The Renters – part 2 (reformatted)

The Renters – part 2 (conclusion) 

I woke up the next morning feeling strangely satisfied. After staggering around my bedroom for some cloths my mind gradually wrapped itself around the events of the prior day.

Still slightly weak in the legs I shuffled to the bathroom to get ready for the workday. I heard voices come through my vented bathroom window as it was above the backyard deck and pool. “So my new flat mates are already up.” I thought to myself.

“This is a beautiful place.” I could hear Laura saying. “We’re lucky you found someone nice.”

“I’m really sorry I got us into this situation.” Was that guilt in Kit’s voice? “I should have been more careful to keep our relationship a secret at work. We wouldn’t have gotten fired”

“But we’re together, Katherine, that’s all the matters. We’re in this beautiful place. Our host is a nice guy. He’s very easy on the eyes too.”

“Aren’t you jealous? I mean… I’m not sure how I feel about it.”

“Well, by the way that you made love to me after last night made me think you got turned on by sucking his cock.” Laura laughed.

There was a long pause. I wasn’t sure if what to make of it, or if they suspected someone listening; so I rushed through getting dressed and made my way down the stairs to the kitchen. It looked like they were just finishing breakfast on the back deck. Laura got up opened the sliding glass door.

“Here, we took the liberty of making breakfast. I made a plate for you. I hope you like omelets.” Laura smiled nervously.

“Thank you.” As I sat down at the table outside with them I looked over at Kit, our eyes met for a just a brief second. I could see the color rush to her cheeks as she looked away immediately. “

Good morning.” She said softly. “I’m sorry but I have to get going and see if I can score a job interview today.” She excused her self to her room, the vanished out the front door a few minutes later.

Laura sighed and gave a short laugh. I gave a half smile and continued eating. I told Laura thanks for cooking and I politely excused and headed for work.

Over the next few weeks work was busy and I was always getting home late and leaving early. I didn’t see much of my roommates except for an occasional passing hello or goodbye. I managed to get a list of groceries together and asked Laura to get them for use and gave her some money for it. She said she would be happy too.

Every time I would come home there would be a meal prepared or a plate in the fridge and it always was very good. The girls kept the house really clean. I’d come home once in a while to my clothes washed and folded if I hadn’t gotten to the laundry first. Most of the girls I had dated in the past were worthless human beings that just happened to be lucky enough to be born with a pretty face and a nice body. But these girls were helpful and considerate. On the way home I debated if I should go out or stay home and relax so bought some drinks and video game just incase and headed home.

Three weeks (almost a month) had passed since Kit and Laura had moved in. Both had gotten part time jobs but not nearly enough for them to support themselves and move out. But then again I was beginning to think they were getting comfortable. Well… I wanted them to feel at home. They helped take care of the house and other things, which was a big stress relief off my shoulders and well worth paying for them to stay in my opinion. I hadn’t asked them to pay up on the bargain. Kit had timidly offered a few times, but I was either in a rush or too tired at the time to take her up on it. But it was a long weekend to be enjoyed coming up and I thought I might inquire on it. But pretty much I had left my two lesbian lovers to themselves.

I walked in the door to find Laura hard at work in the kitchen. “Hey we’re having special dinner. If you don’t have plans already you can join us if you like.”

“Sure.” I stammered fumbling in my grocery bag for something to contribute to the elaborate dinner preparation and pulled out a bottle of red wine.

“Thanks.” Laura smiled as she took the wine from my hands. She had dressed up a little. Her low cut dress show some generous cleavage with a bare shoulder flaunting her smooth pale skin. Her dark wavy hair fell nicely down her neckline and bobbed as she walked back to the draw to get a wine opener.

Laura had warmed up to me quite well over the past few weeks. I had spent more time with her than Kit. At breakfast Laura would sit and talk with me for a bit before I was rushing out to work. “Where’s Kit?” I asked as Laura poured a glass of wine and handed it to me.

“I think she’s taking a shower. She just got back from the gym.”

I sat down at the table just as Kit walked into the dining room. She was dressed in a sleek black cocktail dress accented with a silver necklace and earrings, it seemed she had shed any evidence of a boyish look to her. Her short blond hair often ruffled into some rocker chick style was smoothed down into a chic asymmetrical bob that would even rival the fashion of Victoria Beckham. Her dark eyeliner brought out that vibrate blue of her eyes that I had never noticed before.

