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Mark could see concern in his girlfriend Catherine's eyes as they pulled up to a run down, definitely sketchy, industrial building in a downtrodden area of the city. At first, Mark wondered if he entered the wrong address into his GPS, but, there next to a metal, windowless door was a sign for "West End Photography".
A few days earlier, Catherine had lunch with a friend active in the local art scene. She raved about a new photographer who known for erotic, sensual work and was rumored to uncannily capture the internal essence of a person, but was still building his portfolio, so his rates were ridiculously low. Intrigued, she told Mark about the photographer that evening. Each had a shared fantasy of not only being watched, but having the moment captured. Although they had role played the fantasy many times, they never actually contemplated going through with it. Neither knew anyone they trusted enough to be their fantasy voyeur photographer. They realized that an opportunity had appeared and were determined to follow though. The sex they had that night, fueled by their fantasy, was hot, dirty, and utterly nasty. Mark contacted the photographer, Fabio, the next day and after discussing what they wanted, set up a photo shoot.
Mark and Catherine were underwhelmed when they stepped into a dingy looking, mostly bare lobby with an unattended desk and the beats of techno coming from a doorway to their left. Catherine looked at Mark with a slight nervous grin and a hint of trepidation on her face, with a quick nod of her head towards the door, set off towards it with an air of hesitation.
They walked down a dimly lit hallway towards another open door and the louder beats of techno music. Cautiously, they peered around the door frame and looked out at a brightly lit, but large, empty studio with various pieces furniture scattered about; formal dining chairs, recliners, duvets, several beds of different designs and a few couches. The studio was completely walled in but there was no ceiling, just open above to the buildings roof, a full story above. A closed door was centered in a wall across the studio to the left. They entered the studio holding hands, looking around for the photographer Fabio. The music was loud but not overbearing. As they looked around the large room, the closed door suddenly opened. The man that stepped into the room appeared to be about their age, clean shaven with a mop of brown hair and not much taller or heavier than Mark. He was wearing a paint stained and tattered plain gray tee shirt, cargo shorts and flip flops. He flashed a huge grin and shouted "Ciao!" in an accent that sounded a bit un-Italian to Mark. He approached them with a confident stride, hand outstretched to Marks, "I am so happy to see you!" he almost shouted over the din of the music. "Un momento!" he said after shaking Marks hand. He grabbed a remote from an end table and the din of the music decreased drastically.
"You must be Mark and you mio caro, you must be Catherine" he gushed.
"Sorry about that, I wasn't paying attention to the time. I like to sway to the beat when I get ready for a shoot." he said. Looking Catherine up and down, he could feel the stirrings in his cock. He thought to himself how much he would love to bring this lioness to heat and watch her writhe in pleasure. Catherine blushed under his lustful gaze, she could feel the stirrings of heat in her loins as her voyeur photographer's eyes lingered on her breasts and lower.
"Fine" both Mark and Catherine blurted out. Looking at each other, they started chuckling.
With a hesitation and nervousness in his voice, Mark asked Fabio, "How did you want us to start?"
Fabio took a large step back, raised his hands palm out and formed an L shape with his hands. Squinting with one eye, he looked at the cute couple through the box his hands formed.
"Yes, yes" he murmured. "I can see it, yes. A couple, separated, coming together." He circled around them, a critical eye appraising the young couple. He stopped in front of them and scanned the studio, and murmured, mostly to himself, "Where to begin, where to start?"
Smiling, he said, "Ah!, got it."
With a quick stride, he made a direct line for a part of the studio with a large canopy bed and an old fashioned claw foot tub. Walking around bed and past the tub to an area filled with odd, ends and movable props, he pulled a rolling wall with a window in the center over between the bed and tub.
He walked around the other side of the moving wall and said, "And from here, your voyeur will peek in on you. Yes, it's all forming now, I can see it." The excitement was evident in his voice. Coming over to Catherine, he said "And you mio caro, you will be returning home and you'll prepare yourself for your lover, returning too you. Yes, that is where we start."
"Did you bring anything special you wanted to wear? Or use?" he asked.
"Yes, I brought my favorite nighty" Catherine replied blushing, her chin lowered. She withdrew a pale white, sheer, short gown with spaghetti straps from a small bag she carried.
