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tagIncest/TabooThe Rescuer Bk. 03 Pt. 01

Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story.
This story is a continuation of the Rescuer & The Rescuer Bk. 02. They're good fun reads on their own, and it helps set up this story. It's not required reading, but as I said, it's a good read.
Chapter 1 – Coming Home
Gina's point of view:
I am sitting here in the airport terminal, waiting for my brother to come home. For the last four years, he was away at college, or so he says.
Once he left home, he fell off the face of the earth.
Sure, he called home occasionally.
However, he never did anything, including graduating, that needed us to attend. He always was a weird child growing up. He took things apart. Pulled pranks on us yet was quiet and shy. He was part gamer boy and part geek. He didn't shoot as well as the rest of the family, although he's still mighty good compared to most people.
He was always a small kid, short, skinny, but oh my, was he cute. Hunter (our dad) was an amazingly handsome young man growing up. Ben took a dose of handsome from Hunter and looks even better. It's been four years since I have seen him; I wonder what he looks like now with some muscle. The biggest question is, will he follow in our dad's footsteps and join the Army like the rest of us have?
Oh, who am I kidding? Ok, well, that isn't the big question. The real question is, will he service his sisters?
There are eight siblings. Hunter, Bubba, Hunter's brother, and my brother Fred are the only males. Hunter and Bubba have their own women. That leaves six sisters and Fred to satisfy each other. I wonder, does Ben have a girlfriend?
I see him! Yup, still short. Oh wow, he has muscles. Oh my, he is so damn cute! That big bag is nothing to him. Oh shit, he kisses three girls before they run to their parents. He is walking to me. Shit, he didn't even look for me, he knew where I was. Someone has been training him, he will be joining us. I just know it. That shows awareness. He walks off the plane, scans the crowd, and picked me out, without looking directly at me. Impressive.
He is a missile and hones in on me. I bend down a bit, and he wraps his arms around me. Damn, he smells and feels incredible. I melt in his arms. I want this brother for myself.
I am crying as I say, "It's so good to see you, I see you added some muscle."
He says to me, "You're still great at hugs, I missed everyone. I have a lot of news when we get home. You can tell them; I'll be joining the Army tomorrow."
This is the best news, I hug him much harder than a sister should, that causes him to giggle. Oh my, he gets even better!
I hear on the overhead announcement system, "Will the owner of the small Gulfstream #43006 at gate T12, please move your plane."
I take Ben's hand and drag him towards gate T12. It's funny, I thought I was at T18. They moved my plane?
Again, on the overhead announcement system, "Will the owner of the small Gulfstream #43006 at gate T37, please move your plane."
We turn around and are now heading towards gate T37.
I hear yet again on the overhead announcement system, "Will the owner of the small Gulfstream #43006 at gate INT4, please move your plane."
I stop and look at Ben. This must be his doing. He looks at me innocently.
I hear on the overhead announcement system, "Will the owner of the small Gulfstream #43006 go back to where you left it."
My anger has flared. I take my hands, and I am a wild flurry of fists hitting him. He is laughing his ass off, but his hands are up defensively, preventing me from doing any real damage. I really don't want to; he's cute, and we need him. I see some things don't change.
I have no idea how he did that. He must have hacked their system and timed something. I don't know, but I am positive that was his antics.
We board our plane, and I take the captain's chair; I am flying us home. Ben takes the co-pilot's chair and helps with the preflight checkoff list like he has done this for years. He talks to the tower perfectly in English and Spanish.
I then hear a flight attendant do the FAA safety speech in the rear cabin. NOBODY IS BACK THERE! I fling off my headset and turn to look better. Ben is laughing his ass off in the other chair. I lash out with a hand to slap him in the face. In a blur, his hand catches my arm and holds it. He is far too strong for me, I pull back.
I scream at him, "Fuck you, ya prick. How the hell did you do that?"
Ben smiles at me, "I'll introduce you all to Daryl when I get home. That will explain everything."
On the way home, I test him on each control, what it tells me, and when I must pay attention. Whoever taught him, sure was thorough, he knows it better than I do. I can't help looking at him. He is sooooooo cute. No, not cute, handsome. Cute is a child, this is no child, not anymore, he isn't. This is a man.
