The Perfect Fuck Buddy Ch. 03

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tagIncest/TabooThe Perfect Fuck Buddy Ch. 03

The house was quiet, but not dark, as Ariel tiptoed up the stairs. Her daddy, always thinking of her, had left one of the downstairs lamps on, so she could see coming into the house.
She giggled mischievously, reaching the second floor, padding down the hallway, another light there left on for her.
I'm coming, Daddy…
His door was closed, but not locked, so she slipped inside.
Although it was dark, she knew her way around, so she was at his bed in no time, carefully easing the blanket off him. A grumble came through the shadows, but there was no other reaction, even when she then just as carefully eased herself onto the bed.
She found his boxers, and deftly slipped his cock out. As her eyes adjusted, she leaned forward, and gave the head a kiss. A shudder ran over her, the arousal further muddling her mind along with the plentiful alcohol she had drank.
The frat party had been fun, and of course, she had received her fair share of male attention, but the entire time she had been thinking about her plan. Several times, she had looked around the room, seeing all the people gathered to drink, hang out, and hook up.
They don't know I'm going to go home and suck my daddy's dick.
The thought had always sent a shiver over her, her increasing drunkenness mixing in with her excitement. That excitement had been misread by several of the guys at the party, including one she had danced with for a little while, grinding her ass back invitingly while thinking again of her plan. His disappointment when she had left the party a little later had made her giggle, not because it had been amusing by itself, but because he had been unaware of the real reason she was going home.
She closed her lips over her daddy's cock, sucking softly, the subtle musk hitting her tongue. One hand wrapped around the base, while the other snuck down, dipping under her dress and sneaking into her panties.
God, I'm so wet…
A few fingers stroked over her slit, collecting the flowing juices. Another shudder ran over her, and she eased the fingers inside herself, working her lips around the head of his length, the firm flesh twitching from the slick warmth smothering it. She cooed, letting her tongue wriggle over it, feeling it twitch again.
It felt like forever ago that her daddy had fucked her twice in two successive days. Last Thursday, after her initial proposal the week before had been thoroughly shot down, he had bent her over the kitchen table after a bad date and too much alcohol, before slinking up to bed. The next day, when she had returned home from campus giddy at the thought of their new relationship, he had apologized for what he had interpreted as rape. But after a little cajoling, he had thrown her down onto the couch for round two. That time, the regret had hit him much quicker, only seconds after they had finished, and he had run off, to think over what had happened. When he had returned, it had been with a seemingly strong resolve against the idea of them having a sexual relationship. And while she had accepted that resolve to his face, she had immediately started thinking about how best to break it.
Since then, she had played the role of the normal daughter, but had simply been biding her time so he would let his guard down. His relief at her apparent acceptance of his resolve had been palpable, and he had gradually let that guard down.
Although he had soundly rejected the idea of having her as a fuck buddy, the lustful enthusiasm he had displayed twice now showed that his resolve was not as strong as he might have thought. The first time, alcohol and her skimpy clothes had eroded that resolve. The second time, her shameless entreaties had done the trick. This time, it would be a sneak attack.
You want me, Daddy. I know you do. You just can't get past the fact that I'm your daughter.
His cock began to swell thanks to her breathless adoration. She sucked softly, cooing again as it surged towards full size in her mouth. The naughtiness of this illicit act made her arousal mount. Her fingers slipped deeper into her channel, more juices flowing out around them.
Slowly but surely, her eyes adjusted to the darkness. She came off that cock, biting her lip as she remembered how it had felt inside her, claiming her pussy, fucking her into a glorious ecstasy. After another kiss at the head, she closed her lips around it again, dropping them further down the stiffening shaft. Her hand moved now, sliding up towards her mouth. A low groan came from her daddy, but he did not stir further.
Her pleasure started to rise. The arousal swirling through her was potent, and her fingers worked steadily, squishing through her bountiful juices. Even as she masturbated, her own pleasure was not her focus, as she slurped at her daddy's cock, luxuriating in how the firm meatiness felt in her mouth, in the way it twitched mindlessly, in the subtle flavor of his musk. Her saliva dribbled past her lips, staining the shaft, the little trickles shining dully in the dark.
