulled out and Annie said, "You've made a mess of me again." She jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom and came back with a nice warm washer to clean me up.
We snuggled up to each other on the bed while our hands roamed freely over each other's bodies — we were just luxuriating in the warmth of our new relationship. It was good and we kissed each other between talking. Annie said she liked me because I was the only one at the party who was reading books and that made be a serious person in her mind. It's hard to tell exactly why I liked Annie. The fact that she was so open and relaxed with me was something unusual — I'd never been with another girl like that before. It was hard not to like Annie. Every time her image came up in my mind I could see this beautiful girl with a beautiful body and sexy tits with a nice hairy bush. What more could you want. After a long while I could feel it getting harder again. Annie wasn't touching me but my penis had a mind of its own and knew where the best spots were. I rolled Annie over on her back and she automatically opened her legs and I could see her crack.
At that moment I stopped and thought for a few seconds. Up until yesterday it was such a complicated business to even imagine making love to a girl. What a rigmarole of trying and trying and hundreds of failures and here I was, I only had to open those lips in front of me to reveal what I'd been dreaming of for years. It didn't take long and my body took control of the situation and I plunging my penis right into Annie. She opened her eyes with surprise at the vigour which I was using. It felt good. I felt like a man and she said, "I like it when you go hard. It's good to feel the power of a man. It makes me feel more of a woman that I'm able to take it and enjoy it."
"I don't understand something. Every other girl I've been with has made it so difficult to get anywhere past a kiss. She resists me putting my hand on her breast and if I get that far she resists me putting my hand under her dress and it's a miracle if I'm allowed to put my finger inside her pants. You're so different. You seem very happy to let me put my hands all over your body all the time, whenever I like. What's going on?"
"All you boys are the same. You don't understand anything about women. You are happy to put your dick into any woman, whether you like her or not. Women are different. If a woman likes you, she is prepared to share her body with you. If she doesn't like you, she doesn't want you to touch her in her private parts. That's why you have to spend time getting her to like you and then you can do anything. Once I decided that I liked you, I was prepared and happy to share my body with you because I like sex just as much as you do. That's why we get on so well together."
Annie looked at her phone and said that her brother had just sent a message that he wouldn't be home until late. Her parents wouldn't be back until after dinner so we had all day and we didn't waste a minute of it.

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