On landing near the lodge, nobody is outside to greet us, which surprises me. As soon as we exit the aircraft, Ben is looking at the pilot side wing. Sure enough, we find some loose rivets. We slap a red warning sticker on the door marking it, "Off-limits." We document what we find for maintenance. That is some eye he has.
Coming around the house, I am sure Ben sees all the new changes to the lodge. A whole new wing was added for the extra bedrooms.
When it comes to the family work, my brother and sisters have been used in missions far less than our parents were. We aren't being worn out like they were. Only Bubba is still active. He leads all the Rescuers and is the reason we are held back and used in tandem with other teams.
I volunteered to help with Basic training this time. Every time a family member comes along, one of us is there to assist him in basic training.
We take it easy on the rookies by taking them to run regular missions with us and making sure they don't get picked on.
Something tells me Ben can take care of himself. He seems like dad, quiet and very confident. Ben scares the hell out of me by howling to the world. No doubt, calling his two creepy friends. No way they are around after four years. We haven't seen a wolf in years.
It's almost a kilometer to the front door. As we come around the last corner, two huge wolves are running to me. My dogs are whimpering, they are much smaller. The two wolves run past us and jump on Ben, knocking him to the ground. I hear growling and sounds like they are mauling him.
As I reach for my gun, I see them licking him and looking for his affection. With tears in his eyes, he hugs each beast. They are magnificent animals, yet they are also quite dangerous.
Ben is just as weird as when he left.
With a short sound, the beasts run back into the woods, and he is following me again.
Once inside the lodge, he takes in all the new changes. I take him straight to his room, which is now on the second floor. The grandparents, Brian, Kim, Mary, and Penny are all on the first floor now. We expanded the kitchen, dining room, living room, conference room, and added offices for Brian and Hunter.
Hearing us, a bunch come rushing in from the kitchen. All the moms and grandparents are here. The moms run the place now, while Brian and Hunter stay busy with their training and consulting.
Bonnie, his mother, is first to rush him. She is in tears.
Ben's point of view:
Oh my, mom is going to kill me.
I complain, "Mooooooooom! You're smothering me!"
I am in between her breasts, and I can't get a good breath. She isn't wearing a bra!
Mom fires back, "This is what you get for not calling me for two years! I miss my hugs from my little Bennie."
I hate being called Bennie!
Dad is more direct, "What the hell, you forget how to make a phone call?"
Annoyed now, "Well, you would be partially responsible for that. I went to an extraordinary 'college' for an exceptional agency. We were not allowed cell phones."
Pam challenges me, "Where the hell have you been?"
Frustrated, I spill the beans, "The last four years I have been at the CIA training facility in New Mexico.
I spent the first two years as a student and the second two as a faculty member. I taught deception and concealment. In my first year, I was better than my teacher in the forest. I showed him many technics. Other teachers were better. I learned quickly, I mixed techniques in new ways and developed new ones.
Nobody can match me in the forest.
In the desert and snow, a few are as good.
I throw my voice, so it sounds like the overhead PA system, "Everyone, please find a seat in the living room." Like lemmings, they move to the living room. I laugh silently; we don't have a PA system…
I open my bag, and Daryl is on top, the last thing I packed. I take him out of the bag and walk into our living room. I pull over a dining room chair and sit at the end of the room. I smile.
Daryl is a very basic wood puppet that a friend carved and painted for me.
Without moving my lips, I perfectly animate Daryl's arms and voice saying, "Good afternoon boys and girls at Camp Stapleton Memorial Hospital pediatrics floor. My name is Daryl, and my friend here is Ben."
In my voice, I say, "As you can see, I have learned some new skills."
In a voice like the overhead PA system, I say, "I can talk like this all day long."
I put Daryl down and use my voice, "I can do a lot of weird things now. As Gina saw, I can fly jets, I also pilot helicopters, subs, river craft, and I have improved my shot some. Most of you are still better, but I am no pushover anymore. With my new skills, I don't shoot as much. I'm much more proficient with knives.