Fabio looked it over and said "Yes, yes, this will work nicely." In his minds eye, he could see her in this, her breasts covered, yet clearly visible through the translucent material.
"And I brought, a robe and some boxers" Mark said.
Looking at the couple, Fabio said, "OK, we'll start with Catherine first, she'll be the focus. After a couple of settings, we'll bring Mark in."
Taking Catherine by the hand, Fabio led her towards the door he entered from. "There is a changing room and a makeup area in there. There are also some costumes you can wear. Think, you're returning home from the gym. I'll take care of everything when you come out."
Catherine found the dressing room packed with racks of costumes and regular clothes. She sorted through a rack of gym type shorts and tops. Catherine selected a simple white tank top and a pair of red shorts. She slipped out of her shirt and shorts and put them in a bag. She thought for a moment and decided that since this was an erotic shoot and all she brought was her nighty, she'd forgo a bra and her panties. Slipping on the tank top and shorts, she slipped her tennis shoes back on and turned to the door. She was ready.
Catherine returned to the studio wearing a simple white tank top and red shorts. Both Mark and Fabio couldn't help but be mesmerized as her C cup breasts bounced freely under the tank top. Both became hard quickly at the alluring sight. The short red shorts accentuated her figure in ways she couldn't see, but both Mark and Fabio could feel their lust rising.
"How does this look?" Catherine asked. She knew she didn't need to ask the question, she could see the fire in their eyes.
"You look marvelous la mia signora sexy" Fabio responded with a husky voice. "Un momento" he said as he quickly moved to the changing room door.
Mark took Catherine in his arms and looked deep in her eyes, "You look so fucking hot. Are we really, really sure about this? Because I'm completely turned on right now."
Catherine kissed Mark deep and hard, her tongue flicking and touching his. "Yes, I think I'm as turned on as you are."
Mark looked sheepishly at Catherine and said, "I'm pretty sure Fabio is just as turned on by you as I am."
"Does that bother you?" Catherine asked.
"Surprisingly, no" Mark responded.
Fabio returned with several cameras and asked if Catherine and Mark were ready. Fabio asked Mark to simply hang out behind him and when it was time, they would discuss the next steps
Picking up a squirt bottles, Fabio turned to Catherine and said "I'm going to spritz you with some water, so it seems that you have just returned from the gym." Fabio lightly sprayed cool water on Catherine's face and hair, down her arms, her legs and dampened her top. Not enough to soak it, but enough of the cool water made it through the fabric that her skin reacted and her nipples hardened to rock hard points tenting the fabric.
"Perfect" Fabio said, admiring his work. He pointed to a door and told Catherine to open the door and walk to the bed when he said "enter". She dutifully scampered out the door and closed it.
Fabio started undressing. As his clothes were shed and Fabio's semi-erect cock came into view, Mark was silently glad that Fabio wasn't hung like a horse. Fabio was perhaps a bit longer than him, but not so much that Mark would develop any animosity. Mark thought to himself that perhaps this would turn into a fulfillment of a fantasy he shared with Catherine.
"Enter" Fabio shouted. Catherine opened the door quickly and entered. Even though she knew Fabio worked nude, he was momentarily shocked to see him in the flesh behind the camera and Mark standing behind him looking at her lustily.
As Fabio continued to snap pictures, he said to Catherine, "Walk over to the bed, sit down and raise your left leg up to take off your shoes." Catherine quickly complied.
As she sat down on the bed and raised her leg, Fabio said," Spread your legs a little wider honey". As she did so, Fabio was down on one knee directly in front of her. She could tell that he was taking shot after shot of her barely covered crotch. A lusty grin spread across her face as she looked in Marks eyes, seeing his lust for her rising and a glance at his pants showed a tent rising.
She removed her shoe and dropped it. As she was raising her other leg Fabio told her to keep her thighs spread a part. She could feel herself getting wetter as she unlaced the shoe.
Fabio stood up, his cock rock hard and walked behind the movable window.
As he continued to take pictures, he said to Catherine, "Face the window an slowly remove your top." Catherine did so, all the while watching the look on Marks face.
"This is for us" she thought, their fantasy come to life.
The tight tank top caught under Catherine's breasts and when it slipped over them, releasing them, they bounced delightfully. As she tossed the top onto the bed, she caught the look in Marks eyes. She could tell that he really wanted nothing more than to ravage her right then and there.
