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Although each chapter is a story on it's own, you might enjoy it more by starting with chapter 1 as there may be reference to characters or events that happened in previous chapters.
I want to thank my editor for helping and teaching me more about the English language through his reviews.
Previously at the Photo Shop: Lew, the main character of the story, after being made redundant, bought an old photo shop in his village, and had a big photo studio built behind it. As a young adult, the subjects of his hobby photos changed from animals and landscapes to the female nude form when he met a young Italian waitress. He helped fulfil her life's dream and develops a life time friendship with her. His gift is to talk women out of their clothes so they pose nude for him. In previous chapters, he became amorously involved with several women in the village, who in different ways, helped him to develop the modelling career of his first nude model.
Chapter 10 : Alicia
"Did I tell you Linda that when I left middle school and moved on to college when I was 18 I was surrounded by loads of beautiful, nubile females who, me being a bit of a nerd, all turned up their noses at me, not giving me the time of day. Consequently I mainly stayed with the boys, , befriending a few, also nerdy guys who were not into sports as this was of absolutely no interest to me. We were referred to as the 'nerd club' because when you didn't do sports or watch sports you were automatically labeled a nerd."
"Even today you won't find me going crazy about a football match or cycling on TV. I was already more into photography, not model photography mind you, but strictly nature, plants, animals and the like. My ultimate wish in those days was to go on safari to photograph wild animals in Africa, which come to think of it I never did. Anyway I am deviating from my subject."
"I had this particular friend George, the same age as I. He was a single child like me but his mother Alicia was single and 36, exactly double his age and consequently mine. Later, when I met her for the first time I found out that she was a good looking brunette, small, but with a very toned body, and sporting medium size boobs. She definitely didn't look 36 more like 26, very friendly and very open minded, extremely open minded as I found out later. I was almost like a second son to her, I could visit as I pleased and was always made to feel very welcome."
"I could talk about anything with her. One particular evening when I was visiting, she was home alone; George had gone to the cinema with a girl from college he was dating."
Seated at the living room table, she asked, "Why aren't you out like George, with a girl?"
"What can I say, story of my life, girls are absolutely not interested in me."
"Oh, and why's that?"
"I haven't the faintest idea, I am usually friendly and polite, but still none of them are interested in going out with me, probably because I am labelled as a nerd. I must admit that I am not the spitting image of James Bond, and on the rare occasion I get invited to a party and venture on the dancefloor with a girl, I see all the guys kissing their partners but I never dare to do that and then when I finally decide I am going to do it, the girl I am targeting has already found another partner and is busy kissing him."
"You poor thing. Why is it then that you are so shy?"
"I'm afraid I'll do it all wrong, I have never kissed a girl properly; I mean what they call a French kiss."
"You have never kissed or been kissed by a girl?"
"No Alicia, and the way my life is going it won't happen anytime soon."
"We can't let that happen, no way."
"How would you feel about kissing or being kissed by an old hag like me?"
"Come on Alicia you are absolutely not an old hag. You are one, if not the, most beautiful woman I know; I even have to admit that I sometimes dream about you."
Upon saying that I turned completely red in the face.
"Don't be embarrassed, I am flattered appearing in an eighteen years old's dreams. Well I still have that question hanging for you about kissing me or being kissed by me."
"Would you Alicia?"
"Would you really kiss me?" Without further ado Alicia bent over and put her lips on mine.
It felt like soaring through the skies.
"How was that for you?"
"Oh my God I have been to heaven and back."
All matter of factly, Alicia replied, "Good let's practice some more then."
"Are you?…"
Before I could say, "sure," Alicia's lips were back on mine and this time I felt the tip of her tongue tickling my lips, trying to get in. Opening my mouth I clumsily responded with my tongue.
Alicia drew back, "Wow take it easy, feel the way my tongue moves and try to imitate that, light feathery movements like you would taste wine swirling it around your tongue but swirl your tongue around mine."
She resumed her kiss and I tried to do what she was doing, the tip of my tongue sort of tickling the tip of hers and also feeling my way around her mouth and slowly turning around her tongue like she suggested. After a few minutes we had to come up for air.
