The Rescuer Bk. 02 Pt. 03

tagIncest/TabooThe Rescuer Bk. 02 Pt. 03

Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story.
This story is a continuation of the Rescuer. It's a good read on its own, and it helps set up this story. It's not required reading, but as I said, it's a good read. I took liberties with the children in the Rescuers, they didn't fit this story well, so I changed the names, sex, who they were born to, and what order they were born. This has zero effect on the original story and a significant impact on this story.
Chapter 12 – Home again
After being dropped off, mom, Mary, and Penny smother all of us with hugs and kisses. I go straight to bed. Bonnie follows me to bed.
Bonnie asks, "A bit early for bed, don't you think?"
I apologize, "Sorry, I'm tired. That last mission took a lot out of me. You all were wonderful. I really appreciate the way you helped the other dog handlers with both the dogs and the shooting. It was clear that you all made a huge difference."
I strip without even thinking about Bonnie watching me. I get in bed, and then Zeus gets in bed between me and the wall, so I can continue talking to Bonnie.
Bonnie interrogates me, "Are you losing your strength or stamina? Do you feel weak at times? Are you ever dizzy?"
With an attitude now, I answer, "No, mom, I don't have any of that. I'm just tired."
Mom now pops into my room, "Listen up, young man, I AM your mother. If you don't answer her questions, Bubba and your dad will haul your ass down to the clinic in two seconds."
Flabbergasted, I reply, "I told Bonnie, I'm fine. Nothing physically ails me. I am just tired. There is a lot of stress keeping people alive. I'm going to sleep for a few hours before dinner and then we can play games or watch TV. The Oilers are on tonight."
Mom looks at Bonnie, and then Bonnie starts stripping.
I stop her progress, "Hey, you don't need to stay here. Go play with Bubba. I just want to sleep. I saw mom tell you to watch over me. A sleeping body needs no keeper."
Bonnie is annoyed with me, "She wants me to watch you. It's my choice to join you. I'm going to try and detect any tiny differences while we sleep. Move over and hold me tight. I'm your favorite sister."
I laugh, "Oh, aren't you funny. You are also my least favorite sister. Think about that."
Mom turned off the lights as she leaves the room. I fall right asleep. I have been feeling run down lately, the missions wear on me tremendously.
What seems like a few minutes later, Bonnie is shaking me because dinner is ready. She puts on her clothes and then assists me. We both go down for dinner. Bonnie drags mom and dad aside for a moment, and then they are back at the table.
We have a nice dinner of roasted chicken and vegetables. Baked potatoes and a green salad round out a nice dinner. After dinner, it is decided we will have a game night. We play a quick game of poker; the winner picks the game we will play. We have two of everything.
Dad calls me over; he is standing by the hallway. He puts his arm around me and guides me to his soundproof office. There are two overstuffed chairs next to a roaring fireplace. Runt and Zeus are also in the room. They are near the fireplace and roll onto their sides, they will be asleep in moments.
Dad is pretty good at this stuff. He works with people that have seen death. He adjusts his talk to the responsibility of others. That's something that weighs heavy on my mind. In our last major fight, people under me died. I had to write letters to their families. Dad showed me that since I didn't needlessly throw away their lives, it's a cost of the job. Dad explained how he couldn't save everyone.
We had a nice evening discussing command, responsibility, leading others, and how to balance everything. For dad, a large part of his healing was fucking Mom, Mary, and Penny. He assured me that there is no greater healing than the warmth of a hot vagina. It's bedtime, I think I need to test his theory out.
I feel much better now that I had this talk. I am shy and hesitant about many things. Dad showed me how that was normal and then how to use that to my advantage. We hug hard and go back to game night.
I don't feel like being around people tonight. I stick my nose into the games to see how everyone is doing and then say goodnight. On turning around, both Bonnie and Porsche get up.
Porsche says to Bonnie, "I got this. You can keep playing."
Bonnie is forceful, unusual for her, "No. I'll take it this time. I need to check on my patient."
Porsche smiles, "I think I have what he needs." All gameplay stops.
Bonnie has a look of determination on her face, "I have what the prescription calls for, we'll be fine."
Bubba calls out to Bonnie with pain in his eyes, this stresses Bonnie, she has tears in her eyes, "Bubba, you know I love you. It's like Porsche loves Hunter. This night and there will be a few more, I want to love him. I hope you understand. I hope this doesn't ruin us. To me, this strengthens us. I'll make it up to you tomorrow."