Her eyes trailed up over her daddy's bare stomach and chest, and up to his face, a sigh spilling from her as she gazed at his handsome features, the daughterly love she held so deeply for him mingling with lust.
While her suggestion that he take her as a fuck buddy had been initially made out of that daughterly love and a desire to help him, her continued push for such a relationship admittedly had a slightly selfish bent to it now, thanks to the way he had taken charge of the proceedings. Her natural sexual submissiveness had been perfectly complemented by his assertiveness. Although she would have happily given herself to him without such assertiveness, now she knew there would be plenty of pleasure and delight for her, from the actual act of sex and not just the satisfaction of helping him.
Her thoughts were interrupted by the first bead of pre-cum seeping forth onto her tongue, the light, slightly bitter tang making her coo around her mouthful.
She took in the peacefulness of her daddy's slumber and found herself remembering how he had taken control both times they had fucked, the possessive passion unleashed on her, the relentless strength keeping her bent over the kitchen table and pinned to the couch. Her lips dropped lower onto his shaft, a quiver running over her as she imagined him taking control and forcing her to fit every inch of him down her throat.
More pre-cum oozed onto her tongue, mixing with her saliva. She kept her hand to a steady pace, feeling the meat throb in her grip, her effort offering plenty of stimulation.
Her daddy stirred now, and she purred, the sound muffled by his cock but still audible.
Wake up, Daddy…
Her pussy clutched around her fingers, a lewd excitement gripping her.
He stirred again, another low groan coming out next.
Her lips dropped lower, the length filling her mouth, her lips and chin stained with her saliva.
"What the…?"
He shifted, and then the light clicked on. Her eyes blinked a few times, adjusting to the sudden light, seeing him come up onto his elbows and look down at her, confusion on his face.
"Ariel…" he said blearily, the haze of sleep still clouding his mind, "what're you doing?"
Her only answer was a cheeky smirk, and then she dropped her lips lower, the head starting to nudge into her throat.
I've never deep throated anyone before, but I'll learn how for you…
"Ariel, what're you doing?" he repeated, his confusion tinged with pleasure.
She came off his cock, and gave him another cheeky smirk, her hand still stroking steadily.
"What does it look like, Daddy? I'm sucking your dick."
A look of understanding dawned as the haze of sleep slowly lifted.
And then he hurled himself away, his shaft slipping suddenly from her hand.
"What the fuck are you doing?!"
She giggled, crawling seductively towards him.
"Give me back that dick…"
Speechlessness took him over for a few seconds. She neared him, reaching out for his shaft, but he scurried off the bed and put it back inside his boxers.
"Come on, Daddy…"
"What the fuck are you doing, Ariel?!"
She rolled her eyes, and then rolled over onto her back, stretching languidly, showing off her cleavage, letting her dress ride up over her hips a bit to show off her panties as well.
"You already asked that…"
More anger surged in his expression.
"What is wrong with you?!"
"Don't be mean," she purred, rolling back onto her stomach, and reaching out again for his shaft. "Just…give me back that dick…"
His hand closed around hers, the grip tight and firm, making her bite her lip. He stepped forward, and with his other hand tugging at her jacket, heaved her up onto her knees. Neediness bubbled up inside her as she stared at him, drinking in the anger on his face, noticing lingering desire there as well.
"I like when you get rough," she murmured, her free hand sneaking back in between her thighs.
"Stop it!" he shouted, intercepting that hand, and yanking it away from its destination.
Both her hands were now in his grip. She smiled sultrily, and leaned forward, kissing at his chest.
"Come on," she urged in between affectionate kisses, "throw me down and fuck me. Or use my mouth. I've never deep throated anyone, but maybe tonight you can make me do it for you…hold my head down until I choke on your dick…"
"Jesus Christ, Ariel!" he shouted, shoving her forward.
She squealed, landing on her back on the bed, eagerly spreading her legs.
"Take me, please…"
"Get out of my room," he said tersely, his jaw set, his teeth gritted, his eyes blazing with an actual, non-sexual anger.
In her drunkenness, she ignored that inconvenient detail.
"I know you want me, Daddy," she told him breathlessly, coming up onto her knees, keeping her thighs spread to show off her panties.
His anger dimmed for a moment as his eyes narrowed.
"Are you drunk?"
