The Pest

There had been a rumour floating around the town that there was a sex pest moving into one of the empty houses and like most rumours the story kept getting bits added to it, and residents of the town started to get worried, some residents ignored the rumours as they had heard many rumours before and many of them proved to be fake news, despite requests for information nobody could find anything out about the alleged sex pest, even the council were not able to find anything out so nearly all the residents of the town put the rumour down to fake news but when the removal van pulled up outside the empty house one Saturday afternoon residents watched who moved in to the house and saw an elderly man who walked very slowly with the help of a simmer frame and two girls who they later learnt was sixteen year old July and her sister Amy who was four years younger than what July was and that they were the grand daughters of the old man. The Monday after the family moved in Amy attended the local school where people found her to be very friendly and polite and she soon made friends, On his way home from school Martin who was the same age as Amy and in her class was walking through the park when he saw Amy sat on the swings as he got closer to her he smiled because he could see up Amy’s skirt and she had no panties on he could see her love tube, Martin stopped to and spoke with Amy and after making arrangements to visit Amy later that night he left he as walked away Martin looked back and saw up her skirt again and thought cool, Later that night when Martin called to see Amy it was July who answered the door and after letting him in she told him that Amy had gone to the shop but would be back in a few minutes and indicated to an armchair telling Martin to have a seat while she changed, Martin sat and saw July go into a bedroom leaving the door slightly open, Martin could still see July via a reflection in a mirror and when she pulled the zip on the front of her hoody down and took it off Martin saw her naked boobs and thought oh yes very nice and when she undid her jeans and along with her panties took them off and stood naked Martin saw her love tube and thought super cool and when July turned showing her bum Martin thought heaven, July moved out of sight and after a few minutes came out of the bedroom wearing fresh clothes and a few minutes after Amy walked into the house still wearing her school uniform, after a few minutes July left Amy slumped down onto the sofa and like earlier Martin saw up her skirt and her bare love tube and realised that her and July were the sex pests but did not care, Martin said ” I can see your cunt and saw July naked your flashers” Amy smiled said ” so what your looking” then stood up and undid her skirt and when he fell to the floor stepped out of it she then took her top off and stood naked, Martin looked at her small developing boobs before Amy turned and he looked at her cute firm bum, Amy lay on the floor and parted her legs then started to rub her love tube telling Martin that he could watch only no touching, Martin sat watching with a big smile on his face, Amy inserted her fingers into her love tube Martin watched in awe as Amy lay where she was masturbating thinking I would love to do that and after ten minutes saw Amy gush, Amy got up and left the room returning a few minutes later dressed after a few more minutes Martin was leaving the house as July entered, Martin said ” nice tits bigger than Amy’s” July smiled and went into the house. Next day at school four of Amy’s classmates were stood behind the old gardeners hut watching Amy as she masturbated, July was standing naked in her kitchen while Martin rubbed her love tube and sucked her nipples and one of July’s mates rubbed her bum and half a hour later both boys were silently walking back to school hardly believing that a girl four year older than what they were had sucked their dicks for them. It was not long before lots of boys in the town knew who the sex pest were but none told any of the adults about them they were very happy to continue to visit the girls and have great fun.

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