"Not bad, I will turn you into an excellent kisser yet."
"You have absolutely no idea what this means for me Alicia, you are the first girl ever, uh, woman, I have properly kissed, I'll remember this for the rest of my life."
"I think you give me too much credit, but I think you got the hang of it, all you now need is practice."
"Could I practice a little more with you please?"
"Yeah you can, but not today anymore, you need to go home now."
"Yes ma'am," I said and took my leave, but not before I had given her a peck on her cherry lips again, though without tongue this time.
After this kissing session with Alicia I was wondering if she would allow me play a little more with her, she looked and felt so enticing. The following nights, Alicia appeared more and more in my dreams even to the point that a week after our kissing session I had a wet dream featuring her as the main character. Waking up in the middle of the night I remembered vivid images of Alicia sitting on top of me with my dick inside her, pumping away, giving me the most wonderful orgasm when I felt myself ejaculate in my pajamas.
I really needed to do something; I needed to get laid by Alicia even if it would be the last thing I did. The next day I returned to Alicia's house. I knew that George wouldn't come home quickly as he had told me he was spending the afternoon at his girlfriend's home getting to know her parents. Extremely nervous, I rang the bell.
Nothing…I waited.
I got even more nervous until after about twenty seconds, that seemed to last like twenty minutes, I heard some noises inside the house. Alicia opened the door and believe it or not she was wearing a bathrobe and bath slippers. I couldn't have imagined this in my wildest imaginings, she was every postman's wet dream come true.
"Oh it's you Lew, sorry it took me some time to come to the door but I was just finishing my shower. Please come in. What's up?"
Alicia turned away from me, going back inside the house, and I followed like a little puppy, with my tongue almost hanging out, taking in her enticing buttocks swaying as she walked.
"Well did you follow my advice and practice your kissing?"
I couldn't help myself and just grabbed her from behind, encircling her with my arms.
"Wow Lew, down boy."
I was startled by my action and her reaction and let go of her immediately, going completely red in the face when Alicia turned and faced me.
"I am so sorry Alicia, I don't know what came over me," I stammered. "Please forgive me, I'll go away immediately and leave you in peace."
"No, no don't be silly, I know what it feels like to be eighteen with hormones raging through your body. No harm has been done, so please come through so we can talk about this."
I followed Alicia into the living room where she pointed to the sofa for me to sit down. She took up a spot on the other end of the sofa, tucking her legs under her butt like women usually do when they make themselves comfortable.
"So from your action and reaction, I guess you couldn't find anybody to practice your kissing then; still too shy to ask a girl out?"
"Yes, and I must confess that you have been haunting my dreams more and more."
"Wow haunting your dreams eh, I hope it wasn't a nightmare?"
"No it was…"
"Ah a wet dream then?"
I bowed my head in shame, and quietly admitted to it.
"That's nothing to be ashamed of; I'm even flattered that my old carcass still has that kind of powerful effect on a young virile man like yourself."
"Why do you always refer to yourself as an old carcass Alicia, you are a goddess and I absolutely idolize you."
"Wow that's a bit dangerous, you can like a girl, even love a girl, but idolizing is not really a healthy attitude."
"But you are so beautiful, how can I express myself better then, so you become my girlfriend?"
"Your girlfriend? That's too much, after all don't forget I'm old enough to be your mother."
"Yes that's true; can you please forgive me?"
"Your attentions do wonders for my ego; to be idolized by a good looking guy your age, but again idolization is not healthy. So how can we deal with this infatuation of yours in a healthy natural way?"
"Would you let me kiss you some more Alicia pleeeaaase!"
"Do you think that would help with your problem?"
"Oh yes, that would definitely help!"
"OK then, but remember what I told you before, gentle, gentle, gentle is the word!"
I quickly slid over to Alicia's side of the sofa and took her very carefully and tenderly in my arms while coming closer and closer to her enticing mouth with my eager lips. Carefully, almost hesitantly, I pressed my lips on hers. Alicia responded by slowly opening her mouth a little, and licking my lips, just with the very tip of her tongue. Remembering her words I responded with similar tongue movements, just the tip against the tip of hers, making little circles.. After about thirty seconds I dared to push my tongue a bit deeper into her hot mouth, exploring further, making our tongues dance around each other.
