The Perfect Slave_(1) by Olwen

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=== February 21st, 2012 ===

=== 9h58 ===

Dear diary,

After all the nights I spent online waiting for my mistress… I will finally meet her! I am so excited! I would never have expected that 4 years ago, when I met her on this popular site named XnXX. Now here I am on the steps of a humongous house. I don’t know what she will do to me… or if she will even like me. What if she doesn’t? I think that would kill me… I lift my hand, should I knock? My hand froze on the spot… What if she wasn’t being serious about our relationship? I hear a crack, the door is opening! There’s a tall man in front of me, he’s staring at me, and I drop my eyes to my feet.

=== 9h59 ===

This man is Jasper, Mistress Kate’s butler. He’s really old, probably 60 or more! He leads me into the lounge. There is a fireplace on the north wall, a chandelier hanging from the roof, crimson red couches and a golden rug. I feel so out of place, wearing a plain strapless white dress that shows a good part of my legs. Jasper tells me to remove my clothes, or else I won’t be able to see mistress… I obey lifting my dress as fast as I can. I drop to my knees, eyes staring to the golden rug. I check if I got the position right, hands on my lap, legs slightly spread and my head bowed.

=== 10h15 ===

Jasper tells me to remain in this position, while he informs my mistress that I am here. I hear him walk away, not daring to lift my head to watch.

=== 10h30 ===

Still waiting… wondering if he was playing a prank on me. Oh! Footsteps! I hold my breath, and this is not Mr. Jasper, I can feel it. She’s at my back. Suddenly I hear my name, “Slut”, as the words come to my ears, my eyes fill up with tears. The emotion was just too strong for me to hold it in. I can feel the happiness in her voice, she has been waiting for that moment too!

=== 11h00 ===

Mistress Kate told me I could stand up, but told me to keep my eyes to the ground. She grabbed my hand and led me around the house. It is really big, it took us about 10 minutes to get to her room. She showed me my bed, right next to hers except mine doesn’t have a box spring, I am to sleep on the floor. She showed me the customization she made to my bed. She added a pair of handcuffs so she can make sure I don’t run away while she’s sleeping. She tells me that every morning I will have to wake her up by climbing on her bed and lick her soft body.

=== 12h00 ===

After a tour of the house she led me to the dining room. She made me crawl to her feet as she sat at the end of a long black mahogany table. She is so beautiful, her black hair that ends in her mid-back, her sweet hourglass shape and her long slender legs. My mistress is the prettiest woman I have ever seen. Jasper walked in with 2 plates, it smelled so good! He set my mistress’s plate in front of her and then bent to put mine in front of me, on the floor… like a dog… I looked at my mistress, pleading her to let me eat on the table. She told me “You will be punished for staring at me” I lowered my head and ate from the plate. I felt so humiliated, I was not even allowed to use a fork!

=== 12h45 ===

Mistress did not even dare to look at me, I had disappointed her. She kicked my belly, telling me to follow her. We arrived to a dark locked door, mistress unlocked it and threw me in before her. Whips, odd tables, knives, some stuff I have never seen before… It was a torture chamber! Oh my god, I better behave in the future! Mistress led me to a table and had me lay over it. She fastened the handcuffs and attached a collar around my neck. She called it the doggy-style table as my feet were touching the floor. I heard her walk away. I was praying she wouldn’t leave me there. She grabbed something off the wall, I heard it as the object left the hooks. She told me “Count” and I felt pain in my back.

=== 13h15 ===

53…54…55, She whipped me so hard I could feel every place where my skin ripped. I had 5 more because I forgot to count one time… I was crying, I was in pain, not because I had been whipped but because I had disobeyed my mistress. She removed my bonds and left me sobbing on the table. She told me to meet her in her room. She walked away, I kept sobbing, and I threw myself on the ground trying to crawl to her bedroom.

=== 13h45 ===

I have made it, I am finally in her room. I see my mistress lying on her bed, she looks like she has been crying. I hope it is not my fault! I would never forgive myself! She looked at me kindly and told me to help her get undressed. She walked to me while I was still on my hands and knees. I rose to my knees and unzipped her black dress, revealing a pink silky bra… I softly tugged on the bottom of the dress and it flew all the way down to her feet, unveiling her matching thong. She is a true goddess, there can’t be a mortal that beautiful. I unclasped her bra softly, she held it there for a moment before allowing me to see her breasts. She grinned as I removed her panties. She bent forward and told me to lick, I was mesmerized as I saw her lovely ass spread in front of me, then her soft pussy lips with her tiny clitoris already visible. I bent forward and licked her clitoris, sucking on it as hard as I could. I then moved to her asshole, skipping her pussy for now… I licked her in circles giving her a rim job. I tried to push my tongue inside her ass but it was too tight, she tasted so good. I came back to her soft pussy, wetting her lips till they spread, allowing me to move on. I pushed my tongue inside, licking in circles, lapping her with my tongue, I reached as far as I could.