Fabio said to Catherine, "Turn around, and slide the shorts off, bend over as you slide them down." Again, Catherine complied. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and slowly slid the red shorts down over her shapely hips. As she bent her ass thrust back. Fabio took shot after shot, his own lust rising, precum dripping from his raging cock.
"Step out and turn around slowly" he said to Catherine, his obvious lust dripping from each word. Catherine turned toward him, her full breasts on display, her pubic hair trimmed into a neat, thin stripe.
Fabio said to Catherine, "Spread your feet about shoulder width apart and slowly raise your arms as if you're stretching high." Catherine spread her legs apart and slowly raised her arms over her head, eyes partly closed, but also watching Mark, displaying herself for him. She added slow Twists to the left and right.
Fabio turned to look at Mark and said "If you would, go ahead and turn on the water to the tub, get it as hot as you desire. Then go ahead and change into just the robe you brought." Mark moved quickly to the antique, white claw foot tub and turned the water on. He couldn't take his eyes off of Catherine as Fabio continued to direct her movements. Bend here, twist there, and the one move that almost made him rip his clothes off was her bending over, legs spread wide, and her dripping pussy in plain view. He wanted nothing more that to lick all the wetness up and feast on her clit, his tongue searching and exploring her slit.
The water running, Mark first thought to change in the changing room, but thought, since everyone else was nude, he would just put the robe on there. Catherine watched him as he quickly shed his clothes, his cock thick and harder than she thought she'd ever seen. Looking at his cock, dripping wet with is own excitement added to her own. She wanted him badly then and there.
As Mark finished putting on his robe, Fabio added some bubble bath to the running water. He had Catherine test the temperature to make sure it was comfortable for her. Fabio, still behind the movable window, had Catherine slide into the tub and allow the bubbles and water to obscure her. After several minutes of the scene, Fabio had Catherine dry off and walk toward the bed. He moved the window closer to the side of the bed.
"For this scene Catherine, Mark has not returned yet, but you are still incredibly horny. You need some relief" Fabio said.
"There are some toys in the nightstand drawer next to you and some lube. Pick something that you might like and just be you" he said.
Catherine opened the drawer and saw several different toys, all unopened and several different types of lube. She selected a nice rabbit and opened the package. As she ran her hand slowly over the shaft, she looked in Marks eyes and let a mischievous grin spread across her lips. Keeping her eyes on him, she lubed the shaft and then ran some over her already dripping pussy. Catherine took a pillow and laid it down, then lay on it, elevating her hips. Another pillow she put behind her head. Looking directly at Mark, she began to run the shaft of the rabbit up and down her slit, spreading her lips. she activated it and felt the pleasant buzz of the vibrator on her skin. The sensations of the rabbit, her fingers spreading her lips and the look of pure lust on Marks face excited her more than she'd ever been.
She slowly inserted the shaft into her a bit at at time, withdrawing some and thrusting in again. Flicking another switch, the shaft began to rotate and she drove it deeper, the ears of the rabbit now stimulating her clit.
Fabio continued to click away, moving the window to different positions as Catherine masturbated on the bed, seeming aware of only Marks presence. He was torn between his need to continue photographing this tanned beauty or sinking his aching cock into her.
Marks breathing was shallow, his cock straining and the head wet. The robe he was wearing no longer tied open, just hanging on his shoulders. He wanted nothing more than to drive Catherine to orgasm, to feel her shudder and shake, to hear her moans of ecstasy.
Catherine closed her eyes as she drove the rabbit into her, holding it as the shaft rotated in her, the ears vibrating on her clit. She was close to an enormous orgasm. She could feel herself at the edge of a cliff, ready to leap off. She was moments from cumming hard when Fabio's voice made it through her lust filled fog.
"OK Catherine, it's time for Mark to join you".
Her breathing deep, ragged, catching, she reluctantly withdrew the rotating shaft. She smiled at Mark and motioned him over with a come hither motion of her finger.
Mark stepped towards the bed, his robe open, his cock throbbing with need and the head glistening wet with his pre cum. He didn't dare touch it in fear that he would explode.
