The Pick Up | Beep Stories

I’m sitting in a bar, alone, the barman keeping me company. I’m new to the area and haven’t met many people. The barman is entertaining my by telling me stories about the regulars. My laugh catches your attention and you look around. Our eyes meet and a flash of lust passes between us. I smile and go back to the barman and his stories. You finish your drink and come over to the bar; I can feel you standing next me, my heart beats a little faster like it knows where the evening is going to end before anything has started.

You ask if you can by me a drink, my mouth is dry and all I can do is nod. I take a sip of my drink and then turn to you. The barman can feel something is going on so he leaves us to it. You ask the usual small talk questions, I answer but can’t remember what you ask, I’m on automatic. I’m slyly checking you out – tall, dark haired, well built and tattooed. I must have missed something you said as next thing I know you’re smiling at me and asking if I’m ok, I shake myself and say sure, let’s dance.

I lead you onto the dance floor, you envelope me in your arms and I move into you. I start to come out of the daze I’ve been and start to participate in the conversation. I make you laugh just to see you smile at me again. You kiss the top of my head and I snuggle in. Our bodies are moving in time to the music, I reach up and kiss your neck. Your hands start to move, the talking stops, we’ve crossed the line, we know what we want but we can’t do it there.

I’m looking up at you, with want in my eyes and I see it in yours. You bend down to kiss me, slowly, deeply. My hands go up around you to play with your hair and bring you down more. I feel myself melting; I can’t take much more of this. My pussy is already aching, I’m getting goose bumps. I want you. I can feel you getting hard, very hard as my body is moving against you, with promises of what is to come.

To give me some breathing room, I turn around and you bring me back into you. My ass is rubbing your cock suggestively. You whisper that we need to get out of here. You grab my hand and we walk out of the bar into the car park.

We get to your car and I slam you up against it. I can’t wait. I unzip your trousers and let your cock free. The cold night air makes it jump to attention. I sigh just before I take you into my mouth. You’re moaning with anticipation. My hands fondling your balls. People are walking past us but only see you with your head back moaning as I suck your cock. I’m deep throating you, slowly bobbing up and down. Your hands are pushing my head back down but I’m taking my time.

I see if you like a little pain by accidentally nipping you. You groan louder, my hands start being a little rough with your balls. I scratch here and pinch there. I lick your cock, swirling the pre-cum around the head, tongue flicking its way down the shaft. Teasing you, tasting you, making me wetter as I imagine your cock in my pussy.

You can’t take any more you want me now! You grab me and bend me face forward over the bonnet of the car, you pull my skirt up and my panties down and ram me. Hard! I gasp with desire and pain, you keep going. My clit is being rubbed by the car as you force yourself in and makes me squirm while you’re pounding away. The movement of my hips as you are pounding me makes you fuck me faster. I start groaning, you can feel me start to cum, so quick but it feels so good.

You don’t let me though. You pull out. Turn me around and make me sit on the bonnet. You pull my top down exposing my breasts. My nipples are hard, begging to be licked and nipped. You move your mouth down and pull my hips towards you. You tease my clit with your cock and very slowly enter me. Inch by inch, taking your time, ignoring my pleas for more. My hands are on your shoulders feeling your arms. You move up and start kissing and nibbling my neck, breathing on my ear, making my hips rise off the car.

Moans are getting louder; you’re groaning in my ear, oh shit babe, you feel so good. I’m digging my fingers into your ass, starting to shake, fuck me harder. I’m cumming all over your cock, but you’re not done with me yet.

Your cock is starting to throb; my pussy quivering on it is pushing you closer and closer. You wait till I stop and when I start to get my breath back you turn me back around and rub your juices over my asshole. I turn to you, to tell you no, not that. You ignore me, ignore me saying no as you rub your cock over my ass hole, you start to slide it in, I start screaming it hurts, oh no, you’re too big but you keep pushing, harder and harder. Tears are sliding down my face as you roughly grab my tits as your pounding my ass. Harder and harder, you keep going, pain starts to turn to pleasure and I start moving in time with you, pushing back on your cock. Your hand reaches around and starts stroking my pussy, you stick a finger in. I can’t get enough as your violating my ass, my nails are digging at your car, trying to get a grip and get more of you.

You can’t take anymore; you take your cock out and start wanking over me. I turn around and let you cum over me, over my face, over my tits, so much cum.

You help me up and I start to clean myself up. You smile at me with a dopey grin and ask if I need a lift anywhere.

I walk around to the passenger side of your car and get in; we’re going to your place. I want to see how far I could take you before you stop. You grin; you know in for the night of your life and can’t wait!

You drive, I’m stroking your groin, playing with your leg distractedly, thinking of what to do when we get to your place, what toys you have that I can use. You try making small talk but give up when you realise that I’m not saying much. My hand unzips your trousers, slips its way in and starts teasing your cock. You gasp, but keep your eyes on the road, enjoying the sensation of just fingers working the area. Circling your cock, nails lightly dragging across it. The temptation becomes too much and I can’t resist giving it a kiss. I lean over and kiss your cock, kissing it like I would kiss your mouth, deeply, passionately, tongue teasing you more and more. You don’t know whether to pull over and take me there or keep going for the next few minutes to your house.

I sit back up and go back to stroking you and we continue on. You are feeling frustrated knowing I’m sitting there, no panties, wet and wanting your cock. We finally get to your house, you struggle to open the door and slam me against the hallway wall. You’re all over me; you want to take me there, pounding me against the wall. I wriggle free and strut into your house, my heels clacking on your tiled floor, my ass swaying as I strut, you groan at the vision.