She giggled.
"You didn't drive home, did you?"
She shook her head.
"I took an Uber. The car's back on campus."
"Oh," he said simply, his paternal instinct briefly overriding his anger. "Good."
"Do I get a reward for doing the right thing?" she asked coquettishly, her hand sneaking back in between her thighs.
His anger flared up again.
"What the fuck is wrong with you?!"
She flinched, her smile turning into a pout.
"You don't have to say things like that…"
He growled in frustration.
"What else am I supposed to say?! You snuck into my room while I was sleeping to suck my dick! I thought we got past this!"
She fixed him with a serious look.
"No, we didn't. You thought we did. But we're not past this yet. We won't be until you realize this isn't wrong."
He gaped at her.
"First," she began, sensing weakness, "you bent me over the kitchen table. You called it rape, but it really wasn't. And then, you threw me down on the couch. I was asking for it, but you didn't ask, you just took me. I wanted to show you how much I want this. How much I want to help you. I didn't want there to be any doubt in your mind, so I figured I'd have to make the next first move to show you."
"That's insane!"
"No, it's not," she said, pouting again. "I'm just trying to help you."
"Wait, so…the past week, you were just waiting for the right time to do something like this?"
She nodded firmly.
"Jesus Christ! That's so fucked up. I thought this might've just been because you're drunk."
Her pout deepened into a frown.
"Just want to help you…"
"I know that, but come on, give it up! This isn't going to happen."
"Come on, Daddy…"
"Don't 'Daddy' me! This isn't going to happen! Now, get out of my room."
She summoned her best sad face.
"Get out of my room, right now. You're pissing me off, and I don't want to yell at you. Anymore than I have already. So, get out of my room."
Her shoulders sagged as she accepted defeat.
You may have won the battle…
"Okay," she mumbled, dragging herself off the bed, and padding out of the room.
"Good night, Ariel."
"Good night, Daddy."
He closed the door behind her, and she heard the lock click.
But the war is far from over.
Alex opened the door and slipped inside.
Huh…whose shoes are those?
A clatter from the kitchen drew his attention, so after he quickly kicked his shoes off, he headed over.
Ariel popped out from the kitchen as he passed the couch.
"Hi, Daddy," she greeted him, retreating back into the kitchen.
"Hi, Ariel," he replied, and then stopped short once in the kitchen.
"This is Brett," she told him as she went over to the sink to finish washing a few dishes. "He's a classmate. We were just working on some stuff."
"Uh, hi, Mr. Makris, nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you too, Brett," Alex said, shaking the offered hand.
She brought a classmate home. Never done that. And he's a boy…
"How was your day?" Ariel asked from the sink.
"Oh, uh…it was good. I have a date in a little bit too, so I might not be home for a little while."
"Ooh, a date? With who?"
"Huh. I thought you two decided to call it off?"
"Yeah, we did, but I figured I'd give it another try."
They shared a pointed look.
That way, you'll stop…
"Okay, Daddy, I hope you have a good time."
She went up on her tiptoes to put some of the already-dried plates back in their places.
Out of the corner of his eye, Alex noticed Brett sneaking a look at her ass, her black leggings stretched over the luscious cheeks.
Ah…of course.
"So, what class are you two in?" he asked, fighting back a grin at the way Brett jumped in surprise at the sudden question.
"Oh, uh, Intro to Film. With Professor Jenkins."
"I've told you about it, Daddy."
"Yeah, you have. Ariel likes the class. What about you?"
"It's alright," Brett answered noncommittally, shrugging. "I like it."
"And what's your major?"
"I haven't decided yet, but probably Psych."
"Nice. What Psych classes have you taken?"
"Don't interrogate him," Ariel teased, padding over to them now. "We're about to leave anyway."
"I'm just asking. Making conversation, that's all."
"You ready to go?" Ariel asked Brett.
"Oh…uh, sure. Can I use your bathroom?"
"Of course. It's upstairs, on the left."
"Cool. Be right back."
Brett left the kitchen, and Ariel began to gather up the books on the table.
Alex waited a few seconds, but when she did not speak up, he did.
"I know what you're doing," he told her, keeping his voice low.
"What do you mean?" she asked innocently.
"Your mother liked to do this sometimes."