I smiled and handed her a glass of wine as she sat down. I could tell she was slightly out of her normal wear as she nervously adjusted her dress before sipping her wine. Kit and I hadn’t really spoken to each other much since that first night she gave me a blowjob. I had been wondering if she had been avoiding me.

Dinner went smoothly with a little chit-chat but the food was delicious. Kit still hadn’t talked much as Laura and I carried the conversation. But after dinner we decided it would be fun to all go out to the club together.

It was pretty exciting arriving at the night club with two beautiful ladies. I went ahead and bought them drinks. I let them dance a little and found a few friends to chat with. They were quite amused by my new roommates making out on the dance floor.

Laura excused herself from the dance crowd to go use the ladies room and pushed me to go dance with Kit. “Keep the boys and girls off of her while I’m gone,” Laura said half jokingly as she pushed the two of us together.

Kit was quiet as I danced with her. I asked her how things were going and such. After a little cordual conversation she ask, “You haven’t talked to Laura about our agreement, right?”

“No, why?” I asked. “Is there something you’re not telling me? Doesn’t she know?”

“Never mind. I was just wondering.” Kit replied hastily as Laura walked back up.


I was pretty buzzed when the taxi dropped us off and I was very horney from dancing with girls. “Uhm… I’d to collect on our agreement,” I blurted.

There was silence. Laura’s eyes shifted sideways looking to see what Kit’s reaction. 

“It’s been three weeks already.” I said unsure of what the response would be.

Kit sat there for a second. “You’re right. You’ve been more than generous.” She stood up. “Bedroom?”

“No.” I said calmly. “Laura.”

Laura was face showed surprise. Wait uhm?” She glanced over at Kit in shock. 

“Kit, we agreed either you or Laura.”

“You bargained me up too?!” Laura’s voice was elevated.

Kit looked away in shame than looked back to me. Then I knew why she had been so quiet the past few weeks and why she had asked those questions in the club. She had been scared Laura would find out what our agreement was. 

“Please leave Laura out of it. Just take me,” Kit pleaded

Laura just stared at Kit in shock and anger. “No, I’ll do it. I don’t care.” Laura pulled up her dress and yanked her panties off and threw them on the floor in front of Kit.

Then looking over at me she as bent herself over the living room sofa and said, “Come on, fuck me. I know that’s what you want.”

Kit looked like she was about to bolt and hide in the bedroom but Laura yell, “Bitch you stay right there and watch.”

I had never seen Laura ever angry or could even imagine it. She had always been the nice gentle girl who cooked and cleaned.

I was paralyzed by the situation, stunned at the chaos I had just started. I suddenly found myself wanting to blame my bold statement on the alcohol. Maybe I could figure it out when I’m sober. Seeing that I wasn’t moving. Laura purposefully walked over to me and started undressing me. She literally ripped my shirt off me and yanked down my pants and boxers. Standing there with me naked and still stunned, Laura slid her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor around her feet. Her big silky breasts were exposed in all there glory. She grabbed my hands and guided them to her glorious tits. I hadn’t even imagined how big and nicely shaped they were. She reached down to grab my cock and it began to swell even more in her hand.

Look over at Kit sitting on the end of the sofa to make sure she was watching Laura said to me, “Lets get busy.”

Letting go of my cock she walked over to where Kit was sitting and climbed up on all fours next to her and hissed in Kit’s ear, “I’m going to actually enjoy getting fucked with a real cock for you to see. But you wouldn’t know what that felt like would you? You should be more careful agreeing to do things you have no experience… or agreeing to trade your girlfriend for rent because she might like it.”

I approached Laura from be hand grabbing her by the hips and placed my cock between her pink pussy lips. Her cunt was already moist and ready. She began to say something else to Kit but I cut her off with a push as my cock buried itself into her juicy love-hole. She let out scream of ecstasy as I began to fuck her. I was fucking her for a good 7 minutes when I began to feel her pussy tighten and her body stiffened. She grabbed and hugged Kit as an orgasm over took her body. Screaming in pleasure, Laura went limp for a minute gasping for breath. I paused for a breath too and pulled my cock out of her pussy. You could hear a slight pop as her soaked cunt was left void. 