Bubba isn't happy, I notice that Porsche isn't either. I think a family meeting is in order tomorrow. I get pushed from behind, Bonnie is impatient.
Once at the top of the stairs, "I wanted to get up here quick, Porsche and Bubba looked like they might come after us." I start unbuttoning my shirt. She slaps my hands away. "Oh no, you don't. I don't get you very often. I want it all, I will strip you and me."
I stop undressing, and Bonnie has a broad grin on her face. She stands directly in front of me next to my bed. She slowly takes off my t-shirt. As my head moves around, I see mom in the doorway. She gives me the shush motion to stay silent.
Bonnie scrutinizes my chest. She checks my wound, but it's my muscles that interest her. Bubba is bigger, why am I appealing? She pulls her t-shirt off and then turns around. I help with the bra clasps; she is holding the bra in place. After turning around, she removes one cup and then the other. She has revealed the best-looking chest this side of Penny. I am not allowed to play, she does it for me.
Since tweaking her own nipples isn't doing much, she calls mom into the room and places mom's hands on her nipples. Mom knows exactly what Bonnie wants. I would like to play with the nipples, but I am not allowed to do anything.
Bonnie sits on the floor and removes my socks. She then removes her stockings. She stands up and unties my shorts. Slowly, she and mom inch my shorts down my legs until they fall away. Mom uses a quick hand movement to remove Bonnie's shorts. That made Bonnie smile and squeak like a mouse from the surprising action.
Bonnie goes down to her knees. Her smile is huge now. She looks up at me, and then very slowly, she pulls my boxers down. She is using fractions of an inch, drawing this out. My cock head is caught on the elastic of the boxers. In time, it will spring up and surprise her. Happens every time with Bonnie.
She backs away, she is suspicious of my cock. She doesn't want to get hit. Mom quickly pulls down the front, and as expected, my cock swings up, inches from her face. Bonnie is annoyed at mom. Mom thought it was hilarious. Bonnie sticks her ass out to mom, and she obliges by pulling down Bonnie's panties. We are now both naked.
I notice mom is naked. Why? I have Bonnie.
As she notices my face, mom says to us, "Your father sent me up here. I have no idea why Bonnie is here, I thought she liked Bubba better."
Bonnie stops for a moment, "So, you don't know everything! Ha!"
Mom looks surprised by her answer.
Bonnie continues with a smile on her face, "I do love Bubba. I love you more. I'll marry Bubba when he asks me. I can't marry you, mom and dad already found a loophole, no way we get to use it too. Bubba is a fine man, I just need you occasionally, probably just a few times a year. I'll work it out with Porsche. Oh no, don't try to deny it. Porsche will kill for you. Nobody is getting in her way."
In the hallway, I hear Porsche say, "Damn straight, Bonnie. Don't go getting ideas, he's taken." She walks into the room and looks sad to see us naked.
Bonnie says back to her, "Everyone but Hunter knows he is marked by you. We share the same mother and father, it's slightly different for us. We shared a room for a while, and I've idolized him forever. Bubba grew up with us. I feel almost as close to him. Both are fine men, excellent soldiers, and trained by the best dad in the world. I know it's not fair to Bubba to love Hunter this much, it's just that … I can't help it.
"He scared me this time. I can't imagine life without Bubba or Hunter. How awesome is it that he saves Bubba and Porsche? Bubba is always the point, a place I hate to be and the most dangerous position. I also find him funny and sensitive. Of the two, he is outgoing and flirty. The weird thing is those are two of the reasons why I love Hunter so much. I know this doesn't make much sense. I'm just a silly girl."
I finally get a chance to speak, "I understand you 100%. Our lives are complex. I love all five of you almost unconditionally. Even Bubba. However, I'm not attracted to him sexually, just the four. Because we have the same mother, I try to leave you to Bubba. I, too, like to spend time with you on occasion. I don't love Porsche more than the others, but I understand she loves me more than anyone, so I try to keep her happy. All of you are special."
Porsche has tears in her eyes, "You feel nothing special for me?"
I choose my words carefully, "We all grew up together. You were all kind to me and mean to me at times. The same can probably be said about me. I really do see you all truly the same. However, I know that you have more feelings towards me, and more desire. I work harder to please you because that's what you want. Nobody else wants that, so it works out.