I turn and demand “Where’s the kitchen?” You harden at the note of authority in my voice. You tell me to turn left and it’s at the end of the hall. You follow me, wanting to touch me but scared to, not sure of the reaction.

I sit on your kitchen bench and spread my legs. “Do you like what you see”? You mumble a yes. “DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? TELL ME SLAVE!” Yes mistress is your response. You’re so hard now; you can’t believe what is happening. I see your reaction and smile. “LICK ME!! DON’T STOP UNTIL I SAY SO”. You bury your face into my pussy and I lean back taking it all in. Your tongue works me over, flicking my clit, running itself up and down my pussy, tasting all of me. I’m making little sighs of pleasure wanting more and you keep going. You stick your tongue in my hole making me groan in pleasure. “LICK YOUR WAY DOWN TO MY ASSHOLE SLAVE, I WANT YOUR TONGUE IN MY ASS NOW”, you do as your commanded, loving the domination, the authority, being told what to do. I lean back and open a drawer, hand feeling its way to find something anything to hit you with.

I grab hold of a spatula, lean forward and start to smack your ass with it. The cold metal as it touches your skin makes you jump. You look up as my hand smacks you again. You’re not sure if you’re enjoying this but don’t say anything. I push you aside and demand “GET ON YOUR KNEES NOW”; you’re scared not to do as you’re told so you get on your knees. The spatula hits you again, across the shoulders, again and again, working its way down your body. You are getting welts from where it has made contact with your skin. The pain is starting to turn to throbbing, which in turn starts to make you hard. I notice the growing erection, “YOU ENJOY THIS SLAVE, YOU ENJOY BEING BEATEN LIKE THE DOG YOU ARE?” “ANSWER ME, DO YOU ENJOY BEING PUNISHED?” You meekly respond yes mistress. “WHAT ARE YOU?”; “I’m your slave, mistress”. “THAT’S RIGHT, YOU ARE MY SLAVE AND WORTHLESS”. I leave the room; you start to follow “DON’T YOU MOVE, STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE”.

I’m gone for a few minutes and come back. You are still on your knees, but with a new expression. You love this and are looking forward to the next part. “COME SLAVE, FOLLOW ME”. You follow along and we come to your bedroom. “UNDRESS, GET ON THE BED AND TIE YOUR ANKLES”, you secure your ankles to the bed, your legs are spread and I tie up your hands. I place a gag in your mouth and blindfold you. You start to wriggle, not enjoying the fact that you have no semblance of control left and are totally at my mercy.

You hear me leave the room but have no idea what is going to come next. “STOP YOUR SQUIRMING; YOU WILL NOT BE RELEASED UNTIL I SAY SO”. You stop, thinking that I will hurt you less if you do as you’re told. Next thing you know you feel ice circling your nipple, first the left and then the right, you feel my tongue licking it and then more ice. Your nipples are getting hard and then intense pain shoots through your body. I’ve clamped them, both of them. You try to scream but the gag is stopping you. Your whole body arches with the pain until I release them. The clamps come off and you hear an evil chuckle.

You hear the sound of a vibrator, you tense, you know where it’s going to go, but not sure when or how hard. You hear me moan with intense pleasure, the buzzing is muffled. You feel your cock being lifted and your balls being licked. You feel my tongue moving towards your asshole, moistening the area, and then you feel it. The tip of the vibrator, it’s moist from my juices, it’s slowly being pushed in, and a clamp goes on your balls, your whole body tenses up with pain and pleasure.

You start to relax into it; your cock is getting harder as I start to lick it. Your body is going into sensory overload, the clamp, the vibe and my tongue. It doesn’t know which should be priority. I’m deep throating you, sucking you and licking. Tongue is licking at the pre-cum, you’re getting harder in my mouth.

I can’t take anymore; I take the clamp off and straddle you. Moving slowly, taking my time, wanting all of you. Going right down to the hilt, slowly dragging myself up, moaning as I’m fucking you. I want you to see me taking advantage of you, so I take off your blindfold. The pace starts to quicken as I’m so close to cumming, “OH GOD I’M GOING TO CUM AND DON’T YOU DARE SLAVE, I’M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET”. I lean forward on your cock and start to finger my clit to tip me over the edge. I’m shaking and moaning it takes all your willpower not to cum with me.

I remove the gag and sit on your face. “LICK ME CLEAN”. As you start to lick me, I lean forward and clean up your cock. Licking off all my juices, bit by bit, not missing any part of your cock, delicate little strokes, teasing you and loving the taste.

I remove the vibrator and untie you. The words you thought would never be said: “BEING THE DOG YOU ARE, FUCK ME DOGGY STYLE”. I didn’t have to say it twice; you grab me by the hips and plunge into me. You are fucking me for all it’s worth. Savouring the opportunity to do your worst, holding me in place with your hands, ramming your cock into my pussy harder and harder. I start moaning, harder, fuck me harder, god dammit, you feel so good. You push me down with one hand and start wetting my asshole, I hear you turn the vibrator on.

I feel you pull out and start lining up my asshole. You ram me; start fucking me again and then I feel it. You put the vibrator in my pussy, my pussy grabs onto it like a vice, I’m screaming now, CUM FOR ME, I WANT YOU TO CUM, the feeling of the vibe, my asshole and the screaming is all the encouragement you need. Wave after wave of cum shoots into my asshole, I’m cumming again.

You collapse onto me, we snuggle in, you kiss the top of my head and say “welcome home, baby, I missed you”.