It was then I noticed Kit’s smeared mascara. She had cried a little bit. Laura reached for her gently caressing her face but then slapped her across the cheek. Go suck his cock now, clean up my mess. She pushed Kit forward so my cock was in her face. Go on! Laura commanded. Kit’s dutifully wrapped her my cock and began to suck. Laura started to strip Kit naked. Keep sucking. Laura merciless stripped Kit with no hesitation to ripping the material. Then reaching under Kit Laura’s hand searched out Kit’s pussy. “Hah. You’re all wet over this!” Laura mocked rubbing Kit’s crotch crudely. Laura grasped Kit by the hair and pulled her away from my cock. 

“I want to see him fuck you.” She pushed Kit onto her back on the sofa. “You’ll get to experience what it really feels like to be fucked, and not by some battery operated toy. Apparently you owe him pussy time anyway.” 

Kit looked nervous, but dutifully opened her legs to me. Her slim toned body all laid out on display for my viewing pleasure. Laura tasted Kit’s pussy, and then whispered in my ear, “She’s never been fucked by a guy. I think she might like it.” Kit’s face was red. I wasn’t sure if it was embarrassment or shame. “She’s yours to fuck. All yours.”

The tip of my cock gently rubbed the entrance to Kit’s cunt. Laura stroked my cock that was still slick with her own pussy juice, priming it for what was to come. The tip of my cock pushed into Kit. Her eyes got wide as she began to feel the thickness of my shaft penetrate her. She was extremely tight, but wet. But I kept pushing slowly and steadily her pussy gave in- inch by inch as I held her firmly by the hips. As I sunk my last few inches into her, Kit let out a gasp trying to catch her breath like she had been holding it the whole time.  I slowly withdrew my cock again and sunk it back in slowly for the second time. Kit’s pussy was slowly relaxing around my cock. I started to pick up rhythm with each stroke. 

I could tell from Kit’s face she was in total ecstasy. She almost looked like she was on the verge of passing out. Laura was just over my shoulder watching as I pleasured her lesbian lover. I see out of the corner of my eye she was stroking her own pussy as I looked back. I could feel Kit’s body tense under me. Her toned abs flexed as her legs wrapped around me. She was on the edge of climaxing, so I just fucked her harder and faster. Her panting started turning into moaning then turned into screaming as her whole body convulsed. Waves of pleasure were almost visibly shooting through her body. She tried to pull way from me but I held her firm and sunk my cock deeper into her. I could feel her cunt tighten around my shaft. I held her close as her orgasm subsided. 

Kit laid there for a minute panting. Then she started to tear up. She reached her arm out for Laura. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

Laura moved passed me and laid down beside Kit and embraced her. 

“It’s ok I enjoyed it…” She paused as she passionately kissed Kit. “…and you enjoyed it.” Both of them giggled. I felt slightly awkward watching an intimate moment between the lovers as my cock was still buried invasively in Kit’s pussy.

They made out for a bit. I just shrugged and started to thrust away again. Kit started moaning and Laura reached over to rub Kit’s clit. Then something happened that I didn’t expect. Laura gently stopped me and pushed me onto my back. Kit mounted me sliding my shaft into her soaked pussy. She leaned over close to my face and kissed me. I felt her tongue against mine. Her hand was on my chest, as my heart raced even more. Then she got of me and Laura took my place. She leaned over and kissed me.

Laura kept riding me looking into my eyes smiling occasionally making out with Kit. Kit occasionally made out with me. They switched. I could feel the tension building up in my cock ever time they switched.

“I think I’m going to cum,” I blurted. Kit got off my cock and glanced at Laura like they were reading each other mind.  They mashed out a quick game of rock paper scissors to which Laura lost. I was so confused and on the edge of blowing my load to fully understand what was happening. Laura mounted me and as I sank my cock into her pussy I exploded fill her up with my cum. Laura laid her head my chest my cock still inside her. Kit curled up next me with her face inches away from Laura’s. I just laid there, my whole body numb from pleasure. And as my mind was spinning off to sleep as I heard Kit whisper in my ear, “Can we just stay and you can have two girlfriends?“


Laura found out she was pregnant soon after. She gave birth to girl. I knocked up Kit too about a year later and she had a boy. It’s funny how it all started. But so far it’s worked out pretty well. I’m the only guy I know that has two “wives.” It can get a little crazy sometimes. But the sex always pays off.


– xlngwriter86