This made me more daring, so I carefully tried to slide my hand into her bathrobe, trying to reach her breast. Alicia let me make my move, but blocked my hand just before I reached my target.
"What are we trying to do Lew?"
"Uh nothing really."
"Weren't you trying to feel your way to my boobs?"
"No not really?"
"What then were you trying to achieve? Admit it, you want to feel my boobs don't you?"
There was no way avoiding admitting that I indeed wanted to feel her boobs.
"If you want to feel my boobs, all you had to do was ask. I can only say no, and you might get a yes if you play your cards right."
"Can I please see and feel your boobs Alicia?"
"What should I say, maybe…yes? But only if you are careful. Undo the sash of my robe and then carefully slide it open so you can see them."
I started to fumble with the sash; I was extremely nervous and not really succeeding.
"Allow me!" Alicia said and took over, untying the knot around her waist, and with both hands slowly sliding the top part of her bathrobe open, unveiling the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen in my life, well that's the way it felt anyway. I had seen loads of boobs during my years in the naturist camp, but I was never allowed to touch any of them, so you can imagine how I felt, I was about to touch my very first boob.
Tentatively I reached out, very gently taking hold of this fleshy mound that makes us boys go absolutely crazy. I squeezed one a bit, it felt so soft. My thumb went almost automatically over the areola and the nipple, which I felt stiffen at my touch.
"Oh yes Lew that is exactly the way to handle a woman's boobs, gently, don't squeeze too hard and, oh yes, tickle the nipple just like you are doing right now. You can touch the other one as well if you like."
I didn't need an engraved invitation to start doing just that. Both my hands were now touching, playing with, and feeling the objects of our passion, FEMALE BOOBS!
"Wow they are…" I simply had no words to describe how I felt and how they felt to my eager hands. While handling Alicia's breasts we had stopped kissing as this required all my attention, visual as well as touch. Alicia's robe had opened a bit more with both my hands on her mounds, exposing her stomach, midriff and enticing belly button and even a small patch of pubic hair.
I couldn't help myself and bent forward placing a light kiss on her left nipple followed by a featherlike lick. Drawing my head back I saw that it was now a bit wet from my saliva. I even thought I detected a light moan escaping Alicia's lips. She put her hand on the back of my head and pulled it towards her right boob as if wanting me to adorn it too with a kiss and give it a lick. After the lick she pressed a bit harder basically begging me to start sucking on the growing nipple. I very happily obliged while I continued massaging the left one. I could now, distinctly, hear Alicia moaning. She also began moving her pelvis, pressing it forward inviting me to continue my exploration of her enticing body.
"Who am I to not respond to such an invitation," I thought, so my left hand started to wander from her left boob downwards towards her nether regions. Sliding over her stomach across her belly button, then tentatively entering the forbidden forest of her pubic hair.
"Oh God this feels so good!" she whispered.
In the meantime, I was sporting a raging hardon, making me uncomfortable. Alicia's bathrobe was now completely open: only her arms were still holding it up by the sleeves. She felt it was restricting her and me in our movements and stood up to remove it completely. She did that standing in front of me as I was still sitting down. I also tried to get up, but she pushed me down again.
"You have now seen my entire naked body, but that was nothing new for you was it? What was new was to cop a feel of my boobs and even my pubic area, this is usually the beginning of the love game. Hear me clearly I say love game and not sex game, the first is all about being tender and giving pleasure, the second is also about giving pleasure but is usually harder, and take it from me, for the more advanced practitioners."
"So far you have been gentle and careful and that is absolutely what a woman appreciates most. Remember when you undress a girl and you get your greedy little hands on her goodies, don't molest them. Touch them with tender loving care as if they were made of the most delicate China you can imagine, and that goes for a woman's entire body.
I noticed you are a bit uncomfortable, so we will take care of that next. Please remove your clothes and free that big hard thing that is bothering you between your legs."