"That sounds an awful lot like a boyfriend or husband. I guess that is what I have become, nobody else wants the job more than Porsche. I don't think that Paula or especially Pam would mind the job. They are marvelous women, and they see how Porsche feels about me. I believe they take a back seat to her and Bonnie, so they get what they want.
"I think in the end, Porsche will marry me, and be exclusive to me. Bonnie will marry Bubba and entertain me a few times a year. Pam and Paula will share Bubba and me with me seeing more of Pam and Bubba seeing more of Paula. I can't see Pam and Paula being cut out; they are too important to the rest of us. Then I see us having babies soon, so they grow up as we all did."
I hear a lot of talking in the hallway while Porsche launches herself at me and hugs me hard while tears flow down her face.
Porsche asks, "Really? You mean it about us? I win?"
I chuckle as I respond, "I don't know about winning, and I don't know how strongly Pam and Paula feel about things. I don't know how willing you and Bonnie are to share us. There's a lot I don't know and need to be worked out. I'll not leave Pam and Paula behind unless that's what they want. Has anyone asked them?"
Penny comes rushing into my room in tears, "NO! They don't want other men. They love you two. Nobody has ever treated them as well, as equals, as more than a sex object. Hearing your reasoning makes it all so clear. You do love them all; equally, you understand the reverse is not true. Yet, you accommodate everyone. That will make your life harder and force you to deal with jealousy.
"I don't wish that on anyone. However, if there ever were two men that could pull this off, I believe it's you and Bubba. You're both even-tempered and in love with all the girls. For now, how about we leave them alone. I believe Bonnie is about to play doctor on Hunter, and it looks like there are too many people in here. That means you too, Kim."
Penny embraces Kim and then says to her with tears falling from both faces, "You have two great children. They don't need you for this. Let's go share our man and enjoy the splendors that he has to offer. When we wear him out, we'll kick Bonnie out of bed and let Hunter finish us off."
I say in my commanding voice, "Zeus, protect me."
Zeus does what a highly trained attack dog does, he understands exactly what I mean. He turns to look at me with sad, pathetic eyes and let out a mix of a sigh and a whimper as only dogs can do. Mom and Penny laugh their asses off as they leave the room. For the first time ever, a dog refuses to follow an order. Swell.
Bonnie adjusts me, so I am standing by the edge of the bed. She turns me around slowly as she examines every square inch of my body, even my hair to see my scalp.
Bonnie explains, "I was looking for a bug or spider bites to explain your lack of energy. I see nothing. I think the weight of command is crushing you. Not everyone takes it well. Three things I recommend, talk to dad, delegate more decision making, and last, more sex. Sex fixes a whole lot of stuff. You have plenty of willing women."
I am shocked, "I talked today with dad in his office. It did help a lot. I don't think I have as many women as you believe in line to share a night with me. I've been approached a few times, like you tonight. Otherwise, I don't know how to walk up to a woman and say, hey, I want to fuck you.
"Besides, the women I really want to fuck are related to me. We talked about Pam and Paula tonight. Do they even want me? They may want their own men."
Bonnie rolls over from laughing so hard. I don't like being the brunt of the joke, I am annoyed.
Bonnie hugs me as she stops laughing. My face is pulled tight into her breasts, which is a great feeling.
Bonnie fills me in, "Sometimes, you just make me laugh, Hunter. Where do I start? There are a few people that just exude confidence. You're one of those people. When you take charge, like at the hospital, you seem larger than life. You have magazine model good looks. Your body is to die for. You're a sweet, innocent guy. Each mom would stand in line to take a piece of you.
"The rest of us don't want to push you. We thought you didn't want us sexually. You let that out, and only I won't be in line every night for you. You have your pick dude. The women on base have been told to leave you alone by your sisters. They want you. All of them."
I don't believe a thing she is saying.
Bonnie smiles at me, "I know that look. You don't believe a thing I'm saying. Fine, your life changes at breakfast tomorrow. Now … I want you to relax. I'll come to you, and you will eat me to several glorious orgasms. I need it, and you're the best."
Bonnie is on her knees, straddling my chest. She moves close enough that a slight bend of my neck and I can touch her pussy. I start off with trying to hold her in place, but my hands are slapped. She wants to do all the work. Fine. I place the tip of my tongue on her clit, and I hum. She is breathing fast, but it doesn't push her over. I move back to her mons and swirl my tongue a bit, and then I hum a song. That made her orgasm. It's strong and catches her attention, but it doesn't kick her ass.