"Do what? Bring a classmate home to study?"
He rolled his eyes.
"Cut the crap. You're trying to make me jealous."
She scoffed.
"Don't be silly. I just brought him home to work on some stuff together."
"You've never done that before. Even with your friends. They've come over for other stuff, not to do work."
"So, I just told you I have a date with Stacy. You can back off."
"Okay, Daddy," she said dismissively.
"I'm going to make it work this time. I do like Stacy a lot."
"Okay, Daddy."
"So, you can stop now. I don't need a…fuck buddy," he said, lowering his voice further for the last two words.
She turned and gave him a serious look.
"I hope it works out. My idea was to help you. If it works out, I won't have to."
"Good," he said firmly.
Brett came down the stairs a few seconds later.
"Ready to go?" Ariel asked him.
"Uh, yeah, ready to go. Nice to meet you, Mr. Makris."
"You too, Brett."
After another handshake, Brett followed Ariel to the front door, his eyes sliding down to her ass on the way there.
"Bye, Daddy!" Ariel shouted from the door. "Have fun on your date!"
Alex trudged into the house.
The date with Stacy had been perfectly fine.
I do like her. We just want different things.
Dinner and coffee had been pleasant, and they had agreed on another date. She had been happy that their relationship was back on track, but he had been inwardly less enthused. The reason for asking her back out in the first place, and agreeing on another date, had nothing to do with her.
I do feel bad. I'm leading her on. But I can't exactly be honest with her.
Quite simply, a relationship with Stacy would keep Ariel off his back.
Waking up to his daughter sucking his cock had been a strange and infuriating experience. The sheer surprise had overridden the pleasure, which had enabled him to heave himself away from her. Anger had gotten the better of him after, but he had managed to rein it in enough. She had trudged from his room, seemingly accepting defeat.
She pretended to last time. So, I can't let my guard down.
It had been an easy decision to reach out to Stacy. Luckily, she had replied right away, even suggesting a date for later. He had agreed eagerly, immediately ashamed of the fact that he was more excited about the implications of their date than he was about the date itself.
He glanced around as he took off his shoes. Ariel was not downstairs.
Her car is outside…although that doesn't necessarily mean she's home.
One of the downstairs lamps was on, providing some light as he trekked upstairs.
Change into some house clothes, and then watch TV for a bit.
The upstairs was quiet. Ariel's door was closed, with no light coming from inside.
It's too early for her to be asleep, especially on a Friday. Maybe she is back at campus.
He passed her door.
A moan came from her room.
He stopped short.
Another moan came.
His heartbeat picked up.
Is she in there with Brett?
The thought had come before he could stop it, and then a twinge of jealousy followed.
And what if she is? She's a grown woman.
Another moan came. A faint buzzing sound reached his ears.
Huh…is she masturbating?
An image popped up in his mind before he could stop it, Ariel squirming on the bed, her legs spread wide, one hand massaging her breasts while the other pumped a vibrator into her cunt.
I shouldn't be standing here. I should go back downstairs.
It took some willpower to get his feet moving, but he started to walk away after a few seconds.
"Oh, Daddy…"
He stopped short again, his eyes widening.
"Yes…ooh, fuck yes Daddy…"
He gulped nervously, feeling his cock twitch, reacting to her breathy purrs, the softened length quickly starting to swell.
"Get that dick deep, Daddy…deep in my little pussy…it's so wet for you…"
His eyes bulged from their sockets.
Jesus Christ, Ariel…
"Oh please, give me every inch, I want it, I can take it…"
His cock strained in his boxers, a bulge forming soon, tenting his trousers. He could not help but imagine her naked figure again.
I shouldn't be standing here. I should go back downstairs.
This time, no amount of willpower moved his feet. He just stood there, rooted to the spot, even leaning closer despite himself to hear better.
"Yes, oh yes, I love it, I love how your dick feels inside me, so good…"
You can just go in, a voice whispered in his head. She'll want the real thing. Just go in there and fuck her.
He managed to ignore the voice, but still could not get his feet moving. His cock twitched again, rock-hard now.
"Please, Daddy, give it to me, give it to your little girl…"
Sweat began to crop up on his forehead as the heat of arousal built.
Funny…haven't felt this with Stacy.

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