The pounding- Tiny black indian girl gets pounded

He adjusted himself a bit and then reinsurted his white cock into my tight black indian pussy. This time I was still on my back but the difference was that he was still on top of me and his forearms instead at my back was at my sides so he was supporting himself up ontop of me. I assume from the pounding it was because he wanted to pound harder. I remember he put his head his face in a pillow and i looked and all i could see was his head and from the side seeing his entire face submerged inside a pillow and i was holding onto him while he pounded me harder and harder and harder until he was about to cum. During the pounding he was like you enjoying that white man cock girl? I was like yes he was like yes what? he was like say yes uncle Buck. I was like yes uncle Buck. he was like you enjoying that pounding u little black slut I was like yes Uncle Buck. ANd just like that he came and he got up quickly, told me to open my mouth and he released a whole set of white man sperm into my mouth. I took it and swallowed. The end of sex.

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