"Tomorrow, I become a Rescuer. My skills are different, I can track far better than dad ever could, and my stealth skills are insane. All suits now follow my designs. It's time to see if the soldier I was trained to be is useful. There are a dozen soldiers trained like me. We are spread amongst the services for testing. I'm the only one in Canada. Of the dozen, of course, I was the best shot and the best at concealment. And nobody has my vocal skills."
I get mobbed as soon as I say I am going into the Army. They don't care about anything else.
We have a nice dinner, and then I am off to bed, it was a long day flying from New Mexico to Seattle, and then home in the Gulfstream. I am beaten.
I take my bag, enjoy a shower, and then climb into bed. It's not long until a dog shows up. It's a young one, probably a house dog, a protector. He sleeps at the end of the bed.
I wake up in the morning, and there is a woman in bed with me, and she is in my arms. I look, and it's Gina. She has a smile on her face. I am not as amused.
I say to Gina with a threatening voice, "I'm not amused, go take a shower. I will be down for breakfast. I hear people getting up. They'll start soon."
Gina asks playfully, "I can help you relieve some stress."
It's like giving a dog an order, "GO!"
She reluctantly gets up and returns to her room. What was she offering?
I take a shower. All my old clothes are too small. All my clothes in my bag are dirty. I put on something I have already worn. I bring down my clothes with me. The laundry room has several large washers and dryers now.
COOL! I start two washing machines; all my clothes are beginning the process.
I check on breakfast; nothing is started. I can make coffee, so I start that. Anything other than cereal, I have zero skills. Mom is down soon and starts breakfast. She disapproves of my outfit; it has dirt on one side of the shirt.
At breakfast, Gina comments, "I'd have made him go naked. That is a second-day outfit. Gross."
The moms overrode that idea, but I better not do that again, they smiled at the thought.
Six hours later and we have landed at our home base, I am escorted to the primary office where I can be sworn in and join this week's batch of new recruits. They don't have housing for me, I wasn't planned for. A sister, Kathy, offers a bedroom in her house.
Right away, the new recruits hate me, I am getting special treatment.
They start turning into friends as I take the lead on hard parts, and even when I am prevented from leading, I make suggestions that are always followed. That saves us from screwing up and extra work, I soon gain their trust. I often eat with my family and in the officer's mess hall with my family. Technically, I joined as an officer because of previous agreements.
Day three, I run a mission with my family. Smugglers are bringing in a new date rape pill that is safer and more effective.
It's selling for big money, and the demand is high. They run a lot of prowler missions, searching for smugglers. This is perfect for my skills. I am an expert in tracking.
We go to the beaches and follow them for miles. I spot some tracks and follow them into the forest. To me, these people are easy to follow. They aren't trying to cover their trail like the instructors did in New Mexico. I also have snow here, rather than just rocks. Oh, yes, this is easy. I come up to them, and they are sitting around a fire, they're cold and complaining.
I run back to my family, report exactly what I saw in the camp, and explain how we should proceed. They don't follow my suggestions and plan to use firepower and numbers.
I run up ahead and enter the site from the side, I don't want my sisters shooting me on the opposite side. I stun the men by instantly appearing in their camp. I have my weapon drawn, and they are looking at their rifles. Some will die, but some will live. My family steps into their view, and now the smugglers have a defeated look on their faces.
They give up.
A helicopter brings us all home.
I have a real story to tell the new recruits now.
In the helicopter, Bubba asks me, "I noticed you had no problems tracking them. You're just like your father; you walk silently in the forest."
I add, "I'm also almost invisible in the forest. I can walk up and touch people that are searching for me. I can evade just about anything short of a solid wall."
Ann says softly, "He is handsome, like his dad."
Kathy suggests, "We are on a run here, no injuries allowed. You better keep it up. Dad and Pam had issues with catching bullets. We don't want you doing the same."
I snicker, "Generally, I go unseen. I don't plan to ever get injured. If I do, that means my training failed. Right now, I consider myself the best in the world at concealment. I was the teacher for my last two years. Nobody can match my skills."
I decide to have fun, I throw my voice, so it sounds like the pilots talking, "OH SHIT! Losing the right engine. We are taking fire from below. We lost navigation. Oh Shit!
DING, DING, DING! Red Alert, Red Alert, we are going down!"
