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The REAL Cinderella

by Firebird ([email protected])

Let’s see. Where do I start. I’m completely naked. My ankles are bound and so are my wrists. My upper arms are pulled backwards to force my head down further onto my husband’s cock. It smells and I think the only time he washes his cock is when it’s in my mouth. His second wife lies beside us on a wooden bench. She takes great delight in holding our husband’s cock up for me. I feel fingers taking strands of my hair and grasping ever so tightly. My Lord feels I’ve had enough time to get my breath and forces me to suck him off some more.

Not exactly the story you’d read to kids. Before I was simply know as Cinderella. You know, nasty sisters, flaky fairy-godmother, big pumpkin, glass slipper, yadda yadda yadda. What happened after my handsome Prince took me away to his castle you might ask. Well, this is part two of my life.

Once my prince had found me and returned my lost glass slipper to my foot, I thought I had found pure happiness. For the next five days it was. I was wined and dined. I lived in the palace in the tallest tower. I could see green land for miles. I swear I could even hear the sea. My Prince would come and kiss me every night. I knew he wanted to make love to me but I said not until our wedding night. He just smiled and left. Then on the fifth night when I had said no to sex once again, my prince asked me to follow him downstairs to the dungeons. Being innocent and naive, I did as he asked.

Little did I know my prince was a sadist, and quite an impatient one.

Once I was in the dungeon he spent the next month whipping, spanking, raping and torturing me. Only a select few of his guards knew of the Prince’s thirst for sadism and they also enjoyed raping and buggering me while the prince stretched and burnt my sore tortured breasts. I do not know how I survived that month. It seemed like years.

Then one day the prince simply tired of me. In the dead of night I was bound, gagged and put into the back of a coach. There I travelled with three of the Prince’s soldiers. For weeks we were on the road. During the day I was bound and gagged, at night I was their play-toy. The Prince had left instructions that I was to be whipped every night, fucked and buggered with the local weeds. Stinging nettle was preferred. The soldiers followed the Prince’s orders to the letter.

Finally we arrived at my new home. Lord Ordan, a friend of the Prince in the far South East had paid for me to become his slave. I was carried into the throne room by the soldiers and dropped heavily onto the stone floor before the Lord. I was untied and my gagged removed. The Lord looked me over for several minutes. Finally he descended from his throne and stood beside me. He took my hand and held it tightly. I watched as another man appeared. He was all in white with a funny hat. Later I found out he was the local priest.

In a language I didn’t understand I watched and waited. Finally the priest etched a symbol in the air between him and I, then the Lord kissed me on the lips.

“You are mine now.” he hissed. With a nod from the Lord two of the guards from the room took my arms and escorted me to the Lord’s bedroom. My wrists were tied to a rope in the ceiling and I was suspended three feet off the ground. There with my arms aching and no one to hear my cries of pain, I waited. Six hours later the Lord finally appeared. He then ordered the guards to whip me until he was satisfied. The guards were good at following orders. I screamed with each lash. I lost count after the first thirty but I could guess it was close to a hundred.

The Lord looked my tanned body up and down. He liked the red lash marks on my naked flesh. He massaged his cock beneath his clothes.

“Do you know what happened before in the throne room?” he asked. I shook my head.

“You and I are now married. We have a silly law over here in our land where men are not allowed to beat any women apart from the ones they own. Since you are now married to me, then I can do whatever I like to you.”

The Lord took a grape from his selection of fruit. “You’ll find that your tongue is no use here. The language you speak is only spoken by me and a couple of teachers. I’ve already ordered the teachers never to speak to you. But I’m sure you’ll pick up on our language as we go along.”

The Lord looked over to the guard and said something else. The guard then proceeded to whip me from neck to toe for the next five minutes. After I had finished screaming I felt myself being lowered. The Lord decided he must have his new wife. I fell forward onto the bed puffing and groaning. There the Lord removed his clothing and sodomised me from behind. His cock wasn’t long but definitely wide and hard. He fucked me like a pig for a few minutes then cummed. Once he pulled out I was lifted back up into the air again. With cum dribbling down my leg the Lord ordered all light to be extinguished so he could sleep.

Three times during the night the Lord woke up. The first time I was simply whipped for his amusement. The second time I was lowered and face-fucked. The third time the Lord allowed his honour guards to gang-rape me. He laughed as I had three cocks fucking into me at the same time. Once all his men had cummed I was suspended above the bed again. I was given twenty more lashes before the Lord fell asleep.

