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By Twocrows Even at the young age of eleven seeing sex was nothing new to me. I had seen my dad fucking women and men on may occasions. I was supposed to stay in my room when dad had someone over and it being usually late that was were I would be. But we lived in a very old house that dad said was over two hundred years old and one thing they did was have vents from the room below to allow heat to rise to to upper rooms. There were baffles so they couldn’t be seen though but I had figured out how to remove them so I would turn my light out and remove it and lay there watching what went on below.
Sometimes it was a man and the best was when he was on his hands and knees then I could see dad’s cock entering his bum or if it was the other way around the cock was in dad’s bum. Watching them sucking each other was also exciting. Sometimes it was a women that dad was fucking but I never could see dad’s cock going into her but it was great seeing her naked. A few times there would be a man and woman and dad would be fucking her and sucking him. Well during all these times I would have my little cock in my hand and sometimes a finger in my butt. I wondered what it would be like to have a cock in my butt and increasingly I was looking for a way to get just that.
I was almost twelve when dad had several men and two women over for a sex party. This time most of the action was in the big room so I sneaked out on the balcony and laying flat watched though the grill that was the railing. There was lots of fucking and sucking going on and as I lay there watching I pulled my pants down and played with myself and fingered my bum wishing I could go down there and join in.
Then there was a hand on my butt, I almost jumped out of my skin in surprise. “Nice bum you got there boy, Andy isn’t it?”
I nodded wondering if I was in trouble but he was smiling. As i looked at his cock dangling between his thighs the thought came to me that maybe this was my chance, he wasn’t too big and seemed interested in my butt.
“Bet you would like to be down there having fun with them.”
I nodded, “Dad won’t allow me to.”
“That’s dads for you. Do you like looking at my cock like you are? You know I like boys better than men, would you want to have some of that with me?”
Yes, this was my chance. I was so nervous but I nodded. “In my room?”
“Lead on Andy my new friend.”
I got up staying low not to be seen from below and lead him to my room. There I got as naked as he was.
“You’re a dream come true my boy, can I suck your cock?”
I nodded, “But I don’t squirt anything yet.”
“That’s okay, I don’t think it will be long until you do and I hope I can get a taste when you do.”
He stood me up on my bed and went down until his face was right in front of him. “You have a beautiful cock.” Then he took me into his mouth. I gasped, I expected it to feel good but this was so much better than good his mouth sucking on my cock was amazing. It wasn’t long until the good feeling happened and my cock jerked in his mouth. He kept my cock in his mouth a bit longer then pulled back.
“Yes, it isn’t going to be long until you cum.”
“Going to fuck me now?”
“Yes, first I will play with your bum and get it ready for my cock. He had been rubbing my bum hole while he sucked me but now he pressed a little harder.
“Hmm, going to need something to make your boy pussy slippery.”
“I know what, I’ll be right back.”
I run off to the bath and got a tube of KY jelly. “Will this do?”
“It sure will, come lay across my lap so I can get to your boy pussy.”
“I thought girls had pussy, not boys.”
“They do but where you put a cock to fuck is often referred to as a pussy. (He wiggled his finger on my bum hole) This is were my cock soon will be.”
His finger was now in my bum and it felt a little uncomfortable but as he wiggled it around and thrust in easily it started to feel good. Then he pulled out and two fingers went in. It hurt a little but it didn’t take long to feel good and I thought I was ready for cock.
“That feels good, gonna put your cock in now?”
“With pleasure, can hardly wait to feel my cock in your tight young boy pussy.”
He arranged me on my knees spread wide and my head on the pillow. Looking back over my shoulder I seen him lubing up his cock and then moving in behind me and his cock pressed against my bum hole.
“Keep relaxed, are you ready to be fucked?”
“Huh, huh, I’m ready.”
His cock pressed harder and my hole opened up to take him in. It was a little stingy but I figured it would get better soon. He held still for a bit and the sting eased.
“Ready for more Andy my boy?”
“Huh, huh.”
He slowly began fucking me and it just kept feeling better with every thrust. Soon I was moaning softly and pushing back to every thrust. Then he fucked me a little faster and harder and groaned and held his cock deep in my bum and I felt it pulsing as he cum. After a while as we lay side by side I was thinking that I wanted to do that a lot more.
“Oh Andy my boy that was so good, I hope you liked being fucked.”
“Oh yes, it was really great, want to do it again.”
“I’d love to fuck you a lot but I better get back down stairs before someone comes looking for me. If I can get away again I’ll come back and you can fuck me.”
“Wow, really? I’d love to. Wish I was bigger and squirted though.”
“Both will come with time, don’t worry.”

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