I immediately sprang off the sofa, ripped off my T-shirt, opened my belt, buttons and zipper of my pants and slid them down, before sitting down again.
"Now, now Lew all of it, you have seen me naked, I want to see you naked as well, boys are visual, but girls are too, we want to see what you are packing."
I quickly slid off my boxers. My cock sprung out ready to attack.
Alicia saw this and said "The beast will have to remain on its chain for the moment, boys are usually very quick on the trigger; a girl takes far more time to increase her temperature before she can reach her boiling point so this is what we will be working on now."
"Yes miss," I said jokingly.
"This is no joke, making love properly is very serious."
"I'm sorry, but it sounded a bit like being in school."
"Normally this is school time so remember you are at school, however not learning about math or languages, but about far more important stuff that will help you in the future dealing with the female version of our species. So allow me to get a bit theoretical with you before we get to the practice side. The importance of pleasing women in the end is to please yourself. What I am going to ask you next may sound gross to begin with but you will start to enjoy it very quickly. Have you heard of oral sex?"
"Uh, you mean a blowjob?"
"Yes and if you want the official term fellatio."
"Uh yes."
"Then have you heard of cunnilingus?"
"What do you think it is?"
"I have no idea."
"Take a wild guess."
"Uh the female version of fellatio maybe?"
"Yes indeed, also known as going down on your partner, which is used for both sexes or more specifically, eating pussy, when it is about girls."
"Now what do you think I would like you to do next?"
"Cunnilingueue… You?"
"Yes let's make it simple and say I would like you to eat my pussy. But first we need an anatomy lesson for boys, about the female playground."
Upon which Alicia sat down again on the sofa, spreading her legs wide.
"You have played a bit in the forest but now we will come to the more important spots. The female vulva, or pussy, or cunt, or snatch, or twat, whatever you want to call it consists of different parts, some more important than others when it comes to giving pleasure to a woman."
During this explanation my cock had started to droop again, making it slightly more comfortable for me.
"Along each outer edge are the labia majora or outer lips, and running just inside them are the labia minora or inner lips, in my case you don't see the inner ones unless I pull my pussy open as they are nicely tucked behind the outer lips, but with some women they really hang out, what is better? What is nicer? It all depends on the spectator, you know beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
Alicia spread her lips open, exposing her soft, wet center.
"At the top you find the most important part, the pleasure center consisting of the clitoris covered by a hood. If you handle this part right you will be able to give most girls an orgasm. Just below this is the urethral opening where you pee, then all the way at the bottom, you have the vaginal opening, that's where the penis goes in when you are having sex or if you prefer when you are fucking. Below that you have the perineum sort of the corridor to the back door also very sensitive, the same as for a man. So much for the theory, now for the practice. Come closer and start by placing a kiss on the top, on the clitoral hood."
Despite my desire to explore her exposed pussy, I was a bit reluctant. After all, Alicia had just said that's where the pee comes out didn't she? "How was it going to feel, how was it going to smell and most important of all, how was it going to taste?"
"Go on don't be shy, it won't bite you, believe me once you get going you are going to love it, especially when you know that once you're done here, I might do something similar for you."
So carefully I kissed the little hood; it was a strange feeling, but enticing.
"Now lick it."
I tentatively stuck out my tongue and gave it a small lick. Mmmmh, not really a bad taste, it felt nice on my tongue so I started licking it a bit harder, making it move.
"Now go lower with your tongue Lew, lick the outer labia between them and my thighs, and then continue on to that soft skin on my thighs themselves. Don't forget the other side."
I obligingly I licked the indicated areas and heard Alicia start to moan more seriously. She moved her hands down and pulled her vagina further open, further unveiling her inner labia.
"Move to the inner labia now and lick up and down them with the flat of your tongue. When you get to the top, try to entice my clit from under its hood."
I followed her instructions carefully, moving the little hood up until I felt her clit come out and grow on my tongue.
"Suck it! When you're more experienced you can also give it tender bites, stimulating it even more than just sucking it. Now practice some more and mix it with sliding your tongue lower, and pushing it as far as you can into my love grotto."

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