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By Fdowg A continuation of #I knocked up Rachel, which itself is a continuation of #Betraying Rachel’s I am training to be a breeder…

For the last year I had been tortured with the most uncomfortable morning wood. This morning was no different. I lay on my back. Through my morning fog I appreciated the fact that I wasn’t wearing my shorts. It had not yet dawned on me that I had fucked my sister last night. I felt her move next to me but I didn’t realize that it was her. She climbed no top of me. As I was waking up, becoming more aware of where I was and so on, I felt a really tight sheath enclose my cock. My eyes shot open. “Good morning sleepy head.” She said.
“Rachel? What the fuck? Are you straight now? Did those ass holes actually succeed in fucking you straight” I asked genuinely.
“No, I’m still very much a lesbian, you don’t count as a man since your my brother. Besides the judge basically said it was a crime for me not to have kids with hips like mine. Well he didn’t actually say it but he implied it strongly. So you are the one who will get me pregnant as many times as you can over the next 14 years or however long it takes my body to run out of eggs.”

“But what about the kids? wouldn’t they be horribly disfigured?” I asked concerned.
“Maybe.” she said dis-concernedly, “But on average the first stage incest baby is fine. Besides I won’t be allowed to keep any of them. The government will take all of them. The boys for the army and the girls for the whore houses, where the other girls of prisoners also live.”
“That is terrible” I said.
“Yes.” she said, “but that is our government policy because we need soldiers and women are the only ones that can produce them.”
Rachel was riding my cock real hard. “So what are you doing?” I asked. She stopped for a second before realizing that I was referring to her riding me like a horse. She started up again even harder and doing the whole clenching thing with her pussy as she pulled out. “We have plans for you today, besides I’m horny as hell and I don’t have a girlfriend yet. So you have to do.”
I was getting close to cuming again. I held her around her slender waist as she moved herself up and down. “Could I fuck your new girlfriend as well if you get one?
“When! I get a new girlfriend, you will definitely be knocking her up as well. That is after all what you are here for…”

The pressure was building in my balls, I was starting to thrust upwards into her trying to get some release. Suddenly she got off of me. I was left humping the air a few times. “Oh come” on I called out. “Oh is the baby brother upset?” Rachel mocked. I took my hand to my cock to jerk off, so I could release the pressure. Rachel kissed me on the mouth, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I was so startled that I stopped jerking off. “Please don’t jerk off. We need your balls full for the seminar later” I looked at her confused then asked “What seminar?” She sighed irretibly.
“Come on Damien, are you so unobservant? Didn’t you see all the posters all over the resort about the rape seminar?”
“I was focusing on the pretty ass walking around all over the place in there tight ski pants” I retorted. Rachel giggled at that before telling me about the rape seminar, which was to teach the girls how to defend themselves against a rapist. We were still talking about it at the breakfast table when mom and dad showed up. Dad chimed in saying that the training was pretty good but had 1 major flaw. The trainer was trying to kill the rapist, but the correct answer was to run away when the guy was down and out. “So that is why we enrolled you for the rapist she will be fighting.” Mom said. “Did we accomplish the first step? Mom asked Rachel who smiled and nodded. I was flabbergasted. Dad was giving me advise for the fight to come, telling me that even as a untrained guy I was stronger than any girl at the resort, including mom.

So here I was, waiting in the foyer to be called for my part as the guy getting his ass kicked by the would be victim to show the girls how strong they were. I read the rules of the game. It wasn’t good for anybody. Apparently if she managed it, she was allowed to kill me. On the other hand I was allowed to really rape her if I could manage it. I stowed the toy gun behind my back in my belt. It was to make a point at the end of this. Rachel demonstrated many of the favorite strategies that the girl would use if she got into the appropriate position. I heard the prospective victim spouting all kinds of man hating. My cock got really hard in anticipation of either dying of knocking up this bitch. The door opened and I was called to do my part. I walked down the isle to the staging area, man this hall was filled with young women and mothers. Some of them looked to be 12? What the Fuck I thought.

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We stood in front of each other. I thought she was rather pretty. Her boobs were a bit big and her ass was tiny. Well tiny in comparison to Rachel. She started with a kick to the balls. I blocked it successfully because I was expecting it, and it is the best way a girl can take down a guy. I pretended that she hit though and went down onto my knees pretending to be in serious pain. I dropped to my side with my hands between my legs. She tried to stomp on my head but I moved her foot with my one hand making her miss. Then she started kicking me in the ribs. It hurt but it was basically just like a punch in the gut from the guys. I could manage a bit of that. Then After about 2 minutes of this I grabbed her foot and made her over balance and she fell onto her ass. She was wearing your basic very revealing gym outfit. I was climbing on top of her when my elbow caught her knee coming up with the idea that she would kick me in the face with her heel. When that failed she bucked her hips trying to reposition herself. I grabbed her by the neck as she tried to push her fingers into my eyes. I picked her up about a foot and slammed her down onto the floor.

Her hands went to her head which had bumped against the floor, She was dazed. This was my opportunity. I stuck my fingers into her gym pants and panties at the hips and dragged it off of her. She had a nice airstrip pattern shaved into her pubic hair. I got my dick out and positioned myself at her entrance. Rachel and I had been practicing this move as well. I moved my hips forward and this woman groaned starting to come by. The audience was deadly silent. They were cheering on the girl when she was winning but now no one made a sound. I grabbed her hands and held them above her head with one hand, then I pushed in hard. Her eyes flew open and she cried out “Nooo, you fucking ass hole.” To my surprise she was no where as tight as Rachel. I was not expecting a virgin, Rachel said she wouldn’t be, but I was still disappointed at this outcome.

I fucked her as hard as I could while she cried and shouted insults at me. This all changed when she perceived that I was going to cum. “No, Please, mister, don’t cum inside, I beg you. I don’t want to get pregnant…” She said desperately. But I kept right on Fucking that pussy. I was aiming to be a breeder after all. “I’ll suck you off?” She tried, “I’ll let you fuck my ass” she tried but I kept going. Her boobs were bouncing rather nicely but They were too big for me, but I grabbed one just the same if only to make her squeal. It did do just that. She asked me not to be so rough. She desperately tried to dislodge my cock in her effort to not let me come inside of her. When However I did come, and I came a lot, it was like a switch was clicked in her brain. She went completely limp, like all the fight was out of her.

She lay there crying as I finished what I was doing. Then I took out the gun from its hiding place at my back. I pulled the hammer back and put it against her head. Her pussy went tight around my cock. “Please mister, don’t kill me!?” She begged.
“Why not? What value are you to me alive?”
“You came inside of me? There’s a good chance that I’ll get pregnant?” She said.
“But I can’t have my meat fight me like that…” I said
“I’m Sorry she said.” I pulled the trigger and the click of the toy gun was deafening in the silence. Your dead I said. Then I looked up at the audience. “So who can tell me what we really learned today?” I asked. The audience was quit. I pointed at a young girl to the front. ‘You, tell me what you think the lesson is.” She was terrified. Her mother held her close to her. Then I pointed at Rachel and asked her the same thing. We pretended not to know each other. “Well sir, I learned that if you kick a guy in the balls, that is the time to run away?”
“Correct,” I said, “and If you stick around, most rapists will rape you just the same and kill you just because you hurt him,” I said. I pulled my dick out of the girl and tucked it back into my pants. Then I left for my room. She just lay there doing the thousand mile stare into nothingness.

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By Fdowg #Exhibitionist #Pregnancy #Rape #Teen