I then lick some more before I suck on her clit. That did cause her to orgasm hard. With this orgasm, in like zero seconds, she froze solid and stopped all movement. I love giving good ones. As Bonnie comes around, I start licking her lips. I concentrate on the outer lips, they're easy to reach. My head stays still, and I run my tongue up and down the right outer side, followed by up and down the inside. I repeat this on the left side.
Up and down I go, speeding up as I move along. Slowly I move my head up so that eventually I can run up the right side, cross over by hitting the clit, and then run down on the left side before going back. I can sense Bonnie looking at me and wondering what I am doing. I add suction, and Bonnie moans deeply. I love that sound. With the suction, it's unfair. That's too much stimulation. Her body goes lifeless, and she falls face-first into me and the wall.
I save her from a nasty face-first into the wall. I roll her onto her back, and I kiss her deeply. It's while kissing her that she comes back to life and meets me half-way in the kiss. I use my tongue again to try and hit anything that I can reach. I want to run my tongue over every surface to see how she reacts to me. It's all good.
I remember my 5:00 shadow. I use my chin and rub her inner thigh, across her mons, and then back up her opposite leg. She loves that very much. I do it again, but I run over her pussy rather than her mons. She doesn't make it to the end. She blows up just as I run across her pussy with a shout and a moan.
Porsche slips into my room and sits on the end of the bed. She has on a night-shirt and doesn't look to join us. I give her a questioning look.
Porsche is near tears, "I need to know how much you love her."
I smile at her, "Aw Porsche, I love all of you the same. I'll do anything for you. You of all people should know that. I killed four men to get you back. The difference is that everyone knows Bonnie and I are related. Nobody outside of the family knows you're related to me. Like I said at dinner, I only have eyes for you, Bonnie, and Penny's daughters. I love Bubba, but it's … different. He can't help it that he is a guy.
"He will always be available to you. Like Bonnie, it may not be often, but it's a standing deal. The same goes for dad, although he has three women you need to deal with. They've enough sharing with him already. They would much rather you select Bubba or me. Unless we're married, you're free to seek out any guy on base or that comes through the lodge."
Porsche asks, "Have you taken any woman on the base or that came through the lodge?"
Bonnie laughs, "No. He doesn't think anyone will want him. He is too shy to ask."
Porsche slaps my chest, "Hunter! Haven't you seen the lust that women have for you? Even Penny wants you. EVERY woman on base knows about your actions and your cool confidence. Oh yes, I dare say you could have anyone you want."
I comment, "Well, I think my sisters are all pretty awesome. I don't think any other woman would be as awesome as any one of you."
Porsche now has tears running down her face, she wipes them away with her hands. I move Bonnie to her back. I curl my fingers and reverse my wrist as I put my fingers into her pussy. I am searching for that spongy skin. Mom told me exactly where it is. It's not there. I expand my search area, and my fingers roughly run across her g spot.
Bonnie shocks me by screaming a high-pitched scream and pushes me away with super-human strength. Dang, that's a surprise. She knocked me over, and I am dazed for a moment. She appears to be having an awesome orgasm.
While Bonnie is still recovering, I slowly insert my fat cock and start a slow fucking.
I say to Porsche sadly, "I'm going to entertain her for about an hour. I'll use up all my energy. I'll be ready for bed after that. You can go to bed now; you don't need to stay up for me."
Porsche smiles at me, "I'm here to make sure this floozie leaves, and then I intend to curl up in your safe arms and fall asleep. Since I was taken, I feel better sleeping with you."
Bonnie says with a commanding voice, "Porsche, talk to dad tomorrow. It's amazing how much he can help. Zero training. Zero clinical experience. Yet the old man knows how to make people feel better. He can reach people that trained professions can't. He has seen much in life and can share your pain. Of course, sleeping with Hunter also works." They both giggle.
I am rolling my hips. I can see the joy in Bonnie's face immediately. I push in gently, and as I pull out, her sheath sticks to my cock for as long as possible. It's a lovely feeling. This slow rate allows us both to feel my cock slide in her pussy better than if I am moving faster. Her hair is all spread out above her head, it's beautiful. No ponytail tonight.

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