The following morning I awoke to find no one in the room. My arms were stiff and had no feeling. My body was an artwork of lashes and pain. I was lowered a few minutes later. Two guards picked me up and lay me on the Lord’s bed. Without even thinking I automatically opened my legs to allow entry … and received a slap across my face.

“None of that whore!” spoke a lady. I opened my eyes and saw two women. One scowled at me angrily. I heard the second speak to her in their language and with a huff, the first left. The second lady came forward and started to wash my body. Thankfully she spoke my language. She told me her name was Harmony and that she too had been kidnapped and married by the Lord. She was the second wife to him while I was the third. Apparently the Lord didn’t know his wives could speak my tongue and instructed me never to tell him. Harmony also gave me another warning, beware of the woman who I had just met. She is the Lord’s first wife. Her name was Bella … and she was as evil as him.

Once Harmony had finished cleaning my flesh and soothed some of my lash marks, her next duty was to give me food and water. I ate and drank quickly. When I was replete Harmony ordered me to follow her. My wrists were tied behind my back and the guards followed closely behind me. They leered at my naked body but no one we passed seemed to care about my condition. Harmony led the way to the Lord’s Harem. When I entered I saw a simple room with a large bed in the middle and many curtains covering the walls. Harmony told me this is where we all sleep but as Bella obviously didn’t like me, it would be best if I slept on the stone floor for the time-being.

The guards untied my wrists and left the room. I immediately went to the window to look for escape. Apart from being nearly fifty feet from the ground, the window was barred. There was no escape. Harmony seemed to sense my disappointment.

“Don’t fret. You’ll get use to this life. It’s not all pain and humiliation.”

I looked mournfully into her eyes before being distracted by the door opening. A woman walked in covered in nice clothes and expensive jewels. She stopped as soon as she saw me. It was Bella.

“Is this her?!” she demanded.

Harmony replied for me. “Yes Bella. This is our Lord’s third wife.”

Bella stared me up and down for a few seconds. “Keep the cunt out of my sight!” and promptly left the room. Harmony just rolled her eyes.

“Why does she despise me so?” I inquired.

Harmony smirked. “Because last night was the Lord and Bella’s anniversary, and he preferred to whip and fuck you instead of spend anytime with her. She knows she’s on the way out. Our Lord maybe a sadist but at least he respects people, even us. He has heard of many complaints about Bella and things she has said and done. He won’t stand for it and if Bella isn’t careful, she’ll find herself without a head before too long.”

My head was a daze. I couldn’t believe they took death and torture so easily here. Harmony found a tunic for me to wear to cover my nakedness. She brushed my hair and dressed it up a bit. When she finished she sat on the bed. I sat on the bed beside her and in that instant, lost all control. I cried for what seemed like an hour but Harmony didn’t move. She held onto me and rubbed my back until I had finished. I would have stayed there longer but Bella returned with the two guards. Harmony and I stood up when she entered the room.

“Right bitch!” spat Bella, “Came with me.” she instructed. As usual I didn’t have any choice. The guards took my arms and quickly secured my wrists. They then led me out of the room. I felt Harmony’s mournful eyes on my back as I left. We walked through many corridors and passageways. I was easily lost. Finally we descended down a stone stairwell and by it’s depth I felt we were under the very earth we stood on.

We entered in through a large steel door into a large chamber. It was a torture chamber. Bella instructed the guards to remove my clothing and to tie me to the vertical rack. This they did easily. One took a single swipe at my tunic and tore it in two. The pieces fell to the floor. My breasts bounced from the movement and the guard eyed them off before securing me to the metal structure. Once completed the guards moved over to stand by the door.

Bella came over to me and took my chin in her hand. “I don’t like you little one. You caused me much humiliation yesterday.”

I tried to protest but Bella just backhanded me across the face. “You will listen, not talk!”

Bella moved to stand beside a table. It was covered in many different tools of torture and pain. She took a long metal pin from a table and inspected it’s end. She came back over to me and took hold of my left breast.

“I don’t give a fuck what you were before you came here. You’re mine now and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.” and with that said, she shoved the pin deep into breast. I screamed as it entered and screamed again when she pushed it all the way through. I moaned in pain and Bella stared deep into my eyes.