My family all stands up and looks like they want to jump. I laugh my ass off. They are staring at me. They notice the helicopter is smooth and still flying.
Bubba and Fred hit me in the arm and call me an asshole.
Iris saves my ass by pointing out with a slight smile on her face, "You never know when that skill may come in handy. Just saying."
Basic training goes for a total of eight weeks. I end up running three missions with the family. They insist that I need a dog to be a rescuer. I have two wolves, why do I need a dog? Dogs can detect bombs and illegal drugs. I get Lucky, a medium-sized dog that nobody else wanted.
Swell. He liked me well enough. I ran my missions with him and then made him guard a sister when I go off on my own, he loved that as well.
After basic is over, I am a Rescuer. I must learn to work with my dog, that is easy enough. I trained two wolves, dogs are easy, especially when already trained.
We run through situations and its fun stuff. I remember many of the stories from grandpa, they use his experience as examples.
Chapter 2 – Smugglers Get Smart
A plane saw a bunch of smugglers exiting a boat. We are all sent after them. They want to drop us on the beach so we can follow them. We won't know if they went East or West. The problem is they will hear the helicopter and will know we're following them. Bubba hates it as well. He has us land South of the point. We will split up.
One group goes Northeast, and the other goes Northwest. I go due North to scout which group needs to be careful. They need to be cautious; they are slow. I don't need to be careful, I run. They started from the North, nobody is there because they went one way or the other. I am safe.
I see lots of tracks showing they have gone Northeast, which means the Northwest team can run back until they catch up. Once I catch up, I don't stop running. I blow by the team and am running at full speed towards the moving smugglers.
I cry out in my radio, "Trap. Slow up." I am silent and still. I have a head mask on with dark eyes, so I can see without my eyes giving me away. It also improves my eyesight. In front of me, I see about twenty men behind trees, waiting for my family.
I explain, "They are behind trees waiting for you to come." Then, I assume they will shoot from the protection of the trees. They have assault rifles. I tell them, "I think it's best to circle around and come from behind. I will circle around and take out the leaders.
I go around the group. I am near invisible when still, movement still catches the eye unless it's super slow. I can do a branch breaking or rocks being kicked a few feet from me to distract people as I run by. If it's windy enough, I look like swaying trees and branches.
It's simple to walk up behind three men and stab them through the heart to gain three dead leaders. Right on cue, my family shows up, and we take out half of them on the first shot. I make enough ruckus that they are distracted and then dead. Not one lived. Damn.
We call in a clean-up crew, and we are taken back for a debrief. They are impressed with my new capabilities and how safe the mission went; no angry bullets came our way.
Bubba sent us all home for a week off. He alone stayed to work with the other teams.
All the moms are happy to see us at home. They have prepared a feast for us. Dinner is excellent, I caught up on a lot from the base and how everyone is doing. We go to the new living room, and it's incredible at how much bigger and more beautiful it is from the way it used to be.
I am sitting on a couch.
Mom stands in front of me with a blindfold in her hands.
Mom says to me, "Darling, I can't tell you how happy I am to have you home again." She is tearing and wiping her face. "I know you're now powerful and can resist me if you want to. Please don't. I want this for you. We will explain as the night goes on. There is a method to our madness. After tonight, no blindfold, and I won't ask."
I place my arms at my side and close my eyes. Mom kisses me on the lips, then puts a blindfold over my head, covering my eyes.
She is gentle and caring in the way she touches me. She then takes a long silk scarf and binds my hands. It's not tight where it cuts off circulation, she verified that was not the case. I hear her walk away.
I hear a sister stand up, turn me around, and locks real handcuffs on my wrists. Oh damn, this is real now. What the hell are they doing? Certainly, they won't hurt me, right? I am family! Did I do something wrong? Tears are running down my face. What did I do to deserve this humiliating treatment? My sister turns me back around and then helps me sit without hurting me.
She leans me forward to verify my wrists are ok. That's a welcome action, they do care about me. They sure have a funny way of showing it.
Gina asks, "Any pain at all?"
I shake my head, no, "Good. Tonight, will be fun … for us. We prefer that you don't sustain an injury."

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