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It was about 5 o’clock that afternoon when she returned home. She walked in the front door and called out. “ Honey I’m home.”
I hurried to greet her. She was all smiles.
I immediately asked her. Were you fucking all that time?
“Not all the time. We went out to eat first. Then we went back to his place to fuck. I think he fucks better now then I remembered.” She casually replied.
I could feel my heart racing as my excitement to hear the details was rising.
“ Tell me everything.” I blurted out, I wanted badly to hear the details of my sexy wife being fucked.

Tammy raised her skirt and pulled off her panties. Then sit on the couch, opened her legs to display her pussy to me. “Come here, honey. Lick my pussy and I’ll tell you all about it.”

I quickly didn’t she said, and got between her legs licking her pussy. She started telling me as I licked her.

“ As I said, for first we drove about 20 miles just to get something to eat. So we weren’t watched by everybody in this small town. After we eat, when we got back to the car, we made out kissing leaning against his car a while before getting inside his car. Then we started the ride back to his house. I was so horny and wet by then I reached over and pulled his cock out and started sucking him while he drove us there. I was being careful not to let him come, but just sucking and licking his dick enough to keep him really hard.He has one of those big long, cock heads that just feel good in your mouth. Finally, we pulled into his driveway. He started putting his cock back in his pants but I stopped him and told him to leave it out. He did as I asked, and we walked to his front door with his hard cock pointing the way. When we got inside, we both stripped our clothes off, healing me over that his couch and started fucking me. His cock felt so good. I could feel his balls slap me every time he buried it inside me.After a few minutes of that we change positions, I laid on his couch, and he on top of me between my legs fucking me missionary position. I felt cock swell, so I got him to stop and took him to his bedroom. I was afraid he was going to come too early. When we got to the bed, he leaned me over and again was fucking me doggy style. Then, like before after a few minutes, I climbed up on his bed, open my legs for him to fuck me missionary. We fucked that way for a while. I started telling him his cock felt so good. it must’ve just been too much for him the next thing I know he buried it deep in my pussy and I could feel him shooting his load. After that, we took a rest and talked about the fact that I was married. This seem to excite him more because I seen his cock was already getting hard again.” She then paused her story.

She looked down at me, stroking my head as I licked her pussy. “Can you taste his cum in me honey?” I continued licking her pussy without answering.“ He came in my pussy three times today. But I am still horny. I want you to fuck me.”

I jumped up, pulling off my pants. She just leaned over on the couch with her legs open. My cock was so hard it was hurting. I quickly jumped between her legs, and easily slid inside her. Her pussy was wet and still a little loose so I just started hammering away.She encouraged me. “Oh yeah that’s it honey. Fuck your wife. Fuck your wife’s slutty pussy.” The excitement was just too much in less than two minutes I came inside her. After I pulled out, she pushed my head back down and told me to again lick her pussy.As I licked my load out of her pussy. She did not continue telling me about fucking Rick. But instead. Began talking about how she missed fucking different men. I stopped my licking duties and looked up at her. “Are you telling me you wanting to fuck Rick more often?”

“Yes honey I would like to fuck Rick again. But not just Rick. I would like to fuck some of the other men also. I would like to be a whore again. I liked when they just popped by and would fuck me.”

I stopped licking her. I was beginning to feel a little dread that she intended to leave me. So I asked her. “Honey are you saying you don’t wanna be married to me anymore?”

“No, no, no honey, I am not saying that at all. I want to stay married to you forever.” “But fucking Rick made me kind of realize how much I once enjoyed the variety of the way men fuck. I definitely want to stay married with you baby you’re my everything. I couldn’t ask for a better husband. I just wanna start fucking more men. Is that OK? I mean, if you prefer, I didn’t, I understand. “

I felt relieved. And told her it was definitely fine with me. I liked her fucking other men something about it just made me incredibly horny. I liked having a promiscuous wife.

Hearing me say that she jumped up from her seated position and give me a hug. I could tell she was very happy with my answer.

“ You are the best honey. Now let’s go shower.” She said while heading to the bathroom.

We both took a shower. Afterwards, we sat down to talk about our new arrangement.

I began the conversation by asking her if she intended on fucking Rick regularly?Her answer somewhat surprised and pleased me.“Yes and no honey. Yes, I will fuck him again. But no I won’t fuck him regularly enough that he will consider it a relationship. I want him to understand he’s just a fuck buddy.”

“Honey, it’s just that I had so much fun fucking Rick. I had forgotten how exciting it was getting a new cock. Even though you knew about and approved of it. I am still a married woman and it felt deliciously naughty.” She said with her cute sexy smile.