“Don’t cry little one, at least not until I’ve inflicted some real pain. My Lord won’t even want to look at you when I’ve finished.”

Bella slowly withdrew the pin and twisted it on it’s exit. I screamed for her pleasure and cried. Bella dropped the pin back on the table.

“That’s a nice start don’t you think? Let’s try this.” and she picked up a second pin, but this one had a nasty looking hook on the end. She fiddled with it trying to decide something, once her decision had been made she bent down and took a hold of my left vagina lip and pierced it with the hook. No amount of screaming and crying persuaded her to remove it. I watched on in fear as she found another hooked pin and put it through my other vagina lip.

Bella smiled and wiped away some of the spittle from my mouth. “There there child, it will be over soon.” with that she reached her arm back and punched me square in the jaw. I was temporarily stunned and felt blood in my mouth.

Searching the table Bella found another tool for her work. I recognised it as a pineapple. The Prince used it on me from my homeland. However Bella was a little more aware of what pain a woman could take. She heated the pineapple up by the brazier and summoned the guards. I didn’t understand their orders but quickly found it was to move me onto the wooden horse. My arms and legs were tied to each of the horse’s legs. This fully exposed my ass, cunt and back. The horse’s back was rough and it bit into my belly and chest. My boobs hung either side, nipples fully erect.

I heard more chatter in their language and one of the guards tossed a coin. He growled as he had lost the bet and the second guard started to remove all his armour and clothing. Bella ordered the clothed guard to strike my back. He chose a strange tool. It was like a large piece of black leather with a handle. When it hit me the first time I was completely winded. I didn’t feel pain as such but my back certainly tingled.

As my back was being slapped the naked guard took up residence behind me. He pried open my ass cheek and proceeded to bugger me. With barely enough air in my lungs, my ass being buggered and my position lying on the slim side of a thick piece of timber, I wasn’t in the best condition to even scream, let alone plead for mercy. I think Bella knew this. The guard buggering me didn’t last long. Bella scowled him for his quick withdrawal. She ordered him to get a large thick dildo and bugger me with it until she was ready.

When the pineapple was a dull red Bella removed it from the coals with a large pair of tongs. She brought it over to me and quickly ordered the naked guard to remove the dildo. The pineapple wasn’t going to fit into my asshole no matter what Bella tried. I quickly found out it wasn’t my ass she was after. The guard pulled my vagina lips apart and Bella inserted the thin pineapple into my vagina passage. The heat and pain was intense but not enough to burn. With my back still being slapped I felt the guard twisting the pineapple’s knob. Quickly it expanded in size and engulfed my vagina passage. Then it became uncomfortable and quickly unbearable. I screamed for release but the guard was under orders.

Bella watched me scream and jerk on the wooden horse for a couple of minutes. The guards continued to slap and bugger me. However Bella was already onto her next idea. She removed a very bright red piece of coal from the fire. The guard stopped his dildo fucking of my asshole and following Bella’s ordered, pried my ass cheeks apart. Bella lodged the piece of coal at the entrance of my asshole and the guard pushed my ass cheeks together. This was more pain than I had ever had to bear before. I kicked and spat to try and release the coal but to no avail. I couldn’t handle it. I remember screaming for a few seconds then passing out.

Cold water was used to wake me up. Once my grogginess had faded I realised I had been moved into a new position. I was on a horizontal cross. My arms tied to the crossbar. My legs were tied to a vertical V shaped structure. This again allowed full access to my cunt and ass. I looked around and saw the guards back by their posts at the door. The pineapple had been removed as well as the hooked pins from my vagina lips.

Bella didn’t waste anytime and started whipping at my pubic mound and vagina with a cat-o-nine-tails whip. The steel balls bounced cruelly off my tender flesh. I cried and pleaded for mercy. It was a good few minutes before Bella began to tire. She eventually dropped the whip and looked around for something to use on me.

She walked to the corner of the room and picked up a pipe. She nodded to one of the guards who came over to her. She instructed him and I watched as he pushed the pipe in between my vagina lips. He tilted it slightly and held a funnel at the other end. Bella came over with a large bucket of hot steamy water. I didn’t like the looks of this. Bella slowly poured the water into the funnel. It entered me with such heat and shock I nearly fainted again. I sincerely wished I did. My vagina had to deal with hot scolding water while Bella laughed. Water burned my pussy lips as it escaped from around the pipe. It dribbled down my ass cheeks singing my asshole and tender flesh. I banged my head again the cross to faint but it was no use. I screamed until my throat was hoarse.

