The Race

The race was an annual event for residents of an English town, the race was always well supported and lasted for seven days at the end of each day teams who did not score enough points dropped out until on the last two days there were just two teams who over two days had to travel five hundred miles by boat with the first team over the finishing line being the winners, each team consisted of two people, it was the last two days of the race with sixteen year old Sharon and her twin Mark brother racing against Steve and Martin two sixteen year old thugs, then a hour before the race began Mark was taken very ill and rushed to hospital, Sharon who was a loud mouthed racist had to find a replacement for Mark or be disqualified with five minutes left in which to find a replacement Sharon was giving up hope then stone the sixteen year old Bengali boy who had been nicknamed stone because he always kicked stones offered to take part, Sharon was thinking about the five thousand pound prize money and did not care that stone was Bengali and accepted him as Mark’s replacement and stone moved his gear on board the boat and half a hour later the two boats set off on the race when the starting pistol was fired after three hours the crews of the two boats lost had sight of each other Sharon was at the wheel of the boat while stone prepared food for the two of them, after eating Sharon resumed steering the boat as she did she noticed the sea was getting a bit choppy, then the sea was very choppy with waves splashing over the boat soaking Sharon as they did, Sharon suddenly realised that her tee shirt was so wet that it clung to her body and had become transparent and as she was not wearing a bra stone could clearly see her bare boobs something which stone had noticed ages ago, Sharon thought it is a waste of time covering up now he seen my tits and carried on steering the boat as she did she could feel her joggers getting heavier with the water and felt the weight of the water make them slide a bit the thought of what was happening and the thought that stone might get to see more than just her boobs started to get her aroused and Sharon felt her nipples stiffen Sharon realised that stone was looking and when her joggers slid a bit more Sharon thought if they go any further he will my cunt and was getting even more aroused then after ten more minutes her joggers slid to her ankles, stone was smiling at the sight of Sharon’s love tube and ample boobs with erect nipples, Sharon was now feeling very aroused and when stone started to rub her legs Sharon did not try and stop him and he started to rub her love tube she sighed Sharon then felt stone rubbing her bare bum and when he started to lick her love tube she let out a soft moan and reached for the ropes and secured the wheel so the boat would stay on course then after taking her soaking wet joggers right off went into the lower cabin and lay on her bunk not caring that it was a Bengali boy who resumed licking her love tube or who had got her wet tee shirt off and was now squeezing her nipples while licking her love tube after a few minutes stone stopped licking Sharon’s love tube and after taking his trousers off knelt between Sharon’s parted legs, Sharon looked down and saw stones eight inch erection and when he slid it into her wet love tube Sharon groaned loudly and moaned deeply as stone thrust in and out and after five minutes Sharon cried out oh yes yes yes as she climaxed, stone carried on thrusting away at the same time squeezing Sharon’s nipples, Sharon was still groaning in pleasure as stone thrust in and out of her love tube, stone was pushing in deep and soon felt Sharon cum again, stone carried on thrusting in and out glad for the viagra that he had taken before they had set sail and felt Sharon cum twice more before he pulled his dick from her love tube and squirt his cum over her body, then not long after went and lay on his own bed where he fell asleep, when stone woke hours later he could not see Sharon in her bed and felt the boat was not tossing about, stone got out of his bed and went deck where Sharon was steering the boat through very calm waters, Sharon said ” can not see the other boy any where hope they have not sunk in the rough weather we had during the night, stone squeezed past Sharon and stood behind her then reached round her and slid his hands up the inside of her tee shirt and started to massage her boobs before undoing her shorts letting them drop to the floor and start to rub her love tube then after a few minutes Sharon felt stones dick slide into her love tube from behind and was soon groaning as stone thrust in and out while rubbing her boobs at the same time after a few minutes Sharon shook as she climaxed and after another few minutes climaxed a second time and not long after felt stone pull his dick out and saw him squirt his cum in five long spurts, not long after stone took the wheel while Sharon went and prepared some food, after they had eaten Sharon used binoculars trying to see the other boat but could not see it, after three hours Sharon was at the wheel when stone reached out and pulled her shorts down then lifted her tee shirt over her head and off then started to rub her bum and after a few minutes Sharon felt stones dick on the crack of her bum and before she could say anything felt it slide into her bum and as it did Sharon cried out for the next twenty minutes Sharon stood while stone thrust in and out of her bum fingering her love tube as he did after ten minutes Sharon climaxed just before stone pulled his dick from her bum and squirted his cum into the sea, Two hours later Sharon and stone sailed into port where they learnt that the boys boat engine had caught fire during the heavy weather but they had put the fir out and were safe after being rescued by the coastguard, Sharon and stone were declared the winners, when they were offered train tickets back home, Sharon said ” we got to get the boat home so we will sail” then looked at stone and said that is if he is up to it” the following day the boat was rocking back and to on the waters with two naked teenagers to busy to worry about any thing else or how long it would take to get home.

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