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=== 14h30 ===

I did it! I got my mistress off for the first time! Standing in the middle of the room, she had an intense climax! Her body convulsed around my tongue it felt so great! When her body calmed down, she was smiling. She told me that now I had to clean her, so we walked to her bathroom. I walked in the shower, making sure the water was warm enough so my mistress wouldn’t get cold. I helped her in and I closed the door behind her. I grabbed the soap and a towel, she started to feel my body. Her hands roamed over my thighs, my belly, my ass, my back… I winced as she touched my back, the pain from the whipping came back. I saw a tear roll down her cheek, I told her not to cry, that I was the one that disappointed her. She lifted my face and kissed me on the lips, letting her tongue slip into my mouth, it felt like heaven. I started to wash her back as we kept kissing, moving my hands around her body, scrubbing her with the towel. I felt her breasts, her ass… She winked at me, she didn’t stop me! Then I had to wash her pussy, I got to my knees and shoved the towel into her tiny hole, pushing soap all the way inside. My face was at the height of her shaven pussy, so inviting… After doing the same to her ass I grabbed a second towel to wash the soap off her body.

=== 15h30 ===

I helped my mistress change into a magnificent red dress, she told me we were going out. I waited, expecting a dress or some kind of clothes… But nothing came into my hands. She wanted to bring me for a walk to the park, naked, on all fours. She fastened a collar around my neck and tugged on the leash. Before we came out the door she forced me on my knees. I wanted to sigh but held it in. She opened the door, I followed her outside, crawling along behind her. We walked for a while before mistress came to a stop. The skin on my hands and knees was broken from the sidewalks irregular pieces. She told me to lift my leg and pee. I felt so ashamed but didn’t want to be punished one more time, so I did it… I thought no one had seen me but I heard some giggles…

=== 16h00 ===

We finally arrived to the park! Mistress sat on a bench and had me face her. She tugged on the leash until my face was close to her pussy. She told me to lick. I licked under her skirt like I had earlier, and I felt her hands roam on my body. One hand, two hands, three hands? That is not my mistress! She let someone touch me, a stranger! I kept licking, fearing the punishment. Then the hands stopped, my mistress laughed… I waited for something to happen. Then someone pushed my legs apart, please don’t tell me someone will fuck me in the park! I felt something hard against my ass… sliding down my crack, that guy shoved his dick right up my bum, without warming me up! I muffled a scream into my mistress pussy, I made it rumble by shouting. She giggled, so I kept blowing air inside her…

=== 16h20 ===

He finally came inside of my ass, at least now his dick is outside me. Mistress tugged on the leash, we are heading back home. On the way home she came to a stop, she lifted my face and told me to open my mouth. I obeyed, opening my mouth as wide as I could. She started peeing inside it. She told me to swallow it all, I tried and succeeded. It wasn’t that salty, just felt warm and refreshing. We then kept on walking.

=== 17h20 ===

We are having a meal, she let me sit on a chair and eat with a fork! She told me I had done such a good job that I had earned that. She told me that I would be able to remain her slave as long as I continue to be a good slave. I was not allowed to leave even if I wished it with all my heart, she was my owner now. I promised I would never leave her, and she smiled.

=== 19h00 ===

She showed me my wardrobe. I wasn’t allowed to get dressed when we are at home but I could pick anything I wished from this closet. Of course all the clothes were too sexy to be worn outside, but it was better than nothing, wasn’t it?

=== 21h00 ===

Mistress made me try different clothes she had bought me, and complimented me as I modelled for her. She then told me to get ready for bed. I accompanied her to her room and she locked the door behind us. I helped her get undressed and I received a kiss on the forehead. She is so cute, so nice with me. I laid on my bed, making sure to lock the handcuffs around my hand.

=== 21h05 ===

She made me tear up again when she whispered “You are The Best Slave in the world”

=== The End ===

To everyone that read this story, thanks for giving me a part of your time. This story is also my CAW entry on the forum. To every other CAW contestant I wish you the best of luck!