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“Are you planning on having men come here to fuck?” I asked.

“No., well at least not for a while. I was thinking I would just keep working at the restaurant and maybe just meeting men after work and fucking them in their cars or at their place.” She explained. “On the days I am not working. I would just be with you, My fuck buddies would just be a little after work fun.”

I voiced my concern. “I don’t want to discourage you honey. But this is a small town you know that it won’t take long before everyone knows you are fucking around again.”

Tammy stoped dressing and sat close to me and looking in the eyes, held my hand. “Honey., if you don’t want me to, I understand. I can just fuck Rick occasionally if that’s what you want.”

I smiled and responded. “Oh I see. My wife will limit herself to one fuck buddy instead of several.”

She smiled happily at me knowing my response was just playful teasing.

Tammy responded in kind. “Well, I am your wife, so if you say just one fuck buddy then it’s just one fuck buddy.”I grabbed her and playfully pushed her on her back on our bed.

She stated giggling as I looked down at her smiling. “ If my sexy wife wants to be the town whore and fuck everyone, then she she’ll be the town whore and fuck everyone.”

Tammy playfully pushed me off her giggling. “ I’m not going to fuck everyone.” She paused with a smile waiting for my response. I just grinned at her. She continued. “ I was just thinking about fucking two or three a week and I’m sure it won’t be over 10 or 12 guys actually fucking me.”

Hearing Tammy say those things got me so hard and horny. I playfully grabbed her again and put her back on the bed and got between her legs. I rubbed my cock head against her wet pussy and plunged it inside her.

She giggled and laughed. “ You like me being a whore don’t you?”

“I love that you wanna be a whore. I love that my wife wants to fuck other men.” I get continued thrusting in her pussy as fast as I could. I was so horny. She began fucking me back.

“Oh yes baby I’m going to have lots of cock in my pussy.” She said, as I continued my hard thrusting inside her.

“Your wife’s gonna be such a whore. I am going to come home after work every day with my pussy filled with cum. Would you like that?”

“Yes, yes baby I would love that” I could feel my cock just getting harder and harder as I listened and vigorously continued fucking her.

Her sexy voice, and the imagery of her fucking other men was so exciting for me. my cock exploded in her pussy. I can’t remember coming so hard.

I slowed my thrusting as my cock emptied my balls inside her. “ Honey we just showered.” She said playfully.

Then she put her hands on my shoulders, pushing me down between her legs. “Now get down there and clean me up.”

I move down between her legs and began licking her pussy. She continued speaking. “ Lisa asked me yesterday if I would work for her in the restaurant tonight. I originally told her no because I wanted to spend some time with you.But I am thinking about calling her up and working for her.”

I paused, my cleaning of her pussy momentarily to respond to her. “ Is my baby wanting to go to work so she can find someone to fuck after work?”I returned to licking her pussy.

“ Yes baby. I remember Lisa said that big Mike came in on Saturday nights.”

I paused my duties again to ask her who was big Mike I wasn’t familiar with the name.

“Oh, you’ve seen him. He is that huge black guy we’ve seen around town.” She answered my question. Then continued.“He is so big and muscular. I often wondered how he would fuck.”

The thought of my wife laying under a large black man while he thrusted his cock in her pussy excited me and again my cock was hard. I climbed back up and again started fucking her.

“Oh, you like the idea of big Mike fucking me.” She said, in the purring tone.

I continued thrusting my cock inside her. “Oh yes, baby I think that’ll be so hot. I love that you want to fuck him. Have you fucked him before?” I asked.

“No baby, I’ve only thought about it but I thought I would offer him some pussy tonight if he comes to the restaurant.”

She seemed off in thought, while I continued pumping her.

“I hope he will want to fuck.” She said in almost a whisper.

I looked down at my wife’s beautiful young tight milky white body, her perky tits and clean shaven pussy. “ Honey, I don’t think you have to worry about that. He would be insane not to one his cock inside you.”

“Oh thank you baby. So you don’t mind if I work for Lisa tonight?” She asked already knowing the answer.

“Oh yes baby I want you to go. I want you to fuck big Mike I want you to come home filled with his cum.”I sped up my thrusting as I continued my encouraging her infidelity. “ I love that you wanna fuck a black guy especially a big black man like big Mike. I hope you start fucking him a lot.”

Then I came my second load inside her and fell on top of her exhausted. She pushed me off. “Well, hon, I need to call Lisa if I’m going to work for her tonight I will have to be in to work in a couple of hours. I will be getting off work at 10 tonight.” She gave me a smile and a wink. “But I’m not sure what time I’ll be home. “

To be continued…