Fabio continued to photograph the couple as Mark paused by the foot of the bed. It was clear to Fabio that the lovers had blocked out all the world but what existed between the two of them. He hoped that he could capture their visions in his lens.
"Slowly let the robe fall from your shoulders, then climb on the bed and sit back on your heels at Catherine's feet" Fabio said. Mark let the robe fall away from his shoulders and climbed on the bed as Fabio had directed.
Fabio came out from behind the window, his hard, bobbing cock, wet with precum caught both Catherine's and Marks attention. It was impossible not to stare. Fabio pretended not to notice his subjects gaze as he approached Mark.
"I want you to hold Catherine's leg, up here on your chest and rub her calf, down her thigh as if you are massaging her tired muscles" he said to Mark. Fabio resumed taking photographs as Mark began to massage Catherine's calf, working his hands up and down her leg. Fabio moved so he looked up Catherine's body. Pausing for a moment, he told Catherine to bend her knee and spread her legs.
Catherine spread her legs, the petals of her glistening pussy opening up. She tried to avoid staring at Fabio's cock, but was relentlessly drawn to it. She could easily compare her Marks cock and Fabio's since they were both in front of her. To her, they were similar. She wondered if she could tell the difference between them. If she were blindfolded, could she tell? She began to wonder if this was an opportunity to fulfill a long held fantasy, having two men at once?
As Mark massaged Catherine's leg, he was aware that Fabio was hovering around. He glanced back and saw Fabio's hard, wet cock. He looked at Catherine and saw that her gaze was fixed on Fabio's cock. As he worked her leg higher and closer to her dripping pussy, he watched her eyes flicking back and forth between Fabio and himself. He wondered if she was thinking of their shared fantasy of including someone else.
Fabio told Mark to move higher on Catherine's body but avoid her obviously aroused vagina. Mark dutifully complied and massaged Catherine's abdomen and her breasts. Catherine moaned as Marks hands found her breasts and began to need them. His thumbs circled her hardened nipples arousing her even more. She began to move her hips and her hands began to roam Marks body.
Fabio had moved to the side of the bed, continuing to capture the heated couple on film. He could see Catherine was wildly aroused, she was very wet and her hands and arms were touching Mark wherever she could reach him. He also noticed that she kept glancing at this cock, bouncing just out of reach. He began to have hope that he would soon sink himself deep into her.
Mark and Catherine began to kiss passionately, their tongues intertwining, searching for each other desperately. The breathing in fast pants. Mark leaned down to suck on Catherine's ear and she moaned lustily, her hands grabbing and kneading Marks back. Her nails dragged up Marks skin leaving thin red trails of her passion behind.
Mark whispered in her ear, "I've seen you staring at his cock. I think you want it buried deep in you. Don't you?"
Catherine moaned "YES! I want his cock. Do you want me to have it?" There was a hint of pleading in Catherine's voice.
"This is your chance babe" Mark said. "I know he want's it. He wants to sink his cock in you, your mouth, your pussy, maybe even your ass." Catherine writhed against Marks body, her mouth frantically seeking his.
"Fuck me baby, please, fuck me" Catherine moaned loud enough for Fabio to hear her.
"Mark, lick Catherine's nipples, and then I want to get some shots of you eating her out, really driving her crazy" Fabio said, lust dripping with each word. Mark moved quickly to carryout Fabio's command. Fabio stood with his thighs against the side of the bed, his cock tantalizingly close to Catherine's hand. She was torn between about reaching out and grasping Fabio's hard, dripping cock.
Catherine grabbed Marks head and pulled him back for a deep, tongue lashing kiss. She turned his head and licked his ear and said huskily "I want his cock baby, I want it bad." Mark looked her in the eyes with a lusty grin and nodded his head OK.
Catherine's breathing was panting, her chest heaving up and down, her body squirming as Mark licked and kissed his way down her stomach. His hands rubbing and kneading her spread thighs, he kissed all around the top of her mound. He ran his chin through her narrow stripe of hair centered above her clit.
Fabio's camera was centered on Mark as he began to lap Catherine's heated pussy. He clearly captured Mark's tongue splitting her lips, his mouth sucking one lip and then the other. He looked down when he felt a hand on his cock. Catherine's hand wrapped around his throbbing member and began sliding up the shaft and over the head, getting slick from the copious amounts of precum leaking from the head.

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