A few minutes later after I had quieten down and finished panting. Bella stood beside me. “Are we having fun yet? … No? … Well, let’s try this.”

Bella took out a long piece of twine with a needle hanging from the end. She placed a seat at my ass and sat down. She pulled out one of my labia lips and pushed the needle through it. I moaned in pain. I was so tired I barely felt Bella stabbing me with the needle. After ten minutes or so she had neatly sewn my labia lips together.

But she wasn’t finished there. She walked over to the table laden with tools and took a large bat. It was covered in mean looking curved spikes. She rolled it along my breasts and rubbed it into my belly and nipples. It left small cuts on my torso. Bella smiled at my torment then moved to stand in between my legs. She placed the lower of the spikes at my vagina entrance and slid it down until the first spike caught the twine. I pleaded with her to stop but to no avail. She ripped the bat down harshly. I screamed anew. The pain was horrendous. She did it again and again until all of the twine had been severed. I couldn’t see my genitals but I knew there must have been a lot of blood. Bella yanked out the ends of the twine to serve me more pain. She happily tore out the last piece and looped it around her finger.

“I don’t know about you Cin … but I’m having so much fun!” she chuckled. Tears welled in my eyes. I wanted to die. Bella took a large knife from the table. “I think it’s time we said bye bye Cin.”

“Hold.” came a voice from the shadows. So out of place was it that even I turned my head to look.

“Who dares stop me!?!” demanded Bella. “My Lord will kill you for stopping me following his orders.”

I inwardly groaned. In the short time I was with our Lord, even I came to recognise his voice. The Lord stepped forward from the shadow. He had a grim look upon his face. Another figure appeared beside the Lord. It was Harmony. My heart leapt.

“I did not give you permission to torture anyone Bella. Harmony has informed me that you’ve already tortured her in the past. Now I see you doing the same to Cinderella. What say you?”

As slow as Bella was, she wasn’t anyone’s fool. She fell to her knees to plead for her life. “Please my Lord. Forgive me.”

The Lord nodded to the two guards who were just as surprised to see him as Bella was. They came over and took Bella’s arms and tied her down on a brick structure. She was tied face down with her arms stretch before her, and her legs stretched wide behind her. The Lord ordered Harmony to release me from my position. I thanked Harmony profusely. She held her index finger to her lips to silence me. Once was I released the guard who buggered me lifted me up and cradled me in his arms.

While I was being released the other guard was whipping Bella’s back and thighs. Bella’s face was red from screaming. The Lord watched on for many strikes then ordered a halt. He took a taper from the table and lit it. He stood before Bella and said something which I didn’t recognise. Harmony did and steadied herself. The guard took a large container. It was filled with a loose tar. He smeared it into Bella’s vagina and ass area. The Lord then walked over to the side of the brick structure which I came to recognise was a fireplace. There was a faggot in the fireplace and the Lord set it ablaze. Directly below Bella’s belly and genital area was a large hole. I watched as the flames eventually grew and very soon started to engulfed Bella’s lower body. The tar then burst into flame. I watched on as Bella screamed and pleaded for mercy as the flames licked her body. The tar prolonged the agony to her genitals.

The Lord turned to us and told us to leave. We did so quickly. Harmony told me later that Bella might or might not die. The Lord was going to remove her reason for being with him, her sex. Once the fire had destroy her outer appearance, he would then use a tiger claw (which I later found out to be a glove with knives on the finger tips) to remove her genitals and love passage.

I waited with Harmony in the room. After many hours our Lord came to see is. All he said was, “What needed to be done is done.” He never said anymore on about Bella, but I’ve heard stories and rumours later on that she survived the torture and was now a beggar on the streets.

My wounds were treated and I was allowed to rest for three days. Later that week I am happily tied up sucking my husband’s cock with Harmony lying on a wooden bench helping me. Our Lord loves fucking a woman when she’s tied up and that is how it will remain for the rest of my days. Occasionally he whips and tortures both Harmony and I, but such is life.

Everything turned out okay … until a new girl arrived, but that is a story for another time.